Tomb Raider walkthrough With Loony part 7 -PLANE CRASH!

funny thing turns out I didn’t have to [ __ ] leave cuz God it was gonna cut my hair is not there so now I got delayed so guess what i’ma do plus more this game [ __ ] we was doing I redid that campfires call his goddamn bridge let’s cross this bridge look huh hold on yeah no no oh my god he shuns kill me he’s gonna kill me yeah oh my god he hit that [ __ ] rock he’s he’s still there he’s a lot are you guys let it be cool how many there’s a lot well I can’t be sneaky about this [ __ ] oh god that dude was too fast what the [ __ ] i’m aiming it all right back up buddy Jesus you guys are being [ __ ] the one guy and get all day don’t have all day come on come on I go hold this down forever I is johnny jump down ok you want to get some of this good [ __ ] let’s go you suck any dead bodies that ID do neither apparently this one all right who’s who’s left oh [ __ ] oh [ __ ] these [ __ ] I missed that it’s all good are you gonna jump down here you’re gonna jump now let the tape [ __ ] take pissed oh god what happened buddy that’s what happens how jump up here yep she’s getting too close man no come on don’t look at this all right where are you as I was it oh oh [ __ ] you guys are up there I i think i’ve seen some girls up there yep ouch um and dad well someone playing at two parks on violence it claimed a ballot just because of due to pop up that all alert all of claim that i’m bout it just cuz I’m refuse to be silent Chris had bits but I tried it oh it may ask you good at so you guys better know about to party huh that’s a guess on the session oh shiz more [ __ ] who the hell he doing [ __ ] there’s a guy right there is a guy right I missed a headshot you suck imma kill his head you don’t run over here it’s good ha like I can’t get dick I’m trying I’m worried about the other girl up there put your hair back out ok you know what buddy you know what buddy I got real oh my god chicken [ __ ] oh [ __ ] [ __ ] us up in here goddamn thing get up there little chrome all right buddy I’m getting close to you you want to give up i’ll let you give up where you go well that’s some [ __ ] go ah but since I don’t see all the more trying to get some of this [ __ ] ok he would what the help oh my god i want to dive don’t during his face there you go yeah you did oh god that guy was tough to beat the [ __ ] out you know what to do with that [ __ ] but I pause it real fast when I open those journals are you not gonna be reading goddamn thing else a good ass jump holy [ __ ] you jump on what’s up there another damn thing yeah Tyga headshot so do not work out to my no no no no no no no no no no no hey man stop shooting me oh [ __ ] whoa name of this [ __ ] oh he’s okay get down these muhfuckas got my number he don’t hey I got it there he is he missed come on man bring [ __ ] ass that go get you

get you get you come on come on oh [ __ ] i’m not gonna hit this guy [ __ ] sucking right now come on boy get all day there you go I’m that [ __ ] all right wait [ __ ] Errol’s lawyer who else is over here Elias guy to see this guy oh [ __ ] all right give me this [ __ ] what the [ __ ] is going on now Bigfoot coming out this [ __ ] all right uh [ __ ] I’m gonna deal with this guy if I can’t we’ve got a shield and uh liked it so are you as a pushover she’ll [ __ ] disintegrated [ __ ] oh my god oh you get hit with a rock in the face are you still with I might use this machine go more [ __ ] I’d [ __ ] that guy a real quick he know what’s going on that sumbitch sumbitch man when I get to play this game do better be back man cuz I got [ __ ] to do got [ __ ] to do it got band practice on [ __ ] he did to [ __ ] last time I was super late whoo I’m probably need them it’s something I’ll here to need to [ __ ] be a let on fire or or maybe I’m just crazy what the [ __ ] is over there uh yeah burping a lot goddamn tea so here that’s where it was like a locker or some [ __ ] over here oh yes right here I have some good ass tea I could drink tea all day all day no problem cuz it’s delicious it’s delicious can’t do my Eddie Murphy impersonation no more what’s wrong with me whoa it’s [ __ ] salvaged well how to [ __ ] i get so much salvage holy [ __ ] wish I need to go just off the beam path yes it is whoo whoo some kind of soldiers identity japanese dog tag may use these in World War two just don’t look World War two ERA but then again I could be wrong with [ __ ] and there’s a dash nothing he and I that’s a flag but I don’t think me the bird or more [ __ ] anything I’m tired I wanna get they ass smacked up anybody anybody knew kemp discovered what a [ __ ] camp it I was right here anything I’m going crazy but he’s damn secrets there’s some [ __ ] right there lay that she won’t talk you’re on top Laura guess not alright [ __ ] that we go upgrade this [ __ ] and no skill tiralano can I use her club next dude that’s what I like right there that’s that she had leg cuz I compete people ass instead of just shoving back um don’t I got this reduce recoil whatever and I don’t really care about that [ __ ] all right reduce recoil and before I go down and be [ __ ] like my little torchy towards on fire fire I’ll get this salvage salvage I can’t jump way out of foot oh can I get to it yeah jump down again your [ __ ] [ __ ] you’re damn right like upgrade my [ __ ] I admit it so far I’m getting don’t diss gained quite a quick all right come on man you clam ever fast as hell holy [ __ ]

you’re a [ __ ] pro man we’re gonna go over here look at that site look at that the mountains anyway yeah it’s Hannity look clammy clam yeah here goes nothing hey guys one in one step one step two step three step all right I got it all right it’s all coming together now it’s like riding a bicycle you know it’s not that hard just keep on going one hand over the other hand over hand and foot over forgot so good you know I could have died but I did so um [ __ ] that and I’m let’s keep going you got my pistol on my waist and I’m one hand two hands three hands there go my butt look at my butt gotta keep bombing here we go oh [ __ ] [ __ ] crows this is [ __ ] kind of high this is high i’m not really scared I um no no only what picture all god I’m scared I don’t really care I’m now it’s getting really [ __ ] it’s up the darkness the darkness is scary I hate pitch blackness cuz I think of something jump out and grab me and take me to hell as and [ __ ] yeah you climbed that we still got a clamor apparently that I held everyone work half the letter broke off well I Lori you pretty smart girl you’re figuring out like right now let’s see what you’re gonna do all right yeah that’s what you’re gonna say I wouldn’t like what the hill oh god I would feel this I would feel all the way back down that would have been into this story but Laura’s now Laura she’s a person Bureau she does survivor like that destiny’s child song I’m not singing that [ __ ] oh boy is my pistol unloaded glass on a slide okay the tower should boost the signal from the transmitter all right find the emergency Channel and get a clear signal on your radio before you broadcast the SOS hey we got everything crossed for you down here LC thank you all right we got a tone in Tokyo where is it at this it all right let Stiliyan Tokyo little now and we’re in Japan but that’s not a fun situation oh there it is Mayday Mayday this is lara croft of the endurance we are stranded on an island in the dragon’s triangle we need help a medical supplies please respond Mayday Mayday this is lara croft of the Endurance’s aircraft Nautilus 177 alpha searching for you since the discretion we’re good i gotta leave his game you’re sure my possession we could sure use a visual you’re going home i’ll be heading your way soon how you gonna get down hey ray exactly this practice mile we’re getting off this [ __ ] Albert we’re leaving [ __ ] this on fire flames I can do that if you did all this you could do any damn thing down here except fly like Superman cuz that’s impossible unless you baby it’s not maybe somebody just gotta do it man hell did you get down Amy show that I want to know how you got back down when the [ __ ] was breaking off now just don’t look sleep hi mom how am I humble tehama slow down hey y’all slow down i would [ __ ] just crashed to the ground well she did it that’s one way to get down alright so Pray Love You God it’s a filled tank right here I think we gotta do something with Patil the feel fuel tanks yeah right that’s what I told you yeah need to reload my gun it’s like unloaded need to find a way tonight is

few like the slide was back whatever i’m [ __ ] crazy so we need to find some type of fire source maybe isn’t here that guy’s messed up whoa what’s this striker whoo now we only fired the torches know where we could just do it like like this just hold X you can do it not take it out 11 do it again there’s something any I know it is don’t sit there and take me some flip phone flip I know there’s a journal when you’re somewhere I’ve no I’m not crazy okay i think i’m curvy oh i thought there was a [ __ ] journal well we know win Rome oh no I’m saying that cuz there’s no reason to say that all right that’s what we like this [ __ ] how about stand back just stay right into flames yeah we get out of your blood Oh bad we go to [ __ ] and leave oh no that is terrible her life just turned or what wait a minute [ __ ] that’s coming right for get my life force eater all or eat run oh god oh my god oh [ __ ] this bad it’s bad oh god I don’t know I’m going just tired behind me and tell us what him in oh oh I’m still falling it’s terrible it’s I’m scared oh god I cannot back now dodge this ya wove here ok [ __ ] Jesus we made it no he didn’t you need to move you need to yeah well oh my god this is intense oh man well cough you were super [ __ ] super is you cannot die there’s no ways my kid because that would have killed anybody whoo the [ __ ] the pilot I have to get to him let’s get to that [ __ ] hey that was [ __ ] crazy uh trapeze oh la imma jump this gap who does good its class right oh [ __ ] wait a minute [ __ ] is going down oh we need to run huh thought was over with ain’t over wit dish it still happening cuz yeah yeah run you don’t run you go oh god I’m gonna die yeah that make jump oh god I miss oh [ __ ] boom oh no I’m grunting help me jump or [ __ ] up the Joey Lynn Hey look Laura cannot die go away cabinet oh wait wait no more come over a strong bond yeah oh yeah dynamite what you got boy which you get boy come on let’s go yeah we’re ready for me look at you got took out like a chump what you had on you may give you a your pockets man we go more box [ __ ] and there should be some civ Alva JH over here somewhere I think it’s up here I gotta do some climbing climbs did it did you random aureole teen [ __ ] you’re doing gonna krakow on man that plane we should have beat my ass but it didn’t cuz you know what cuz I’m OG and yellow gnome up bad about me read a little lame verse right there oh man named and everybody today forty salvage orejas odds can I climb up some more know if I can or will get the [ __ ] out of here man that pally

got f’d over me I’m sorry dude uh okay do some jumps this just gonna collapse King belugas flower 10 XP his campsite cliffside vista anything secret over here I’m genre what’s over here ah what the hell happened this storm it came out of nowhere these clouds they just surrounded the plane Lana listen I shall the crash from here so you must be close to my position just get back here safe all right on my way all right is she gonna say something for us I can’t get it out of my head a storm that came out of nowhere out of a clear sky and brought down a plane it’s not rational you know it’s not rational Lara there must be some explanation I I just don’t know what it is yet well that’s it all with you guys like what you’ve seen you know what to do right leave a like comment and subscribe that’d be cool as hot sauce and if you guys subscribe i will give you this said hot sauce so I know you guys looking forward today yeah so see you cool cats later