Pie Town Gameplay Runthrough

hey everybody today rahdo runs through pi town spies lies and apple pies I’m showing you how it works today in a to play run-through although before you’re going I strongly recommend you turn your subtitles on to the Klingon channel so that if I make rules goose you’ll know that they are okay be done sup and welcome to pie town look at it’s a lovely place where players are running their own bakeries trying to make and sell the most pies the best pies to get the most best victory points over there in the store and now I’ve already got it set up each player starts out with three basic ingredients one red one green and one yellow apple those are the basics there are also advanced in green or rare and greens such as say strawberries bananas and pumpkins but we just start out with the three basics one example of each we also in our storage have a maximum capacity of eight that could get upgrade to 14 our kitchen isn’t that great we only get one point per pie we make although it could get upgrade so we make two points per pie baked we only have one working oven but we could have two with another upgrade we also start with two employees a level two and a level three uh-huh I am the first player I’m a ready to go but there’s one more thing that has to be done which is each player has to come up with their secret recipe which is basically three tokens two regular ones any two you want so it could be a red green or a yellow yellow or whatever and one rare and I’ve already chosen mine now you can just choose random if you want but basically in here is my recipe I can show it to you a red a green and can you see it a pumpkin that is a secret don’t tell anybody that that is my secret recipe folks Jen of course has her own but as you might guess it is a secret she doesn’t want me to know her recipe I don’t want her to know mine over the course of the game we might try to use these little notepads of dry erase pads with the Pens the game comes with to figure out what our opponents secret recipes are but for now let’s get going now at the beginning of every round and the game takes place over nine rounds the tree over here gets full up of a bunch of ingredients randomly pulled from the pie town bag and so you can see there’s a couple of green there’s a strawberry no red there’s a banana and a green etc etc with three or four players there’d be even more stuff up there in the tree that we could grab and you know what this is a worker placement game I think I’ll start out that is the first player and go get some ingredients now if I send my level two worker I’ll be able to pick up two ingredients if I send my level three I’ll be able to pick up three so of course let’s do that the more experienced the worker is the more they can do for you now what do I want to grab well remember my secret recipe requires pumpkin so if I want to make my secret recipe I need to pick up some more pumpkins so let’s go on ahead up here to this space now this space means I’m adjacent to this Exodus has thing this hex and I can take ingredients out of any of them I will go on ahead and very nonchalantly grab a pumpkin I don’t know anybody to know that I how much I care about those pumpkins and hey to throw them off the trail I’ll also grab this strawberry maybe they think my secret ingredient is strawberry instead of pumpkin OOP I didn’t grab the pumpkin we meant was there pumpkin up there oh my gosh there’s no pumpkin up there oh yeah there was there yeah so I’ve got a pumpkin a strawberry yay and I get one more thing so it could be this single green the single red or this yellow or this red now remember my secret recipe is green and red so I probably want to grab another green or red but if I do a my cluing Jen in that I care about those things or should I throw her off the trail by picking a yellow which I don’t care about mmm yeah with that let’s go on ahead and throw her for a goose chase I won’t make my special recipe any time soon but Jen saw I could have taken any color Apple I wanted and I took a yellow does that mean my secret recipe has yellow no it doesn’t I’m a liar but Jen doesn’t know that and so she could take note of that on her little board that um her upin you know see yeah this is her Gina’s the purple player so she could say for player rod oh you know she’s thinking maybe maybe yellow because he saw me take a yellow etc etc now there are other ways to deduce what your players recipe is or your poems recipes are but we’re about that later anyway so that was my turn I’ve used crowd collected himself now it’s Jens turn she could send her three or her two out there and pick up some stuff as well but there are other places to go I think Jen’s gonna start out trying to build up her business she’ll send her level 2 guy over here to hire another employee so no no no but you can’t send her level 2 she’ll send her level 3 guy for reasons I’ll explain a little bit now level 2 could not do it but the level 3 can so by doing that Jen has hired a level 1 employee so now Jen has three employees – my – although she can’t leverage him this turn because she’s only got this guy

left I’ve got my guy left now what are we gonna do ah I see we could go out and get some more ingredients yeah you know what I think I will go and get some more ingredients I will send my two guy over here and hey I can pick up two things I’ll pick up some more rare stuff a banana and a strawberry woohoo I can’t believe Jen left that to me you know what actually yeah I can’t believe Jen left that to me that was kind of dumb let’s say Jen isn’t quite as dumb as I’m making her out to be her second action you see there’s some rare stuff up there she’ll send her to me and she’ll give her because you know Jen can go higher so many times she wants she wants to grab these rarities while they are available all right so Jen grabbed that does that mean she likes bananas or strawberries or does that just mean she liked him because hey they were rare and she could grab them really quick so Jen grabbed that now it’s my turn and now hey I want to go there shoot I could still get some more stuff though and you know what I’m the more the merrier I can store up to eight ingredients I’ve got six five got room for two more let’s go on ahead and go to this space and now again I could take this or these two or this I oh my my guy is not touching this X over here but I’ll go ahead and get a red and a green so is not to draw attention to the fact that I happen to like red and greens because I need them for my secret recipe so there we go so I do that Jen might make note of that but now she’s seen me take one of every Apple and you know so I don’t think she’s got really that much information anyway so I’m done I got no more workers Jen’s got one more now she’ll come over here and hire and get a third worker that will help her for the rest of the game okay we have finished the first round now at the end of the round all our workers come back to the break room but they will abide there gained or lost experience or morale or whatever you want to call it and it depends on where they go that this happens anybody who goes out and picks ingredients in the orchard there in their experience or their morale their power increases by one so my two becomes a three my three becomes a for Jen’s two becomes a three and now this one he just comes back as a one so he’s aside he’s an apprentice and here’s the problem this hiring job it’s not fun having to do interviews all day long so Jen’s guy here is depressed he dropped a neighbor – so Jen’s three has become a 1 so while Jim has three workers her total power with them is three four five I’ve only got two workers but they have a total strength of seven so who’s winning well it’s anybody’s guess but we’re gonna go on to the second round now and in the second round we first of all the player order if nobody went to the pie convention to grab the player our democritus changes hands automatically so Jen’s gonna be the first player we have to refill the tree with a bunch of new stuff which I can barely reach oh my goodness alright so we empty out what wasn’t taken throw it all back in the sack jack and then draw a whole bunch of new stuff let’s go alright see what we got here alright let’s see if I can reach around the camera all right so it’s two per space just kind of randomly doing this no rhyme or reason all right pop and bit Bob all right there we go so there is more fruit waiting to be harvested Jen is now the first player and she is right out of the gate what is she gonna do well let’s see um since she’s first and you know there’s some there’s let’s go if Jen goes here she could get two bananas which might make me think that she want bananas if she goes here she could get a banana in a punkin remember they’re rare it’s about one two three there’s three of the regular s ingredients for every one of the rare ones so it is important to get them because of course there were more rare ingredients you use in your pies the more points you make so Jen’s gonna rush right out there and try to get some of them oh wow yeah she’s gonna send her three over here look at this that’s connected here here and here she’ll get a banana and a pumpkin and a strawberry wow that was pretty nice although does Jennifer problem Jen can only hold up to age she’s got 5 6 7 8 her storage room is full unless she spends the time to upgrade it alright and unfortunately can’t because you can see the up to do the upgrade action which means you could then go to storage 14 or make better pies or have two ovens but to do that Jen would have to send one in for level one guys and she can’t do it because the little one guys cannot drop to zero it’s no fun for our employees to do construction work for upgrades to hire other people etc etc um so anyway Jen got arguably the best spot she got she sent a three and she got three rare ingredients very nice and her pantry is now full it’s my turn and here’s where things get interesting

folks remember how this is a town of spies and lies we’re gonna do some spying now because Jen went out there there’s two places where you can send your workers where they can be spied on by your opponents Jim has come here if you go if you go pick stuff or if you go to the shop and sell others can spy on you by doing the same action as you with a higher value dye and that’s what’s gonna happen I’m gonna send my for well this is kind of a bummer so I’ll send my for here I wouldn’t be able to send a one two or three but I can send a four or five or six here because it’s higher than Jen’s now this means I’m gonna get to pick these areas but even though I should be able to pick four I’m only gonna pick three three red apples so that’s kind of a bummer I mean if I set my guy over here hey if I sent my over here I could get a banana and three other normal things but I’m gonna be a little bit less efficient I’m only gonna be able to pick up three things but because I’m spy what that means is I get to grab Jen’s box I open it up I don’t look I don’t look and I reach in discover one ingredient and only I know what this is okay I know Jen likes red apples now her other Apple might be a red yellow or green and I don’t know what her special is but I now know one a 33% of her secret recipe and interesting is Jen doesn’t even know what I know so I know she likes red APIs if I can figure out then I will even you know I’ll go so far just to make a note of that all right Jen all right she likes red apples but does she like another red apple or green or yellow cuz I know it has to be two apples in one of these the closer you can get to having perfect knowledge about your opponent’s recipes the better at the end of the game you will have a final bake-off where you take a stab at trying to figure out what their secret recipe is and if you are the more gangs you get correct the more points you get and if you get nothing correct you actually lose points so that’s interesting but um as soon as I know Jen’s recipe and I confirm it with her which is like this whole special thing you can do while baking if I get it right I from that point on can make pies in my special secret recipe or Jen’s and that gives me a lot more flexibility to make a lot more points a lot faster so I didn’t get as much although actually this is a problem this is a problem folks I’ve got no place to put any of these so actually hold on a second let’s wait I’m not gonna go right away because first of all I’m gonna bake a pie because I need to clear out some room here it’s or instead of baking you know what no I’m just gonna come over here and I’m gonna upgrade that means I can hold 14 so that was my first action I hope because then when I get some more stuff I’ll have room for it now it’s Jens second turn and she’s got all these little guys who can do stuff by remember they cannot hire or upgrade because ii can’t go down to a-1 but Jen likes been having a first player so she’s gonna come over here to the PI convention with her guy a PI convention here there’s only one per round can either hold on to start player so Jen’s gonna hold on start player and this guy’s gonna level up to a 2 or if another player has figured out your recipe and you don’t want them to have that knowledge you can come over here and then lose a power to change one angry from your recipe so that people don’t have perfect knowledge anymore so that could be handy too although you hopefully you don’t it doesn’t come to that but anyway so Jan went over there for her second option she picked and then I upgraded and then she went to the pike mansion and now I will go spying on her I’ve already peeked and I I have room and I could pick up four things but unfortunately there are only three things to get but it was worth it to get that information about Jim and my pantry is almost full and now Jim she’s got three workers she can keep going and you know what let’s see what is she gonna do now she could go out and pick some more fruit and now see this interesting thing Jen wouldn’t want to go out and pick a single fruit with her level one guy because then if I spy with my level 4 guy I would get to look at the difference I get to look at all three and I would know exactly what Jen’s recipe is so she did not dare send her a little single guy out to go pick ingredients until my four guy was out of the picture and my three guy but now he is Jen will come out here and she’ll get herself but nunu all right so Jen is just although I think that’s too much isn’t it one two three four five six seven eight nine Jen’s got too much stuff so she’ll have to dump something she’ll go on ahead and dump a green apple so that goes back in the bag to make room for the banana and now that makes me wonder she got rid of a green apple does that mean she doesn’t want green apples oh I should make a note of that it’ll open yellow that day all cuz you’re always trying to watch it your opponents do and why did she dump that green apple I know she kept that red because she likes Reds does this mean she likes reds and yellows have I figured out two thirds of her recipe who knows but anyway that’s it we have finished now this second round all our workers are done so we’re gonna move on to the third everybody comes back this guy is now happier for having gone to the convention now this guy is happier for having picked some stuff this guy is happier having picked and spied and this

guy is happier for having picked and right and this guy is sadder for having done the upgrade so go from a three to a two so now I’ve got total power of seven and Jen’s got a total power of eight ah and the because Jen went to the PI convention she holds on to first player going into the third round and I think folks it’s gonna be time to start making some pies because we’re both running out of space to store all this stuff but first of all we’ve got up going to turn around we once again have to refill the tree alrighty let’s see what we got here now alright there’s some stuff and some stuff and some stuff and some stuff and some stuff and some stuff I need three more one two three one two three all righty OOP alright so Jen is first again and oh my god look at all those although Jen’s promised she has no room she would love to rush right out with her four and grab four things but she doesn’t have room so I think the first thing Jenna’s gonna do is Jen is gonna bake two pies with her level two guy now baking works that you you you take stuff from your storage for every pie you need three ingredients and they can be three regular and great three common or two common one rare or two rare and one common there are two rares the more rare the more valuable is if you do three Commons just three apples it’s worth two points it when it gets sold if you do two Commons and a rare it’s worth three a common in two rares four and if it’s your secret recipe it’s worth seven and so Jen is now going to take all the stuff she’s she’s gonna use six of these tokens because she’s making two pies and right what is she gonna make she’s gonna do that and that and that I think one two three four five whoo all right Oh Oh interesting the interesting gems got a sticky wicket um because what she wants to do is she wants to make a secret recipe and now let’s say her secret recipe was red yellow and strawberry let’s say it was these three things right um so she’s made a common common uncommon now she to make a second pie she has all these uncommons but you cannot make a pie with three uncommon you can’t make a pie with three rares so Jim doesn’t have enough comments to make two but she can if she goes like this instead she makes two special pies so like say this one is you know yeah so here’s what Jen’s gonna do boom right so those are the two pies Jen is making okay so she’s not using that banana or that strawberry now she takes all these things and she reveals them all at once and she says I’m using all these ingredients to make two pies we got these little pie markers here and Jen says I am making two special pies because she shows look for two special pies I would need each of them needs one common and two rares so Jen shows she’s done what she needs to do she has made two special pies now here’s the thing Jen what she was originally thinking about doing was trying to make a secret recipe pie but if she did that she wouldn’t be able to make her other one and she’d be wasting one of her opportunities now that’s if she even can because I have to admit AHA 500 I’ve totally forgotten what her secret recipe is I’m going ahead and look here all right I know there’s one red in it but you know me all right okay I see what she what she really wants okay so Jen she has she spent all these everybody goes to look and see what she used and she says I’m just making two special pies so since she did not declare that she was making a secret recipe we haven’t told anything but with all this it said oh by the way I’m making a secret recipe pie then we know hey um well what would we know all three of the specials are here so we wouldn’t know what specials but we would see oh look there’s no greens so we would know that we would know for a fact that her secret recipe pie has to be red and yellow because her secret recipe had two apples these are the only two apples she used so we know her secret recipe here has red and yellow but we wouldn’t know anything about what her rare is if that makes sense but as it is Jen didn’t do that she just made to regular pies and all this stuff goes back in the bag everybody got to see what she made all right now because jen has a level one kitchen every time she makes a pie she gets a point if she’d upgraded she’d get two points so Jen got two points for that and there are pies now waiting to be sold when Jen sells these pies she’ll make four points a pop because they’re special all right and so now that was Jen’s first run and she cannot bake again because other oven is offline until she doesn’t upgrade my turn um I’m gonna make some pies as well as I mean because again I’m full I can’t go harvesting let’s go start making some pies I will go on

ahead and make two pies also and let’s see what was my secret recipe again it was pumpkins and I am gonna make a secret recipe alright so I know to make a cigarette you want I need pumpkin and green and red so one of my pies is gonna be this and now but here’s the thing I don’t want you in to be I don’t want to Jenna have any advance knowledge about what it is that I’m making here so I’m gonna throw in a couple of yellows for my second pie I’m gonna throw in two yellows and a strawberry okay so all these apples stay behind us still got five apples in my 14 storage and I say I’m making two pies look at this and here they are and I declare one of them is just oh right and again now I shuffle all these up I don’t want anybody to know what’s associated with what I don’t want anybody to you know drawing conclusions but I say one of them is a regular pie because it’s got you know two basics and special and then I say or a rare and then I say one of them is my secret recipe whoa hold on a second let me look at all this business what can i deduce from that right so Jen well first of all so she knows well she sees that I my secret recipe must not be bananas because I did not use any banana so Jen can rule out the new news now she was wondering if orange was the case cuz she saw me taking an orange right you are you’re a yellow banana me are a yellow Apple she knows it can’t be bananas my secret recipe must be strawberries or pumpkins so that’s good does she know the rest though nope she can see there’s a red a green and a yellow so I’ve given her no information about what two basic ingredients but I have given her solid intel on an advanced ingredient so she’s pretty happy with that so anyway so I made two pies and I also got two points for that because I haven’t upgraded my kitchen all right so we’re both sitting in two points and all of these go back in the sack jack okay and now it’s Jens turn again and she’s got all the workers in the world I think Jen is gonna sell some pies yes yes yes she is Jen yeah Jen is going to take her big guy her level four although she once usually level four guy to go get some more stuff because now her pantry is empty and there’s a bunch of goods out there yeah Jim’s gonna go on ahead ah see here’s the thing in a two-player game there are only two places we could go to sell pies and make a lot of points and everybody can partake in the selling of pies if Jen were to send her four over here first of all whenever you send a guy to sell pies you get that many points so Jen uses in level 4 she’ll get 4 points but that means her level 2 would come out here and she can only get 2 green green she’d rather give up the four points to come out here and get 4 ingredients so she can make more pies so she’ll probably send her level 2 if she sends here she can sell all the pies in one column like this should she sell all her pies make 2 points plus the value of the pies but what Jen’s gonna do instead is because she’s saving her for to go out and get some more resources Jen is gonna come over here and not sell a given she’s not gonna pick a column she’s gonna pick the bottom row everything in the bottom row gets sold for its value Jen makes 2 points off of this instead of 4 because she’s saving her for to go out there and she makes four points for selling this pie so that puts her up to eight but she’s held everything on the row including mine I made 7 plus 3 I made 10 points boom and I say thanks to Jen for helping me sell my pies now anything that’s up higher in the columns slides down now to be on the bottom row alright so that was Jen’s big turn and here’s the thing if she hadn’t done it I would have done that and I would have sent my level 5 guy out to do because I would have gotten 5 points plus the 10 points I got I would have gotten 15 points but here’s the thing there’s still a pie out there but I cannot send my guy over here to pick a column because I’m not in any columns Jen could send her 4 out here to get 4 points and sell everything in this column because she’s the only one in it I don’t have any pies to sell so I can’t trigger a sale so what am I gonna do now well I got my guy I could go on some more stuff because there are some rare ingredients out there or I could do another upgrade turn my five into a four and hey when I make pies I get two points per or I could have multiple kitchens or I could hire and get a third worker but you know what I just want some more resources I’m gonna pick up five plus my five I can hold that let’s jump to this space cuz oh my gosh look at all this I’m gonna get one two three four and with that go get it y’all five I got five I got only one standard way Tusker I already had a whole bunch of standards I got four rares that is very nice I’m gonna be able to make some high-quality pies including some of my own secret recipe because remember I like pumpkins I like green and I like

red so I am set up to make some big points with my secret recipe but the more I do my secret recipe the more I maybe Cluj in into what’s going on so Jen still got one more worker she could come over here to get four points plus four she can get eight more points right now but she’ll let that sit because she that can get sold on some other four hey maybe some of the turn I’ll trigger the thing that makes itself Jim she’s gonna send her four out here and get some ingredients also she’ll come up here and she’ll get a banana and two green apples and a yellow alright so there we go boom boom boom boom and Jen did not fill up okay so we have finished the third of a drowned you’re moving on to the next round nobody went to the pie convention so the player order changes I’ll be first and this guy he they’re happy to bake so he comes back as a level three this guy is happy to pick apples he comes back as a little six he cannot get any stronger yay I might use him now to hire somebody because I only go down to four this guy goes from a four to A five this guy goes from a 2 to a 3 and this guy goes from a 2 to a 3 so now Jen has 11 total points of worker power I’ve only got 9 and I’ve only a couple points ahead of her but I’ve got a lot more ingredients and an upgrade to hold them in so I’m sitting pretty to make a lot of pies I mean heck could I make six pies no I don’t have enough for that I mean six pies times three that would be 18 I only have 14 but I do have enough here I think to make three pies one two three four five six seven eight nine ten no I don’t I have enough to make two pies because it’s three per pie so I think it might be time for me to fall though oh but what member we have to refill the tree which means there’s gonna be more opportunities for more stuff to come up and I get first dibs on it because Jen didn’t go to the PI Convention and hold on to first player so like we refill the tree we continue to go along make it in selling more pie scoring points and every once in a while I’m figuring out a little bit more about what we think they’re making now if at any time I ever get to the point where I think I know exactly what Jen is making you know I eventually I get to peak or something and I figure out oh wow she wants bananas I know it I know she wants bananas and apples and then you know what could happen I know two of the three what I could start doing is when I bake pies I could try to bake a pie with a banana and a red apple and then another apple another red or green or yellow and instead of baking that pie to put on sale in the store I would take that today say hey I’m baking a pie using the baked action I would show Jen what it is I’m baking the pie with and I would say is this your recipe and if I get it correct because once I figure out she needs bananas then I’ve got a one in three shot I figuring out what her other basic resource is if I get that correct then I know her recipe and she would have to change it and I could make pies in both her and my recipe etc etc and it also means I’d be guaranteed a bunch of points at the end of the game because I know her recipe unless again she makes her guys sad because they come to the pie convention to change the recipe so keeps on going like that for nine rounds I’m making pies selling pies making pies selling pies and that folks is pie town’s spies lies and apple pies yeah if you want to hear some final thoughts you can do that I on the top of our course green or follow the show notes in five four three two one