DOUBLE DATE | Love At First Sight #8

the two of them hurry back into their house leaving me alone time to go home maybe she’s not quite as clever as I thought whatever we cleared up the misunderstanding between us and she doesn’t seem like a bad person so it’ll be fine probably act 6 up to one’s I Saturday morning I ring sashi’s doorbell before long I hear soft footsteps before the door swings open gosh she’s got her clothes good morning my blue sent by morning Sashi are those clothes in you yes Oh what do you think you look good they’re really cute on you that’s not just me being nice they really do make her look you I’ve never seen her dress this way until now it’s a fresh look to say the least along with her new clothes she’s wearing a bright smile that I’m sure the crying girl on the stairs would never have worn the whole ensemble seems to make her Sparkle thank you she looked a little embarrassed when she first appeared in the doorway but after she heard what I thought of her her face lit right up good morning mama raccoon I’m so mesmerized by saatchi that I don’t notice mayumi step out of the house behind her and a voice snapped me out of my days with a jolt oh good good morning take care Sashi Sashi don’t cause any trouble for Mama [ __ ] alright my Yumi’s gaze is I see as ever her tone so no friendlier than usual and Sashi responds in the same panicked own she always has when talking to her aunt have a good time you to thank you all right how have things been with your art lately lately well she doesn’t act any differently in the house I guess I should have expected her to change her longtime habits overnight but she did buy me these clothes I thought she might want me to just get anything so we can go home but she actually helped me pick these out that’s great or maybe she’s just the type to express herself through her actions more than through her attitude I was a little worried but I should have more faith in her it seems I knew you must have said something to her yesterday you did right no I mean we were just standing around talking that’s a lie of course but you me you me more or less begged me not to tell shashi they need to settle their differences on their own anyway all I can do is watch oh you are but my you mean didn’t even tell me why she suddenly wanted to buy me clothes what did you ask her yeah kind of well ask her directly when you get a chance and not just for this you should be straightforward of her whenever you need something if you ask her directly I’m sure she’ll answer you directly probably I guess so I’m sure she doesn’t hate you if she did I doubt she’d have bought you those clothes you’re right don’t have to thank her again for that by the way are you sure you’re fine without a hood yeah as long as I’m with you I don’t care who sees me I really think these clothes suit me yeah totally you’re really cute I think the old one I think the old me would have been embarrassed to say something like that out loud but that’s how I really feel and if it makes masashi smile I’ll say it over and over again as long as you think so I don’t care what anyone else thinks pretty soon we arrived at the place where we’re supposed to meet up with a kamian tomo though it seems they beat us there hey you guys are late oh sorry uh actually we’re about ten minutes early oh but we’ve been waiting here for so long oh my gosh okay me being early ish and abetting but don’t get mad at him for being on time cherish laye one who said I yarn we here to meet them so maybe they should get here little early yeah right surely you mean like an hour early that’s how early we were unfortunately yes oh but I wanted to be Sasha so bad that I’ve been seeing her

in my dreams you can’t blame me for that and like I said if you pressure the people around you into doing things you’re going to be left alone hey Sasha you Huff it’s really killed don’t ignore me whatever shall we get going then yeah does anyone object to walking no it’s like 12 20 minute walk from here something kind of a short distance to be taking the train for right so let’s go there’s not enough room on the sidewalk for us all to walk side by side so a que me until my walk in front or Sashi and I follow behind them oh I forgot mamaroo senpai Sashi looks up at me yeah um can we hold hands yeah sure I hesitated because both tomo and a cami are here but I guess that was more out of habit than anything it’s too late to hide my relationship with shashi at this point it’s not like I can refuse her when she’s staring at me with that beautiful shining I anyway mm-hmm Sashi happily wraps her arm around mine I don’t think I’ve seen her fawn over me this much before well then again she has been pretty open with her affection lately by the way the place we’re going to is um oh you guys look so cute a cami looking back at us seems almost upset as she says this Sashi recoils from her outbursts suddenly embarrassed and lowers her gaze but she doesn’t let go of my arm Akemi’s actually making me uncomfortable as well but if she’s not letting go I’m not about to force her to Tom oh I want to do that too hey cut it out it’s hard to walk like this with you you know twerking on me a chemie spirited as always sees his tomos arm as he turns his head to glare at me don’t look at me I didn’t do anything get off all right double dates just fantastic it’s a single date plus two that’s koto mo fine fine just don’t hang on to me like i said it’s hard to walk like that look like they’re having fun shashi shan the only one having fun is a cami but you can take her off my hands if you want but i can’t let go of marble sampai uh you say that but i think tom was the one who’s actually trapped oh shut up you two aren’t the ones in pain here in pain you’ve got the beautiful akem exchange repped him around your arm you should be more enthusiastic man there’s no point in arguing with you despite his protests I can tell he’s not entirely against the cami latching onto him like that in fact she seems to have him in the palm of her hand oh hey this is the place right we’re finally here the large plazas dotted with various stalls and there are a few people here and there doing some kind of performance or another there are more people here that I thought there would be and I can hear instruments being played somewhere beyond the crowd there must be a concert around here somewhere oh um I didn’t realize how big this event was going to be a cami what’s this all for oh I hope she has more of a plan that just wandering around aimlessly we need to use our time more wisely than that um I only looked it up where was being held I don’t know any more than you do geez Academy you didn’t even find out why this is all here in the first place we can find out while we’re here can’t we looks to me like it’s just one big additional staff festival it seems like it’ll be a lot of fun ack amy has already let go of tomos arm but San she doesn’t look like she’s wanted to detach herself from mine well why don’t we walk around and see what’s here yeah don’t you show loud you’re no fun Thea after a while something stops a cami in her tracks look they’re selling creeps wow they are all I want one Sasha do you want one too you like sweet things right Craig Sasha crepes I never had one before but i do like sweet things ya see Sasha wants one too chemi turns towards homo with a hungry smile go get your crepes there’s a pretty big line go

stand in line stand in line for us know what you need to think about it why do I have to be the one to do it I’m not the only one who watch one don’t worry here’s some cash by something I like okay you can’t force me to mm-hmm you know when I like right somehow yes I do maybe I should buy you something you won’t like oh don’t be that way sash on what do you want I’ll pay for you oh it’s okay i can pay for myself it’s fine sashine it’s fine this is like your welcoming party after all but but i’ll go for it why not well thank you for your generosity sure what do you want hey take a look at the menu here just whatever’s cheapest please it looks good the chip is so boring I told you out of my sunshine Tomoko get something nice for her okay Roger that so get the cheapest thing for a cami and use the rest to get the most extravagant thing I can afford for Sashi shine hey wait a minute still my money mama do you want anything nah I’m good thanks you guys go get drinks while I’m doing this I’m going to be thirsty by the time I get all this and I don’t want to wait in line again fair enough ok we’ll go buy something to drink and meet back here get me a merge amity or champagne i’m roger dodger we watched tomo as he gets in line for the crepe stand before heading off ourselves to find drinks oh he’s a pitching machine over there yeah there sure is is that all right yeah we get our drinks a fine a bench in view of the crepes man tomo is still not here yet hey Sasha yes are you having fun yes a lot of fun you are yay good you seem like you’ve mostly gotten comfortable with them yes I have at first I wasn’t sure what to do oh how to act but I’ve had a lot of fun just hanging out with you all huh you you don’t have to be so polite around us you gotta could lose a little more I’m trying to be more relaxed but really you should be more like me bursting with energy I’m not sure I can be like your cami senpai don’t try to turn her into you normal people don’t burst hey I got your crepes before I know it’s almost standing in front of us with two crepes oh thanks here take her change too and this was for you Shashi I thought he was joking before but what he brought back for Sashi could easily feed two people thank you very much don’t mention it tomo has Sashi her crepe but one sinner it’s in her hand all she does is stare at it in all she turns to order kami and tomo suddenly looking very serious tomorrow is sent by ik me senpai thank you both so much for today I told you there’s no need to be so formal about it silly yeah especially since I cammies been going crazy and dragging us all over the place this doesn’t have to be a one-time thing though you know do you want to hang out again sometime yes thank you by the way you shouldn’t you should probably eat your crepe yeah you’re right it looks so good the to start eating their crepes Akemi’s stuffs her face to the point where her cheeks are puffing out while shashi eaters with tiny little nibbles these two could not be more different well how is it good her smile is as sweet as the crepe she’s eating and I’m grateful to tomo on a kami for setting this all up hey hey hey don’t eat show greedily you’re going to push all the fillings out to bottom Oh she’ll deliver and don’t talk with your mouth full oh crap it’s she huh Akemi’s last bite Cesar me the chocolate sauce start oozing out of the crust I told you a

kami no a fish fry contiki she cooks ton another part of the crepe but it only pushes more chocolate sauce out onto her hand which of course begins to drip all over the place at least she manages to avoid getting it on her clothes finally she swallows oh man anyone know I can wash my hands Tomoko help me out all right all right just keep those hands away from me we’ll be back soon guys oh okay why shashi and I watched them as they go find somewhere to clean up their chocolate situation getting steadily worse those two sure are lively yeah but a cami sent by it does make life if it’s hanging right yeah things are really boring with her around tomorrow except by is a really nice person even if he says mean things sometimes that’s just how he is Akemi’s really got a hold on him they’re a good match for each other no kidding they’re they’re great though aren’t they they are you know I haven’t known him that long but I can tell you guys will become close friends in no time um hey I’ve been hearing some rumors about what’s arakawa have been doing to you it isn’t sound good at all you never told me you never told my yummy son or anyone else because you didn’t want to cause trouble for them right shashi doesn’t reply but she’s not denying it so I’m pretty sure I hit the nail on the head like I said this morning I think even mayumi son will listen to what you have to say all of us around you we’re all your allies so Sashi if you need to own I would just never want to see you I just not want to see you hurt again okay I’ve never asked for help from anyone I never fought back against out of Cour it’s like you just said I don’t want to trouble anyone if I can avoid it I see it’s not just that I never stood up for myself because I didn’t have the courage to do so I didn’t have the courage to do anything if I was brave I might be able to fight back against our cows on I might even be able to tell her off well when push comes to shove i’ll be here for you you can’t be worried about causing other people who trouble in times like this both for your sake and for the sake of those who care about you and you’re stronger than you realize Sashi maybe definitely but it’s a decision that you have to make I understand then next time set of Commerce I’ll try something to do something I’ll tell her to stop good and if things get bad it’s okay to ask people around you for help okay Wow but it doesn’t sound like her heart is in it sorry for bringing that up so suddenly it’s probably not something we should be talking about right now today’s supposed to be a day where we can have fun together and forget our troubles hey if you don’t eat your crepe you’re going to end up like a cami all right with that she starts eating the crepe in her hand once more I hope it can help Sashi take her mind off sat okawa it looks good are you enjoying it hmm hey I don’t really get eat this sort of thing at all it’s probably the best thing I’ve ever tasted I guess I should have asked him what to get me one too oh then do you want to bite huh but he shashi Jose creep up to my mouth I’m all too conscious of the fact that saw she had her own mouth all over it maybe she’s trying to pay me back for when I shared my lunch with her that one time Sashi stares at me expecting Lee her hand on moving oh whoa well okay I take a bite of the crepe before me is it good no hmm I have no idea what’s in this thing but it’s incredibly sweet so sweet jeez you to do something so sweet like that where we’re gone startled I jerked my head around to see that a kamian tomo have returned they totally just saw that didn’t they suddenly my face feels like it’s on fire and I look over at sashi to see that her cheeks have also gone red and she seems almost happy about it somehow that’s so cute tomo I want us to do that too we can’t you already devoured your crepe didn’t you let’s buy another then I refuse Oh suddenly a great boom comes out of nowhere and all four of us jump in surprise I just jumped in surprised what the hell was that I look toward the direction of the sound but the crowd makes it impossible to locate its source what indeed maybe it was part of one of the performances we saw Yeah right we saw a lot of people doing shows and stuff on our way in let’s go over there and try to find them oh yeah well then let’s go Sasha are you done with your

crepe yeah just one more bright hmm it seems like the rest of the day is going to be a lot of fun I’ll try to make make it as fun for Sashi as I can I like it when she smiles so much