Love Journey EP27 -Chinese suspense love drama (Chen Xiao, Sally Jing )【Fresh Drama】

As ordered by Mr. Feng, I’ve sent the cigarette to chemical test Good. So what else do I need to do now? Just go and take the girl back Me? Do you need my help? Okay, don’t complain Here you are. The GPS tracker I managed to apply for it for you I’m efficeient, right? Good for you But you said it’d be a small device This is too big It’s already the smallest Oh really, okay See you later Wait, take another one with you You might need it It’s okay. I’ll come back and enjoy it later I’m not oxygen seller That’s typical -Who’s that? -Me, Xiaotian, open the door What’s wrong? I’ll tell you soon -Be careful. -She’s drunk Go -What happened to her? -I need more oxygen now -She had drugs. -Drugs? Should we call her grandma? Od course not. She will kill her What should we do then? I think here is the safest place for her Just let her stay here for one night -In my room? -Yes All right. I’ll take care of her -That’s the only way. -Okay Call me if she causes any trouble I’ll pick you up tomorrow morning Okay, then don’t turn off your cell phone Or maybe I can sleep here and stay with you Hey, it’s no time for joking Just leave now Be careful I like the porridge here

-Have a try at this baozi. -Thanks Oh, you’re having breakfast. Everything is good here I’ve told you, right? -Even boilded eggs are more tasty. -Yes, help youself Huang Xiong? Catch him! -Be nice, please. -Stop escaping, then -Take him with us. -Don’t hurt me, please What happened, Mrs. officer? It’s our work Let’s have a look Xiaotian, please keep it as a secret from my grandma Take her back to her house. I’ll make a phone call Okay. Let’s go Don’t tell my grandma about it, please Then promise me you’ll never do it again We’ve checked that cigarette What’s in it? They’re just knock-out drugs The man you caught last night has confessed Is Huang Xiong his boss? It seems that Huang is only a dealer He’s not the big boss But we will see what can we get from him So don’t be upset I believe we can get some clues from him You’re right. There must be a big boss behind all these You need to gather more evidence Yes, I will Take care Is Tina has something to do with Huang Xiong? Why this question? I’m just asking Did Huang commit any crimes? Why would you ask me? Fist, I don’t know if Tina has anything to do with Huang Xiong Second, I didn’t report to the police or tell them anything about Huang I didn’t think that either Why are you so freaked out? It’s just an question But do you think he has commited any serious crimes? Of course. Or the police would not come for him Will Xiao Fangfang be involved in it? Take it easy They’re different Well, yes. It’s none of my business anyway But you’re worrying about her, aren’t you? I didn’t know much between you and her, but from my perspective, she’s indeed a nice person Why are you always cold to her? Maybe there’s any misunderstanding between you If there is any, you can settle them together It’s much more complicated than you can imagine Xinyue, I think after you met her, you’ve been acting a little bit strange You’re pressing yourself too hard And to be honest, this also upsets me

So maybe you can try and tell me about it, I’ll try my best to help you -Would you like to know? -Of course I lived a happy childhood My dad is a painter and my mother a music teacher They often took me here for sketching My dad created many excellent works here But during one of his outsoor sketchings Run! He came across a snowslide And he was killed after trying to save his friends He left us forever Mom was extremely sad We then had a car accident Mom I lost both of them when I was young I’m sorry I shouldn’t have asked about these It’s okay. I’ve made through it You were too young to undergo all of those things I cannot imagine how hard it was for you But I’m not an orphan I was then adopted by a woman And she brought me up She’s not my biological parent But she was so nice to me Long time ago, there’s a bad wolf It’s always trying to eat the three baby rabits of the mother rabit She adopted me after I lost my parents and took good care of me I thought she was sent by the God to be my new family Where is she then? Is she still alive? Yes Xinyue. Xinyue! Can we talk? I don’t think so So many years have passed, can you just give me a chance? I don’t think it matters to you But then something happened between us It tore us apart, and we’d never become close again You’re making me curious

What happened between you and her? -Did she abuse you when you were young? -Nope She’s nice to me But I cannot forgive her for something she has done We lived together happily until until when I was 18 years old, when I was searching for some files at home I happened to find her diaries and some photos And I learned about her secrets Well, Xinyue, I think, You still consider her as a good person though she’s done something that let you down So you can still fix your relationship with her You need to talk to her, really It’s not that easy Hi, Aunt Fang Come here, please I’m about to take a shower Xinyue, throughout these years, I’ve considered you as one of my family I know you are still upset about that thing and you cannot forgive me I’m sorry I do hope you can forgive me It’s not for my sake You need not to be a prison of our past Really Xinyue, have you packed up yet? It’s time for school Let’s go Aunt Fang, before I go, I’ve got a question for you

What’s it? I don’t want to begin my campus life with unsolved questions Can you tell me the truth? What are you referring to? I don’t get it Let’s go Chu Hongfei stole my dad’s painting, right? He’s a big lier and now he owns both fame and gain He’s a prestigious painter now But what about my dad? He created this painting with all his heart And he’s got nothing Xinyue, can we just let it go? Things already happened Please let bygone be bygones So now you’re justifying him? Why don’t you stand on my side? We should uncover the truth! That’s not my intention I only hope you can live happily Father gave me that painting That’s the only thing he left to me I must get it back. It belongs to me You cannot Because you’re not helping me, but him! It’s not true! I’ve seen the photos and read your letters I know what’s the relation between you and him No, that’s not the truth You’re also a lier I never want to see you again I’ll take back all that belongs to me Xinyue! Xinyue! Sorry, I cannot forgive you All right Then tell me have you met any troubles now? No, I’m okay I read online that Chu Hongfei’s painting was sold at a high price It has nothing to do with me I don’t know him You were involved in the auction What are you going to do? I was only helping a guy from a finance company I could never afford the painting by myself You shouldn’t have done that It’s complicated stuff It’s none of your business I told you, things have happened Can you please let it go? You’re only making yourself more awkward and upset Where is the painting? I won’t tell you He did take your father’s painting as his own But it already happened I’m not trying to stop you I just hope that you can leave those things behind, and live a happy life What do you mean by “a happy life” I cannot ignore it only because it was history Do you think I can do nothing and witness my father’s painting being stolen by others? I will never feel happy But you’ll never win over him Please don’t be so stubborn The painting means a lot But our life matters more Then just stick to your own stuff And don’t try to stop me Xinyue! Hi, Hui Thanks for the drinks You’re welcome In fact, my company might need your help later No problem But I’ll need to finish this live stream program first And it might takes longer Because Xinyue seems to have some problems with the owner of the inn The owner of the inn?

I’m not clear about their relations But the owner here used to be her foster parent What a coincidence Yes, it is Well, we can talk about it later Excuse me, can you go and tell the lady there that Mr. Chu in Room 106 is asking for her -Mr. Chu in Room 106. -Okay Okay, thanks! I asked for the painting, not this woman She didn’t let go of it All right, let’s have a look at the painting Hi, Hui -Open it. -Okay You see? It’s a fake one! But this woman brought this painting with her So we thought Shut up! -We’ll go back and look for it. -Exactly Wake that woman up first And ask them to give us the painting in exchange of her -Yes, we will. -Let’s go -Wake her up. -Water Hi I’ve got her here Give us the painting and she’ll survive What? You know what I’m talking about Hey Who are you? What do you want from me? Let go of me! Did you hear her? You’ve got two hours left I’ll call you back Call the police and we’ll kill her right away Who are you? Hey! Did you see Aunt Fang? What’s up? She was kidnapped -What? -Kidnapped? They asked for the painting in exchange of her And they’ll call me again soon What should I do? Don’t worry

Lily, this is serious We should call the police We should trust the police No, we cannot call the police The kidnapper will hurt her I think Chu has a point They will not hurt her before they get the painting It’s safe to call the police Yeah Really? It’ll be okay I must warn you that this is a secret Don’t expose it to anybody Shengxia, are you clear? We’re from the Shangrila Police Office We’re here for Mrs. Xiao’s case Thanks for your cooperation in advance Have a seat, please -Let’s get started. -Okay Mrs. Li, When did Mrs. Xiao leave last night? Did she have any argument with anyone? I don’t know What’s the relation between you and her? She’s my foster mother Okay. Tell us more about her Such as her friends? Sorry, I don’t know Li Xinyue, she’s in danger now Don’t hide anything from us The kidnappers want a painting Mrs. Officer, we’re so worried now Can you start searching for Mrs. Xiao? Does any one of you know this place well? Do you need to check the nearby environment? I can help you with that Okay, thanks What do you plan to do? I’ll check the footage when I’m back And two officers will be sent here We must keep in contact We’ll start search for the hostage immediately -Okay. – See you later Calm down, Lily Did Aunt Fang have any conflict with anyone? And what did she say or do before being kidnapped? Xiaotian, we must figureout why she was kidnapped I know what they’re looking for Let go of me! What are you doing? Let me go Say it again? Tell us where’s the painting I don’t know You don’t want to tell us? Just tell us please, where is it? We’ll all suffer if you don’t tell us I don’t know. I mean it! All right, you’re a brave woman -Watch over her. -Okay Boss, she’s keeping her mouth shut -Call Li Xinyue again. -Okay Ask her to take the painting to Nanwan Park and put it in the trashbox behind the fountain Look over this woman. I’ll go to the park Okay Be quiet Have you got the painting for me? Yes Take the painting to Nanwan Park and put it in the trashbox behind the fountain The trashbox behind the fountain Okay If you call the police No, we won’t Okay

Where’s the place? The trashbox behind the fountain in Nanwan Park Okay, Ill tell the police now and ask what should we do next Excuse me, how is it going on? The footage shows that two men brought Xiao away in a balck car The car was now near an abandoned building Okay, we just received a call from the kidnappers and they told us to put the painting in the trashbox behind the fountain in the Nanwan Park Please send some staff there Yes, I will It’s empty They wants Xiao Fangfang’s painting I don’t know where it is Let’s go Stop! Don’t move! Are you all right? I’m okay Okay Can you walk? -Yes. -Okay How is it going? It’s okay here Come back after you get it Hi, I’m here with Li Xinyue How’s it going there? We’ve saved the hostage And she’d soon safely back Another team is there with you You can leave now Is she okay? Okay. Thank you so much You’re welcome I’ve promised to help you Okay, talk to you later

-She’s safe now. -That’s great Let’s go back This is M He’s been caught by the Yunnan Police He’s a cross border drug deal And he’s having a transaction with some domestic dealers Oh, it’s him You know him? He’s involved in that big drug case 20 years ago He later excaped abroad I was a undercover near him So he might be keeping contact with Hu Zhihui Hu Zhihui was just released, and M returned I don’t think it’s a coincidence According to M, this time he’s dealing with a significant domestc dealer That dealer has huge stock M was only one ohf his buyers M didn’t provide more about that dealer This is an important clue We must take advantage of him Yes Feng, Xiaotian has met Hu Zhihui Maybe he can perform this task