hello everyone dr. Kevin Zeta with you welcome to my youtube channel make sure that you like and you subscribe to my channel because we got new things coming out all the time this is an exciting time we live in you’re going to enjoy all the videos because God is moving by a spirit I’m gonna be teaching you how to walk in the spirit I’m gonna talk to you about angels we’re gonna have lots of conferences that are gonna come to you so make sure that you always are ready for what God’s gonna do for you hello everyone dr. Kevin’s a tie with you with worn out school ministry and I’m in a study here with Supernatural finances I’m so excited about what God is saying about our finances you know we need to let God come into our life in every area and one of those areas is supernatural the supernatural realm of finances and so we’re gonna get right into God’s Word here it’s in this first session I’m gonna be talking about how God’s Word is binding that God’s Word is powerful and full of authority and in the first chapter of this of this study I have here that isaiah 55:11 says it is the same with my word i send it out and it always produces fruit it will accomplish all that I wanted to and it will prosper everywhere I sent it so this is the basis of God’s throne this is the basis of God’s character and this is the basis for prosperity because see God prospers and everything he does so it really prosperity really is started at the throne so you know about the king and the kingdom and the Dominion and domain’s things like that those kind of words that’s all talking about how a king who’s in authority when he sits on his throne that is the seat of authority so you have a king who has authority but the seat the throne is the representation of the authority well in Psalms 89 it says that that God’s throne that is established in heaven has layers in the foundation of the throne and one of those is righteousness and one of those is justice and then talks about truth and faithfulness and these kind of things this is how God’s kingdom is established it so based on the foundations of his throne and his word is binding so in the in this discussion and when we get it started here about supernatural finance it’s like what is supernatural finances and the Lord gave me this idea because you know we are first of all supernatural spiritual beings you know we have a spirit we have a soul when we have a body according to 1st Thessalonians chapter 5 verse 23 so you have this amazing thing happening inside of you all the time from the other realm so people don’t realize it you know some people that are just in the world they don’t realize that they’re a spiritual being as well as a physical being and as a psychological being as well so you have all three of you working as one now if you’re redeemed by the blood of the Lamb and you have aborting in experience then then you have the Spirit of God inside of you well then your spirit is awake it’s alive under God but if you do not have the born-again experience if you’re if you’re not following God if you’re in disobedience you’re not going to have the same kind of guidance you’re not going to have the same kind of experience supernaturally that’s somebody that’s a Christian would so let’s just get that straight right off the bat that you are separate from the world if you are born again you’re not really of the world but you’re in the world but because of that God can speak to you if you are a born-again Christian because God is a spirit and so if God is a spirit he can speak to your spirit so it has to do with a communication process that’s spiritual so the supernatural realm is always active it’s always happening God in heaven he’s he’s being worshiped at his throne right now and he’s going about the business of the kingdom Jesus is a head of the heavenly host so that you got all the angel armies you got angels everywhere you got Saints everywhere up there and you got this command center where God is planning all the exciting things that he wants to do for the earth so so in this idea that like what John you know the Apostle John saw he said each of these living beings had six wings and their wings were covered all over their eyes inside and now day after day and night after night they kept saying holy holy holy is the Lord God Almighty the one who was who is and who is to come and that’s in Revelation chapter 4 verse 8 in the New Living Translation so the Lord has a surely established his kingdom but it’s it’s at the throne room where that all happens like where he is giving out commands and so this is where everything originated so when I was there in heaven I saw this I saw that there was a throne I saw that

everything happens and in the throne room and there’s all these these angels and saints there and they’re doing his his heart isn’t Antony that worshiping him so the establishment of God’s Word is very important in Psalms 33 verse 11 in the New Living Translation it says but the Lord’s plans stand firm forever his intentions can never be shaken so it’s very interesting with these the wording here God has plans so you have that number one he has plans then his plans stand firm forever so you so not only is his plans known but then they’re firm so that is because of his authority he’s established forever so his intentions can never be shaken and you need to meditate on these kind of things so if God has intentions toward you if he has plans for you then they can never be shaken in other words it’s more about you receiving than him giving because his intentions cannot be shaken so one of those intentions for him is that he wants you to be in a place where you prosper he wants you to be fit financially as well as physically as well as spiritually so God is all about the whole man so he didn’t make you just a spirit he made you a soul and he made you have a body too as well as so he’s concerned about all those things so we should always remind ourselves that God has a plan and that we must acknowledge that those plans are to be in effect forever so first of all in first first and foremost every time you pray every time you worship anything you do in your life this is very important to always remind yourself that God has a plan that he that he has those plans that are established forever so he’s never going to change he’s always going to enforce his intent so the angels they enforce his heart so whatever it is that his intent is that’s what they do so God is not the one who kind of changes his mind he did he’s already so so full knowledge that he can pre prematurely in our case like he can do it before we were born he can determine what is best and and write that in a book and like in Psalms 139 16 and then and then he could bring you to pass and then help you along the way if you would accept that help so whatever we do in life we have to know that God has already determined what what his intent is and what his his desires for you are so each one of your days was written in a book before one of them came to pass according to Psalms 139 16 so his established his throne remember that and he has determined from his throne what his heart is for you so you have to establish the fact that that he’s very wealthy that he has no needs no once he is complete because he’s God and that whole kingdom of heaven up there is just full prosperity even even there’s gemstones everywhere I saw everybody’s happy everything’s clean and beautiful you would never want to come back to the earth and I I really didn’t want to come back I argued with him and and Here I am I’m sitting here now with you talking and teaching you but it’s because he his desire was for me to come back and tell you these things but you know if I had my way I’d be in heaven right now with Jesus and you would have never known anything about me but because I came back then he told me to tell everybody what I saw and what I heard so that’s what I’m doing here but his throne is established forever so there isn’t gonna be an overthrow of his kingdom because there is no way that anyone can get to his throne and a they are invited so his throne will not ever be shaken the foundation of his throne is righteousness and justice and truth those things cannot be shaken so we need to understand first and foremost that God’s intentions for you are pure and good and he has good plans for you and you need to go ahead and just just stop doubting and stop fearing your future because God has your back and he has your future he’s taking care of you in Jeremiah chapter 1 verse 12 and the amplified version it says for I am alert and active watching over my word to perform it and this is a really good first because not only does God speak his intention then he goes and watches over it and enforces it so when he tells you something when he gives you a word or he sends somebody to you to to encourage you with a word from heaven then he watches over that word and he enforces it and so so did the angels and I saw how the angels are always working to make sure that the word that God

spoke over you comes to pass and remember in in Zephaniah chapter 3 verse 17 it talks about how God he sings songs of deliverance over you because he’s watching over you so God is a like a warrior and he watches over you and he wants to help you but he is going to make sure that his word comes to pass so we need to just be good receivers and cooperate with him so so the idea here is as believers we must release God so that he can accomplish all that he intends for us and we need to receive so remember that nothing is impossible to those who believe so that is in mark 9:23 just remember that God is not limiting you because Jesus said there’s nothing impossible to those who believe and he he just took off the limitations there we just need to relax in the fact that God is for us he’s not against us we need to know that he has plans and purposes for all of us so the Lord is watching over his word which means if he’s spoken over you then he’s watching over you too as well and so and I want to go on here Isaiah 40 verse eight it talks about the grass withers the flower fades but the word of our God stands forever that’s Isaiah chapter 40 verse eight so so even though we see the seasons change and everything changes down here you gotta remind yourself of this verse to meditate on it that that His Word does not fade like that it is continual and we need to start thinking from heavens perspective about who God is and what he means when he says something that he is intending for it to be forever so everything natural fades away but everything that is eternal will never pass away it will endure so so God is wanting to do things for you that are permanent and so I always tell people listen you know when I come and speak somewhere I’m just letting you know that tomorrow morning you’re still going to feel the same power the same anointing and it’s going to continue on for weeks months and years you’ll never be the same you’re not going back and sometimes people there they’re so happy to hear that but they they’re hopeful but it’s hard to understand and hard to believe that because they’ve been through so many times of listening to the Word of God being preached and being in meetings where the power God was really strong and then they walk away and then you know it seems to fade away but see the Lord sent me back he said no it’s not gonna be that way anymore wherever you go you tell people it’s gonna be permanent they’re gonna grow they’re gonna continually walk into what their their destiny is and God is gonna be with them so I announce that every we’re gonna announcing that to you right now that God wants to make it permanent there are things that are permanent and God is permanent God’s Word is permanent and if we’ll just trust him we’ll see the the miracles happen and then even in your finances supernaturally God can turn it around and make it permanent because he’s done that for us and so me and my wife we we participated in that this kind of a thing every day is not just a one-time thing you know God wants to establish you on this earth he wants you to be an ambassador he wants you to represent him on the earth and so I’m excited about what God is doing in your life and how he’s going to work with you and I’ll get into your finances and make them supernatural finances in Malachi 3:6 it says for I am the Lord I do not change so there’s just another versus you can meditate on God is not going to change he is going to establish himself by His Word and then he’s going to stick with it so he changes not I’m going on here in Hebrews if you would turn there Hebrews chapter 13 verse 8 it says Jesus Christ is the same yesterday today and forever so the idea here is that Jesus was pre-existent now you understand that that Jesus was with the father from the beginning so even before the universe’s were formed even before this earth was made Jesus was with the father God in the pre-existent state so he even says as he talks about this in John 17 he was returning back to the Father but he said I want you to show them and share with them the glory that you and me shared before the world’s began you know so you have this concept that Jesus came down in a body and he was in the womb of Mary and then he lived his life out for thirty-three years and then he went back to the Father so because Jesus Christ has never changed he’s always been and he always will be you know we we read the Gospels and we see Jesus as a person on the earth but see he was before we were born he was I am and so that’s the same with everything in your life Jesus is not going to leave you because he has always been he’s not he has nowhere to go because he exists for you

now he purchased you Jesus Christ purchased you and because of that he’s going to work with you forever he doesn’t you know you could you could run away from him and run miles and miles and miles away from him and then when you stop to rest he’s right there in front of you because you can’t get away from him because he doesn’t have the boundaries that you have so God is with you even before time began the Son of God existed and so it’s very important that he was the Lamb that was slain from the foundation of the world and that’s in Revelation chapter 13 verse 8 going on here the Lord is known for proclaiming truth as well so the idea here is that everything he says is truth okay but the God’s throne represents absolute truth because it’s absolute rule so it’s not just truth like we know don’t we talk about well that’s the truth you know I want to know the truth but what about absolute truth in other words there’s no compromise there’s no argument what if whatever God said that that’s it and there’s there’s it wouldn’t be right to argue in any way but see in heaven that’s the way it is it’s it’s not like that on the earth but in heaven it’s whatever God says that’s the way it is nobody argues with God in heaven and so when I was there I felt comfortable because I didn’t have to defend my position because God had created that position for me and who I was as a person is is what God intended for me to be and I was free to be myself now down here it’s almost like you have to defend yourself and you’re constantly defending your position defending what you believe that’s because there’s a war down here but see the idea here is I just wanted you to grass to the fact that there is absolute truth and that we do know things that are sure and we should concentrate on those and you’ll see your life turn around so one of those things is that God wants to help you with your finances but it’s gonna be a supernatural thing you you can’t just go into the world system that is run by the devil and just go in there he’s not gonna let you just go in there and win and and make money and on prosper in any way he is going to resist you why because you’re a Christian and even greater than that it’s because you are a child of God see the inheritance of the father is in heaven but God gave that to us through Jesus Christ so we have an inheritance and we are children of God so in Psalms 89 14 it says righteousness and justice are the foundation of your throne unfailing love and truth walk before you as attendants so anything and everything that the Lord speaks in this realm of truth is binding forever God always means what he says so just remember that and and and you don’t know everything you know but God wants to reveal these things to you buy his spirit so don’t resist the fact that it’s clear in the Bible that God wants us to prosper that he wants to help us in our finances it’s not that it’s the the fact that you don’t you don’t resist God’s intent for you the fact is though that Jesus said you don’t pursue wealth it’s clearly taught that we don’t pursue wealth because it’s a trap so what you do is you do the biblical principles what God has laid out in his word which is his established intent so his word is his intent it’s just and it’s perfect so in that but Bob Paul talked about revelation he talked about how we don’t see everything we need to see or hear everything we need to hear so I just want to mention this a the Apostle Paul wrote in first Corinthians chapter 2 he said I has not seen nor ear heard nor has entered into the heart of man the things which God has prepared for those who love him but God has revealed them to us through his spirit for the spirit searches all things yes the deep things of God and that is in 1st Corinthians chapter 2 verses 9 and 10 so think about this the Spirit is always searching out the truth because he is the spirit truth so he knows the deep things of God the mysteries of God can be revealed did you know that right now like you could yield to the spirit and pray and ask God for help and the Spirit of God would open your eyes and all of a sudden you’re walking in Revelation that you never saw before and all of a sudden you realize what you have been doing wrong and you want to correct it right away well just a minute ago you didn’t see it and so you were just doing things a certain way because that’s just the way that you were taught or you know that you acquired this kind of understanding that was lower-level and all of a sudden you were taken to a higher level because the Spirit of God came in and opened your eyes and opened your ears that’s what Paul’s talking about here the deep things of God we must establish I trust in the Holy Spirit that he is the the person who reveals Jesus to us he reveals the will of God and he reveals the Father’s love to us and God’s God’s love for us is that he wants us

to be without any kind of lack he wants that gone any kind of need God wants to meet all our needs he wants to meet all everything that that we could ever desire if we searched after him if we seek him and walk with him and we don’t we don’t lean on our own understanding but we didn’t acknowledge norway’s he’s going to direct our paths but delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart so what is your desires what is it that you need what is it that you want the Lord is my shepherd I shall not want that doesn’t say I shall not need it says that once and needs are two different things so there are these things in scripture that will reveal God’s heart and intent for us if we will yield to the power and the Spirit of God and allow him to take us into the heavenly realms in Christ Jesus to show us his real intent for us so each one of us must must allow revelation to come into our lives and so the spirit of truth is there willing at any moment when I was with Jesus I saw the Holy Spirit was right there to teach us to help us in every way he always wanted to get over truth to us always God desires that we live our lives successfully on this earth he wants to help us the Holy Spirit is called the helper so he is wanting his kingdom to expand so he desires to be there for you and to establish the authority on the earth that every believer carries because we have the name of Jesus so we’re an ambassador of Jesus Christ in psalm 139:16 is it it’s it just keeps resonating in me I love you with an everlasting love I long ago thought of you and breathed you into your mother’s womb I wrote a book about your days before one of them came to pass you are in my arms and you’re in my plans I will see to it that all my plans for you come to pass if only you will trust in me and I wrote this prophecy out to give to you because it’s it’s it was inspired through Psalms 139 16 and God loves us and so I had that word for you that I just read because God wants to hold you in his arms and he wants you to know that he thought of you and breathed you to knit mothers woman and he’s going to take care of you he’s gonna help you he wants to provide for you okay so getting into this next section I just want to talk to you about how the other realm is unveiled it’s it’s it’s amazing how we think that the Holy Spirit is just the breath of God or some impersonal attribute of God but the Holy Spirit is actually a person that you can sit and talk with and he’s just like Jesus he’s a he’s a he’s very very close to how Jesus is in the spirit realm the Lord is looking at your future right now but see to him it’s his now because he’s not bound by the same boundaries we are so he doesn’t have the problem that we have with distance in time there are no clocks in heaven there there isn’t distance you know it’s very very fast you can do anything very quickly and there’s no time so it doesn’t you don’t age so the father had planned things for you and it seems hard for us to understand these things but to him it was it’s nothing he he doesn’t he doesn’t have any pressure put on him because he is ruler over everything so nothing nothing is going to come against him to the point where it hinders him God has already set everything up so that he has full authority so remember that when you pray that you should ask and believe because God has full authority to take care of things for you so invite him into your finances invite him supernaturally into your finances so that he can do all the things that he has in his heart you know he has good thoughts towards you he has good plans and a good thoughts intentions in the psalmist wrote this in Psalms 139 17 through 18 it says how precious also are your thoughts to me O God how great is the sum of them if I should count them they would be more in number than the sand when I awake I am still with you isn’t that amazing so the Lord is with you he’s he’s waiting to unveil truth to you he wants to be with you every day he wants to help you and and there’s the next idea want to get over to you here is that that the Word of God is truth the Word of God is true so what he speaks he’s actually steering you did you know that that you might not believe right and that because you don’t believe

right your direction might be wrong so you might be heading in the wrong direction so when God speaks his word to you its truth but it’s correct it has a course correction attribute to it so when he says things he’s kind of steering you so you need to be open to the word of the Lord coming to you you need to be open to reading the Bible and allowing God to speak to you to steer you the right way because even though you’re your might be seeking something specific about a job change or about a relationship change or something like that and you’re seeking God’s will for that he might speak a word from the Bible to you and with that ignition of that hitting you you know your answer to what you’re supposed to do about something that you might not be able to find in the Bible like who you’re supposed to marry and those kind of things you know those specific things we are trying to find out what God’s saying about those but what we should do is allow the Holy Spirit to speak a word to us and steer us so God will help you you don’t have to know everything right away in fact did you know that you could be healed by the power of God right now and not even understand healing you might not even have more than two or three scriptures on healing that you can speak off to me right now but that doesn’t matter because see you don’t have to understand God completely in order to know him you just have to make an effort toward him so when you when you seek God and and and do that through his word it’ll pop up at you and it’ll it’ll illuminate you so it’s all about the illumination of the Spirit also remember that when you speak you should be speaking where you’re going you shouldn’t be speaking I don’t worry so that the reason why I’m saying that is because the angels of God are assigned to you they are only to do what God has already said so they already know God’s intention they hearkened unto his voice the scriptures say they do his bidding his desire whatever it is that he wants so when they come to stand by you if you are participating in the supernatural realm by reading the Word of God and praying and then your mouth your confession is what God is saying the truth the word of truth then what happens is the assignment of angels becomes very very powerful they they start to be able to implement God’s will into your life in a powerful way now I know what I’m talking about if you watch what happens if you start watching your words and start speaking where you’re going and you start to say the things that God has said about you by in his word then you are going to start to see things happen in your life supernaturally God is going to start to lead and guide you I’m telling you the truth this is the way it is I would just want to finish with this John 8:31 through 36 it says then Jesus said to the Jews who believed in him if you abide in my word you are my disciples indeed and you shall know the truth and the truth will make you free they answered him we are Abraham’s descendants and we have never been in bondage to anyone how can you say you will be made free jesus answered them said assuredly I say to you whoever commits sin is a slave to sin and a slave does not abide in the house forever but a son abides forever therefore if the son makes you free you shall be free indeed and that is the promise that when the Holy Spirit comes your gonna be set free you’re not a slave you are not a servant anymore you are a son or a daughter of God so I believe that this has encouraged you just I just believe that the fire of God is touching you right now and I just believe that you are gonna have the revelation to continue on so thanks for joining me and stay tuned for the next session hey thanks for joining me I hope you like the the spirit of Lord is really ministering to people these days and he’s using media to do it but just remember that you can also go to my website kevin’s and you can check out all the material that i have there and remember also that i have a warrior net school of ministry that you can check that tab and you can sign up for that so i just want to pray for you because the Spirit of the Lord he’s driving out all fear of your life right now I just want you to know that that the Lord God Almighty he’s a father of love and he’s driving out fear right now so father in the name of Jesus I pray that you would just reveal yourself to everyone watching and I thank you for driving out fear in the name of Jesus amen Hey see you next time you