What to do when moving to another country – Brazilian in the UK

hiya welcome to my channel i am nani and i am a brazilian living in the uk uh i have been living here for almost two months oh two months no almost two years is going to be two years next month and but me and my husband we left brazil uh for almost three years now it’s going to be three years next month too uh we lived one year in portugal and then we came here to england and since we left brazil uh i don’t always not always but sometimes people ask me uh how do you move to another another country like this is something that i see like in in the internet on the internet uh people that want to do this change in their lives but they don’t know how so how do you start to plan how do you choose the place that you want to go uh where where do you start so i thought about six tips that i think might be helpful uh just one thing that i like to comment here to comment here is that if you are tr if you are moving to another country like because you are being transferred from a job you know you have you you work in a company and that company is trying to transfer you to another country or if you are moving with family or you know something like that that you already have some security uh i don’t think these tips will help you a lot uh maybe maybe some of them but i i i thought about these tips thinking up uh about people that want to start from scratch in another country just like me and my husband did um i think they can be helpful so i hope they will help you okay so let’s start so tip number one uh i think it’s uh it’s the first thing that you have to think about it’s what is your goal in life like what is what is the kind of life that you want to have what is the quality of life that you want to have um where do you imagine yourself living like do you want to live in a big city or a small town or in the countryside or at the beach um you need to think about that like for me i i lived in a big city i am from sao paulo in brazil that is a huge city and i did a video about sao paulo if you want to check on my on my channel um and it’s a great place to visit you know because there’s so so much to do in sao paulo but for me to live is not a very good place because it’s too big um so there’s too much too much too much traffic uh too many people sometimes sometimes it’s too crowded you know and uh sometimes it’s too noisy and i i don’t like that so for me i i know i already knew that i wanted to live in a smaller place like a town a small town but not just a small town i wanted a place that i could have everything that i needed i could have good supermarkets that i could have some restaurants not too much but just some when i when i want to eat something different that i could have a park near my house that i could work near my house you know that i don’t didn’t that i don’t have to travel to uh to go to work so that’s what i wanted and also i wanted a place that that could be near a a bigger town or or a city you know that could have more stuff so when i needed i could go there uh and would be fast you know i wasn’t lose all day or something you know so um i found this here i live in a town near nottingham and it’s perfect for me because i work in the same town that i live i have great supermarkets here i have a beautiful park and it’s near nottingham so when i need i can go there and go back and it’s fast and easy so that’s what i wanted and that’s why i’m happy here so uh that’s why i think this is the first thing that you need to think about uh you think about what do you how do you want to live and search for places that can provide you that kind of life okay topic number two i think it’s important to research about the culture

of the place that you are going especially because it is going to be different from everything that you know and you won’t have so many surprises you know and it’s going to help you like not to um sometimes like not to do something that might be considered rude or something you know so it’s important uh to research about the culture and to go with an open heart you know uh you don’t know why you’re going to what are you going to find there uh in the in this new life you know uh you don’t know how people are like you can hear about how people in that country are but you only know for sure uh after going you know after living with them and working with them so um so it’s important to know some things you know you don’t need to be an expert about that culture but uh some uh if you research just a little bit is i i know that is going to help you uh but you are going to have some surprises because uh always we always have surprises in life yeah don’t i think doesn’t matter how much you research you’re still going to have surprises like for example me um i didn’t know i i mean i i already knew that people here eat a lot of beans i already knew that beings are pride are a part of people’s breakfast i i have seen it online you know but i didn’t know that beings here are sweet in brazil beans are salty and you eat you don’t eat at breakfast you eat only you eat out we eat a lot of beans too uh with rice and only uh uh lunch and dinner you know but never never never at at breakfast you know for me this is two years too weird and but i understand you know understand every country has its ways you know and uh but it was a surprise for me so yeah no it doesn’t matter how much research you’re going to have surprises but uh is not going to be so mind-blowing or so overwhelming if you go prepared you know we’ve already some uh knowledge about the that country culture okay point number three three uh so this is uh i think is a very important thing to do uh after you realize what kind of place do you want to live like in a small town in a city and everything that i told you in topic one uh it’s important to see uh to research like for more specific places uh things about uh how much is the rent how much are the bills how much is the food you know how much people get paid in that area the region you know um also uh if you could have a lot of job offers how how difficult or how easy is going to be to find a job there um like if you want something in an office or something in in your field that you already worked in your in your own country you know how difficult it is to find a job like that or if you are really starting from scratch and you doesn’t matter with what kind of job you do uh you know to to begin um then how easy or not it is to find a job like that so these are very important things because is your life is how you’re going to to be able to live your life there you know so um you need to know uh what kind of job are you willing to do like you want to do operational jobs uh like me i work in a warehouse for me it’s okay you know i doesn’t matter you know but for maybe some people uh they have some uh back issues or they have some physical problem they they cannot do um this kind of job so they need to to look for something else so how easy or not it is to find the job that you want you know uh you need to to look for for that and then i you will be you it’s going to be getting is going to get easier to find uh this specific places that can offer you uh what what are you looking for uh what

kind of cost of life that you that you are willing to to live you know to pay for it i think and uh this kind of stuff so yeah it’s very important and very helpful and you can find these things on the internet and uh that leads us to topic four uh because that’s that’s it uh everywhere you go there’s going to be a cost a cost of living and maybe there will be a while until you find a job depending on what you want depending on the offers that the the place that you are living that you’re going to live have so uh it’s good to go with some safety money you know i don’t know if you can talk like that uh if it’s right to talk like that but that’s the only expression that i could think of so some safety money but because you don’t know how it’s going to be in the beginning you know uh you don’t have any history in that country you don’t have any credit you don’t have anything so uh if you’re going to rent a room or rent a flat or something uh maybe you might have to pay like three months in advance or six months in advance you know because you don’t have any history there that people don’t know if you are reliable you know if if um if you might be able to pay the rent you know so uh that’s why you need to go prepared you know um not only because of that you you also don’t know what is going to happen uh in the way you know all the way you know uh so it’s always good to come with some safe goal with some safety money just just in case you know you might not need it but you might need you know you never know so that’s uh tip number four okay tip number five um this is more like an opinion i think uh but it’s a great tip uh that’s um something that people told me my husband told me actually uh when before we left brazil and the first change it wasn’t so easy but in the second change like from brazil to portugal it wasn’t so easy but from portugal to here it was much more easier i was already more experienced in moving countries you know moving to another country so yeah it’s very helpful if you can let things go like um if you’re not attached to your things like uh you don’t need to put all your all your life in a lot of luggages you know uh to go to another country uh just uh pack what you really need to start like some t-shirts some uh two or three maybe trousers you know uh if three you know uh some pajamas things that you really need you don’t need to carry everything with you why do i say that because you don’t know how it’s going to be when you get there you especially if you’re going alone like can you imagine if you have like three big luggages and you are in the you get in the country that you wanted you got there and you are in the how do you say in the airport and you don’t have no one to help you carry all those every all those luggages you know and and then you you need to find a cab or the bus or everything or anything that you that you need to go to the hotel because first i think you’re going to a hotel or a hostel or something you don’t you don’t you won’t have anybody to help you you know so uh that’s one thing the second thing is you don’t know how much space you’re going to have in the beginning like most people uh when they start their lives they can only rent a room and you don’t know how big the room is going to be so you don’t know how much stuff you can put in there you know so uh don’t worry about leaving things behind you know uh carry just what you need uh everything else you can buy when you life starts you know like here we already have

okay a lot of things here i brought from brazil but after we are we were already here you know when the the last holiday that we went to brazil i i took some more stuff there um from my mom’s house but uh the thing is i already live here i was already living here for a year you know and um that’s that that’s the thing you don’t need everything in the beginning you can’t get the things later you know and you can’t buy more stuff so uh if you are moving to another country and on that country is going to be winter when you get there so you don’t need to worry about packing um summer clothes you know because when when it gets to summer like when the weather starts to get better uh you probably already be work will already be working hard to say the sentence and um you have money to buy new clothes you know so don’t worry really don’t worry carry just what you need that’s it okay point number six um is the last one and it’s a very important one that is going to help you a lot really you need to research about all the documents that you need uh to live in that other country um like for for us uh my husband he has um european citizenship so uh but that’s not enough you know because when we lived in portugal uh there was some stuff that he needed to do to um to to prove that he was living in portugal same thing here you know and me as his wife uh i needed a visa i needed a lot of stuff that i needed to you know um when we move here uh the same thing i i first i i need i needed just to come here i needed to do the family family permit yeah family permit visa that allowed me to stay six months after that after i got here i did i had to do the family member visa that allowed me to be to live here uh for five years and after the brexit me and my husband had to do the pre-settlement scheme resettlement because we are living here for less than five years after five years we can apply for the settlement scheme that allowed us to just to live here forever i think maybe and that’s not only the visas uh you need to to see how you do um insurance number for example because without insurance number you cannot work so what do you need to do what do you need to do to open a bank account what do you need to do if you if you need a doctor you know uh everything you need to know how does it work in the country that you’re going and there’s a list for us uh we could find all these informations online uh one thing that helped a lot was uh youtube channels uh from of brazilians that were leaving portugal and living in the uk um facebook groups we have a lot of uh brazilian group facebook groups uh of brazilians living here leaving portugal living here you know and it’s really helpful because uh you have people that already pass through all of this and they can uh tell you how was it for them how was the their experience what happened what what what went wrong uh and what didn’t you know um how to do the steps so it’s really helpful uh that’s something that um i’m very grateful for uh for internet for yeah for internet uh because we could find everything there and it was really really helpful for us we could do everything alone and that’s maybe another tip uh maybe seven tips then um but is about that uh because sometimes you will find people that is going to offer to do those things to you like to go and solve all these documents to you if you pay them and i don’t think that’s a very good thing because most of the most of the the things that you have to do most of the documents that you have to sort out uh are easy

to do you know and most of them at least here doesn’t cost anything you know so uh if you have all the information online you don’t need to pay someone to do it for you you know so there there are always people that are trying to take advantage of people that are still lost with everything you know so just be careful okay and i think that’s it i think that’s uh everything that i wanted to share i hope that these tips were helpful for you and if you have any more questions if you have any questions about living here about living in portugal about moving into another country anything uh you can ask me here below in the comments or if you want to send me a message or something on my instagram you are very welcome to do this and that’s it i hope you enjoyed this video and thank you so much for watching and i see you next sunday okay bye