Train Driver's POV mijn ALLERLAATSTE RIT in de DM'90 Zwolle – Kampen – Zwolle 2017

[Announcement]: # Ladies and gentlemen, good morning. It is 10: … #

# … and that is our train’s terminus #

# When leaving the train, be sure to take your personal belongings # # Station Kampen # [Driver]: Huh? [Conductor]: You have to trigger the TPRB [Driver]: That’s no longer required [Driver]: Hah, jokester! *laughs* –The conductor is refering to the safety system that the driver used to operate here– Good morning Very last time

Goodbye white herons

Oh, we still have to preform a horn-test Well, for the very last time; honking with DM’90 1, 2 *Inaudible announcement* *Inaudible announcement* Well

Thank you DM’90 It has been great Goodbye