Noctis Lucis Caelum Full Character Guide | TEKKEN 7 Season 3

Noctis Lucius Caelum Noctis is one of the few guest characters in Tekken 7. Bringing over his qualities from Final Fantasy, he has fairly different fighting attributes than a traditional Tekken character, but not quite as different from them as a 2D character He is generally not considered a very strong character offline due to his lack of offensive capabilities, but online, he is quite infamous for being one of the most obnoxious characters to play against, mainly due to his db1+2 and db2 in Season 2 In Season 3, those two moves were nerfed significantly, while he got buffs for many of his other moves, improving him overall as a character, while toning down on his gimmicks Noctis, despite being a relatively defensive character, excels in his whiff punishment due to his long range moves, and remains one of the easiest characters to pick up due to his low execution and small moveset, making him a fantastic choice for beginners This guide as usual will go in order of punishment, key moves, game plan, and combos, which will be timestamped in the description below For 10 frames, Noctis has his 1, 2 jab strings and its extensions 1, 2 by itself is a double high string that jails On block this is -2, and on hit it is +6, making it quite normal for a jab string The full punish, 1, 2, 2, does more damage However, it comes at the sacrifice of only being +1 on hit, meaning attempting to pressure after completing this string on hit might prove quite difficult On block this is also slightly unsafe at -11 and can also be ducked, so you should only be using this in punishment situations only 1, 2, 1+2 is the other extension out of his jab string This is not a natural combo, but the third hit is a safe and has a lot of push-back on block which is useful to break your opponent’s pressure, and can also be used as a screw move if you jab your opponent out of midair Do note though that it can be interrupted with anything faster than 12 frames like jabs, and can also be stepped extremely easily to the left For his 12 frame punish, Noctis has his b1, 2 This is a high damage double high string that gives a massive +7 on hit, giving you plenty of mix-up options afterwards This move also has surprisingly good range and is also safe on block, but it is extremely linear and the second hit can also be ducked and punished, as this string does not jail Thus this is best used only either as a punish, or as a combo ender in certain situations for wall carry At 14 frames, Noctis has 2 options. Df4, 2 and b3, 1 B3, 1 is a high mid string that knocks the opponent down If your opponent does not do a back-roll after the knockdown, you get a guaranteed f1+2 At -14, this is quite unsafe on block, so this isn’t used outside of punishment situations Df4, 2 is is a mid high string that doesn’t knock the opponent down, but gives huge frame advantage at +8, and is also extremely delayable, and hit-confirmable even to maximum delay This is a good mid poke though do take note that the second hit can be ducked and can also be side-walked to the right This is also a staple move in his wall combos and certain combo situations, due to its extension, df4, 2, 4, being a screw move It also has another mid extension, df4, 2, 2, which is a launcher and sometimes used as a combo ender or as a wall combo Noctis has one of the best 15 frame launchers in his df2 It has massive range, allowing Noctis to be able to punish launch punishable moves that have quite a lot of push-back very reliably At close range this move is quite linear, although it does track a bit better to sidestep left At longer ranges though, it tracks incredibly well to both sides though it can still be side-walked to either direction Due to its fairly surprising evasive properties, it is occasionally used as a panic move, though do beware as it is monstrously negative on block at -20, making it launch punishable by every character on the roster For While Standing punishment, Noctis has his ws4 at 11 frames His ws4 isn’t anything special, at -6 on block and + 5 on hit, it is quite generic It can be used as a safe mid poke, particularly to mix-up with his Full Crouch df2 Noctis has one of the better non launching 13 frame while standing punishes

Ws1 by itself is a safe mid, and the full extension does significantly more damage and forces the opponent to crouch, though it only gives 2 frames of advantage, meaning that if your opponent tries to do an 11 frame while standing move, it will beat out anything you do that is slower than 13 frames, and will trade with his df1 This string is also EXTREMELY delayable, although it is only a natural combo if it’s not delayed unless it connects on counter-hit, in which case it is actually counter-hit confirmable If only the second hit lands as a counterhit, it will knock the opponent down, giving you a guaranteed db1+2 or db2 On block this is -13, so depending on the matchup, this may be something worth keeping in mind, as some characters have good 13 frame punishes, while others may not Noctis’ while standing launcher is his ws2, 2 at 15 frames This move is quite special, in that if only the second hit connects, it will not launch, since it only screws a mid air opponent, and the first hit puts the opponent in a mid air state This means that if you use this move when your opponent has their back to the wall, it will not wallsplat them, since they are technically considered airborne Even if only the second hit lands, it only causes ballerina stun, though it does launch on counterhit, making this a bit more viable to throw out in the open occasionally This string is unfortunately not delayable or at all, so you cannot delay the second hit to potentially bait out a counterhit, or hit-confirm the full string after seeing that the first hit landed This move can be used to dissuade steppers or as a high risk option to mix up from his fully crouched mix-up Df1 is Noctis’ primary mid poke On block this is only -1 and on hit it gives a massive +7, allowing you to continue enforcing pressure This move tracks extremely well to sidestep left and also has an extension, df1, 4, which knocks down and wallsplats to dissuade opponents from pushing buttons after blocking your df1 This is not a natural combo, though it is delayable If the first hit lands as a counterhit, then it will be a natural combo, making this technically counterhit confirmable Beware to not get too trigger happy with this string though, as the second hit is a high, and can also be stepped to the right, so opponents will definitely punish you if they are sharp Db1+2 is Noctis’ infamous ORA! This is a high damage Class 1 launcher, that has massive range and huge combo damage In Season 1 and 2, this used to have ghost tracking at longer ranges, making this move extremely difficult to step at around range 2 and above In Season 3, they have removed this ghost tracking, so now this move is incredibly linear, and can be stepped at practically any range On block this is -16, though it has a lot of pushback, making this quite hard for some characters to get a decent punish on If you do this move at longer ranges though, this move becomes virtually unpunishable, so make sure you space out and use it appropriately at the right range whenever possible Beware not to do this when your opponent is standing with their back to the wall, as it makes this move extremely easy to punish While running 1+2 is Noctis best pressure tool At a massive +11 on block, this is the only real reliable move that can start his momentum On hit this gives a full combo, and while this is slow and linear, this move has ghost tracking at longer ranges, similar to db1+2 in previous seasons, making this move incredibly hard to step at longer ranges One good tip is to space out by back-dashing before doing this move, as it will catch steppers quite well F2 is Noctis’ Warp Strike This move is typically used as a whiff punisher, due to its seemingly infinite range, though do note that it will whiff if you are at max distance from your opponent This is a special mid, meaning that it can be blocked regardless if your opponent is standing or crouch blocking It is also extremely linear and somewhat slow This move is fantastic to whiff punish moves that your opponent throws out when they are far away, or if you want to get close to your opponent to potentially start your up close offence Though do keep in mind that this leaves Noctis at -9, making pressure afterwards quite difficult One popular setup is to do f2 on block into a parry, as this will reverse moves that are 12 frames to 16 frames which is useful against opponents that like to take their turn at any opportunity Ff1+2 is Noctis’ best homing move

It is barely safe on block at -9, and on hit it causes ballerina spin with massive frame advantage at +10 This move also has fairly big range, wallsplats, and launches on counterhit If you also connect on a midair opponent, this will screw them for a float combo Although this move is great, at -9, you basically lose all your momentum, in which case you can use other homing moves like uf4 Uf4 is another one of Noctis’ homing moves Although this move is somewhat slow, it is only -3 on block, giving you a lot more freedom afterwards On hit this knocks the opponent down sideways, giving you a guaranteed db1+2 or db2 Against certain characters, you can even pick up for a full combo with d2, 2 due to their larger hitbox, though this isn’t consistent and only works on a select few characters You can also do this with any other character if you land the uf4 after a sidestep left, or if your opponent has the wall to their right 1+2 is a high mid move and another one of Noctis’ key homing moves This is more often used as a screw moves in certain combo situations, though it can be occasionally thrown out due to the second hit being cancellable, making it completely safe and also quite useful for some mental frame advantage On regular hit, this knocks the opponent down and wallsplats, and launches on counterhit At -14 on block, this is quite unsafe, but if you choose to do 1+2b, this will cancel the second hit and make the first hit completely safe Uf1 is Noctis’ other main counterhit fishing tool aside from ff1+2 At 14 frames, this is quite fast, and at only -4 on block, this is fairly safe, while giving you a massive +8 on hit This move is a high, and can also be stepped to the right, so do take note of that if your opponent likes to step or duck a lot Uf3 is Noctis’ lightning screw Unlike other lightning screws, this is surprisingly not launch punishable at only -13, however it has incredibly poor range and is also quite linear This is quite a useful panic move as its still decently fast at 17 frames, low crushes during its animation, and is considerably safer than his df2 In season 3, this move has also gained the ability to transition to Jump stance by holding up or uf, allowing for you to use this move in many combos now Sidestep 2 is Noctis’ only move out of sidestep It is a mid that on block leaves you at neutral and on hit gives you 5 frames of advantage while forcing the opponent to crouch, making this a pretty decent option and low risk pressure tool On counterhit this knocks the opponent down, giving you a guaranteed db1+2 or db2 Db1 is another one of Noctis’ safe mid pokes At 15 frames it is reasonably fast, and it is perfectly safe, though it can be stepped to the right This move also has an extension, db1, 1+2, that is also safe and is even delayable and somewhat hit-confirmable Though if you delay this fully it will no longer be a natural combo This still can be stepped to the right though, and leaves Noctis quite vulnerable on whiff F1+2 is a long range whiff punisher that is also used in certain setups and wall combos Due to this being so unsafe on block and df2 being a long range punish that nets more reward anyway, this move is rarely used out in the open If you do land this, your opponent can do a backroll to escape If they don’t however, you get another one completely guaranteed F1+4 is Noctis’ only powercrush from standing On hit this knocks the opponent down, giving you a guaranteed f1+2 On block it is slightly unsafe at -13 This is a fairly standard mid powercrush that isn’t anything too special Uf2 is Noctis’ orbital Similar to most orbitals, this will crush lows during its animation Its combo damage is also massive and this also has huge range Where it does differ from other orbitals is it is considerably slower and also more negative on block It is also quite linear, though it does track slightly better to sidestep right Keep in mind that can still be sidewalked in either direction F4, 2 is a somewhat slow double mid string that is quite often used at the wall since it wallsplats The first hit is is safe and gives a massive +8 on hit, and the full extension, while not delayable, is ever so slightly hit confirmable if you are sharp On both normal and counter hit, this will knock the opponent down for okizeme Though on block its slightly unsafe at -11, it is fairly low risk, so you can occasionally throw this out Similar to ff1+2, if this hits on an airborne opponent, it will also screw them for a float combo

Noctis’ Roll dodge can be done by inputting f3+4 This stance does crush highs during its animation, and during Roll Dodge, you can choose to either do nothing and go into standing, hold down afterwards to potentially start his full crouched mix-up, or do moves out of Roll Dodge, from which he has 2 Roll dodge 3+4 is Noctis’ slide On hit this knocks the opponent down guarantees a db1+2, though on block this is incredibly unsafe, making this a very big risk Roll Dodge 1 is Noctis’ wallbounce This is also a powercrush and at -13, this is quite good, especially since the slide option is launch punishable This makes this a great 50/50 option at the wall due to its wallbounce property, and if the wallbounce connects, it will lead to massive damage Season 3 gave Noctis one new move in his fully crouched df1 This is a reasonably fast knockdown mid at 16 frames that also wallsplats and guarantees a f1+2 if your opponent does not backroll to wake up This also tracks very well to sidestep right, though it can still be evaded by a well timed sidewalk to either direction Full Crouch df2 is the only other move out of Noctis’ crouch state This is a fantastic low that gives great frame advantage on hit, stuns on counterhit, allowing you pressure your opponent, and is even a homing move A good setup is to do ws1, 2 right after, since it is uninterruptible and also counterhit confirmable, making this a great setup Due to this being a weapon move, it is not low parriable, though it is -13 on block, making it launch punishable in a select few matchups Noctis has 2 different parries; B1+4, which is a punch parry, and b1+3 or b2+4 B1+4 by itself is a safe mid that on hit gives you 4 frames of advantage, and upon successful parry, knocks the opponent down, giving you a guaranteed db1+2 This will parry any highs or mids that are punches, meaning that kicks, elbows and weapons will not be reversed B2+4 is a more universal parry that will parry any highs and mids that are punches, kicks, and even weapons On successful parry, this will knock the opponent down, giving you an opportunity for okizeme, and at the wall, even lets you do a full wall combo If you don’t reverse anything, Noctis will be quite vulnerable, so do beware about that Noctis’ only command throw is his b1+2 Even though this is a 1+2 break, due to this being his only command throw, it is incredibly easy to break as he has no 1 or 2 throws to mix it up with Overall this is a fairly generic command throw that isn’t really anything special Ff4, unlike the other moves mentioned, is not a move to be used out in the open, and is strictly used as a combo ender only This is Noctis’ highest damage combo ender, and gives amazing okizeme, which will be brought up again in the gameplan section due to the setups it provides Do note that this will only transition into the throw if it connects on a mid air opponent from the front If you are too off axis, it will not do it For lows, Noctis only has a few decent options, though none of them are particularly outstanding, making it hard for him to make a comeback sometimes when the opponent has the life lead Easily Noctis’ most infamous move is his db2 This is a high damage slow knockdown low spear that at 24 frames, can be considered seeable and possible for extremely sharp players to actually block this on reaction Online however, it is a totally different story “That shit is disgusting…” “Ahhh that’s so funny…” This move is also extremely linear and launch punishable on block, so when playing offline against good players, this is an extremely high risk to take On hit, If your opponent tries to get up any way other than techrolling or staying on the ground, you get a guaranteed f1+2 On counter-hit this does a knockdown stun, guaranteeing you another db2, or db1+2 D4, 1, 1+2 is Noctis’ demo man Like with any other demo man, the first hit requires a clean hit for the full string to trip the opponent, with the first hit being a stagger low, and the last hit being launch punishable as well This string is best used at the wall to ensure clean hit and can also be used as a wall combo In Season 3, a blue spark version of this was introduced by doing a perfect input of the third hit, just like Paul’s demo man, which can be done by doing the 1+2 right as the second hit connects This does slightly more damage than the regular demo man which may be useful when that extra damage is needed in a pinch

D2 is one of Noctis’ buffed moves in Season 3 Due to this being a weapon move, this cannot be low parried, and while it doesn’t high crush it leaves Noctis at neutral on hit It is launch punishable, but it does have an extension in d2, 2, which is a counterhit launcher if the opponent tries to punish the first hit Though take note that the second hit is a high, so opponents may choose to instead duck and punish that way Db3 is Noctis best low poke This is fast, high crushes and also has surprisingly good tracking to both sides This a pretty decent way to start his full crouch mix-up, though do note that this is -2 on hit and -13 on block, meaning that some characters can launch punish this move, and it can still be sidewalked to the left if timed very well Db4 is overall a pretty garbage low due to its low damage and lack of high crushing properties What makes this better than db3 is that it is only -12, meaning it cannot be launched by any character if blocked, thus making it a much safer option against those specific matchups Noctis also has generic lows in fully crouch 3 and 4, and while they aren’t amazing, they both do high crush The last key move worth mentioning is Noctis’ Rage Drive This is very similar to his Warp Strike, as it is equally linear and has a similar range and animation, though it is slightly faster, and on block this gives Noctis +2 frames of advantage and does chip damage at the wall On hit this flings the opponent far away, and if the wall is close enough, this will also wallsplat, allowing for follow-ups This isn’t really an amazing Rage Drive due to its linearity and at +2, the frame advantage is quite little compared to some others Thus this is best reserved for whiff punishment or in combos to squeeze out a little extra damage to end rounds Due to Noctis’ lack of offensive pressure tools aside from his while running 1+2 and most of his other moves leaving him in negative frames he really struggles against characters that have good pressure like Hwoarang or Josie Noctis definitely works a lot better when he is given space to breathe, particularly due to his excellent whiff punishment in his df2 and Warp Strike Noctis is also quite linear with most of his moves tracking to only one side or not at all Therefore, ff1+2 and uf4 are key moves in his arsenal to dissuade steppers, with the former being a mid counterhit launcher, and the latter being much less negative on block Noctis has decent compact pokes like his df1, but lacks heavy lows aside from his db2 and Demo Man, both of which are big risks, making it hard for him to start pressure or maintain it, meaning he’s more of a poke and run character Noctis also happens to be a fairly setup heavy character, particularly with his ff4 combo ender and certain knockdown moves These are the following setups: After ff4, if your opponent tries to get up immediately by holding back, tapping up or try to do a getup kick, doing a df2 immediately will catch them for a full combo This only works on male characters though, so on characters with a smaller hitbox like most of the female characters, you may do a f1+2, which will also catch them the same way, albeit much less rewarding If they choose to techroll instead, a good tech catch is to sidewalk for a while, then do a db1+2, which will catch them while they are standing up or if they do a get-up kick after techrolling After a f1+2, b3, 1 and Full Crouch df1, if the opponent does not wake up with a backroll, you get a guaranteed f1+2 Playing Noctis means sometimes taking big risks due to so many of his moves being unsafe He has great damage but lacks good offensive pressure tools or panic moves, and is generally quite linear Thus, Noctis is better as a turtle character most of the time, capitalising on your opponent’s mistakes by whiff punishing or just playing compact with pokes, then backing away to avoid pressure Off of his df2, counterhit uf1, and low parry, do a df4, 2, then uf3 hold up or uf, to transition into Jump While in Jump do 2, 2, 2 to screw. Dash up, do a 1 jab, into ff4, or end with 2, 2, 2, if you want wall carry instead Do note that you need to realign for the counterhit uf1 with a sidestep right or the uf3 will whiff

If doing the 1 jab into ff4 is too difficult, you may omit the jab completely at the sacrifice of 2 points of damage This combo also tends not to work if you are off axis or if you are slightly too far from the opponent by connecting the df2 and low parry at max distance, as the uf3 has very short range For an alternate df2 combo which is very consistent and works on any axis, do 4, 2 which will transition into Jump Peak, then do 2, 2, 2 to screw, then end with 2, 2, 2, 2, or do a jab into ff4 Do remember that the ff4 will not connect if the opponent is off axis For an alternate low parry combo just add a df1 at the start, then do the same combo as before Off of a db1+2, wr1+2 and uf2, do a df1+2 to immediately screw the opponent Then dash up, do a 4, 2, during Jump Peak do a delayed 2, then end with 2, 2, 2, 2 or ff4 Do note that you have to delay the Jump Peak 2 a significant amount, otherwise the ff4 will not combo and transition into the throw After a counterhit ff1+2, dash up, do a df1, 4, 2, while in Jump Peak do a delayed 2, then end with the same combo enders as before Off of a lightning screw, hold up or uf to go into Jump peak, then do 2, 2, 2 to screw Dash up, do a jab, then either end with 2, 2, 2, 2 or do a dash jab into ff4 An alternate lightning screw combo that does more damage but it’s sightly harder is: ws3, then do 1, dash, 1, dash 1, then 1+2 to screw, then end with ff4 After a ws2, 2 and counterhit 1+2, dash up, do 4, 2, into delayed Jump Peak 2, then end with 2, 2, 2, 2 or ff4 After an uf4 on certain characters and axis situations, do a d2, 2 to pick up and screw the opponent, then do df4, 2, and then end with 2, 2, 2, 2 For wall combos, Noctis’ best wall combo for damage is his demo man, though this is slow and may not be viable after a wall carry combo, nor does it provide good okizeme Thus this is better used to close out rounds if you need the extra damage Some better wall combos are df4, 2 into f1+2 for damage, or db1, 1+2 for significantly better okizeme If you get a wallsplat off axis, sidestep towards whichever direction you were off axis towards, then do df4, 2, 4 to screw. Then end with 2, 2, 2, 2 For wall bounce combos, if you land it up close, you can do a standing 4, into your wall combo of choice If you’re a bit further about 2 to 3 backdashes away from the wall, do a df4, 2, 4 to resplat them into your wall combo of choice Note that if you’re too close, you may choose to omit the third hit and only do df4, 2 as being too close to the wall will treat the last hit as a wall hit, making it not possible to get a proper wall combo afterwards If you are far away from the wall when the wall bounce connects, do a df1+2 to screw the opponent, into your wall combo of choice Thank you for watching this video guide on Noctis If you enjoyed, please do like and subscribe, as it would greatly help out the channel I have done Season 3 breakdowns on a few characters on the channel already, so please do check those out if you are interested, and do stick around if you want to see future content Please also follow my Twitch as I do sometimes stream, and also my Twitter, as I post updates there Thanks once again for watching, and I’ll see you guys in the next one Take care. <3