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[somber music] Subtitles by explosiveskull [siren wailing] [people applauding] [Jovana] “Resfeber. Swedish The restless race of the traveler’s heart before the journey begins, when anxiety and anticipation are entangled As I packed my bags, my resfeber surged at full-throttle, elevating the smallest decisions into epoch-making significance The choice between sneakers or flats was lent gravity usually reserved for matters of national security.” [lively music] [footsteps thudding] [mopeds humming] [boat rumbling] [music fades] [elevator music] [man] Just catch some good sleep. I won’t sleep tonight, I’m too nervous – [man] That’s just resfeber . – It’s what? [man] Resfeber, a Swedish word. It’s when you’re about to travel, and you’re anxious, but excited about the journey ahead. – Oh, nice to know I’m not alone – [desk attendant] Enjoy your stay – Thank you – [desk attendant] You’re welcome [typing] [footsteps receding] Sorry Buonasera, madam, welcome to the Ramada Venice Hello, I have a reservation for three nights, under the name of Jovana Fey, with a J Thank you [typing] Madam I’m afraid your booking was canceled That’s not possible Is your manager here? That’s me Perhaps you need to make a call? [cellphone ringing] [sighs] [book thuds] This is Alec Alec, it’s Jovana, um, I just went to check in at the Ramada Venice, and the reservation was canceled Do you know what’s happening? – Amber! – [Amber] What? Tell me you rang Jovana Fey I told you I called her and I left a message [Alec] She says she called and left you a message Um, that’s impossible, I don’t use message bank She says she doesn’t use message bank Jovana is the Bengali refugee, right? No, Amber, that’s Yolotzyn [sighs] I should have called you myself And I’ve been so busy packing that I forgot to chase you up Packing? Alec, you’re scaring me, what was the message? Jovana, I’ve gone bankrupt – What? – [sighs] When we agreed to publish your book we were already on thin ice, but were hoping the tides would turn, but it never happened, we’re finished, I’m sorry

Alec, my novel was released yesterday I’ve just arrived in Venice I have a three week tour ahead to publicize this damn thing across Europe, and you’re telling me this now? [Alec typing] What are you doing? Are you typing? – Speak to me! – I’m sending you an email All rights to Don’t Read This On A Plane have reverted to you, effective immediately The book stores at which you’ll be speaking have already bought and received their copies It’s your decision whether to reprint, whether through a vanity press, or different publisher, or online All your hotel bookings have been canceled, because they were payable upon check-in But we did pre-purchase your flights, so you can still do the tour if you like You’ll just need to pay for your own taxis, food, accommodation, promotion, insurance, communications, and miscellaneous expenses Oh, the Greeks did insist on upfront payment for your driver Uh, nothing like a collapsed economy to spark a bit of entrepreneurial spirit Alec, I don’t have a cent to my name, what use is a bunch of flights? What about your husband? Doesn’t he work on an oil rig? Those guys bring home the bacon! He took a pay cut to keep his job He can barely afford his share of rent Jovana, I apologize profusely Maybe this is for the best. Hm? I am stranded and penniless, Alec So, how could this possibly be for the best? [rock music] [can clattering] [indistinct chatter] [speaking in Wolof] – Name? – Jovana Fey With a J [muffled music] [door creaking] [boys laughing] [boys laughing] [indistinct chatter] – It is possible – No, it’s not – No, it is – No, no, no, it’s impossible If we don’t know what dark matter is, how can we picture it? [Xavier] Okay, think about it like this Think of a man blind from birth, right? He knows that he’s blind, but he has no concept of what sight actually is Is it like hearing, taste, touch, balance, or temperature? Right? Then one day, he undergoes a revolutionary form of optical surgery They take off the bandages, and just like that, he can see the world And sight; the perception of shapes, colors, patterns, and textures, is like nothing he could have ever imagined That is how dark matter will be to us We know that it’s everywhere, we can detect its gravitational effects, yet, we can’t observe it, and one day, in the near future, we’ll unlock its mystery And then we’ll be like the blind man who can finally see [Petra] Or it’s a parallel reality, a civilization more evolved than us And they’re watching us masturbate [laughing] Excuse me, have you finished with the jam? – All yours – Thanks Are you enjoying Comfy Bed Hostel? Uh, my back has had better days, – but I hope they’ve spiked the jam with aspirin – [chuckles] [Xavier] Yeah, last time I was moafing I slept on a yoga mat on the floor, that was more comfy than here Moafing? Moaf, M-O-A-F, it means “Mattress On A Floor,” it’s a network of travelers who’ll let you crash for free Sometimes you get a couch, sometimes a hammock Sometimes even a bed! [Jovana chuckles] [mellow music] [music abruptly stops]

[upbeat music] [luggage wheels rattling] – Ciao, Jovana – Oh, ciao, Adamo! – [kissing] – [Jovana chuckles] – Lovely to meet you, finally – Oh, likewise How was the hotel? Hmm You stayed at the Ramada if I recall? Yes! Living the dream Come on, let’s go Oh, leave it there [playful music] [Jovana reading] “Breeding with the faraway tribe brings healthier offspring, she knows subconsciously My low-cut top seals the deal We barely shout a word before our mouths lock, grinding thigh to crotch I take her hand, lead her through a gyrating throng Past security Past double-stacked beer barrels and broken blue milk crates.” [tourist] You need to turn left at Calle Lunga! You’ve crossed the wrong bridge! You need to turn left – Shh! – Sorry! Hey, I’ve got to go Figure it out “Grass wet with midnight dew, her breath mist shines yellow in the highway lamps The playground’s primary colored pirate ship glows in a starry vodka haze ‘My finger is wet.’ She half protests As I take a breather from licking an 18 year old girl’s ass and pussy in a dimly-lit quadrangle, I glance down, and notice the freshly-chalked squares of a hopscotch court.” Grazie. [melancholy music] [water lapping] [machine whirring] [phone chiming] [doorbell ringing] And with a straight face, the guide said, “For your information Madam,” “…I hear that ten times a day.” – [Luc laughing] – Wow, people need some fresh impressionism jokes [speaking Italian] There’s plenty of food in the fridge – Buona notte. [laughs] – Make yourselves at home Buona notte. Buona notte. Thank you so much for having me! [Luc] Don’t mention it [Luc and Desi speaking Italian] [jazzy music] [cellphone ringing] – Oui, allo?Hi, Jovana. It’s Ksenia from the Beehive Bookstore, calling from Oradea, Romania. Do you have a moment to talk? Uh, yeah, sure, hi Oh, I just realized I didn’t check the time there.Is it late? – Um, it’s midnight here in Venice Venice Beach, California, right? – Italy – Oh, my God, I’m so sorry! For some reason I thought you were in L.A. I’ll call you another time. No, it’s okay, I was still awake Okay, I’ll keep it brief. I wanted to confirm your reading at the Beehive Bookstore here in Oradea on the 28th of this month. I’d like to publicize it in advance. Yep, that’s locked in Great, I’ll leave you to sleep then. Um, while I have you, what type of publicity were you thinking?

Some online magazines, but mostly radio if that’s okay? – Sounds good – Excellent. You have a beautiful voice, so that’d be perfect. Oh, you think so? Definitely, it’s mellifluous. You know, “mellifluous” is my all-time favorite English word – But it’s not well-known – I know! I used to love “serendipity,” then strippers started tattooing it on their ankles. [chuckles] That’s true! Another nice word is “petrichor.” Oh, my God, yes. The earthy scent of rain falling on dry soil. Oh, my God, you’re the first person I’ve met to know that Not that we’ve met, but, you know what I mean? Am I really the first? Yes I’m sorry Jovana, I’m keeping you up. Thank you for confirming the reading. If you have any other questions, just call. Perfect Thanks, Ksenia, good night. Ciao! [upbeat jazzy music] [Maria] Django Reinhardt invented hip hop 50 years before it officially happened in the Bronx, but there are no recordings These French jazz guys would improvise on the guitar, violin, the clarinet and then the drummer would break into a solo And then, as legend would have it, they’d take turns improvising rhymes We’d now call that rapping, right? – Sure – Hm-mm But the reason why they never thought to record it, – can you guess? – I don’t know To them they were only joking around Think of that for a second A multi-billion dollar industry, spanning decades, with worldwide reach, could have started fifty years earlier, on the other side of the world, if only one guy pressed the button But they didn’t know it was music “They didn’t know it was music.” Sorry, I’m not being rude, I’m just going to take a note of that Are you a writer or something? Trying to be – Ever published? – Three novels Wow! And you’re hitching through the rough, tough streets of Italy? Yep Honey, let me tell you something It was my dream as a kid to drive a truck All the boys wanted to be footballers, the girls wanted to be ballerinas But when I saw these big shiny beasts driving by my school, I’d fantasize about being behind the wheel, the road ahead, and ten tonnes behind me And look at me now, I’m living the dream [chuckles] You really are You’re goddamn right I am So, let’s have some jazz baby Whoo! [music intensifies] [music stops] [Jovana reading] “…windswept and rugged, where a middle-aged Indian man, frostbitten, with crimson cheeks and cracked lips, held a single thread of gnarled string attached to an upturned piano He stared at it in frustration Clearly, the piano was an ineffective kite.” [audience laughing] “The credits rolled as I cracked up laughing, the others clapping in perplexed politeness The Q&A was awkward

As Esme stood blinded in the spotlight, I stared at her knee-high boots and the cheeky hint of thigh they revealed I raised my hand ‘What was your inspiration?’ I asked ‘Good question, ‘ she lied I recognized that look The prolonged eye contact, dilated pupils; I knew I’d soon gaze upon them somewhere more comfortable, her flat mate watching T.V in the next room, superheroes shaking walls with subwoofers, conveniently disguising the ebbs and flows of two girls making getting-to-know-you sounds amongst ruffled sheets, the rough threads of exposed mattress, and the sickly-sweet cocktail of girl sweat and insufficient air conditioning The ineffective kite was one effective lure.” [audience applauding] Thank you so much Jovana, does anyone have any questions? Yes? – [crunching] – Hmm Thank you so much, Jovana You’re welcome. [chuckles] The girl with the red headband asked me to give you this Are you off to your hotel now? Yes, the Ramada There is a Ramada in Porto? Uh-huh, it’s new [upbeat funky music] ♪ My heart ♪ ♪ Oh, sweet, is there forever ♪ ♪ It thrills ♪ ♪ With love for thee alone ♪ – [bag thud] – [knocking] [Irina] …A lot of people are religious, sure, but nobody cares if you’re not But if you confessed in Eastern Sighisoara that you don’t believe in God, oh, it’s like saying you don’t believe in gravity or something [cellphone ringing] Oh, sorry, do you mind if I take this? – Of course – No, sure, take it – Alec? – Jovana, look, there’s something you should know In today’s Luxembourg Daily News, there was an article about a woman reading your book on a Luxair flight Um, she was questioned by security when she touched down Yeah, and then what? Well, nothing, it turned out to be just a book, so they let her go But I thought it was great publicity for you Thanks for letting me know, but I doubt the Luxembourg press will raise its profile much Which language was it in? Uh, what language, Amber, what language was that article in? Luxembourgish Luxembourgish [Jovana] Right Per capita Luxembourgians are the second richest people in the world, second only to Qatar I dare say they can afford your book, Jovana That’s not the issue, a book is hardly a Rolex Granted, but expense is less of a barrier than ignorance, or dare I say, apathy This is publicity, this is a good start! Anyway, I’ve got to run Oh, okay, ciao for now, Jovana Ciao. [birds chirping] [indistinct chatter] [vacuum whirring] Thanking you, I’ll get you to sign here, thanks, mate So, uh, Jovana, you mentioned your husband was an oil rig worker, right? Uh-huh How do you cope with him being away so often? The hardest thing is that the rig is very remote, so there’s no cell phone reception, and only senior staff have internet, so usually we can chat on the satellite phone, but last week their receiver was damaged in a storm, and the repairman only flies in next month So, I’ll have a crackly-sounding husband for a while But otherwise, do you make it work?

Well, all things considered, it’s the best arrangement I could hope for He’s on the rig for 28 days, then home for 28, then away for 28, then home for 28 It’s not for everyone, but for us it’s perfect Every time he returns, we jump each other It’s like he’s been away for a year, and we barely leave the bedroom all day For the next few weeks we eat at cheap restaurants, snuggle up on the couch, buy olives at the market, holding hands like teenagers And before he leaves, there’s always that bitter-sweet sorrow But the weeks go quickly, and soon we’re together again I don’t know any other way to live Honey, I think that could work for us Irina, I agree You need to find work on an oil rig! [laughing] [dial tone] [upbeat music] [seagulls laughing] [machines whirring] [indistinct chatter] [phone ringing] Kitchen Hola, Rafael, it’s Jovana Uh, can I please speak to Theo? Oi, Theo! It’s your lady Bonjour, Baby Doll! Hola, mon amour! Baby, we’re about to dish up, can I call you back in an hour? Um It’s okay, I’m about to sleep, I just wanted to hear your voice Hey, what’s wrong? You sound a little down Um, the bad news is that Alec went out of business But the good news is people are talking about the book in the press [distorted phone reception] Baby, I’m sorry, I can’t hear you, the line’s terrible, this goddamn satellite dish Why the hell can’t they charter a chopper for the repairman? – Cheap bastards, first they cut our pay and now this shit? – [Jovana] Theo, listen The publisher went out of business I am running out of money very quickly and you know we cannot get a credit card after the rent fiasco – [distorted phone reception] – What? Baby, I can’t hear, can I call you back in an hour? I’m sorry I need to sleep anyway, we, we can try again soon – [distorted phone reception] – Wait, what? – I said we – [signal lost] Fuck! Jovana! [eclectic music] [phone ringing] [eclectic music]

[car revving] [music fades] [birds chirping] [smooching] [clears throat] “The longest time I’d spent between meeting, meeting a girl for the first time and eating her pussy was 18 years; I met Katherine at school, but we didn’t get together until we were 30 The shortest time was with Bree, it took seconds We’d chatted online for weeks, and messages turned flirty, then dirty Upon our earliest face-to-face meeting at my doorstep, we were kissing with frenzied passion before she’d laid down her purse [jazzy music] I took her hand, led her into my room, and before a single minute had passed, I lifted her skirt, and plunged my tongue deep inside her dripping, wet cunt.” [music intensifies] [birds chirping] [Theo] What’s up, hungry homies? Theo and ol’ Raphael here busy cooking up the best honey-smoked mackerel in this side of Soho. Leave us a message! [phone beeps] [dial tone] [Ksenia] Oh, hi, Jovana, what a lovely surprise, how are you? I’m well, thanks, Ksenia My flight’s delayed, so I thought I’d just run something by you, do you have a moment? Um, sure! Go ahead. Yeah, uh, about the radio interview, I was, uh, wondering, um, – Yes? – Yes I was wondering, uh, what is the expected audience? Do they want short snappy anecdotes, or deep analysis?

A bit of both, anyone who reads books really. Oh, great, okay Also, I wanted to know, um – [sighs] – Yes? Okay, I confess, I just rang to talk, but that’s socially unacceptable after about age 14, so I said the radio thing [Ksenia chuckles] Oh, silly, you can ring me to talk! Yeah? Really? You don’t think that’s awkward? Not in the slightest, it’s nice actually, I can hear your mellifluous voice. [chuckles] You know, when you said the other day that you liked my voice, I was too shy to return the compliment Sorry, Jovana, I’ve got to deal with something here, Can we chat later? Oh, oh, okay – Enjoy your galivanting. – Galivanting? [chuckles] Why you know all the best words I really must go, bye. Okay, okay, sure, yes, okay [mellow music] [music fades] [Jovana reading] “So for the first time in a year, I stepped inside an actual brick and mortar post office With a door and a queue And a randomly curated assortment of overpriced stuffed toys in red Christmas hats In my early days as an aspiring writer, I’d post something to someone somewhere daily I’d lick a small rectangle covered with sweet adhesive gum, and attach it to a larger white rectangle This ritual went unquestioned A mere two decades later, it seems like something my great grandmother would have done between milking a cow and sewing her own napkins A woman next to me held a large cardboard box She was top-heavy like an improper fraction, with long burgundy hair, and fingernails a shade I’d later learn was called ‘Profondo Rosso.’ Her faint, cheeky smile was familiar yet distant somehow, like viewing a Mona Lisa photocopy from across a smoky room She had a pen I asked if I could borrow it That night we ate Hokkien Mee in Chinatown, and drank 2-for-1 Tsingtao beers in a karaoke bar, the buzz of attraction adding zest to mass-market mouthwash By midnight, we were like circus contortionists, devouring each other on the back seat of her Hello Kitty-upholstered Daihatsu Mira, serenaded by Christmas songs on endless repeat in the Westfield carpark To this day, I can’t smell Calvin Klein Euphoria without Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer dashing through my head.” Danke. [applauding] [Francis] The cabbie rolls down his window and yells, “Oi, knob face! She’s too fucking tall for ya!” [laughing] [speaking German] It’s on me pimps – Danke schön.Danke. [Jovana] You’re not having a beer, Francis? No, I only drink beer in the shower [all] What? Hot water, cold brew. Tight [laughing] So, Jovana, in real life do you Do I? um, drink Tsingtao beer? Or was that just fiction? Are you really asking me about beer? [laughing] [muffled alternative rock music] [Francis] Yeah! ♪ Don’t worry girl you don’t have to wake up ♪ ♪ Don’t worry girl I’ll leave tonight ♪ – [Francis] Like a fucking pimp! – [Jovana] Yeah! [laughing]

Okay, your turn, pick a country Um, let’s see, the Dominican Republic! – Nice, now pick a kitchen utensil – Ah! – Salt shaker! – Perfect! [both laughing] “The Dominican Salt Shaker”! Ah, okay, but how do you do it? Ooh, okay, uh, let’s see Maybe you cum in her ass, then shake dandruff on her face! [both laughing] [Jovana] Your turn, country? [Francis] Um, Bulgaria [Jovana] Kitchen utensil? [Francis] Spatula [Jovana] The Bulgarian Spatula! [both laugh] [Jovana sighs] Ah, thank you so much Francis, for the lift and for taking care of the bill – No problem. [chuckles] – Come on What? What are you doing? – Come on, no! – Shh! – No, what the fuck! – Come on, baby [groans] [suspenseful music] [palm thudding] [tires screeching] [Harry] And that’s the tour Remote controls are over there You seem smart. I’m pretty sure you can work them out – Are you okay? – Yeah, I’m fine If you’re afraid of dogs, I assure you Tom’s less dangerous than a kitchen sponge Eat whatever’s in the fridge, there’s a heap of frozen meals in the freezer, just help yourself – Oh, no I wouldn’t – Don’t be silly, I get them delivered and there’s always too many, so I end up giving half to the homeless There’s a well-stacked book shelf upstairs Feel free to open a bottle of wine, maybe except the Marius Symphony, a gift from my dear friend Roger That’s about it, I’ve got to run Uh, I’ll probably be back in the wee hours, so, make yourself at home, and call me if there’s a problem – Thank you! – Tschüssy! [mellow music] [announcer] Up next we’ll chat to pop superstar Kiki about her debut novel A Star Shines Bright, which has already sold one million copies. Here’s a sneak peak. ♪ Every day and night ♪ ♪ I’m longing to call your name ♪ ♪ Oh, oh ♪ I believe destiny is where you end up if you follow your heart. ♪ You’re a thousand miles away ♪ ♪ But I feel the flame, oh, oh ♪ So dream big and see where the universe takes you. ♪ Every day and night ♪ ♪ I’m longing to call your name ♪ ♪ Oh, oh ♪ ♪ You’re a thousand miles away ♪ Morgen, Jovana – How did you sleep? – Oh, like a baby And Tommy kept me company again Funny you say that, Jovana You’ve been the perfect guest these past few days, so, how would you feel about staying longer? Staying longer? I’m flying to Reykjavik for three months tomorrow Tommy doesn’t like many people, but he’s really taken to you [Jovana sighs] I was planning to drop him off at the doggy hotel, but if you like, I could pay you to dog sit What do you say? Here? For three months? Correct And you’ll pay me? Well, it won’t pay much, but enough to cover your rent in Paris So you’ll break even at least [chuckles] That’s a very generous offer, Harry [muffled soft music] But I have to catch a flight to Budapest today [mellow music] ♪ Lost in your illusion ♪ ♪ Fade away every day I follow you ♪ ♪ Enamored in agony ♪ ♪ Lost in your illusion ♪ ♪ Fade away every day I follow you ♪ ♪ You’re burning my effigy ♪ [music fades] [Eva] You’ll be our grand finale, so you’re welcome to have a coffee in the green room, or listen on the preceding presentations But I warn you, they might sound a tad bookish And some are in Hungarian

It’s okay, I’ll listen in, maybe I’ll learn something Okay, great, that way [speaking Hungarian] [speaking Hungarian] The epistemology that informs phenomenological methodology must be either objectivism or constructivism Epistemology studies the nature, creation – and dissemination of knowledge – [applauding] [Jovana] Köszönöm. Before we get started, I have to confess what I was doing during the last presentation I was looking up a few words from the topic, namely “auto-ethnography,” “constructivism,” “epistemology,” “hermeneutic” and “phenomenology.” [laughing] Either Hungarians are really smart, or I’m the victim of a hidden camera prank [laughing] [Jovana] But then the taxi driver sticks his head out the window, and yells, “Oi, knob face! She’s too fucking tall for ya!” Yeah, right, it’s that type of absurdism you’d expect from Murakami Though with fewer talking cats [all laugh] [speaking Hungarian] If you don’t have Forint you can give me 30 Euros [Martin] Right, so, uh, where are we going? Should we hit the Buddha Bar? No, too many wanna-be pornstars How about Tuk Tuk? Do you like cocktails, Jovana? Actually, I, I think I must get back to my hotel – I have a lot to organize before I fly tomorrow – [Eva] No! Yeah, but it’s been great to meet you all, really, and thank you, Eva, stay in touch [smooching] [Lanka] Nice to meet you [Jovana] Yeah! Have fun! [cars humming] [traffic humming] [jazzy music playing] [luggage wheels rattling] [somber music] [insects chirping] [car honking] [muffled techno music] – [Jovana] Allo – [man] Allo – [Jovana groans] Thanks so much – Hello [Razvan] Third book published You’re generating great

publicity through a genius marketing strategy. And you’re on an international tour, which will take you here to beautiful Oradea. It all sounds very exciting. Can you describe for us your typical day on the road? [Jovana] It’s every writer’s dream, Razvan Each morning I eat black caviar for breakfast, bathe in sparkling Perrier, and have my personal sculptor carve dolphins from a cube of Greenlandic ice. [chuckles] [sneezing] [chill music] [Jovana] No, it’s true! I don’t even know what you look like! [Ksenia] Does that matter? [Jovana chuckles] That’s uneven! You know what I look like, because I’m on the back of the book, but I googled you, and there’s a million women with your name. [Ksenia] It’s a common name But why would you care how I look anyway? [Jovana] What, are you some kind of monster? [Ksenia laughs] [Jovana] It doesn’t matter, I’m really looking forward to meeting you, even if you do look like Shrek! [Ksenia laughs] [music fades] [engine starting] And then he said, “Where is my fish?” [laughing] [phone ringing] – Kitchen – Hola, mon amour. Aww, Baby Cakes! How are you? Theo! I need your help! I need money! – [distorted phone reception] – Oh, no This phone’s still a piece of shit, what? Wha… How’s the tour? Alec went bankrupt I’ve been trying to tell you but the phone, the phone keeps cutting out I have been hitchhiking everywhere stranger’s mattresses Baby, did you, did you say “stranger’s mattresses”? [distorted phone reception] Do we have anything in the bank somehow, somewhere? – [distorted phone reception] – Baby Why can’t they fix this fucking phone, dude? I don’t understand Baby, what? Hello? Jovana? – [phone beeps] – Shit [sighs] Throwing the phone will not fix the problem If I can’t throw the phone, I’ll throw you! How’s that? Throwing me will hurt your shoulder Try this [sighs] – [screams] – [vegetable thuds] Better? A little, thank you [Theo] What’s up, hungry homies? Theo and ol’ Raphael here busy cooking up the best honey-smoked mackerel in this side of Soho. Leave us a message! [beep] Hi, it’s me, it cut out again, like it does every fucking time If you somehow receive this message, can you try to call me back? Bribe your boss to, to use the internet I know we don’t have any savings, but maybe your work can give you an advance or something? Let me know. Okay? Je t’aime. Here is twenty euro It not much You maybe buy little bit food No, I couldn’t possibly Please I have job Take Thank you You are welcome [whistling] [car engine starts] [lively music] [Jovana reading] “Katja and I had a lost weekend in a hotel in Budapest Only a twin room was available, so we pushed two beds together As I felt myself slipping between mattresses, Katja narrated the scene her lover falling down a huge crevasse, necessitating a search party of specially-trained sniffer dogs raised from birth to descend the slippery slopes of crisp white linen Too lazy to do dishes, we ate Crunchy Nut Corn Flakes from cups

Katja went to make coffee, and returned to find me hugging a pillow She stood there, naked, French press in hand, and feigned admonishment ‘I’m gone five minutes, and you’ve already found someone else?’ Sunrise, and she woke me with her tongue between my legs When we finally spoke, I asked, ‘Is that how you always say good morning?’ She replied, ‘Yes, it can be awkward when I bump into friends on the bus.'” [laughing] “Katja found a job as an in-house typographer in an agency in Dublin I said goodbye at the departure lounge clutching an overpriced caramel latte I said, ‘Don’t be a stranger.’ She kissed my hand, winked, and disappeared through customs I went home, watched Dirty Dancing, and ate cereal from a mug.” Efcharistó. [applauding] Thank you, Jovana That was very enjoyable I have many comments, but I will open it to the floor – Anyone have a question, yes? – Yes Hello, Jovana I’m, I’m Elias from the Traveling Book Buff. I’m pretty sure that you’ve heard of my channel before? No? Really? Oh, ha-ha, okay Well, I just have one question for you That’s, um, is your book autobiographical? We are maybe getting a little personal there Jovana? Um, American Psycho got inside the mind of a serial killer, but do you think Bret Easton Ellis actually chopped up women with an axe? Let me just say, I am happily married Well, that’s a very smart way of dodging a question, but I find it very disingenuous to mislead your readers – That’s enough – My followers need to know! Sir! Sir, you’re being disruptive I think you should leave This is censorship, seriously! [speaking in Greek] – I don’t – [speaking Greek] I don’t speak Greek, but I kind of get your point, yeah? [Brad speaking in Greek] [Elias] Um, Jovana, I’m just saying, I’m never going to model for Calvin Klein like Tiny Banderas over here, but I’m going to front my videos, not hide behind a facade [Brad speaking Greek and clapping] [sighs] My apologies, everybody Yes, yes up the back there? ♪ Silence is your enemy ♪ [Elias on video] You could cut the tension with a knife. So the question remains, did Jovana Fey sleep with a hundred women? [Brad] Ooh! Okay, the big ol’ elephant in the room Did I sleep with all those women? [chill music] – Oh, is that the time? I’ve got a friend to meet! – [all laughing] ♪ Silence ♪ ♪ Is your friend ♪ ♪ Silence ♪ ♪ Is your enemy ♪ [door creaking] [Darius] Sorry about the mattress We had an foam one but, uh, the dog pissed on it [thudding] There You have a dog? No I, uh, sorry to pry, but, uh, are you an author? Yes I don’t suppose you wrote a book called, uh, Don’t Read This In The Air? Don’t Read This On A Plane, yes I thought so, I watched a review of it today, so your face is familiar Oh, good to know – [Darius] So, is it true? – Is what true? – [Darius] That you, uh – That I? That you’re, you know, intentionally being controversial to, uh [speaking in Greek] Court publicity [speaking in Greek] to court publicity Is it true? You mean, is it autobiographical? No! I don’t care about the sexy stuff Come on! What year is this? 1955? But apparently, there’s a bit in the book that’s designed to get someone arrested if they read it on a plane [chuckles] That’s just a joke, nobody would take it seriously, surely Whatever helps you sleep at night Anyway, bathroom’s here,

I’ll show you the trick with the tap [cellphone ringing] Oui, allo? Jovana! This is Alec! Have you heard the news? It’s happened again, only this time in The States This could be the big breakthrough! What news? I, I’m sending you the link, have a look Uh, I just woke up, can you read it to me? Oh, okay, okay, okay, okay, so, so, the headline is “Woman Questioned For Reading Book on Plane A woman on a Jet Blue flight from Atlanta to Denver was met by anti-terrorism officials upon disembarking Sources indicate she was reading a book titled Don’t Read This On A Plane by Paris-based novelist Jovana Fey The book contains a,” blah-blah-blah, it goes on to describe the offending passage and says she was released without charge Not much of a story, but fantastic publicity! Cool! Yeah, cool, cool, cool, indeed, yeah! Only I think today’s youth would call it “sick”! And semantics aside, this is what we needed, Jovana What do you mean “we,” Alec? You’re no longer the publisher [mellow music] You’re right I’m just saying, as a friend, you should make the most of it Because this, my dear, is what success feels like This is what you’ve been working for your whole lifetime So, take a look around and, breathe the air and, soak up the moment! [toilet flushing] Thank you Alec, all the best [melancholy music] Hi, um, I’m looking for Nicu – Yeah, tall guy, grey hair – Okay, thanks Jovana, you’ve made it, I’m Nicu Nice to meet you Have a koekje! Oh [Jovana reading] “I met Harriet in a retro bar in Montreal She said she had dental floss stuck in her teeth, but was enjoying the irony She was a petite Australian with a pierced lip, green hair, and a tattoo of a walrus on her left buttock When I asked whether she were a John Lennon fan, she said, ‘Not really, I just reckon walruses are cool.'” [laughing] “She played jokes whenever an opportunity knocked, from burning my lips with weapons-grade ghost peppers, to pretending to be a stranger on public transport before showing inappropriate levels of affection.” [laughing] “Prior to my departure from a recent rendezvous, she scribbled a note in my journal I went to read it, but she said to save it for the air Mid-flight, I opened the page at the bookmark she’d placed Five words, my heart skipped a beat, and I slammed the pages together in a mad panic Regaining my composure, if not my breath, I slowly opened the book for another look, there I saw it…” [page flapping] [audience gasps]

“‘There’s a bomb on board.'” [chuckles] “As I pictured my new life in Guantanamo Bay, I finally understood the walrus tattoo, tamed, they can perform tricks at Seaworld, like the spectacle of a dainty, green-haired, nymph reading Bukowski while sipping bourbon in a windowless Montreal speakeasy But turn your back, and you might find a tusk through your abdomen.” Bedankt. [applauding] [speaking Dutch] Great response there, Jovana I think you really have some serious fans here in Maastricht! Any questions from the audience? – Yes – Hi, Jovana Have you ever had a headbutt? What? [pop music] ♪ Every day and night I am longing ♪ ♪ For your name, oh, oh ♪ ♪ You’re a thousand miles away… ♪ [melancholy music] – [distorted phone reception] – What? Hello, allo, allo, allo, allo, allo, allo, allo. ♪ Baby, say… [sighs] I can’t hear you, what? Okay, and now? – Do you hear me? – Ah! I can hear you! Finally, wow, hi Okay, um, I don’t know if you got my last message, but I have completely run out of money Do, do we have anything in the bank? Some notes stuffed into the mattress even? I’m desperate Baby, I’m sorry, I did get your message, I just I’ve been ashamed to admit that I can’t help you And, Jovana, I need to provide for you better, I know that, and I promise you, baby, I will Okay, I’m going to come through for you When I open my restaurant it’ll be a huge success and I’ll take care of everything Okay, Theo, save your breath, okay, I’m so fucking tired of this shit [sighs] Fuck! [dial tone] [Ksenia] Oh, hello there, calling me again in the wee hours of the morning? I just rang to talk if that’s okay? Yeah, of course it’s okay! Okay, so are you all prepared for my reading? Of course. Though my bookstore isn’t big enough, so we’re moving to another venue. What? That’s great news I have to start charging an appearance fee [chuckles] Well, we’re a small operation but I can probably find a way to reward you. Oh, my God, it sounds rather suggestive I will neither confirm nor deny that intention. But, uh, you don’t know what I look like, remember? I could be hideous. You don’t sound hideous A voice can be deceiving. I once spoke with a publisher’s intern on the phone, she had a beautiful, chirpy voice, and I pictured her wearing a yellow summer dress and a white hair ribbon. When we met, she had dreadlocks and horns. Horns? She had implants under her skin. Yuck! [chuckles] But she spoke like the voiceover girl on a toothpaste commercial, and soon we’d share lemon tea without me even noticing. And then she went home and carved a pentagram into a kitten’s forehead [both laugh] Jovana? Yes? Did you sleep with all those women? If I did, would that make me a slut? Maybe it’s time we admit that everyone’s a bit of a slut. But you’re just a little sluttier. Oh! I’d slap your face if I had longer arms [mellow music] [plane engine]

[music intensifies] Nice to meet you, finally [smooching] So now I know how you look like [Jovana] I gave the jar to my client Frederik, explaining explicitly that it’s to be spread very thinly on toast, with butter But that gets lost in translation when I’m invited over for dinner, and Frederik’s wife brings it out with the barbecue pork [chuckles] She unscrews the jar, scoops a big Vegemite dollop onto her plate, and dabs the meat into it like dirty black mustard I didn’t want her to feel stupid, so I did the same, as did Frederik and the other guests No one was eating this black sludge because they wanted to We were all doing it for the sake of someone else [chuckles] Sorry, I’m waffling No, not at all I think it’s a lovely story It calls for a toast So, here’s for not doing things just to please others [glasses clinking] [chuckles] [elevator thuds] [elevator music] [lively music] [Ksenia] There are not many left Do you want to give them a link to the e-book? Uh, whatever you like Sorry, um, maybe we get an intern to do the reading? There are hungry hoards out there awaiting your wisdom I heard, um, there’s a waterpark with nice jacuzzies and stuff This has been fun [crowd applauding] Multumesc. Thank you so much Chapter 67, “Lorraine I first met Lorraine at the frozen quiche section at the Huntington Supermarket And…” You know what? Let’s get back to Lorraine in a minute, but first I want to say a few words Whenever I do a reading, someone inevitably asks whether Don’t Read This On A Plane is autobiographical, did I sleep with a hundred women? I’ve dodged the question in public, and in private, trying to hold onto the mystique a non-answer generates, because mystique translates into sales And I need to sell books to survive But this whole charade has weighed me down, so I’m going to answer the question Is Don’t Read This On A Plane autobiographical? Yes Absolutely I have indeed slept with a hundred or so women And each one of the encounters in this book happened to me I’ve changed the names and a few details,

but the stories, and feelings, are all based on fact And each one has shaped me And you want to know something else? I’ve been on tour for a few weeks, and during that time, I’ve slept with two more [elevator beeping] [elevator music] [doors thud] [soft music] Actually, make that three [smooching] Okay, four [laughing] My husband Theo and I have been married now for ten years Is he aware of my dalliances? Of course he is In fact, he encourages them, because he wants me to be fulfilled But there is a caveat to this arrangement, he insists that my flings stay purely physical He doesn’t want me to be emotionally involved with any of these women But see, I’m not sure that’s possible It’s natural for me to feel something for every woman I’m with Sometimes I can walk away, enjoy some lingering sensations over breakfast, and then think nothing more of it Other times, I’m swept off my feet, with a rush, like a teenager’s first love Why am I sharing this now? From a marketing perspective it’s self-sabotage, I’ve ruined the mystique You all know the truth End of narrative Maybe I’ve killed my sales But if that’s the price of peace of mind, so be it Anyway, thank you for listening, back to the frozen quiche [crowd applauding] [mellow music] [soft music] [bag thudding] [bag thuds] [cell ringing] Mon amour? Are you back on land? [Theo] Hey, honey! Even better, I’m home. What? Don’t move! [Theo] Hey! Baby Look, I’m so sorry for what happened [birds chirping] [soft music] [music fades]

[Theo] I’m aware that most restaurants fail I am, okay, I, I said to Rafael over there, I said, “I must be fucking crazy to open yet another restaurant right in the heart of Paris.” And he said to me, “Yes, Theo, you are crazy, but knowing you, not even a straight jacket will hold you back You’ll be dicing onions with a knife between your teeth.” – [laughing] – It’s true! Regardless, as of tonight, we’ve officially survived one year in business – [Jovana] Woo! – Thank you And, hey, we must be doing something right, because there has not been a single case of food poisoning! [clapping] I mean, wow Now as many of you know, I imagined this place as a cultural mecca Jazz, readings and recitals Granted it has taken a while to get here, but ladies and gentlemen I’m honored to finally host – Savory Notes #1. – [guests] Woohoo! [laughing] And I’m especially honored to introduce our first artist, my beautiful wife Or as you may know her, Theo’s beautiful wife – [chuckles] – [audience applauding] She’ll read from her story titled, They Didn’t Know it was Music. Over to you baby [smooches] Merci, mon amour. They Didn’t Know it was Music. “Resfeber. Swedish The restless race of the traveler’s heart before the journey begins, when anxiety and anticipation are entangled Chapter one As I packed my bags, my resfeber surged at full-throttle, elevating the smallest decisions into epoch-making significance The choice between sneakers or flats was lent gravity usually reserved for matters of national security, decisions deciding the fate of civilization It was the Cuban missile crisis of comfortable footwear My indecision was crippling I needed a random determinant to unlock my subconscious So I flipped a coin Heads I’d take sneakers Damn it, I wanted flats Like a blind man who could finally see, I could now see what I truly desired The coin was wrong But I had to flip it to find out.” [alternative rock music] ♪ Where’s this going girl ♪ ♪ Are you having fun because I don’t understand ♪ ♪ I’m beginning to think you’re fooling me ♪ ♪ because my feelings mean ♪ ♪ I don’t need to say that for you it’s just a game ♪ ♪ When I don’t want to bait ♪ ♪ You used to kind but now you’re just obscene ♪ ♪ I just want to say ♪ ♪ Don’t worry girl you don’t have to wake up ♪ ♪ Don’t worry girl I leave tonight ♪ ♪ You were a special girl that I used to adore ♪ ♪ And now you’re making me feel down ♪ ♪ Like a rolling stone when it starts to roll ♪ ♪ And you’re nothing but a plonk ♪ ♪ Oh, no, no, no ♪ [mellow music] ♪ Lost in your illusion ♪ ♪ Fade away, every day I follow you ♪ ♪ Enamored in agony ♪ ♪ Lost in your illusion ♪ ♪ Fade away, every day I follow you ♪ ♪ You’re burning my effigy ♪ ♪ Lost in your illusion ♪ ♪ Fade away, every day I follow you ♪

♪ Enamored in agony ♪ ♪ Lost in your illusion ♪ ♪ Fade away, every day I follow you ♪ ♪ You’re burning my effigy ♪ [techno music] [pop music] ♪ Every day and night I’m longing ♪ ♪ To call your name, oh, oh ♪ ♪ You’re a thousand miles away ♪ ♪ But I feel the flame, oh, oh ♪ ♪ Every day and night I’m longing ♪ ♪ To call your name, oh, oh ♪ ♪ You’re a thousand miles away ♪ ♪ But I feel the flame, oh, oh ♪ [music fades] Subtitles by explosiveskull [thuds] [chuckling] [sighs]