Subnautica – 100% Achievement Guide with Developer Commands. Under 1 Hour to Complete.

hey yo how’s it going I am assassin ty I am playing subnautica an xbox one ex and in this video I will show you a realistic guide to unlocking all the achievements for this game it should take you roughly 30 minutes to an hour to complete so let’s jump right in and get started you will want to start a new game and select freedom mode I’m going to use admin and developer commands to speed up the process of completing this game one of the big reasons for this game taking up time will be loading screens I won’t be cutting out loading screens or anything in this video to show you on average how long it will take to unlock all the achievements for this game now one thing to note the achievements won’t unlock immediately but once you finish the game everything will unlock three-two-one now once the game starts you can go to the fire extinguisher and put the fire out I decided to input the admin and developer commands first it really doesn’t matter whichever you decide to do first when you’re ready press Start to pause the game and then press the left and right bumper at the same time this will give us a new option on the pause screen developer select developer and under the commands tab select explode ship no cost damage oxygen fast build fast hatch unlocked doors and infect 50 go back and select the give tab and give yourself the habitat builder and give yourself an ion crystal pause again go back into developer select the give tab and give yourself another ion crystal now pause the game and press the left and right bumpers and a at the same time this may take several tries but if done correctly you will open up the developer commands once you have it open type in the command unlock all pause and opened the developer commands again lb RB and a at the same time and type in the command fix leaks all one word again open the developer command lvovna at the same time and type in the command item cute fish egg now if you followed me and didn’t put out the fire grab the fire extinguisher and put it out you have suffered minor head trauma this is considered an optimal outcome this

PDA has now rebooted in emergency mode with one directive to keep you alive on an alien world please refer to the databank for detailed survival advice good lucks now head to the fabricator select resources advanced materials and then hatching enzymes once you’re done that go back and select deployables and mobile vehicle bait once it finishes fabricating it will be automatically added to your inventory now pause select developer teleport and teleport to wreck one when you’re in the water deploy the mobile vehicle Bay it will float to the surface swim to the surface and get on the vehicle Bay once on the vehicle bait use it to make the semen xed use the vehicle bay to make the Cyclops can suggest this biome supports extensive biodiversity and connects to a number of small kV networks after that you will want to make the prong suit when you’re done making those vehicles use the vehicle Bay select the second option Neptune escape rocket and build the Neptune launch platform when the platform is built climb the ladder to get onto the platform and head for the central controls and begin constructing the Neptune gantry next construct the neptune boosters once that’s done construct the Neptune fuel reserve

detecting increased foreign bacteria levels in the water performing yourselves and finally construct the Neptune cockpit Nachi one rocket online when you’re done head back into the water and go all the way down to the bottom of the ocean passing 100 meters when you’re down there use your habitat builder to build a multi-purpose room next build a hatch for the multi-purpose room and then enter once inside you’re going to want to use your habitat builder move two tabs to the right and build the alien containment you’ll want to build a hatch for it as well I messed up and deconstructed it if you mess up like I did with any of these builds just build it again when you’re finished enter the alien containment press back to open up your inventory find the creature egg press RT to drop it and wait for it to hatch once the egg hatches catch the cuttlefish exit the alien containment and then exit the multi-purpose room press back to open your inventory select the cuttlefish and press R teeth to drop it in the water back out of your inventory quickly and interact with the cull fish and say farewell by pressing RT when that’s done press Start go to developer and teleport to base one if things don’t lo it up just try reloading the level now this area is a little dark but in this base you’ll see an entrance once you get to the ground level go inside and on the right you will see an abandoned PD a storm read it or listen to it if you want I picked up the second PDA in this area

although it’s not necessary integrating new video data when ready teleport to base 2 if it doesn’t load just load the level again once loaded swim to the right and find an opening in the base enter it and head to the left until you see a ladder find the ladder to the top and on your right you will see a PDA stalk our teeth read it or listen to it if you want predatory life-forms detecting an artificial structure somewhere in the region integrating new PDL data once you’re ready teleport to beast 3 same ideas before if it doesn’t load up after some time reload the area when it’s loaded you’ll be on top of the base swim around and find an open hatch enter it it may be dark if it’s nighttime but inside you will find a ladder heading down to the lower level of the base in there you’ll find your next PD a risk-taking read it or listen to it if you want upda data when you’re ready you’re going to want the teleports to the next area which is called gun same ideas before if it doesn’t load on your first try load it again when it’s loaded head to the controls in front of the face press Start go to developer and give yourself the precursor keys after some quick dialogue insert the tablet and then enter the base you’re going to want to follow the halls down to the end it’s a long walk so if you want to run you can click in the left thumbstick no matches found in database performing structural analysis select the data terminal to obtain the file translation once that’s done press Start and teleport to the Lost River base

passing 100 meters oxygen efficiency decrease once again reloaded if it doesn’t load off you oxygen efficiency now turn to the right and you’ll see a bass enter it and allow the dialogue to finish detecting an alien broadcast analysis Reeves and caution hazardous materials and life-form has contained within interior walls in this section are substantially reinforced indicating the designers were seeking either to keep something out or contain it within whatever their intention it clearly failed as soon as the dialogue is complete pause and teleports of the lava castle base now this one is loaded on the first try I’ll be it slow if it doesn’t load you guessed it reload the level on this level we will want to swim above and around the base it is unknown what exactly unlocks his achievement but the best tips out there is swim around and above the base they say to swim around 20 to 30 seconds I decided to swim a little bit longer just in case when you’re ready teleports of the aquarium now this level takes time to load up so just be patient and wait it will load you up inside the aquarium and you will have a conversation with an alien creature once it’s done it’ll swim away and you’re finish this level now they’re gone and instead we have you we are curious whether you swims with the current or fight against it as they do once the alien creature swims away you can pause and teleport to the next level incubator reload it if it doesn’t work on your first load you you’ll find yourself near some eggs go to the cube and insert the ion king of them and then interact with the incubator to hatch the eggs when the eggs hatch turn around and head up the structure that’s behind you head up until you reach a pile of sand blocking the way the aliens will blow it away exposing another queue to take insert the ion cube and it’ll

open up a portal don’t go through it instead turn around and wait the alien offspring will be swimming through it soon as they do they will be dropping these yellow blobs of enzymes swim up to one of them and grab do you I kept this secret willingly my young are swimming for the shallows I thank you their freedom is my end what will it be like I wonder to go to sleep perhaps next we meet I will be an ocean current carrying seeds to a new level creatures so small it sees the gaps between their grains of sand farewell when you’re all done pause and teleport to the next level gun terminal it’s near the bottom of the list you this level takes 30 seconds or so to load up if it takes longer than 60 seconds reload it once it loads turn around and head up the ramp to the terminal interact with the terminal and once the interaction is complete the lights will go off when all goes dark teleport back to the start which is the level wreck one give everything a moment if things don’t load up reload swim to the surface and climb the ladder of the Neptune launch platform once on the launch platform heads to the elevator and take it straight to the top of the rocket now once at the top there are three things you’ll need to do once you enter the rocket go to the left and interact with the auxiliary power unit then interact with the communications array and lastly interact with the hydraulic system once you’ve done all three climb the ladder go to your left and interact with the

primary CPU to boot it up on the opposite side of the room is the life-support system interact with it to turn it on when you’re finished turn to the left to see the time capsule before interacting with it take a screenshot by clicking in the right thumbstick once you’ve done that interact with the time capsule you’ll need to do three things put in an item a screenshot and a message pick any item from your inventory it really doesn’t matter next pick the screenshot that you just created and for your message put in whatever you want here’s a little message from Razor Ramon hey yo back out of the time capsule press Start and save the game once you save you will see a saving game icon in the top left corner wait for it to fully save and to know it’s fully saved the icon shouldn’t be there anymore when the saving game icon is gone and the game is fully saved press Start and quit the game press start to load up the game this can take three minutes so you just got to be patient perhaps now is a time for a pee break you you you when the game loads up load your saved file and when it gets to around 40% loaded achievement should start the pop for you all systems are go just to make sure everything was done correctly check your achievements to see that you have 15 out of 17 if you have this you did everything correctly

now sit in the seat and launch the rocket doing this will unlock the last two achievements of the game completing 17 out of 17 launched in ten nine one time capsule Jefferson roshun approaching orbital debris field [Applause] orbital debris field clear performing gravity turn maneuver confirm destination coordinates barest interstellar phase gate engaging ion averseness and three two one what is a wave without the oceans a beginning without an end they are different but they go together now you go among the stars in eyes we are different but we go together overall subnautica was a very good game very fun very quick if you play with the admin and developer commands it definitely goes a lot quicker but still a fun game thank you very much for taking the time to watch my guide if you have any questions please leave a comment if you liked the video please like it share it subscribe to my channel and follow and I will see you next time thank you very much take care [Applause] [Applause] you

welcome home to all terror permission to land will be granted once you have settled your outstanding balance of one trillion credits