Train Driver's POV Den Haag – Utrecht ICM 2018

(Unintelligible static through walkie talkie) 796 (Unintelligible) test, over Here Meester 1767 Uh, a bit of static and unclear, but that was a portophone test for the train operator, is that right? Over That was just a portophone test, indeed (More unintelligible static) I can barely hear you But in any case I’ll be going till Utrecht (Extremely difficult to hear properly) Someone stuck so…?() and over Quality Yea, here the train operator from 1767, you are coming through very unclear but it’s 10 wagons, if I understand you correctly? I believe it’s 11 and I will be going till Utrecht, over Train operator 1767, you were right, it’s indeed 11 apologies for that and you will be going till Utrecht, thank you The train operator is always right Good afternoon train operator 6534 here, we’ll be just a bit later ,over Ah, good afternoon (? that’s a bit better), train operator 6534, loud and clear from this side, over (?), 5 wagons and these will be going all the way to Haarlem, over (?) it’s 5 wagons, thank you (Announcer) Good evening, ladies and gentlemen, welcome in the Intercity train with our final destination being station Enschede We’ve departed on time from The Hague and we will make a stop soon at Gouda, Utrecht Central Amersfoort, Apeldoorn Deventer, Almelo Hengelo and as final destination Enschede We wish you a pleasant journey