Virtual Town Hall with Wayne County Prosecutor Kym Worthy

in addition to figuring out all this summe stuff we got to figure out Facebook live all right I’m gonna click the live so Dominica Convertino do you want to um get back onto the presentation and then I’ll go ahead and share the main screen yep and put everyone on mute except for myself prosecutor worthy and Commissioner Meraki thank you okay good evening everyone we’re gonna get started good evening residents of Plymouth Canton Northville Livonia and everyone else who has joined us here this evening welcome to our town hall with Wayne County Prosecutor Kenworthy my name is Melissa dog and I’m the Wayne County Commissioner for a Canton Township select Township and the City of Plymouth do I say I’m sorry I’m let me let me start up my name is Melissa dog I’m like Wayne County Commissioner for Canton Township from the township and the City of Plymouth I’m joined here tonight by my co-host and fellow Commissioner Terry Meraki who represents Northville Township the city of Northville and most of Livonia we are joined tonight by our guest of honor Riaan county prosecutor Kim worthy who will be giving a presentation on how her office operates and is responding to the whole good 19 pandemic domestic violence during a stay at home order reducing jail population the prosecutors sexual assault kit initiative and more a few housekeeping items before we begin we will be keeping everyone on mute in order to reduce background noise there will be a question-and-answer portion to this event so if you would like to submit a question for the prosecutor there are a couple of ways to do so you can email your question to district 10 at Wayne County comm or you can enter your question in the chat box on zoom’ or Facebook live if you’re new to zoom you can probably find the chat box at the bottom of your screen or if you’re in full-screen mode and you don’t see that option right now try hitting the escape button so that you can see the controls again we also have a link to a sign-in form in the chat box on Zoom and Facebook live and we would really appreciate it if you could sign in as Wayne County Commissioner for district 10 it is truly an honor to serve the community I grew up in from my first day in office I have worked hard to increase transparency in county government these town halls are one way that I can bring rain county from Detroit our county seat to the western Maine suburbs Wayne County Prosecutor Kenworthy received her undergraduate degree in economics and political science from the University of Michigan she earned her lunch law degree from Notre Dame Law School in 1984 she began her legal career at the Wayne County Prosecutor’s Office in 2004 she was appointed by a majority of the Wayne County Circuit Court judges to the position of Wayne County prosecutor in 2008 worthy charged and successfully prosecuted ex mayor of Detroit Kwame Kilpatrick and his former chief of staff Christine Beatty where they created the first elder abuse Union in the history of the Wayne County Prosecutor’s Office this unit handles all cases involving elderly and vulnerable adults and focuses on the unique needs of senior citizens when they are victims of crime the prosecutor is working on a massive backlog of unprocessed rape kits that were discovered by one of her assistants an abandoned warehouse in Detroit in 2009 it was determined that 11341 rape kits have been sitting in that warehouse unprocessed for a decade or more prosecutor worthy is featured in the HBO documentary I am evidence which examines the rape crisis around the country worthy has been a persistent advocate for witnesses who risk their lives to come to court and testify due to her tireless advocacy the Wayne County Commission has awarded funds solely to be used to protect witnesses this important allotment in continues today and now it is my honor to introduce to you our Wayne County Prosecutor Kym worthy good evening

everyone it’s my pleasure to be here to be in a way back to the communities which I held my first Town Hall back in November a couple of years ago I think we it was overwhelmingly attended it went very well and so I’m happy to come to you again I’m going to be talking tonight about a number of issues and then I look forward to your questions at the end this is a really I know you’ve heard it a billion times but this is these are unprecedented times and it has been for our office as well and we’ve had to do a number of things to try to be current to try to keep our staff safe to try to keep the citizens safe and trying to keep going during kovin virus and one of the first things we did is we limited people coming into the office no brain office that’s open to the public but during this pandemic it became clear rather early on that we could not do that we had a number of and a hundred over a hundred police officers from the city of Detroit that tested positive we were having renkin a deputies test positive their numbers grow and then then occasionally when my prosecutors would be in Portland we were still going to court live we would have a defense attorney or to test positive some court staff and so it became very apparent to me that we had to make some drastic drastic changes and so one of the thing one of the first things that we did is we made sure that the public was not able to come into the office we offered a press release we have all the reasons on our Facebook page it’s not that we don’t want to see you it’s because we want to keep you and our staff safe and so we have police officers coming in and out of our office all the time with our warrant requests you know if a police department has done an investigation on a crime they will bring that package down to our office and we’ll decide if we’re gonna issue charges and if charges and then which charges and sometimes we don’t issue charges will deny those charges and sometimes we will have to send the investigation back for more investigation well your community for the most part has always sent it down by fax or emails so we don’t take your offices off the street and have them sitting in our office waiting because we have a very busy office we’re one of the busiest in the countries my prosecutes do more take more more cases per prosecutor than anyplace else in the nation and so we’re extremely busy and anytime you can have over a dozen or dozens of police officers waiting and dozens of civilians waiting to come in so while my policy is always been if you’re the victim of crime and you must come into the office so we can do it face to face interview one of the things that we did is we said we have to do it by phone now to keep not only our victims and our witnesses safe but our prosecutes tape as well and we didn’t need anyone bringing in the virus into the building or taking it out of the building that you may have gotten inside the building so the city of Detroit was really one of our only cities that was coming in physically and we were doing face to face work with their warrant requests and I had a long conversation with chief Craig and I said we cannot do that anymore especially when his commander of the Homicide Unit died and none in the Detroit creases were infiltrated with the core virus at that time I’m happy to say that’s not the case now but again we couldn’t have police officers bring it into the building so we had to move very quickly and and make it so that we can have them as well facts are warns over and so then we said the public we can’t have the public come in we make sure we have someone Manning the phones so that we can communicate with the public and again we started we opened up a the first ever even though I’ve been doing this for a while a Facebook page where we posted all the information that you would need to be able to deal with our office we made sure that people answered their phones we made sure that we stayed current we made sure that we had stayed in contact with all of our victims so they knew what was going on and at the time at the same time that the court was moving to remote access as well so for we started working remotely and the courts then again the Third Circuit Court especially we were able to test equipment and working remotely and do emergency bond motions and some other hearings remotely so people wouldn’t have to come in there wouldn’t be face-to-face contact and we could keep everybody safe and that was our main goal and so that’s worked out relatively well I know we haven’t done any trials for quite a while we haven’t done any bench trials or non jury trials they won’t be starting to some back up this summer and we’ll figure out how to do all that and I think I believe the jury trials are adjourned to at least until August or September so again for the safety of not only people charged with a crime not only for the inmates in the jail but also for the court staff the deputies the judges the prosecutors the defense lawyers and everybody involved that what the best way to do things in our office also we started doing we had the County was able to do security equipment at first as equipment was very hard to get we myself I purchased a number of cleaning supplies before we really got going to come around to the office when we would still when we could still get Clorox and wipes and Lysol wipes and hand sanitizer we can’t find that stuff anywhere now so the county then had put

in an order but it took a long time for to come in and thankfully the Department of Homeland Security has been very gracious and has outfitted our office with masks and hand sanitizer and cleaning supplies so we have four locations we have the Lincoln Hall of Justice and that’s on right near Wayne State Khanum across the street from Wayne State off of Warren off of the freeway there and you can see it as you go down to seven I 75 we also have offices in 400 Monroe which is the same building with fish bones is downtown and of course we have the top three floors of the Frank Murphy Hall of Justice the 10th floor the 11th floor the 12th floor and we also have two floors in the Guardian building that house exclusively the 16th floor and the 33rd floor that house excusably are our rape kit unit which I’ll talk about a little later on in the presentation so during the time we also had to the graciousness of the third circuit court we also have Frank Murphy who’s been deep clean twice to make sure that we have the safest cleanest of that we can we still have some issues that we have to deal with what we’re trying to deal with them as they come we also Lincoln how justice is also deep cleaned as well as 400 Monroe and also the Guardian building so that’s another thing we wanted to do for the safety of not only the staff but everybody else that comes into that building and so we also have now had Plexiglas installed so when we do open up them to the public Plexiglas they call them sneeze darts so when we do open up to the public we will have we’ll be able to protect the public safety as well as the people who worked in my office the other thing that we’ve seen and these are some disturbing trends really we have seen more violent crime than we we care to see it at this point we have had a big issue with domestic violence because as you know what the governor’s stay at home borders we have people of course stay at home we have people that unfortunately are not working now very unfortunately and their home with their families 24/7 as many of us are experiencing now and so in order to comply with that sometimes we have people who have committed the act of domestic violence and now they are home with the person they have used in a 24/7 basis so what we’ve also tried to do on our website if anyone that’s listening to me has those kinds of issue or knows anybody we have a a lot of resources listed on our website after people who are having issues during this time with domestic violence and child abuse our Special Victims Unit handles these cases our Special Victims Unit it has domestic violence the sexual assault kit unit the rape kit the rape unit as well as the sexual assault kit unit we also have our elder abuse unit our child abuse unit and it’s a very busy unit if deals with all of our special victims and so they are the ones that are dealing with all of these cases now of our escalating domestic violence you know we do if this may surprise some we do in our office over 8,000 cases per year it kind of goes between 6,000 and 8,000 cases of domestic violence that are presented to us every year across the Kellyanne wing it’s not endemic to one particular city we have this issue all over the county and this year I shouldn’t say last year 2019 we had a record hi over 8,800 of cases of domestic violence it would present into our office we don’t of course we can’t issue every case because we have to make sure that when you have charges that we can prove all these cases beyond a reasonable doubt which is a legal standard but we probably charged anywhere from about 3,600 to 3,800 cases of domestic violence per year the other 4400 or so we are very careful because unfortunate some of them from turning to domestic violence homicides and we have had some of these during the pendency of the pandemic very sad very brutal and no one must deal with these but we have to so again if you know anybody that needs any kind of help you can turn to our website or call our office and what we have to provide some resources for you and so these are the kinds of things that we have to do during this pandemic we are working with a court to figure out how we’re going to do jury trials as they we start doing them again another thing that we started doing personally I’ve been involved with is at the Wayne County Jail because of the fear of the virus spreading through the jail we had to take some aggressive action and we started the beginning of March and making sure it reduce the jail population and so this is a very tedious process because not only do we have to be concerned with the inmates and staff inside the jail we have to be worried about public safety and we simply cannot be a part of releasing anyone from the jail who we believed was a danger to the public so we started with an obvious because I can is a very long process but we started with the people who was just serving time on the weekend that had been sent to serve time on the weekend and most of them are released we then went to the people who were serving work release time and that means we’re going to work during the day and coming back to the jail at night so of course if obvious we didn’t want people bringing the virus into and out of the jail and so we started and we looked at every one

every single case individually we talked about them we talked about the reason why they were there we talked about an in judge’s order if they had already been convicted and they were awaiting sentence they were waiting whether they’re going to be going to the Michigan Department of Corrections or be seeking a jail sentence or getting probation if they’re waiting for that they’re in the jail so they’ve already been sentenced we look at what they have done we pulled files we go to the court computers we pulled our case files my staff was involved I was forever sending emails I need to know about this person I need to know about this person so we can balance what they have done and the health inside of the jail with the Public Safety so we were very very careful when it came to domestic violence again I didn’t want someone that was in the jail who had been convicted and was serving time for in the jail for domestic violence to again be released we they had to prove that they had some place else to go and many of those I could not then recommend to the chief judge who’s the only one who can by the way administrator to be released someone but we make a recommendation along with the sense attorneys a representation from the ACLU the jail personnel who are heavily invested in doing a great job as well as sometimes we consulted the jail medical personnel so we went from work release to people who pregnant women that were there we looked in every category that the CDC the Center for Disease Control said that would be the most vulnerable people to be to catch the virus the pregnant women were released we also looked at people over the age of 70 over the age of 65 that had pulled more bidding that means they had some kind of a health issue and not all of them of course were released because some people were in jail either awaiting sentence or awaiting transport to the Michigan Department of Correction for a first-degree murder so obviously that’s a huge public safety so none of those were released we didn’t release anyone that was charged with murder with a murder in the second degree we didn’t release anybody that was charged with any assault that their offense armed robbery assault with intent to murder carjacking elder abuse child abuse and so we did release a few people who were charged with some of those offenses not the murder or the armed robbing as if they were going to either a different residence if they had a serious health issue or the victim in those cases agreed that they could be released if they have some one place else to go to live and so on all of this product case that we contacted the victim of the crime we let them know that there was a possibility that they would be released we received their consent or their feeling about what should happen and we relate all that I related all that person into the chief judge we then went to anyone and I’m not gonna go through all the areas anyone that a health issue cancer or hypertension or HIV or help sea or cardiac issues or cancer or or any kind of hypertension we’ve looked at all them individually with the with the the assistance of the jail medical personnel so we could ask questions and so we could meet we can make some some good decisions and so again this process have been taking place since the beginning of March Public Safety is always in the back of our minds again we let the victims know and so now the jail population has been released from reduced from 1388 at the beginning of march to now the number I believe I heard today was just under eight hundred seven hundred and ninety-eight and so the jail all the inmates in that jail have been tested and so again we’re taking off the cost is not only to protect the inmates and the personnel but deputies who work in the jail every single day the medical personnel who work in the jail every single day to pick everybody we’ve taken these some aggressive steps and so that has consumed probably four or five hours literally my day the very beginning and now is coming down to about one or two hours a day that we do that we conference we have Judge Kenny who is actually a little only president I think is the person who makes the final decision and it’s been you don’t to say a pleasure but it’s been great to work with everybody we all have to say any concerns in mind even the attorneys for the inmates justice safety and what’s good for everybody and so that’s part of what we tried to do because of the update of the pandemic as well what are the other things I wanted to mention about the pandemic is I’ve mentioned the state promoters I’ve mentioned domestic violence I’m happy to answer any questions about that I mentioned child abuse and the things that were saying because children are in the home I’ll be the first to say I can’t stand this home schooling I if I wanted to be a teacher I would be one I always had enormous respect for teachers and now it’s grown tenfold I come on my mother’s side I come from a family of teachers and educators and so principals and so we’ve been around about my life but I don’t want to be one and it’s been it’s been trying to trying to work in there you know it’s you want your children educated of course the teachers that we have are so dedicated and an enormous respect even more than I’ve already had for

teachers and what they’re trying to do and educate our children prettiness pandemics so it’s challenging for us all but one of the things that we have seen as some department disturbing trends and I’m not gonna talk about these cases too much because they’re still pending we had a case that we ought to say what we put in the media already we had two cases of a man who knew he was positive with the virus and went to two local hospitals when I say local Wayne County hospitals and spit on allegedly spit on doctors and nurses and health workers saying he wanted them to get the virus so of course we charged him we have other cases that were still looking at probably about ten or so they were looking at that are directly covin related of people assaulting people spitting in people’s faces and in this Fitness all over the state we’ve had some we’ve had a murder and Genesee County over the Cohen virus we’d had attacking on grocery workers who are going in every day and trying to service us all and it’s on you and I probably can’t wrap our brain around people who act like that but again that’s what we’re seeing another thing that was saying and I was asked to speak about what we’re seeing is drag racing and that’s something that none of us expected to see because people are staying at home and because there are less people driving on the street we have some people who think it’s a good idea to race down way kind of Main streets and and so we’ve had some injuries we are looking at some cases I don’t think we’ve had any death cases yet even though our fatal cases or traffic cases are going up they’re skyrocketing I don’t know if that’s directly because of the pandemic but they’ve been going up for a while I don’t know why just some serious serious accidents but that’s something we’ll look at and try to get a handle on later but these hopefully relating drag racing cases are something we’re taking a serious look at it was really our outcome in Chief’s and probably some of your Chiefs they’ve brought this to our attention and so we are paying race strict attention to that and seeing what we can do about that so those are the major the other thing that we had to do I have to mention this before I go on to a different topic I think you heard me mention that we to obviously start working remotely as many of you are and so we weren’t set up to do that in other words we didn’t have the equipment to do it we didn’t have the equipment to send everybody home with a laptop we certainly can’t have them with with office information on their personal laptops so that’s something that we had to do very quickly and that’s been a little challenging I think the Wake County IT department has worked miracles of assisting us and many workers besides them besides just my office in working remotely and so it’s been a real challenge but I think it’s working very well we are able to do our warrants we’re able to charge our cases we’re able to catch up with our backlogs we were able to communicate with our victims were able to communicate with our law enforcement partners both federal and state and local we’re able to do everything almost everything that we were able to do in the office remotely and so we’ve also had to take some more more drastic actions those of you who are lawyers and know what discovery is but just let me explain the discovery is whenever we have a case that we charge in a case that women take to court we have to provide the defense attorneys with all of the information that we have all the information that we have whether it’s from the medical examiner or from other experts from hospitals whether it’s information from our police partners we have to given everything that we have listen be surveillance video from the trades greenlight it can be stopped our video it can be body camera video and video that every a lot of people have video on the side of their houses with someone things happen we can the police can gather that information and we can use that information to charge cases and so we have to make it all of that available to the defense lawyers and so as you can imagine that’s a massive undertaking sometimes in one homicide case we may have discs you know 10 12 20 I’m not exactly 50 discs in one homicide case that we had to turn over so we had to we had started running a pilot about how that was all gonna work like we don’t save you know my my IT director will hopefully correct me but I’m trying not to say anything wrong I’m not a techie but we’ve had to get it all on the cloud and having what we call evidence stop calm and we have a pilot going on when this happened we had to have been all of the information on all the cases that we do had to be uploaded and clip there and I hope I’m saying this right and so we also have so that’s how one of our ways of getting discovery to our defense lawyers because when we closed our building down to the public we also had defense attorneys coming in every day talking about cases I’m talking about plea offers giving the kidding information from us in person we would hand over our discovery and then we had to do that all now electronically so it’s been a huge huge undertaking and again Mark Kendall man who runs who runs all the back has been probably on the phone 24/7 trying to do everything he’s ever do and everything I asked him to do so again it’s been a huge undertaking and our offices I guess dragged into the

21st century now because we didn’t have any of that I mean I tell people all the time we’re not running Doss or Windows one if there is such a thing but we’re really really far behind the times many of the major prosecutors offices and DA’s offices and other offices across the country especially in major cities they’ve been paperless for a very long time and even many people many of our prospers across the state because you know Michigan is a state of 84 83 counties Wayne Henley of course is one of those County we are the largest by far and so many of our smaller counties and our mid-sized companies in silver other larger counties are already paperless and so it wasn’t as big of a transition for them as it was for us and so the way executive is is very supportive of law enforcement very supportive hugely supportive of Public Safety and certainly been talking about all these issues for a long time but now I don’t know if we can go back and so we don’t have a case management system any of that we still have paper files we don’t have index cards anymore but we still have paper files and so we were we will hopefully hoping this will escalate us getting to the where we need to be but it’s been a we’ve had to do it all this very very fast and I hope that we’ve served all of you well I hope that when you’ve tried to call my office you have gotten through and talking to talk to a human being I hope if you’re a victim of a crime we but you’ve been you’ve kept in contact with not let you kept in contact with us but we have kept in contact with you answered any new questions you have please bear with us is to me a number of what we call German to postponements in some of these trials because again we can’t bring jurors into the courtroom and 16 usually sometimes 4 to 14 usually and sometimes 16 depending on the length of the trial and you know jurors like we see on TV are sitting right next to each other elbow to elbow and we obviously can have that going on now so we have to figure out how to do all that we’re working on that we’re I’m reaching out to my colleagues across the state and country I know the judges are doing the same just trying to get the best thing to protect you when you come in to the into the courthouse and so we don’t want to subject you to anything that we shouldn’t subject you to and we’ve got to figure that all out but certainly our court rules are not built for having six feet apart from each juror and from you know defense attorney and the defendant and the prosecutors and the police officers and the witnesses that come through so we’re bringing it all out and with our biggest concern is you and the public being protected when we come into the Frank Murphy Hall of Justice way we do our criminal trials and the same from Lincoln Hall of Justice that the juvenile justice that we do and so again we’ve got to figure it all out but our main concern is keeping you safe so those are the long way of saying that we’ve had a lot of changes as I’m sure all of you have had again a lot of informations on our Facebook page our website you can always call or email our office if you have any questions and we will try to get back to as soon as we can and if we are failing and doing that please let me know because I need to fix that if that’s the case so any of you have had a negative experience or we haven’t gotten back to you fast enough please know that we’re doing our best we are overwhelmed like everybody else is but still we need to make sure that we keep you first informants foremost in our minds I want to give you an update because as was mentioned by Commissioner job we have we discovered back in 2009 August of 2009 16th or 17th or something ten years ago over ten years ago now obviously this this August will be 11 and we’ve been steadily working on a since then we discovered 11341 untested abandoned rape kits in the Detroit Police Department annex to where they were keeping evidence without going into all of that you know it was something I’ve never heard of I didn’t know that anybody stopped how great kids I soon learned that this is a national issue International really but a national issue certainly and that I you know I think you heard Wolverine I went to the greatest university in the history of the world the University of Michigan and everybody knows about the big house where we play everybody knows the big house holds over a hundred and ten I have a reason for bringing it up although I was talking about mission 110,000 on any given Saturday I don’t know about this year but and so there are so many untested abandoned rape kits in this country if you attach a victim to each kit there are known to be or thought to be over 400,000 and the reason why I bring up the big house because if you if this is graphic and you can picture the number of untested rape kits and the victims attached or enough to fill up the big house four times so that’s how pervasive this issue is I didn’t know when they were discovered almost eleven years ago that that was even a thing that was going on we left in the action as fast as we

could at that particular time it was costing 1200 to 1500 dollars a kit to have them tested and all of you know a rape kit is when a woman usually a woman but we had children and some men most of them attached to women overwhelmingly most of them women of color overwhelmingly over 86 percent and when we when a person is sexually assaulted they can choose to have a rape kit done not all not everybody that sexually assaulted has a rape kit and we certainly don’t force that we are very fortunate when having to have Wayne County safe the Wayne County sexual assault forensic examiners run by the wonderful Kim Hurst and we have five locations that way they can go to Wayne County if you were sexually assaulted most rural places in this in this state they have to go to hospitals and clinics and but we have Wayne County safe and it takes care of everyone and you can we still have some areas that I don’t as well so a rape kit has done as they say four to ten hour examination after a person has been sexually assaulted in the most intimate of ways and the hope is that any evidence collected from hairs and fibers and saliva and anything that can found saliva on breasts or anything that can found every orifice of a person’s body is explored and plucked and prodded and and you know from the from the fingernails to the toenails to the eyebrow everything it’s taken to put in a kit and the reason why the usually women agree to do that is because they are hoping that a forensic scientist can examine the contents of that kit and hopefully find enough genetic material to make a profile and hopefully we don’t and there’s not enough in every kit and this profile is entered into CODIS the combined DNA index system I think it stands for there’s statewide and they also have the Sutton ESPI nationwide and you can hopefully get a match once this profile if there is a profile that we can have is entered into the system and there are two kinds of what we call hits a chai tea s that can come from this and I’m being very basic now and so it can either you can put the profile on the system it can tell you the name of who that DNA belongs to so let’s say direct hit there’s also what’s called a case-to-case association and what that means is if there’s a sexual assault that happens in Livonia and a sexual assault kit is done and the scientists at find enough genetic material in that kit to make a profile they entered into CODIS enter into the DNA system and it’s there at the same time or maybe a year later or year before there’s a sexual assault of Phoenix and again the forensic examiners in Phoenix the French scientist I should say in Phoenix find enough DNA material genetic material in that profile to enter it into their system and then it matches the one that happened on the bogna so we don’t know who it is but we know we have a serial rapist we know we have the same person committed the rape in Phoenix that committed in Livonia so again one thing that people forget sometimes our DNA system our DNA hits can help solve crimes other than just sexual assaults it helps law enforcement solve murders and other rapes of course and robberies and B and E’s Breaking and enterings home invasions become here and auto act and so it’s a very useful tool that we have at our disposal it’s well but one tool in our tool kit but it’s a very useful tool and the reason I take you through all that is because these women who this over 11341 women women men and children who did this rape kit done again their lives will virtually sit on sitting on the shelf while nobody paid attention to them that would never happen in a homicide case we wouldn’t step up our body a cute boy and so I suspect it could because it’s a crime that happens mainly to women there’s all kinds of reasons why this happens rape culture all kinds of things I can talk about forever but decisive suffice it to say we had that problem here and I said a couple of things first of all I don’t care if any of these cases happen on my didn’t have on my watch we’ll do everything we can to make sure we bring justice to as many of these victims as we can so again we had to certainly have a set about you know getting em tested and again I like I told you the time anywhere from 12,000 but 15 1200 to 1500 case of dollars to test someone hit so basically we went on a campaign we had to raise the money we shouldn’t have to do that but we had to raise the money and the the county of Wayne years later right was able to was in a financial position when actually when the co-ceo evidence came in he had pledged to help us with this and he put his money where his mouth was in the commissioners all the commissioners voted unanimously to provide 1 million dollars per year for I think two or three years and drop down the eight hundred thousand and I don’t know what’s

gonna happen now with our next budget season so we are able to put a task force together work on it we received a lot of help from I’m sure you all know mr. Hart a who is the star blonde or SVU and her motorisation Joe for joyful heart we received a lot of help from the Obama administration because that’s was in office at the time we this is not a commercial certainly not a commercial but Joe Biden helped a lot with that as well and so came very assisted us in getting millions of dollars from this state government from the federal government also about four years I think it was 2013 we received money we received money from the state of Michigan the legislature who also voted on I think almost unanimously I don’t know if that ever has happened before and they provided four million dollars to the Michigan State Police Crime Lab to get these kids tested and so I’m happy to report that they’re all tested now we have over 200 convictions of rapists that would matter in conviction convicted before off the street many of them have raped many women we have over I believe the number is 211 I think is the latest latest from the the April stats that we have Commission’s we have over eight hundred twenty serial rapists identified from the testing that’s happened and that means just within our project just within one city one state in one County and so we have over eight hundred and twenty three serial rapist and that means they have written more than once just within our project just within the kids that were found in Detroit in August of between 22 or 9 2009 and so even if that’s not disturbing enough and as I say this all the time we also found out through and that’s why I went through the time to tell you about CODIS and the national hits we have yes from our project to 39 other states in the United States so we have hits out of California and Massachusetts in New York there’s only 10 states in the entirety of the United States that hasn’t been affected by our project here through our testing and so 40 states in the United States have been affected by the kids that were found here in the city of Detroit and some of our city arepas have raped 15 or 20 times and so you’ve heard a lot of our news I think about some of this we continue that work today but I just want to give you a little update the boost network still goes on we would still work on that every day in fact I believe we had another case charge I believe sometime this week somehow don’t get to my email right away I get over a hundred thousand you know today and so I sometime this week we even charge another rape kid case we continue to do that work I wanted to mention and I know that Commission of dhaba commissioners Dobbin and Meraki have a copy of this letter and I know mr. Nix does as well and others I had the pleasure of visiting him and I think I’ve been to just about every office here talking to let the officials in every city that’s represented here and I visited in the last 18 months every single wink and his city every single Wayne County community except for I think seven or eight or nine and so we wanted to go to each city we wanted to find out what issues they were having with my office if any we want to let them know that we were doing the one to let them know the meeting usually consisted of either the mayor of the supervisors sometimes council members sometimes fire chiefs sometimes judges always the police chief and police representatives and so we would talk and spend it I think to an hour to hour half just talk about the individual city and what the issues were and what we could be doing better for them and so we’ve we’ve talked about all this and I wanted to mention and I provided the letter about two years ago we started this is our second year and we’ll do it again this year in September if there is a school year I don’t know what’s going to happen with that but every year we have written a letter and sent it to the superintendent’s of every community in Wayne County and this letters about school safety school threats we have what we’ve been and I think they’re gonna put it on the screen there it is and so the latest one we sent in September of 2009 and what we do we talk about this apartment we’ve had here in Wayne County over a hundred in 50 over 150 I think is closer to 175 over 150 school threats whether it’s a threat to shoot up a school or whether it’s a threat to bomb a school or where there’s a threat to and somehow disrupt school activities and so most of the threats of course were not substantiated it’s typical that we would get one where someone would call in into the school and save they threaten to either blow up or shoot up a school most often though it would be placed on social media and

we would student it would see it and contact the parent and the parent would contact the school or the police unless you see how we find out and so we wanted people to know that this is very serious even if it’s done and some of things a joke or if someone’s trying to get out of a test or someone something anything we wanted parents to know that this is not it’s not funny it’s not funny at all each and every time this happens and it will over 150 times in Wayne County in the last two years or so each and every time it happens if a massive undertaking but a Terry wise economically to the community where this happens we try to work globally with the police department my office with the parents who are almost always cooperative but not always and with school personnel and we want to make sure that students are safe we have to investigate each and every threat no one wants to be that school it doesn’t take it seriously and we don’t have any of those schools or people in my County or any of those leadership and the leadership of Wayne County takes these things seriously we investigate the mysterious or the police police often the police department often has to work around the clock we may have to make sure that we get to that threat we only want to make sure that nothing happens and so we will do search warrants we will do all kinds of things in conjunction with these threats and we there are laws that we have better laws now they still need to be better and so we had a thought that why don’t we let parents know from the very beginning so they can sit down and talk to their children about this so they can be taught what the law is you can face a child could say so teenagers you see do you see a lot of these come from our Juvenile Division because it’s our Toobin on division handles all cases up to the 8016 so we have middle school students and high school students that do this and then we do some of them if they’re 17 or older who make these threats to the schools and so again they’re very serious cases we want like we wrote this letter and we have it available in Arabic and Spanish as well we wanted the school system to push them out to all the parents around the beginning of school and hopefully the parents will talk to their children about this we have had children our teens young adults that have been accepted to major universities will happen at least twice we accepted to a major university once the universities found out that the threat was made by the student they disinvited that student from the universe in that case we didn’t happen to charge because again when this happens and it was substantiated and you don’t have to actually carry out the threat to be charged to be if we’re gonna follow the law and we want to parents know that this can affect your child in many ways even if there’s never a charge and they can have lifelong ramifications and so the letter lays out I hope you’ve seen it if you haven’t then certainly can contact my office but I know I know that many cities have put this on their websites many of the police officials have put it on their website it’s on our website and again it just lays out what the law is it lays out the ramifications what can happen and we’ve had many of these cases so I’m hoping that this letter in some way has helped the situation and so I haven’t stopped on the street many times about peons that have received that letter and so hopefully it’s getting out and I just want all of you to know about it and it’s just very useful information it’s not funny it’s not a threat please talk to your children about these and we don’t want their lives to be forever tainted by something that they did even if they didn’t mean it but it’s very serious so I also wanted to talk about so again it’s a very long process that we go through is a collaborative process and I wanted to also wanted to check the time up with them good I also want to talk something that’s very kind of contaminated out of Canton the Canton Police Department has just been masterful at bringing us information when it comes to large-scale retail fraud or shoplifting rings and I don’t even do it justice when I call it that and so as a result of working mainly with Canton and with some other departments again Canton was the have done the heaven many of these because it affects our big-box stores that you have in your areas it affects some of our smaller stores like you know the like you know Target and Walmart and IKEA and and many of these stores as well as our local Rite Aid stores and our local CVS stores and other stores as well and so they brought us a case years ago where they were investing they had been investigating for a long time and we simply didn’t have the personnel to be able to deal with it appropriately so I signed it to actually file off a mood who’s now in the state of Michigan Solicitor General and she worked up the case and we found out that I think was nineteen pawn shop owners and I might have the fastest a little bit wrong but the pawn shop owners that were hiring for lacan but hiring in in quotes air quotes usually people that were addicted to some kind of substance to go into these stores and they were actually provide them with a grocery list I went

a long Laura I want liquor I want baby formula on one possum pants or whatever and they would actually go into these stores and steal these merchandise so we won our stores that are here in Wayne County to be successful we want our stores to stay here we want to grow our economy here we don’t want anyone to leave because they have been fleeced over and over again by people who want to just help themselves to the merchandise and walk out the door and so this is we we then informed our business we’re called a business protection unit because one of these cases can take months and months and months to investigate and put together in that first case that I talked about I think I like I said I believe they were 19 pawnshops and we finally traced it to a big Tony’s Tom’s contract I believe was called him in mind up and they pawnshop owners were buying their spirit ironies these usually people with addictive substances to get this get these items bring it to them and they would then pawn it and so in our business that we’re losing we’re losing hundreds of thousands of dollars per year and so we focus not just small not just big businesses and big box stores but also smaller businesses we really want to have a presence for our small business owners and we really want to be able protect anything that happens to them in terms of criminality and so we we’re it’s a very small unit we have to try and keep it afloat we only have two on it they have over 50 cases 75 cases again each one of these cases takes a long time to put together and so if it happened out of your area and you you pointed out to us a need that we really had to protect not only our individual citizens but our economy our big box stores we’d want them to be in these communities so we’re very proud of this unit the work is slow because again it’s so investigation heavy and I want to give my tip my head again to the Canton Police Department that really started all this going for us just an excellent job the clues chief the current police chief was a big part of this as well and so again we’re very proud of that I won’t just talk for a minute about elder abuse if as I said before as part of our SPU our Special Victims Unit we started this back in 2004 when I first took office and we had at the time a child abuse unit we had a domestic violence unit but we and the children of course are our protocol is up to the age of 16 we do you know of course you know criminal sexual conduct rape of small children you know it happens all the time and we do physical abuse of course we would doing domestic violence and we were really not servicing a very important demographic in Wayne County and that was our seniors our elders and so we thought when we first formed this unit we thought that we would be mainly dealing with you know our seniors a true were sexually assaulted in nursing homes for example our seniors that were killed our seniors that were carjacked or robbed or their homes were broken into that’s what we thought we wouldn’t be doing or what we would be doing mostly and we found out that that wasn’t the case at all most of our cases are financial exploitation and scams and stealing like fortunes life savings of people who would retired etc so we focus on them we focus on our seniors in this unit and respect we have specially trained people we this is a unit we try hard to keep afloat and so again it’s very difficult work sometimes our victors will have dementia some of our victims won’t even that they’ve been victim of crime or Alzheimer’s and again we have unfortunately many nursing home cases across the country people who are just been left unattended people unfortunately have who have been sexually assaulted when they’re you know they can’t get up and walk or or anything it’s very sad and again we can’t wrap our brains around listen and normal brain activity but it happens all the time and so we are very very passionate about this unit we we are fighting hard to keep it afloat and we have been done some very very good work and so if you’re interested in any of the scams and anything like that that we deal with on a regular basis then certainly you can contact our office and we can get that information to us and so again that’s another specialty unit we have and so I couldn’t want to wrap up I want to wrap up with one other area and that’s it we have many of our police departments in your communities that are outfitted in body cameras or maybe thinking about it and again this presented another challenge to us but the challenge we’ve always been engrossed and raised try to raise and meet our challenges and so when we have a prosecutor that sits down the reviews of warrant and remember I told you a warrant is a package or package it’s a information to the police department either emails or faxes to us now it brings down personally and that gives us all the information about a case and all the information that we need to make a charging decision and again if we don’t have all the information we need we will send it back

for more information and we try to work very closely with our close partners and so usually it would take an experienced prosecutor when they’re doing like a drug raid case where a search warrant is gotten and you go into a home where drugs are being sold usually would take experience processed about half hour to look at the information they had go through it and issue a warrant or not as you want and but now in the event that we have now we have stopped our video we have body cam video and the body camera video in the surveillance video like I was talking about earlier the body camera video is for each officer who comes to the scene and when you have a search warrant you don’t just have one person like at the door you have usually and I don’t know is that a seven offices of income you have people that secure the perimeter in the back you have people that the first one in the door you have what’s called the RAM person knocks the door down you have the officers would go in and conduct the search so you can have many people the front perimeter so you can many many many officers during a search one way and we have to look at the body camera evidence from each and every officer and from each and every car that comes to the scene and there’s surveillance videos from the houses around there and so it’s gone from 30 minutes per case on a relatively simple military simple drug case to almost a day because we have to review all this material and so again estate it’s made prosecutors offices across the country more challenging but again we have to really think about the tenant that we’re really getting to the search for justice the search for the truth and any information that’s out there that we can use to make our decisions we want to use and so yes it takes that much a long time and yes it can be a little more challenging but we do our best to get through this material and so we we are fortunate that the Wayne County Commission did outfit us and give us some funds to have what we call LT you we basically hire young brilliant technical technical technically technologically savvy people we have some wonderful people who work in the units who will look at this video and sometimes we have to remove things from the video now that doesn’t mean that we we take out things from we always have a video is available with everything in it so we have a copy that we remove things from and what I would say remove things so this is what I mean we had a case in Detroit a couple years ago where a very well-known personality television personality who since retired was having her house stopped and having things happen and she wasn’t safe and the Detroit Police Department very good job about about trying to protect her and one time one day we would not we but law enforcement was able to catch the person that was violating the premises and stalking this particular person was able to catch her in the act and the officers came with their body cameras on and they interviewed our victim they got all her personal information and then one of the officers excused himself and went to the a car where he had gotten a phone call from his wife and that conversation was captured on video and so all when I say it when I’m saying we we try to redact information the personal information the personal cell phone information social security numbers and all that we don’t we don’t have to turn over to the defense we have it available to make we have a fully unredacted copy that’s always available for the defense to look at so they can say it they can see that we need to tackle with anything and what we removed and so we also the conversation the personal conversation that took place in the car with the officer’s wife had also no business and no relevance to the case so again we have these young people who look at this tape they help us with the trial they do I don’t know what we do without and so body cameras are great and and quite frankly we have exonerated more police officers for detailee claims than then the other way around so everybody’s trepidatious when they get to it but it’s helpful it’s always good to have every tool that you can to get to the truth and so I probably should stop there I think I’ve been going for about an hour and I know they want to give an opportunity for person so we’ve talked about a little bit of how the office works we talk a lot about what we’ve had to do to cope with this Corbin virus we’ve talked about school safety of school threats the business Protection Unit we’ve talked about elder abuse and child abuse and domestic violence and body cameras and things have happened during koban I could always talk about safe storage but I think we were just about out of time so thank you so much prosecutor worthy we are going to do just spend a little time we did have a couple questions submitted from the public so I’m gonna turn it over to Commissioner Meraki I think do you have the first question I do in a district rain that my dogs aren’t gonna bark during this so I just knew to myself for a second here but thank you so much being a prosecutor for the great great presentation we do have some questions that came in and you covered so so many

items and I’m gonna try and modify this so I’ll do the first question here you talked about your work with local police departments with the Lawrence police gathering information the school threats the body cameras are there any other things that your office does to work directly with our local police departments yes like I said we that probably the bulk of it there because we work as close to eat the clothes as we can on our cases we are going to be one of the things that I might have talked to you about many times I know you can cosign this is one of the things that we don’t have in Wayne County that I would really love to have is we don’t have the connectivity and the ability to talk directly with all of our police departments electronically it’s something that I’ve been wanting to do since 2005 and hopefully before I’m gone from this job then I hope to have that done so that’s one thing that would love to work with even more with our departments in this day and age we ought to be able to press a button and be able to talk to people immediately but different systems and different servers and different this and that and we’re not able to do that now but we talk we that’s the reason why we made these face to face visits because we wanted to find out how we can do things better sometimes in one thing that we work on constantly is sometimes police officer will bring down warrants and they’re called not in custody board so what that means is the person is not currently in custody but they they want us to issue charges so they can go arrest these people arrest them and sometimes it can be someone can be serious charges and so because of our issues that we have from time to time we have backed up boards sometimes they will call us and say you know that warrant you’ve had that not in custody warrant for months or you’ve had it for weeks and so we are really making an effort now to have better communication and I have someone 20 Guerrero who in my office whose interfaces directly with them on a regular basis they all know him I hope they all have his car by now and anytime that we have an issue that can be that has especially should they arise about anything they call to me or they email us and we try to work with them directly in and really stop any kind of issue before it becomes a bigger one sometimes they call they give us a heads-up about what’s coming it may be a case that’s been in the media it may be a case that is complicated it may be a case that is involve someone who is well-known and so we I that we have very good open communications at this point I know we’ve worked on this for years I think it’s getting better and better but again we’ve encouraged them that if any police official any please chief especially as a problem or something that we want they want us to look at they can always call us directly and Tony gets on it right away commissioner Meraki if I can add to that real quick I’m Kirk ADA I’m the police chief in Lamoni I’m also the past president of Wayne County Chiefs and this to dovetail the prosecutors comments and that we’ve got a great relationship with her office and specifically is as prosecutor mentioned Tony kwarrel isn’t there he is popped up on my screen here Tony’s at every one of our monthly meetings he’s always accessible Chris Coyle has been participating and and I know that there’s another person from the office and I just the name escapes me for the moment but we’ve enjoyed a great relationship and I and I’m confident I can speak on behalf of all the Wayne County Chiefs with prosecutor were these office and in a lot of different ways and and whether it’s a special investigations or the warrants division which is frequently what we’re we’re dealing but every now and then there’s you know there’s specific concerns and in high-profile cases that we will coordinate with the prosecutor directly through Tony or one of the special investigative units but it’s a great relationship and I mean quite frankly it’s the only way that we can really get the business done that needs to be done for the county and for our jurisdictions thank you thank you for that chief and we all know Tony – he come saw our meetings so he’s he’s around quite a bit but the next question will be by Commissioner dog Thank You commissioner here’s a question I’m gonna read from the zoom chat prosecutor worthy I have admired your work in career when I was a Wayne County resident until 2010 and now I admire your work from my new home in Minnesota being a mom of two young girls I was hoping you might have some advice or words of wisdom for a growing girl as they face pressures in school relationships work etc thank you and thank you for all you’ve done for Wayne County you know I thank you very much we miss you here in Wayne County we I have three girls I have a 22 year old I have who is a senior in in college at Wayne

State studying right now and tearing her hair out and I’ll study for the LSAT the law school adventures in interest exam and I have twin girls we’re 11 and so when I tell you I don’t like constantly like fun news is it’s tough but you know I you always try as any parent does so try to make sure that your girl has especially girls in our case that are safe you don’t want them to be a victim of an assault you don’t want them to you want them to have good character and integrity and that’s my number one goal is to have children that have good character and integrity that are good people that are hopefully honest people hopefully and we do the best we can and and I always share around what I do in an indirect way in many ways my oldest is more involved they’ve been watching me at home for the last almost what six weeks or so on some days and so they always accuse me of seeing a monster behind every corner because of what I see and what I what I do and you want to give them a sense of normalcy you don’t want them to be afraid of everything it’s just like balancing the virus you don’t want to be scared to do anything because of this virus is happening but at the same time you want them to understand the real aerials of it and it’s part of a very hard delicate balance why I say that the first thing is to make sure that you’re producing or you’re helping to raise someone who’s going to be honest and has integrity that will stand up for others that won’t be the bully of course it will be will stick up for others that are being bullied that will see good and everybody that will go out of their way to help somebody even if it’s not even if their friends are going to talk about them that’s the first thing and the main thing because I think if you have that and you have that that balance I think the way you approach life is going to be okay I was raised by a an Army colonel and a library science my mother didn’t work outside in the home at first and my father always instilled in me duty honor country and trying to do what’s right and have a good work ethic and all of that and if you can if your daughter’s can see this is my goal if they can see and like who they look at in the mirror every day I think that’s half the battle I worry about them as we all do is a much different time going up now and it was when I was growing up when I was going up not to show my age but the biggest thing that would happen would be a fight a fistfight in the schoolyard once a year and now they have all these other challenges and so we get a struggle every day to find ways to make them understand at the same time they keep not making them afraid of the world so it’s very very hard but it’s what I try to do and also have some personal honor and some personal dignity as well to respect their bodies to respect who they are to like themselves and love themselves because I think if you feel good and you love yourself that you will be less tempted down the road to get involved in negative activities so you can raise your children and you know as best you can and still some of them go astray and that it just happens and so we just cross my fingers in the mountain to the world and hope they’re going to be better people than we are thank you okay we have another question that came in through the chat and it says good evening because Kovach 19 is increased danger for DV victims what is your office doing to ensure victims safety it defendants are released on bond upon release are we confirming that the defendants have alternative housing alternative housing to be released to has there been an increase in tether usage I know you hit on some of this but there’s some new questions you know I actually have some numbers on the tether and if I can find them discreetly now but yes Timothy usage has increased greatly one thing one of many things that the Sheriff Department has done extremely well is when someone is going to be released and they have mental health issues or they have or field issues or they have oh they’re homeless we don’t just release them into the street we find residential treatment for them drug treatment a place to go if they’re very sick you know some some have been released to nursing homes and so there’s a very detailed effort to make sure the needs are net me to net needs are met as I said earlier I have opposed most people being released early if they are big submitted possessed of domestic violence and they’ll have an ultimate place to go there’s always a victim no contact order it’s made very clear with if they are at least then if they have any contact whatsoever and you see judge Kenya is very good about saying a 5-mile perimeter a 10-mile perimeter around the victim’s house where they stay because again we just can’t tolerate people going back to the same residence so we are very very careful when it comes to that again the balance is always made between the safety of the public to safety of the inmate and the people work in the jail

so it’s especially passionate about that I’ve been very very vocal about that and again that’s why we try to compile resources that we have on our Facebook page for people who need help and other issues that come about with domestic violence so and family by family violence period and so that’s always a goal but as much has been stepped up exponentially during this crisis I participated in last week with a nationwide conference a virtual conference where family violence was the main issue and I also spoke about jail releases then – and they we had experts that testified about what people should do during these times how I should be protecting our children because children are not going to school and reporting because they’re still in the home and so they’re not reporting to teachers and other people if they are been obedient that they’re being abused in the home so that’s I believe that’s gonna be up on my Facebook page they’ve released all of that and you can listen to that if you’re interested and listen to these experts were very very good from all over the country specific on family violence so and again if you have any specific questions I’m always happy for you to contact me directly and I’ll put you in touch with someone who can help great thank you madam prosecutor I have the next question and it is also real is related to mistake violence are there any legal resources for those who are suffering from domestic violence situations during the stay at home order our private protection orders being granted during this time yes and they so there’s a whole and they don’t I don’t have an information with me I’m sorry but again that’s on our Facebook page and certainly we can provide to each commissioner the information on personal protection personal protection orders and PPOs they are doing those remotely and so that has not been forgotten and they are still available and they have made some changes to make it easier for people to get to Trista protection orders especially during this time and again I can provide all that information it is on my Facebook page but also we can provide that information if your particular interested I don’t have the details I don’t know who the judges on that rotation I don’t have the details right now but I know I have a prosecutor specifically assigned to that and this participating need to remove here so yes you can still do that during these particular times but you just won’t be doing it in person and we’ve had we’ve had some cases I don’t know with PPOs but I know what some other cases we’ve had people victims though actually directly to the police department where we have talked to them remotely about their specific issues okay thank you the next question is once the courts are reopened how does your office plan to allocate and prioritize resources and cases yes we that’s that’s gonna be you know I you know you have to think about that and we think about that daily that’s gonna be really hard it’s gonna be nightmarish really because not only have we not done any trials and rightfully so since March the beginning of March we still have all those trials to do we have to do jury trials we have right now we’re seeing at first we were saying our more requests go down now we’re seeing them increase quite a bit I don’t think I said this but my office does anywhere between 18,000 and 20,000 warrants a year and so that includes misdemeanors and felonies and all that and so 20,000 a year and which is just unheard of and so we are seeing now police departments come back come back for speed and so getting many more warrant requests close to the levels that we were getting before this virus and so we have all that to deal with plus all the ones the police department didn’t bring to us during this virus that they’re beginning to bring now so we are going to be woefully overwhelmed and so we’re doing the best we can to prepare for that again working with not only the Third Circuit Court and how the normal court relations are going to be resumed and just Kennedy the chief judge has been very good about that including us in the plans and but we also have the district courts that we have the 25-plus district courts that we have in the county the third is to support in in in Detroit and the 35th where you are in 35th and so where you are and so we have we have to deal with all that that they are I’m going to go back to full operations so we are working on all of that as people across the country are so matter of fact I’m gonna be participating this Friday in a another webinar presentation on how we’re gonna do all that where we’re doing like I said we’re doing some bond hearings and some other type of hearings remotely right now we have we have started doing I think we’ve had one or two remotely Maneri examinations and for those who may not know that’s the first in court phase we the police bring us a warrant and if it warrants the charge their issue goes to the district court for arraignment on the warrant and then there’s the exam that takes place in district court and the examination and then a trial it’s a hearing just to determine if there’s enough evidence to look for the case to go forward and then

it goes over goes to Third Circuit Court and so we just recently did an exam remotely and remember we have victims we have police officers we have witnesses we have exhibits and everything so we we had a one of my prosecute sharing I was able to do one remotely but it’s a lot of front work front end work she worked very hard on that and so we’re gonna be doing a lot of that we do have some defendants I am beginning to hear it will not commit to doing an A exam bye-bye zoom or by remotely so we have to work on that so there’s a lot that’s gonna happen coming from all areas at the same time we’re gonna have to somehow get ready for it and somehow bringing just as many because a process that has to do a responsibility not just to her the people that say Michigan because we reppin the people but the people also includes defendants and we have to make sure that they have their due process rights as well and so it’s gonna be very very very difficult but we’re we think we’re up to the challenge and we just have the equipment we use need the equipment and the resources to do so thank you I got the knot I’ve got the next question here’s your office been working on any price gouging cases brought on by the pandemic no we have been doing the best been mainly the attorney general’s office dana nestle we haven’t done any of those cases she’s taking a real interest in those cases and as really invested and passionate about those cases as well great um this is kind of an unusual question how is the constitutional right to a speedy trial then affected by a pandemic is the rape in temporarily suspended during the time the courts are closed or how does that work it hasn’t been suspended per se but again this is new for everybody we have taken we take our most of our dictation most of our guys from the Michigan Supreme Court along with our judges in the third step in our Third Circuit Court so again I’m sure that we’ll be seeing those challenges in the future but for right now we have to be cannot subject people to a virus that can kill and so we have to make sure that we are protected that everybody’s protected and those are certainly going to be issues that are raised later on okay um I have a question and I know that you you spoke about prisoners being released from the county jails so I and I apologize if you already addressed prisoners being released from the state prisons but this this question is regarding that issue has your office been letting prisoners prisoners from the state prisons out because of kovat 19 if so how many and what are the criteria you used to make these determination my office doesn’t have that kind of jurisdiction the it’s completely been the purp with it within the purview of the mission Department of questions about whether someone’s going to be released early we have so it we don’t have any saying that at all and you do the courts so it’s strictly their decision of who they want to parole I do know there’s been a real concern about the covert outbreaks in the prisons and so they have been very concerned about that as well and we’ve certainly we don’t have the death toll in Michigan we certainly don’t want anybody that’s gone to prison to die in prison because of the virus and so we have to have a different way of looking at things now but again Public Safety has to be measured and so what has happened is that we started getting in early April these waiver letters and what that means is we would get a letter it was a form letter from the Michigan Department of Corrections that was emailed and sometimes we get to it today sometimes we get 20 or 30 a day and the form letters were the same they had the name in the and the offense in the letter and basically we’re writing to us saying that there’s this particular prison was going to be paroled that that decision had already been made and they wanted us to waive the 28 days which we have by law to get them out earlier and so in most cases we cannot waive because these are strictly people according to admission Department corrections where they did not have any victim information they did not have any way to contact the victims to let them know that they’re there either they’re the person that was convicted of the crime with a victim is being released and so if they did have that information they would call or contact each victim but one if they don’t have an information they leave it to us to do and so we certainly had to take that time to find and was still in this process to find the victim to let them know that the person for example that killed their loved one for example was gonna be let out of prison no you don’t wanna get that call from a very petrified victim this as I just saw the person that raped my daughter walking down Elm Street and so so certainly why

we understand why it’s happening we we want everybody to be safe to be treated humanely whether they committed a crime or not I feel very strongly about that but about the same so can we have we have we certainly the victim of that crime has every right to know what is happening with the person that abused them or or whatever so we have taken the time in most of those cases to find the victims we have been successful at some and not at others because again you can imagine that the person has been in prison for murder they’ve been there for decades sometimes sometimes and so we don’t know where the victim is but we try every operative them every difference and try to find the victims so we’ve been recently contacted by our statewide prospect organization the prosecuted Attorneys Association mission was contacted by a representative from the mission Department of Correction and she pulled she pushed this information down to us saying that they no longer gonna do that because we would we also we the elected prosecutor across the state raised a lot of concerns are they being tested before they released what’s going on with that what are their health conditions things like that that we don’t know that only they know so the last that I heard as we continue to look for the victims on the almost 175 letters that we receive that this overhead of 75 letters we you see in Wayne County that they are no longer going to ask us to waive that time because they’re going to take that time themselves to test the people who are being released etc so that’s the latest information I have but we have no decision I’m no jurisdiction or no decision making them who’s gonna be released at all it’s completely the Michigan Department of Corrections okay great thank you and this will be the last question and you you touched on this about the crime increase especially with the domestic violence in the drag-racing is there any other crimes increases that you’ve seen specific ones you know I haven’t really taken that’s something that will be will be taking the time to do later but risks we’re just trying to keep them everybody afloat right now anybody safe right now it has any any part of the criminal justice system so I haven’t taken time to do those numbers my staff hates it when I send out the yearly an email that says okay this is the annual report I want all the stats I want this and like that but what’s happening for 2020 so the last ones we had we didn’t even come we were in the process of completing our any reports between nineteen when and we had to suspend those because we do those a person may have presentations etc and so it’s gonna be a different kind of year and clean 21 I asked him to give me that information so I don’t have it now but I do know that they especially in the Family Violence area I do know that the battalion that I’ve seen over the last couple of months has just been and I’ve been I’m doing this for a long long time I mean I was a assistant prosecutor for almost 11 years I was on the bench for nine on the Lincoln Circuit Court and I’ve been doing this for just 2004 and so I’ve seen a lot as you can imagine and the stuff that we’re seeing now in some of these family violence cases is just beyond the things I’ve seen before the brutality it reminds me when we had other things that happen that caused the crime so that’s pretty scary it’s pretty scary so we’re dealing with all of that as well so do I know the exact numbers are do I know exactly how many more domestic violence cases we have or how many homicides they have no I don’t but that’s something that we’ll be collecting later on well thank you I think we’re gonna wrap it up now thank you ma’am prosecutor for taking the time out of your very busy day of not only working but homeschooling your children to hold this town hall with a job and I we so appreciate this you’re a very popular elected official and I’m sure the public who are on this meeting right now so enjoyed hearing from you I know when you appear before the Wayne County Commission all of us enjoy getting your updates and explanations and you know every year a budget tab we’re all rooting for you to get the get the things that you need I also want to thank our staff here today that put this Town Hall on Dominica gagney Grace and Francesca Commissioner Doug and I really appreciate that to the public who have joined us tonight thank you for tuning in this town hall like was mentioned before in