Exploration! Free Flight Event | Star Citizen Alpha

hello this is be a gamer and today I’m playing star citizen I’m going to try this one more time I have already tried to record a video on this twice now this will be my third time first time the game crashed this time I hit f7 which I believe starts a live stream which cancelled it recording trying to figure out how to access certain menus of the game like a character page like equipment manager because people are running around with different quipment to me which tells me that there is an equipment manager which I didn’t think there would be in this game but it is a first-person shooter so I’m and it’s an MMO so I’m assuming they’re probably would be like I was saying prior to Game shutting off whatever the case may be I’m having some bad frame rate issues and the only thing I can think of is well let’s go over the specs required to play this game 8 gigabytes of memory it also requires the quad-core processor and directx 11 I have directx 11 I have a six core processor and I have 16 games we’re not memory memory is uh I have a terabyte of memory I have 16 gigs of ram and it requires eight so I’ve got necessary requirements to play this game but i’m lagging and i know i shouldn’t be laggy because my buddy lori if you’ve watched my sour steal from public videos i like to do pvp war zones and arenas with my buddies or my buddy worry we usually don’t even speak he can hear us all chat together but Lori has made a couple videos because he did this as well once three and a half minutes the other one I think it’s like five and a half minutes one of them running around town like I am right now just looking at things exploring and then the other video was him flying a ship you sign up for this free flight to give you three ships to play around with free I have to buy him which is awesome so I decided I’m gonna do a couple let’s place on this today I’ll do one I might do one tomorrow I’ve got I think I’ve got a week to do this if that’s wrong I will make sure i specified in the next video I doing this it’s either going to be a week or it’s going to be a free-to-play weekend unless sure this is the alpha it’s not even in bed yet so it’s expected there to be bugs and glitches and whatnot one thing I’m not happy about is there’s no tutorial I just got in I got a menu universe options hanger exit game something else I didn’t even get a tutorial so yeah my buddies or tell him about this game two or three years ago so I’ve been waiting for it for a long time I’m really excited to play this and got off track here what I was getting that before is the only reason I imagine i’m lagging it’s because my video card is a little bit old I’ve got a nuh vidya geforce gtx 550 TI which supports DirectX 11 and I have direct x 11 so I should be running this note with no lag my buddy Lori he made his videos he wasn’t lagging at all it was nice and smooth his character model was jittering a little bit you might encounter that with my guy here which it’ll be hard to tell Jenna from frame rate maybe I’ll encounter somebody who’s standing still who’s like is jittering the body parts of jitter like I was watching the bloody wars video yesterday and his left leg kept jittering and his hand with dinner or something so that its character character bugs but the frame rates were nice I’ve got horrible frame rates i’m running at nine frames eight frames a second nine seven eight nine you know between seven and 11 frames per second which is horrible and i just i don’t know why so yeah to participate register an account on the website for star citizen and for some reason I can’t seem to get my mouse out of the window one to my second monitor to look up the website for you guys if you go to google and type in star citizen you’ll see the website for them and you register and your during this free flight event thing going on I don’t know if it’s a weekend or a week I will let you guys know in the next video I make on this game I’ll reduce a little bit of race I should have researched it before I started this video but uh I’ll let you guys know so

if you register to the game you can automatically start playing it’s downloaded start playing and yeah you’ve got from my memory a week to play and just run around they give you three ships you can explore this place there was another place you can explore which I’ll probably once i get done running around here I’ll go check that place out and then I want to do some flying if the frame rates will let me it’s a dumpers depot so check that out then it’s running smooth enough where I can actually get around and see what’s going on this is just a constant fragrant I don’t know why it’s got to be my video card The Doors working for me for my buddy lawyer they were not working he would have to like run into him and run away and run back into them and they finally open some doors working oh this is a place where they build ships I think shit somebody I talk to you I can’t talk so I’m guessing in the Alpha you can actually talk to vendors or people yet weird that sucks I wanted to go take a little ship up close yeah these guys get in the way we could jump on this nope maybe in the full game you’ll be able to accept me this is supposed to be an open-world firm I should really be able to get over there but it’s alpha it’s not perfect it’s definitely gonna have problems limitations so one thing I am upset about I don’t know if i’ve already mentioned that in this video i might have mentioned it in the one that have failed i know i mentioned it last night before i started that live stream I already forgot where I was going with that that’s fine I’ve had a long day actually it went by really quickly but I was really busy today so I’m kind of worn out so my brains not working anymore suus back here this goes for development okay so they haven’t actually finished whatever they’re putting back here unless this is actually intended to be in the game where this area is closed Oh turn without the leg thank you I think I’ve explored most of what’s here on area to one area 18 I think it was called for area 21 one of the two because I remembered the code i had siphon was a 21 for this place which he didn’t get to see because yet again the video cut itself off but you will see that when i switch to the next area here in a bit alright this is where I came from I think well I wonder if I can drive this let’s see can I drew I can f is to use yes it is oh right no idea how to try this whoa first person i have to be in first person no I don’t actually let’s check out first person real quick just so it was all those things quick Wow the steering is nothing to it involved oh great getting out of first person’s to its to uh its way to frame ready to leggy for first person and it’s thought of it’s like sucking my camera down i wanna i can’t oh wait oh oh that’s why second my camera ok I have to use WASD to drive this thing my clicks don’t do anything scroll wheel is hey look at that is there anybody in there oh there is ok I thought that I thought that car was just dragging itself along the ground what does this guy do it yeah I’ve gotta steer with WASD and my mouse is messing with my camera angle so I’m just gonna for the moment pop the

mouse a camera here and leave it there that doesn’t work at us oh the guy hit me I hit him technically okay I came from that direction or if I could hit him at her let’s find out if I can steer well enough to know Oh God come on thank you oh I’m glad those are nice and solid all right I’m in having fun just doing this oh it’s so laggy oh I blew him up and he died I can’t I can’t aim up to see he went flying straight into the look at my eyeballs oh I could see inside my own head I’m back in the first person okay there we go oh so leggy all right did I park that that good I did very nice I think I killed him remember when I hit him I saw him go flying into the air he went straight up I’ll do a slow mo of that yeah I’ll definitely edit a slow mo of that in there it doesn’t look blown up though I can use it okay I could have swore we were way over here we were yep that’s uh some seeds floating in here look at that yeah that’s funny wonder where you what I think I killed him okay whoops whoa that’s when I just got out of well supposedly somehow when I got out of this i teleported me all the way over here into this one which isn’t there anymore look okay interesting I’m running out of air use to go let’s go back this way she had a notable time it was my son let’s go this way so something something War II was to own me nobody worried he mentioned this is a very dead space he feeling game they’re like the graphics and whatnot just remind him of dead space and i think i have to agree already went this way excuse me so that’s pretty cool i liked in space i’ve never actually played myself but i watched ok what happened to my gear suddenly my helmets gone right yeah i liked his face I’ve watched quite a few gameplay videos a couple of my favorite youtubers at velocity I think I watched the pool play through first dead space watched a little bit on two and three first one seems to be the coolest one in my opinion but I wouldn’t know until I play to myself yes i have there’s the dumpster depot I can’t go that direction let’s go back this way I think there’s another section of this place i hadn’t explored yet move your camera astro armada so find out what this is I don’t know what it is but it sure is cool-looking looks like a place to show off a new when upcoming ships oh you just multiplied it you just turned into two people well where’s the sluices oh that’s just the name of the place maybe the place is named after you shot me that’s called national marketing / I sit in these chairs sir button to sit down i mean i could just be like oh I can

just do that yet we could just uh huh I could just lay on the table I worse I could do one of these yeah nice and comfy look home join me on this couch here buddy he’s thinking about it it’s not sure if he wants to join me on the couch anyways this is like gallery of ships that kind of looks like the note doesn’t their mind at first glance i thought that was the Millennium Falcon we got here there’s a cockpit to a ship looks fucking awesome I wish my computer chair looked like that it looks like one comfy chair let’s get out of here this is a cool place looks like a gallery for new and upcoming chips prototypes maybe whoa whoa I’m glitching through things yeah there’s no tutorial yet just pops you in and lets you figure it out for yourself all I really know how to do so far okay go in there apparently Oh opening soon she’s really read signs all I really know how to do is move and drive a car which isn’t the smoothest of rides I mean it’s a smooth ride with the controls you’re not the best maybe I just got to mess with sensitivity stuff I have one thing I’ve actually messed with his this camera cuz it was super sluggish before we got here Gealach I think this is the bar it is drink can I sit on the stool try I gotta get right in front of it crouch no I come on the crotch now what’s because there’s something behind ya can Crouch air I can’t crash when I’m between the bar and stupid oh wait yeah well it’s pushing me out no want to sit on the stool like a drink and I can’t crunch well almost all right let’s go there that’d be cool if you could come in here and like sit in the booths or sit on the stools just chill and when were displaying numerous like four people in here dancing and making up throwing little dances after the music he was all shit like that it’s funny so hey buddy you’re my way let’s get out of here cool place but it’s dead hey I know you guys are going to the bar yeah so we’re here to arc duo this look like torpedoes kind of can’t go in nope I almost thought that was a dead body that’s a trash bag oh this is really really sketchy looking holy crap all right let’s go here nope entry authorized personnel only well wouldn’t that be me i’m like a soldier I think I said they just popped you into the game and don’t tell you a damn thing about it does if you watch this please add a tutorial and cinematics gain story story lines in a match for something so we know what’s going on and a tutorial would be nice because I don’t know any of us I imagine when i get my shipment when it crashed into a wall explode trying to figure out how to pitch and yaw and steer and throttle and whatever I with my luck I’ll initiate I don’t know what they’re calling this game I was watching the elite dangerous play through and I had the terms down for a while but if it’s anything like that like not warp drive or whatever hyperspeed eam drive whatever it is in this game because every every sci-fi Space game tends to have a different kind of Drive they use not that but being really fast just cruising I think I just went in a big circle we have with my luck I would hit I would hit the cruise mode and just plow right into the side of the space station see tried to get in there earlier I think I’m out of places to go I think it’s time to skip to the news on the bar I went that way already tdd have been

Harriet Trade Development Division similar building to the astro place where they had the ships on display but when you get in here it’s different what is this I’m assuming this is gonna be like a stock / auction house kind of thing here maybe a place where you can pick up jobs to do can’t oh yeah I’m starting to be able to read the words here anti-coup adium ex coma white bomb bastian crowd yeah I don’t notice or the kind of sound like elements we got here yeah this is starting to look like a GT n slash auction house kind of thing right it’s this over here oh it’s the globe probably for whatever planet we’re on right now oh yeah this is the stock market that’s where I man see the I’m not a stock guy but he got the Dow and up and downs of the stocks as they go up and down cool oh let’s go take a look at the view that’s a cool-looking shit well that’s the one that was on the wall there’s a picture of this of that shit on the wall on that one building enjoying the view too buddy yeah it’s pretty it’s pretty impressive the graphics are just immensely awesome and that’s on low this is on lowest settings the graphics are still immensely awesome these graphics are like ultra settings on any other animal I’ve played for any other game in general I played I think about it let’s get out of here little I think I have officially been 20 I haven’t been in the medical yet so chicken oh that’s got crushed 15 let’s pop in the first first tick look at this Oh textures just okay so there’s a hypo syringe i’m assuming kind of it looks like some kind of syringe it looks like a heart a BPM meter some sort if God fit her in there oh yeah you’re a creeper he was just standing right on top of me are all these going to be the same yeah just in different orders this is you can’t see past me insert couch with that pressurized warning pressurized valves okay probably for medicine stand man you don’t say can’t enter look at me close to the wall I’m good sure I’ll it’s through I don’t know if that was supposed to happen am I not supposed to be back here like let’s do this one no try this one if none of these doors open i’m going to assume i’m not supposed to be back here and i glitched it into the wall or through the door no this guy’s back here it’s maybe oh yeah this doors open yeah there’s people here so I was supposed to be apparently that door opened but the graphic never actually showed it hope can I go in here I just hope the things than I hit a couple times and if it doesn’t do anything I just leave I don’t want to spend all my time trying to get things to work I just want to explore sup did talk to you know talk to you let me try G they were the options when you were saying something about Chi something’s wrong I’m starting to get the use of the fact that he turns his head before he actually turns before the UH yet before like those muscles here miss built for life I think this is the direction it came from let’s find out

let’s look at new so far I don’t think I’ve been over here medical building there no entry obvious you know what i think i have been here no entry nope nope I’ll remember seeing one of those doors before and now there’s two of them there yeah I haven’t been over here I sure it’s a dead end but I just wanna take a look you never know there could be Easter eggs in this game already who knows I imagine not you’re going to work on the actual key features before adding small little things like that like a character customization and easter eggs shit like that all right I think I’ve been everywhere now so let’s uh he’s it to the menu leave this level or turn the main menu yes yes what if I do don’t give me a loading screen please don’t give me a loading screen sweet alright so what I did before in the last video before I messed up area 18 our corp I had to oh it’s a 91 now it was a 21 before yeah i typed in a 21 so go back i was just at the area 18 let’s go to port all this are it’s going to be a 68 yay whoa what’s going on here Oh cramped quarters I’ll tell you what when you’re in first person mode you really get that sense of this is a working but it’s not and the music it just tells you it’s not it’s all sounds awesome anyways oh yeah this is up in dead space so yeah those loading screens are long I will cut all of that out I really hope at least one of the devs watches my video on this because they need to know about the fact they really need a tutorial they really they really need to add a tutorial for people on this and i’m sure the full game will have one but if you’re going to have a open alpha gameplay session whether it’s a weekend or a week long I can’t remember like i said i’ll let you guys know in the next video i make i’ll do some research before i start the game i started recording this is a cool place suck it looks like a space station pressurized oh I think this is me space station I think this is where I gotta go to uh I think this is where I go to get them my ship and fly around I was thinking it was another area and not one of my hangar to Fleming yep this is exactly where I want to be oh yeah look at that it’s space it’s so gorgeous so pretty and this is on the lowest settings of graphics it’s so good looking I look at that when you turn your camera the stars become streaks what and look how fast that starts moving that must be a shit yeah that’s dude in a ship that it’s not a star so I’m guessing all of those lights that turn into streaks when i turn the camera or shapes so they look like you’re moving there’s a lot of people on this unless those around pcs I don’t know okay oh I never actually requested my ship I don’t know how to do that I jump okay good i was worried if I jump that go flying off into space just drift I like how I when I hold down w when I do this little shimmy shammy to the left shoot me shimmy shimmy shammy all right let’s go over here I have no idea what to do shit deck what’s over

here before I go into that door there oh hello egg it’s definitely not quite as laiki as the city was still a landing pad let’s go check that out maybe there’s already a ship there I don’t think so i think i have to request the ship oh I don’t think this is mine i was watching Laurie playing when he got into his ship had a marker on I think he had to request his shit oh yeah this is somebody else’s shit this is a cool-looking shit oh wait use am i stealing the skies shit oh I’m not sure what just happened there let’s try it again let’s pop in here it’s gone the first person I can’t see jack oh no oh no i really did–now oh boy I can’t find the space station where is it is it it I think that’s it oh this is gonna take years to get over there i glitched and it rocketed me out in the space I don’t know if I’ve got a limited feel in my suit I pull up I’ve got a pistol can I oh shit oh that sounds amazing this is gonna be fucking awesome it has to I don’t have a redis I know how am I supposed to know what I’m aiming at maybe that’s that little thing on the side of my helmet is show me what show me what i’m aiming it like a foster say a little thanks to go outside my home if i was to wind it up with the space station maybe you know swimming it was closer there’s no way my country should def are been assuming i don’t know oh this is not good i might have to reload this I can’t seem to put my gun away I thought it was oh it’s j AI thought it was K or L it’s not stay I’ll give us a couple minutes see if I make any progress if I don’t I’m just gonna have to reload this it doesn’t look like the space stations getting bigger very quickly I’m just floating out into space I kind of want to see if I can land on the planet just get caught by its inner it’s a gravity you know III don’t want to do that actually I’m not mentally ready for that I think that would terrify me I’m not making hardly any progress okay there’ll be more editing to cut out loading screens let’s uh let’s go to the hangar real quick we’ll check it out and then we’ll come back to flying around take them back yay my hangar there’s a shit okay maybe I can just go into flying through this too quick look around see if there’s anything explore before I getting shit oh don’t tell me it was fo along I’m gonna try and try and uh oh it’s fo okay I mean I guess that’s all right but an icon on the screen to tell me that was been nice while you were you going am i doing I didn’t actually click anything I just

stepped on where’s the same thing does it say okay I can’t walk that ship is just glitched out we’re doing shit calm down ships down there freaking out up here here Oh oh nothing okay man oh man oh man I mean this is the office its will come to be expected for there to be problems and quite honestly I am quite impressed by the progress of this so far that ship destroy itself I think it did nope I don’t know what’s doing down there what happens if I jumped off what if I’d die or if maybe the gravity is low enough to where I wouldn’t die I like when you see things materialize in front of you it’s like okay it’s off of this I don’t mind it doesn’t bother me just find it interesting I go in and that’s what the can I mess with that no hey that’s a suit happens when you jump off can’t jump off oh come on it’s a free rollin low let me jump off I guess the free roam only applies to actually spit actual space travel oh well that’s another lift yeah well if I trip office really it’s such a small bar i should be able to jump off it DAV’s fix this I wanted to jump off kill myself I should be allowed to that’s right so maybe it’s something because it’s a foe maybe they just haven’t implemented jumping over obstacles yet hopefully that’s the case we’re try and get in the ship that has been knocked around I’m hoping that isn’t I’m hoping that isn’t damage causing that link cuz i really want to fly this I’m not getting at use option there we go I’ve been first person oh I’m really close let me use it that means calm down shit stop you’re freaking out we all right wow this is so cool looking all right he Lori gave me a quick rundown on the controls of flying but I don’t remember what the word so we’re gonna try our best I think you said something about aren’t f answer doesn’t do anything shift doesn’t do anything control doesn’t do anything I think control make sure head go back to normal yeah all right let’s turn it again and just not touch anything yeah control resets your point of view okay I think I destroyed the ship well I didn’t destroy it i think it’s right itself begin a derp derp thanks base doesn’t do anything TR awwe q SDF z XE if F doesn’t get me out of this and what does I don’t know what did mm-hmm okay nothing seems to be doing any oh that’s a zoom well oh yeah yep scroll wheel up seems

man scroll down to out I think the ship is busted okay the mouse is weird I think it’s inverted actually I like to why it’s weird but which means when I go to fly oh I’m starting to wonder if this hanger mode is just for show because when my buddy Laurie was flying he actually was in the area i was in last when I was on the spaceship and I got to checked it out in space that’s where he was when he started flying he called in the ship so that’s what I’m gonna do I’m gonna exit the menu and do that I’ll cut all this out when i get to menu and do that and see if i can get into the air i just want to fly real quick before i headed to end this video yes and we’re back all that vape okay so supposed to be my little yeah there’s my quarters and use he’s 10 used to bed I thought was telling me to use the wall does that mean this is a toilet probably okay I need to figure out how to yep easy ab answer call me shipments want to go in here they didn’t go on here last time oh don’t tell me you crashed I’ll thank God take their some more rooms yeah okay so this whole area is habitation for humans should have known that by the name yet easy have habitation Oh God leg I seem to do better I think somebody just took off bless your screen to continue ah yes all right i said i like the Hornet so let’s request that shit finding shed well thank you after get out yep sure is glad I figure that up eh I forgot what it was question 8 02 I just had an icon on my screen oh my guy what’s up with my dude let’s go back into this menu one more time and see if it fixes it yeah fixed it ok I just saw an icon on the screen saying Hornet there was a blue circle around it where did I see that was it on here no what’s not here so I need a 0 1 302 shit I forgot Murph rose hill one or two so its landing pad na was this good I just saw something happening over here I don’t know where this landing pad is depressurize screaming yeah but if we want to go this way okay at least certain the same 0102 are in the same direction as each other mine this is mine I love the view looks so cool get into

the ship no idea how to fly and aerospace all systems online that’s gonna be I can’t see take off simply landing complete landing request captured fruit take off complete I think you raised I’m just spinning wildly now okay we’re like to be behind the shelter oh it’s so touchy Oh fine it’s my role q me straight forward proximity alert fort proximity alert oh this is crazy joystick and throttle would be nice about now okay let’s try another word in the air oh how about you stop spinning even huh let’s try and go it took that’s cool how do i turn my camera my head and nuts ok shoot me being third person milk there’s no HUD which really sucks bogey scanning scan something over there I don’t know if it’s supposed to do that if you watch this thing while it’s spinning it a little spin and then jerk back a little bit that doesn’t seem realistic right bogey little click doesn’t do anything that still zooms okay scanning bogey bogey let’s go say hi forward proximity alert bogey scanning port proximity alert bogey oh those are just ships that st. bogey they’re just ships on the space station it’s all there 870 i think i just turned off the bullshit propulsion offline propulsion activating shield generator offline no no turn up everything she generated activated good weapon system offline nope weapon system activated yeah 12 doesn’t do anything lettuce tree left-click is supposed to fire I’m not just this red pulse goes across my screen oh wait I don’t know what that is crusader five kilometers destructed kind of wanna go check it out Jeff online okay oh he got real close crashed

oh I think you did damage to the actual space station Oh crashing what happened got the black screen I think the game froze yeah the game froze okay well I guess that’s gonna be it for me now oh there’s my mouse okay that’s going to be in for star citizen for today this part 1 star citizen free flight the more they call it free flight yeah a free flight event so I suggest if you want to try it out just register on the website download and you can you got to update of course you download the launcher and update the game and install it but uh that’s going to be for this so I hope you guys enjoyed leave me some comments in the comments section to see if there was anything you want me to do in here if you’re going to leave a comment asking for sessions on things to do you might want to look up to see what I can do if I can’t remember exact what I can do in the next video I’ll mention what i can do I think I can visit some space stations kind of want to go try and land on that planet that the space station next to once i get used to flying that’s a sensitivity something yeah so aside from that just uh have a good one everybody I’ll see you guys later please