Train With Team Sky | GCN's Aerobic Cadence Workout

– Welcome to the Wahoo KICKR Team Sky /GCN aerobic session 30 minutes long But first off before I explain the session, I’ve got a real roster of talent around me, as you can see On my right from Spain, David Lopez Give us a wave, Dave. Thank you very much Philip Deignan, just to my right Mr. Wout Poels, I call him Pilot Poels He’s my wingman for the day Over the left hand side, new recruit for Team Sky for 2017, Tao Geoghegan Hart Look at the hair, there That’s going to be changed in a few minutes time, drenched in sweat, hopefully Next to him, we have full World Road champion, Michal Kwiatkowski from Poland (sigh) Just give me a moment to get my breath back and I’ll explain at the session Basically, it’s half an hour, 30 minutes, 5 minute warmup 5 minute warmup, gradually increasing intensity And we’re going to be riding the back into the warmup at around 50 percent of your functional threshold power And if you’re watching this video, you don’t have access to power data or power meter, you’re going to be riding between effort level, perceived effort level of three and five And try and keep the cadence about 90 rpm during the warmup And we’re obviously using Wahoo KICKRs throughout the session and we’ve got the Wahoo studio so we’ve got all our metrics on the screen And all of us here are going to be riding to a percentage of our functional threshold power Now the session itself, following the warmup, is divided into four chunks The first five minutes, we’re all going to ride at around 85 percent of our functional threshold power That’s a perceived power of around seven to eight But at a very low cadence, so we’re looking at integrating torque work into this session So effort level between seven and eight, riding at very low revs, around 45 to 55 RPM for five minutes Then, onto the second part, keep the same power, so the same perceived effort level but increase the RPM to between 90 and 100 So you really spin the legs, real dynamic shift in the way your muscles are recruited Third sector back down to low torque- or high torque, sorry Low revolutions, between 45 and 55 RPM Still working at just below your functional threshold power, 85 percent for us, as I’ve said before Then the final session, back up again, lifting that cadence And the last 20 seconds of that session, I expect the lads and myself to absolutely nail it flat stick for the last 20 seconds I want to see some serious effort Stop smiling, come on, I need to see a little bit of- That’s better, come on The warmup should be slightly difficult though, boys – Oh – No? Okay – 20 seconds flat out and then we’ll have a graduated warm down Well we got just under a minute and a half of the warmup left Because we’re using the Wahoo studio, the power’s gradually increased, so the resistance is increased – Oh yeah, I can feel that – You can just start to feel it And as we hit the first five minute session, the power will lift up to around 85% of the FTP And using the studio, here, the Wahoo studio, we can all monitor quite easily our metrics in relation to our revolution, FTP, qualities They have also got a heart rate on there, as well So I’m working under 21 beats per minute, 93 RPM 46 seconds now ’til the first session Everybody warming up? – [Group] Yeah – Looking good. Tao, looking focused there, mate Quiff still in one piece Again, that may change later on Just over 30 seconds now The power really kick in So remember guys, 85 percent of your FTP, using the Wahoo KICKR software, the Wahoo studio software there to hold yourself in that range And remember, use your gears to select an appropriate gear so you’ve got that real low cadence So countdown now. It’s the first five minutes Remember for this entire 20 minutes, perceived effort level of seven to eight, 85% your FTP

You should feel it now Just lower the cadence Just feel it starting to bite now There we go. Oh, that’s starting to bite a fair bit There we go. Comfy? – Yeah, yeah. Great – You want to get it down to- There we go Trying to hold around 50 RPM Again, if this is something you’ve done for the very first time, it will feel quite strange First and foremost, if you’re doing a torque session, never ever do a torque session if you’ve got any sort of knee injury It really is good, and prior to when you’re doing any torque work, if you’ve worked on your core, as well You can really concentrate on getting the power through the bike, keeping your form on the bike, holding nice and steady Five minutes, keep you at this cadence So again, it should be eminently sustainable You should certainly feel the bite of this session So Wout, I know Tim Kerrison, your coach, introduces quite a lot of torque work into what you do It’s pretty brutal, isn’t it? It can be But it’s really beneficial – Yeah, it’s really good to do But it’s always hard – To actually get the benefits of this sort of training, it can take a while because, effectively, the first few sessions you’re going to be recruiting different muscle fibres, riding in a different way You may become inefficient Again, this short session is essentially a truncated session of what Team Sky would do out on the road It might do 85 minutes, for example, of torque work spread throughout a four or five hour ride But this session is shorter, potentially illustrates the principles of that sort of work I can actually knock it down a bit Got a bit hard there Good to see you slacking at the moment Wout Poels, lift it a bit please, Wout You’re on 80, get it up to 85, please mate – [Wout] I’m on 85 – You weren’t a moment ago, you weren’t when I was looking – No, I was on 85 – [Host] I’d remember if you’re doing this – I think still on, now it’s still also good – [Host] Let’s have a little look With David, look. He’s smooth as silk. Look at that – [David] It’s even harder then I need to climb, ya? – [Wout] But you’re too high, you have to do less You have to go to 50 RPM – [Host] Here we go Cheers. I was actually overpedaling there – Yeah, always have to concentrate really well Otherwise, you go to high in your cadence – You can really feel this starting to bite It’s a really unnatural way to pedal but the benefit’s are great Recruits muscles in a different way, recruits different fibres than you’d normally use riding in say 80-90 RPM And after integrating this into your routine, you certainly will find the benefits Just make sure if you’re doing this at home, you keep hydrated as well – [Wout] Yeah, cheers – Cheers Got Prosecco in here. No I haven’t I don’t know what it is, actually Keep hydrated So, Phil, do you do a lot of this work? Is it the kind of work that you like? ‘Cause it is pretty uncomfortable, isn’t it? – Yeah, I mean especially this time of year we ease our way back into this sort of work again Like you say, to recruit all the muscle groups So it’s a really important part of our work this time of year – I mean, you’ve been with Team Sky three years now Is it the sort of training you did before you came to Sky? Or is it something you’ve always been familiar with since you’ve been a pro? – I always did a little bit of torque but it wasn’t really a structured plan It is now here, but I think at this time of year for most pros, they’re doing quite a bit of torque and building back into it again But I suppose you need to be careful not to overdo it, the first week or two back It’s better you do it gradually – Definitely. I can really start to feel it bite now You feel that, Wout? – Yeah, I feel that, sir – Your hair’s still looking amazing, so don’t worry about that – Thanks – About 16 seconds left of this first five minute element Really focusing on the torque Remember to focus on keeping the effort completely consistent And in four seconds time, we’re going to kick it up Power distribution the same, but we’re gonna up the cadence

So, I want to aim for between 90 and 100 RPM, but keeping our FTP the same Try and nudge nearer a hundred That’s a little bit better Feels completely different No real chance to recover during this session, apart from the warmup at the end And once this element is done, we’re halfway there. The back has been broken The great thing about the KICKR studio is you can have a room full of people essentially doing the same session, taking the Mickey out of each other, urging each other on Basically all of the data is inputted Functional threshold power is put into the software, you basically calculate it on the screen Really system, easy, kind of intuitive palate of metrics there to look to Just focus, if you can, on spinning that gear and keeping that power nice and even Try not to rock too much, as well Generally speaking, when you put a lot of torque through the bike, unless you’re particularly stable, you can rock around The same can be said for pedalling around 100 RPM So focus on your form. Focus on applying that power through the bike as efficiently as you can And even as Tao’s just done there, no harm at all Evenly grace through this bit, gearing up, a few pedal revolutions out the saddle, ease your back, ease your glutes, before settling back down So Michal, how’s it feel? – Feels alright. Can not imagine how you are able to talk so much – (laughs) I’m gonna have a rest now, that’s why I asked you to talk So you just keep talking Earlier on, we made another video today, talking about guys using the Wahoo KICKR And is there any point where you’ve trained so hard on your Turbo, on your Wahoo, or on a mountain stage where you’ve crossed the line and thrown up? Yeah? – Hope not – You hope not. God, have you done that, Phil? You’ve thrown up on an interval session? – Don’t actually think I have yet – That wasn’t exactly the answer I was looking for but thanks for your honesty, Phil Relying on you guys. Come on, Tao, you got to have thrown up on a Turbo session, mate No? Wout, have you thrown up? – [Wout] No – David? Am I the only person to have thrown up? Elia Viviani, have you thrown up on a Turbo session? – [Wout] Well you know what it is? – [Host] I don’t know whether that’s a yes or a no – You have to train also every day on it, then you don’t have to throw over – It’s a physiological occurrence, when you go so deep, you throw up. Just throwing it out there Anyway, back to the training One minute, forty-five So focus on trying to keep the FTP even I’ve gone a bit over the top here on my chat – [Wout] You look so sweaty, man – [Host] I tell you, you’re an absolute gentleman – Yeah, I see you suffering already And we’re even not halfway – I know, tell me about it It’s like two thirds of the way through The second set, remember Next up, back to the torque, between 45 and 55 RPM, recruiting those different muscle fibres, of course But keep the power linear, keep the power the same all the way to the warm down In fact, I’ve already worn the rides We’ve got a cheeky little sprint with 20 seconds to go And I expect everyone to go flat out A nice way to finish the session – [Wout] I have to say David is doing really well – I’m starting to shine, now I’m glad to see you guys are shining now Inspiring nicely. What a setting though We all can train at camp Beach in the background We’re all going for a bit of a dip afterwards, apparently Just looking on the floor, I think me and Phil are in front on the sweat stakes I mean Philip definitely in the jersey for sweating the most, but he has got a few beads now This is good – My hair is still okay? – It’s starting to go – Okay – Tao, what product do you use in this absolutely amazing hair? – [Host] Okay, ten seconds now – Youth – It’s called youth? Fair enough You have got that on your side Okay, focus people. Three, two, one Okay same power, go through the gears, same FTP,

the same perceived effort level between seven and eight – [Michal] Oh, I’ve won (inaudible) – Michal has yet to sweat. Tao’s the same I’ve got a few from Lopez now Lopez is in third, the sweatiest pros – [Wout] Keep focus, here – [Host] Keep focus – [Wout] Let’s keep the studios clean – That’s why you’re my wingman Ah, look who’s turned up Sir Christopher Froome has turned up in the background, supporting his teammates, working out Unfortunately, I couldn’t persuade him to come on board Maybe next time – [Wout] Chris! You have to scream for him and he always come Chris! Chris! – So remember, 85 percent of your FTP, low revolutions, recruiting those different muscle groups – It’s nicer this screen, eh? You can see it so easy It’s more easy than have a computer – It’s fantastic. You get it on your TV Do a session with your mates Would you now consider inviting your mates around for a pizza, a film, and a KICKR studio session? – [Wout] The problem is I don’t have any mates – Oh, he hasn’t got any mates unfortunately Got 3:22 still to go And once we’ve done this low cadence session, we’ve got one more high cadence to go and a little sprint at the end I say, at home mates, when you’re keeping hydrated – Oh yeah, drink And important, as well, make sure you’re hydrated before the session, as well I’ll be brutally honest with ya, just have a look at the colour of your wee If it’s clear, you’re fine Never start an interval set Turbo session being dehydrated The performance just goes through the floor You won’t get an effective session So fully hydrate before, hydrate during, and when you’ve got an expensive bike, make sure you got a towel on board So halfway through the penultimate phase There you go, Michal there I’m gonna do the same actually First bit out the saddle, just eases the glutes – Yeah, but it’s not as efficient It’s better to sit in the saddle for the torque session – I’ve been told. No messing – [Wout] I make the rules today – He’s making the rules, but remember if you’re just starting out, don’t make your knees pop So silence has fallen over the room now – Not to my right side. Quite annoying – Who rooms with Wout? – Luke – Luke, oh right. Fair enough He’s got a high tolerance threshold for that kind of thing, hasn’t he? – [Michal] He’s just jealous that you talk much more than him – You almost wonder if someone was playing with Wouts. What’s FTP? You kind of jut it on the fly Stay focused. Hey, how you feeling Tao? You really feel it, can’t ya? It’s kind of sustainable but very uncomfortable, isn’t it? So just coming in to the last three quarters of a minute and then you can almost see the finish line – Where? – Just on the screen there, that right hand one. (laughs) See a consummate teammate. I even gave him a shot of him We’re on a blooming tow trainer Use your gears to select an appropriate gear Gradually move up, increase that cadence, keeping the same perceived effort level. Here we go!

Okay, boys. 90 to 100 RPM, same effort, 85 percent your FTP Sitting there nice and smooth, focused on your pedalling style All good? – [Michal] So far How ’bout you? – [Host] Hurting a bit – [Wout] Ah, but you’re still looking good – [Host] Thank you – Thank you. I’m glad somebody’s called me out It’s very kind of you, Michal Remember to stay focused Very different sensation moving from one extreme to the other But you really will find the benefits There are other sessions you can use, pushing yourself quite up to FTP And the great thing about the KICKR studio is that you can tailor make a programme to suit your training needs But again, this one really does replicate the truncated way, what Team Sky would do out on the road in terms of torque work Same intensity, but this of course far shorter But the principles do apply Regarding torque work for the first time, give yourself a little bit of time to bed in So I’m looking around How you doing, David? – It’s nice to (inaudible) – Yeah. I can just feel the legs starting to burn now These guys are kind of monitoring my FTP more than me – [Wout] Because you’re talking all the time – I’m not just yet. I think we’ve proved that you do a session and talk to yourself and that will lift your FTP So just under two minutes, just over two minutes, with 20 seconds to go Prepare yourself for 20 second flat out effort Just try and see how far into your FTP and beyond you can go to make sure you completely empty the tank Make sure this session really, really counts – [Wout] Throw over? – Maybe throw up – That would be cool, no? – I won’t do this on this particular video – Bucket, bucket for Matt – So under two minutes to go now, guys. Stay focused – What are we doing? – He’s getting ready. He’s obviously found, Michal has found a cheek descent to adopt the Froome aero-tuck That was a sneaky move. That wasn’t in the script, mate So 1:28 now. Finish line’s in sight and then we got a nice graduated warm down You just focus on keeping your shape on the bike Don’t lock your shoulders, spin those legs, keep as still as possible Just keep an eye on keeping that power nice and flat That perceived effort level of seven to eight or 85% of your FTP, functional threshold power Last minute now, but remember, 40 seconds, 20 seconds flat out. Do not spare the horses – So maybe the last 30 seconds, concentrate – Yeah, I won’t be speaking. Thanks Wout What an advisor Right, this should be the part where you get a bit nervous That feeling in the pit of your stomach as the interval approaches So ten seconds, guys. Adopt the position Gear up. Power’s gonna stay the same on the KICKR Two… come on! And hold it Hold the line! Five! Okay. Well done. Let’s keep the legs turning

Keep the legs turning Actually, you might not be able to So there you go. A nice way to finish the session Now we’ve got a graduated warm down Again, the KICKR studio uses a programme to gradually reduce the power as you go through – [Wout] My brakes aren’t working – Yeah, my brakes aren’t working either So great effort there, guys Still astounded by Tao’s hair. There we go We’re looking at the perspiration Everybody’s gone pretty hard. Yeah, keep drinking Try and keep your legs turning at a relatively high cadence to help get rid of those toxins Get your breathing back to normal And one of the things the Wahoo KICKR’s great for, Team Sky use it all the time, is not only the warm up but the warm down after A race, typically see them in a gruelling mountain stage of a grand tour I mean, Wout, in all seriousness, this is the bit of kick you need to warm down See how that’s nice and stable, I mean – The warm down is really important especially after a hard mountain stage straight after the finish with your recovery drink, go on the KICKR, do a really proper cooling down and be ready for the next day – Is this something that you’ve always done or is it something you did with your previous teams of Iconsole with Etixx or is it a relatively- ? – We did it also with other teams, but with Team Sky it’s like after every race And they always ready. You never have to ask for it So if you come with the bus, cloudy or slouchy already, they put it on, you take a shake, go in the KICKR, do a good cool down and then yeah – Good stuff. Well, so it really is, Philip, it really is the KICKR is an integral part of not just the preparation, in terms of structured training, but also for the warm down But we’re increasingly seeing it, especially before crucial mountain stages of tour when you go straight out the blocks, but you have to get up and what sort of level are you approaching when you do a warm up for, say, a stage of the Giro, for example? – If it’s a hard start and straightaway then build up to almost 85 percent (inaudible) – So how long will a typical warm up be for a, say, 200k stage in the mountains with a start that concerns you, that you have to be on it for – Probably 15-20 minutes – Okay, so it’s a considerable chunk of the time – Yeah, yeah – There you go. Important to the warm up, but most important to be on a decent bit of kit So gradually warming things down Now, as you see, the KICKR studio’s been programmed to gradually just take of the edge powerwise So you at home, if you’re not riding to power, you should be aiming to get below, between five and three points on the scale of your perceived effort level Knock it back down to around 40 or 50 percent of your functional threshold power, if you’re working to power Just keep the legs spinning, even knock it onto the small ring And you can play with this session, longer stints, increase the power, decrease the power Again, this is an aerobic session So not the hardest session you’ll find, but it forms the building blocks of other parts of training and it’s great to weave into your training, especially if you’re time poor Many of you are in education or you’re working, haven’t got the luxury of training to the extent that these guys have, so getting a smart trainer like the Wahoo KICKR, donning in some set specific targets and programmes, you really will reap the benefits Just coming to the end now, so what I want to do is thank everybody Thanks, David. A sweat score, I reckon, of 7.5 Phil, good effort, I get a sweat score of 8.2 Wout, that’s a 6, sorry mate Michal, maybe 6.5 Tao, I’ve given you a 2 for effort, although I’m going to take half a point away, because I’m concerned about your hair But there we go – [Tao] It’s a 12. 12 out of 10 – [Host] Yeah, you need to score me for my sweat effort – What do we think, boys? – Well thanks very much Just coming to the last few seconds here Just wind it right down. Three, two, one and we are done – Bye! – So, yeah. Well thanks very much

for joining us this effort – What, I was third! – You’re third? I don’t know how that- Yeah, I was fourth apparently, but I don’t really know how that happened Anyway, if you haven’t already subscribed to GCN, you can do that by clicking on my towel which will have a globe on it And if you fancy seeing how Team Sky incorporate the Wahoo KICKR into their general training regimen, you can click just up here Or for my 20 minute fat-burning, kind of, blast out, click just down here. That one is particularly difficult I’m gonna go for a lie down. Thanks, guys