Wow all right folks we’re back and we’re live once again you are listening to be on sight and sound metal detecting treasure hunting radio for you they always valued and appreciated listener and it looks like we’ve already got people popping into the chat oh let’s see here I see Greg him striker sukhiya sing coolbeans beer barrel SQ engineer shout out gym down there in Florida’s onesies in the house why he’s always in the house yeah got quite a few people and he has been able to make it the dirt bandit is back with us tonight how is it going Kenny man I am glad to be back and I you know I want to just let everybody know it has been a black cloud on Wednesday nights for the Bandit of course I had some traveling we had some sickness a little bit on myself but last week don’t say light and don’t strike twice because it does i watch my modem going pieces little mr. Benson’s overhears freaking out DirecTV went and that was it but I am back lighting strikes twice tonight they better give me the first time because I’m not going anywhere Oh lightning is striking shoutout to home finder in the house and ring finder appears in the chat nice ring finder swansea Sookie Craig striker or swans man Reese wine is ring finder is just about been gone almost as long as you Kenny do you know what I think he’s sneaking off somewhere and probably diggings relics and just kind of maybe keeping it to yourself I don’t know he’ll remark on that in a minute that’s a good possibility and talking about people in the house the presence is strong with detect America tonight yes gotta bail out our troops home tuned in awesome got the double shot going on beyond sight and sound with WNL following and obviously has listeners can hear you should recognize that voice it is none other than Frank loafer go low detect America how is it going Frank it’s going good going good it’s beach season so uh we’re up earlier now hitting the sand welcome to the show my friends thank you thank you very much guys yes definitely welcome to the show we appreciate you taking the time to sit down and discuss this interesting topic of electrolysis tonight and for the listeners who saw the promo one lucky listener could be walking away with a detective merica in series he let corrales this year you’re kidding man you don’t get any better man you come on and it’s it’s everything that you need to get yourself started you know um with a small packet of mix for the brine solution as well as some carbon bits and pieces and the unit itself all you need is to get out there and find the relic that you want to try and preserve and grab yourself some power that’s right but first I gotta register on be on site and Salas to this Joe that’s all it takes yeah it doesn’t get much easier than that really but that’s alright nothing wrong with that I guess Lissa let’s start out letting those who may not realize your background in electrolysis Frank maybe give them a rundown how long you’ve been in the hobby and how long you have been involved with electrolysis because you have been involved in it quite extensively i detecting 29 and a half years april sixth of 86 I can’t remember that so about 87 or 88 a friend of mine showed me an article on and i believe it was popular mechanics and may have been popular science about gentleman who had built a rudimentary electrolysis unit using a dust buster and I Wow instantly built one and it worked great current everything orange but it worked awesome so from there it peaked my interest has been my pet project since then I started digging as a specialist for University of Pennsylvania Brown 2003-2004 and we just started I’ve kept bringing into conversations in that period of time the college’s the museum’s had gone away from it they had used electrolysis in the late 60s early 70s they used it because it was a tremendous stabilizing

you know medium but as their preservation methods got better they didn’t like the color and he’s going to have coins let me know basically they all heard the same color never orangey color and they kind of went away with this so it became my pet project the University of Pennsylvania and I’m sorry so all my coin collectors who are going to kill me but they funded several thousands of coins and I’m talking from 17th century through modern day that we experimented with we would cook them we would cut him in half we definitely destroyed many many many coins but where we’re at today with our basically our electrolysis Bible is probably the furthest we’ve come along and doing it properly maintaining color and if you can’t maintain the color because you have to preserve it first we are learning now how if you bring that color back to it so much to the point where we’ve actually got several Doug coins carded not because we were trying to beat the carding companies but because we needed to see you know that we were right we were right with the color we were right you just how good oh no yeah so I mean I’m in a 25 26 years and experimenting and developing with the college for good 10 12 years now wow that’s awesome you know there’s a lot of new detectorists you would be surprised because I’ve seen it you mentioned electrolysis to them they’re kind of like what they think that you just made a insult to their hairline you know I like no man it’s good that we have these shows like this to talk about this josh is actually talked about having an electrolysis topic for a long time and Frank man you’re the right one for this show we appreciate it they’ve been some of our most lively shows that we’ve had here that put it that way well and really electrolysis is an intriguing subject for four people in the Hobby some people are very confused of it because of the terminology some people out there get their terminology mixed up and then next thing you know you’ve your cooking your your coin or your button the wrong way you know what Josh and we we specifically as we develop this and we started putting out the videos not that you know we have the right to change the terminology but we’re trying to streamline the terminology negative and positive is based on your power source as opposed to thyroid a who would take the negative lead off of a battery source and that would change to a positive lead in the tank we try to stay as basic we want to make this as easy to understand as as it could possibly be and and take away the lot of wives tales that come along with with this stuff exactly and I think you guys have done a very good job in that aspect i’ve read the PDF files on the detectives I about the the electrolysis units proper way to use it you know and and you’ve explained it very well and even on the units everything is clearly marked nothing’s confusing right I mean you even mark it i believe the the the actual negative post on the electrolysis unit isn’t necessarily marked as you know it cathode anode negative anything like that a smart coin and we were we were marking them we were marking them anode and cathode and then I wish I could remember her name she’s a longtime member of attack America she was the one who brought the thyroid day article out and said well this is wrong so that point on we changed it no more anode cathode it is coin and it is cat or catalyst right I think that definitely alleviates a lot of confusion for people right and you know Josh I’m sorry go ahead guys listeners check Frank’s videos out because I watched a couple of them all ago they’re very informative it got any questions I’m sure he’s easy to find we’ll get to that at the end of the show but you know do your homework we were talking earlier there’s a trick to electrolysis I mean there’s a right there do’s and don’ts pros and cons you know try your metals out first novice metals don’t put a button in your first time and say well let’s see how that’s going to work do your homework a week we tell everybody it almost sounds counterproductive but when you’re when you’re starting off when you’re doing your own experimentation and we encourage it you know what that’s that’s how that’s how we learn that’s how where we’re going with this is going to develop but everybody prizes there they’re silver coins you know and nobody wants to touch the silver point and the fact the matter is guys if you have silver coins they’re the safest thing that you can experiment

with your not to karna [ __ ] you’re not going to bring all your going to do is clean you don’t even have to stabilize over it never gets unstable but if you have silver to play with that’s the safest don’t go throw-in your your half cents in there don’t go throwing don’t start all trying to cook a copper start off with and don’t ever try to cook you know to start off with nickels yo yo nickels are very very difficult yeah at 25 years I’m trying to come up with a formula one hundred percent of time for nickels and i’m at about ten percent of the time at nickel yeah you you never seem to know which way it’s gonna turn one time it could be good and you say hey that worked great let’s do it again and then you look at and gold god what happened that’s by no longer honest a number one question is always Echols and it’s just problem with nickels are that it’s the phenomenon of electrolysis that can turn a nickel out of your voltage it doesn’t matter your amperage doesn’t matter your catalyst metal your brine solution the process can and and we’ll turn it yeah seventy-five percent of time right and if you not when it’s messed up save it show your buddy because guys save him I had something else too I got tarheel digging here in a chat I’m he wants to know how can we purchase a DA electrolysis kit is there a website website is detect dash america.com the store is on their their units are on their however anybody that wants to purchase one of our units and listening to the show tonight don’t go to the website contact go to the website look at what we have their contact me through my p.m. and you guys again twenty percent off it period them or you know won’t we it’s as if we don’t make them we don’t sell them to get rich it’s never the case the ugly box as we call them came into existence simply because we were cutting the prices we did it at one time the exact same kind of units in a real pretty prefab box and the price was four times as high so that’s why we went to we call it the ugly box just for that reason and we’ll take twenty percent of off whatever the prices are in the website God do they need rice and something in that message to know for you to know that they’re coming from the broadcast tell tell me in that message that you listen to Josh Ashok and we’ll take care of you nice well you know what that’s your new logo now if you want we don’t sell him to get rich we sell him to preserve history that’s right that’s it it was never it was never about trying to make a million bucks song electrolysis cuz if that was the case I’d be bankrupt long time ago right and really I must say I do have one of the DA electrolysis units and really they’re not that ugly I’m go better with my a production you know when you watch the transfer over to the stainless it gets prettier it you know as it goes you know as something else Frank I got a question for you I got a buddy of my own certain buttons i just i’m not an expert at it you know like you are but I know how I know what I’m kind of doing but what I have found is I have a buddy it works at a certain plant and I use hydrochloric one to remove ground action on a lot of buttons I find it to be effective just your take on that if you’ve heard of that have you ever used it we have we have guys that will use a type of hydrochloric acid some of these guys will use Tarn X which is a derivative I’ll even even concentrated acidic acid but here’s my problem this is my mantra I like I said we are not the electrolysis police when it comes to artifacts I’m pulling an artifact out of the ground the most that we’re going to do to polish that artifact is we will if it’s a button we will brush it very gently during the process wet with brass brush I’m not looking to take out the scratches and I anything that is petroleum-based anything that is acidic like the rule of thumb that we teach our students is that if there’s acid in the name don’t use it on something you want to keep the problem is that if you can’t completely remove that acid right you have to be able to stop the process or exact OPP problem is that many types of acid will impregnate the metal immediately on contact and even if you were to sterilize this thing even if you were to scrub this thing you can’t stop the impregnation and that process can’t be reversed so even though there are acids that will completely dissolve a way that will completely evaporate away they won’t leave residue now we’re into the into the weight never trying to separate 10,000 different kinds of acids there’s more bad ones out there than there are good ones so it becomes dangerous for us to try and say guys this is always a good one as well this effect that we want with the process we develop and and the acids we kind of put to the wayside

when you come to historic artifact a story i’m using it because if if I got stuff going on and like with the electrolysis this stuff I I watched the guy use it it worked what it does the hydrochloric nightsky the 101 is key that’s the number and what it does all I do with that is I put it in for 10 15 20 second I long it takes all it takes off is the ground action that’s all I’m trying to that’s my goal is that yours a proud action you’re talking about surface anomalies are you talking about patent ization are you talking about dirt this service anomalies anything you know if it was let’s say it was around some iron for example got some iron a little bit iron on it the hard pack that’s on there it a clean it off and it does a pretty good job i’ll try to post a couple of buttons to you later about that but they liked Rallis is by far the the way to go when it’s done right yeah and it’s not a fast process in fact the the new the end series that we developed there is specifically designed to slow the process the the emag that we put in which which was a big development with us at the college because faraday himself said you can’t create an electric magnet on a DC Circuit and the fact the matter is that we kind of found a way to do that and it doesn’t really harm the voltage it only arrests the the average and this is going to no matter what bolted you’re putting into it it’s going to hinder the amperage and create a slower process so are there chemicals out there that you can put on this thing it’s going to clean it quickly absolutely the run there’s a ton of chemicals out there that acquainted quickly but from where we approached electrolysis where we approach and and if I was to go to one of the museum’s that have our units and say we’re going to try this acid no matter how safe this as it is we’re done with them we are we are built a rebuilding rich now to the to the people who used to use it and have condemned it and now we’re trying to bring it back so it’s it’s a very tip toe around situation of what we say and and how we approach cleaning their artifacts for and that’s outstanding and you can tell by how you’re talking to you know its input the listeners get yourself electrolysis learn how to use it hook up with Frank because in the end that’s the way you want to preserve your history and I just want to say one thing because there are Darren listen if naysayers out there one of the criticisms we get is oh you guys are trying to sell electrolysis units that’s why go to the YouTube page guys matter of fact there’s a link i just posted on the page it’s detect America’s basic safe electrolysis it is a one % free if you don’t have you know you don’t have to buy a safe electrolysis unit we get you good point you don’t even show them how to build it exactly we we fill the ones that sell them once those who don’t want to go through the hassle of building yet but the directions to build a safe free electrolysis unit is on the page right or those I mean that shows you right there you’re not in it to make money lied to preserve the history the correct way right speaking of preserving history the correct way another person very passionate about the history Dave wise is in the house I see that tasty Dave Oh in Swansea searcher says please let me know when the phones are open he has a question well Swansea knows he can call anytime and for those interested to call in number is 4 195 495 744 also if you’re in the live chat look up above at the top of the screen and you’ll see the number there outstanding another thing I think we should probably touch on real quick is that it is key amperage is your enemy all right when it comes to electrolysis big time and that that’s the biggest misconception that people have they made you know don’t you can you can almost I won’t say completely but you can almost disregard what the voltage is because if you can get a hundred volts into a tank at no a half a million five hundred milliamps god bless you you’re going to get the job done more efficiency to higher the voltage actually the better the problem is getting voltages with extremely low amperage is that’s the biggest deal and I’ve got right yo i’m runnin a battery charger well you know what when you’re doing larger iron artifacts you’re you’re safe for doing that than others but just as an example of what we do we have a short can in the general uh from General Lee’s army log up the Monterey pass pennsylvania in a i think it is fifteen hundred gallon tank 1700 gallon tank and we’re rerunning 9 volts at three quarters of 1 amp and that’s what we’re poking that cannon whip now how

long if you been cooking that that canon has been in out in out for the better part of three years that’s at nine volts yeah now in vault at three quarters of an amp now we run we’re doing the experiment with it we’ve been doing an experiment for past year where we built a a series of timers which will kick on and kick off and kick the amperage up again kick the Edwards back to the water voltage I’m sorry pick the goal back up kick the bolts back down and what we’re finding is that staggering effect is actually going a long way and peeling off some of the heavy debris it’s a bronze cannon and a lot of people think God’s the precious metal Franz is probably the biggest pain the butt that there is but they’re so far just seemed to be working pretty good with it ah you know what any take three years it may take another one but that can is gonna look good and it’s going your back the college acquired it after some painstaking work we acquired it from the ATF who immediately seized it because there’s numbers on it and the Monterey pass is just about through the process of becoming a national park and once they do and we are finished with this cannon it will be part of the National Park now do you on your iron whether it’s cannonballs can anything like that you do you wax them afterwards be at the key phrase you said the key phrase I get asked this all the time and guys tell me that they like paraffin wax after the fact it doesn’t matter as long as it’s been processed prior to I personally don’t wax it because no matter what you do with iron the surface most layer of the iron is going to start to patent eyes again and if I skillet with wax what happens is you you contain that’d be great and eventually it may take a hundred years but eventually it’s going to start to pop through and when it pops through the wax is because it lacks is airtight it’s going to cause more damage now may not even cause it in your lifetime but the prostitute for that process is there potential is there aller we’re buying by Swan sorry go ahead as outdoor light good i wants have to do anybody I’m door good I got a question for you sure I senior electrolyze for electrolysis with rudder chance and coppers and things like that I was about a corporal with a base metals already exposed without causing the extra damage swazi I couldn’t hear what you what kind of a target you were talking about like a Motorhead said fill up a couple out for the baseball garbage boat here’s here’s a deal with a large set and I tell everybody not every coin that comes out of the ground is a candidate for electrolysis depending on the detail if you pull a large cent out of the ground this thing says suckers been in the ground for 150 years huh whatever years and you have tremendous detail left on it you can see even if it’s covered with dirty but you know that there’s tremendous detail left on this thing I would clean it gentle soap and water and I would not electrolysis it point the copper strikes and bronze strikes like a half set you can tell the condition of the core of that coin specifically by the detail that’s on that coin if it’s got a ton of detail if it’s not flaking anyplace and turning the powder to the touch that coin is probably not needed to go into an electrolysis tank if the detail is gone if you get that crusty finish that seems to be adhere to the surface of that large set then cook it because it doesn’t matter even even if don’t worry about the color to begin with worry about the stabilization that coin is what we call what we critical mass breakdown it will reach a point underground where you cannot reverse the process unless you have external forces and cleaning it and soaking it in olive oil and encoding it with whatever is it’s not going to do it but the process is slow always start your large steps off at five point five volts which is I say five point five volts because it’s the easiest power pack to get a hold of your cell phone chargers five and a half volts very very low always try and cook it with carbon to start off with carbon will not plate carbon does not produce noxious gases and it will simply clean and stabilize the core from there depending on the color hey that’s what we have the videos for you can tweak the color if you have to if you have to shock this sucker do to save it and it turns out are just color coppers great because you can always bring the color back on copper but you can’t always save it if it’s too far gone through a little disappointed actually caught if it’s cut correct but if you’re gonna if you find a web leg you learn larger than nature and that’s cut in half for currency and get more of a candidate to get ruined because they close metal is already there or this is really good absolutely not that in fact that that cut coin is going to go through the process faster because the core is exposed the idea

remember we don’t you don’t care about the surface when you’re first starting electrolysis the surface is the least of your problems you need to get the electrolysis through the center of the coin that’s where that coin is breaking down that’s why everything the molecular bond of that coin is falling apart you need to re-energize that so if that coin is cut in half you’ve got a direct path right through the center that coin which is going to cut probably cut your electrolysis time in half alright I hope you really know what I was about right well I tell you what guys you can listen to frank talk you already know by now he knows exactly what he’s talking about and you know there’s certain questions when i asked a question Frank if it’s not from the chat it’s from people I talk to you before right and there’s different ones the amp is an issue because you got to be careful even with a bayonet um really to me I want it to look gold but if it needs some work I mean what condition is that real like when you pull it out of the graph that bayonet is already pretty much tore to pieces in your opinion you know because I look at it and I’m like man if I put that in there I may lose the tip I may lose the back end of it because it’s already chewed I mean in your opinion how do you handle that issue well and this is a big-time argument that we have with the museum especially at the college level museum especially the colleges in Pennsylvania because we have so much Civil War Revolutionary War history bayonets and old can of balls and things along those lines come in quite a bit here’s here’s my point if that tip of that bayonet has pitted and rotted to the point where it’s falling off remember how thin that is relative rest of that bayonet well because that tip the core of that bayonet and if you it’s reaching critical mass breakdown which means that once it’s hit the oxygen once it’s been removed from the ground the oxygen is accelerating the process so even if you don’t want to clean it even if you’re not looking to make it look new the absolute cleaning and coloring of artifacts and coins is second completely second to the stabilization you can run it in short bursts for you know 15 20 times not really changing the color but you’re stabilizing the core it’s still going to look old and and if you’re doing the burst shorted up you’re almost not really taking off the patent ization either but the electricity going to the core that thing is the most important thing that’s going to make it last another 150 years for you if you don’t do it and that thing is continually rusting away it’s doing the same thing on the thicker parts of that bayonet on the interior on the cord that’s what you have to stop so we’ve got a lot of them where they look they still look great they still look old they still have rust on them because we didn’t cook it long enough to clean the surface we only cook it long enough to get it through the core all right good great great answer that this is stuff that you know I had a buddy mine it found a bayonet and it was it was curved there’s a lot of theories about that saw me to put it through the belts if they had to drag you know the wounded or the dead some of them work for hanging pot here’s yeah potholders whatever the fact its history the same as a bullet or anything else right he electrolysis it his and when he took it out it was a shame I mean it was basically destroyed and to to be in the ground that line it makes me I I get pretty serious about it because I am big and passionate about preserving this history well this is this [ __ ] sweet color wise or did it fall apart on them and just fell apart and and here here’s the thing and I tell this a lot of people pay attention to those who are preaching the right way of billing this because it’s very very simple to hook an anode a cathode up in reverse and if you hook an anode to cathode up reverse it’s gone if they’re hooked up properly the target doesn’t lose any molecules of any kind it only gains them and recharges the existing ones now you can change colors if you’re going too fast with it if you have either if you’re using the wrong catalyst the battle but if it’s hooked up properly and low low voltage low amperage it’s not going to fall apart if that thing fell apart you accelerated that what we call the decrepit to faster that was already happened that’s basically what I told him it was a shame that the part that actually hooks onto the musket right you know at least preserve that reason I’m asking these questions listeners man I’m telling you if you’re starting out electrolysis and you don’t have the knowledge you’re going to mess up it’s just it’s an edible so even when you’re trying stuff out i was telling Frank and Josh earlier gives up just a piece of brass get whatever and do some experiments with it and we encourage that play with whatever doesn’t listen if you got an old matchbox car play with anything that you’ve got that the process is going to be the same and matter of fact the more

junk you play with the more you’re going to learn and become more confident and competent when it comes to dealing with something that actually has some intrinsic value to exist so you could just down to assign some mistakes along the way but that’s how we learn but I don’t like I don’t want people to get scared away a lot of people get scared away electrolysis guys has been around for five thousand years that’s the most amazing thing to me when I when I started playing with this stuff to learn to figure out that that Egyptians know three to five thousand years ago somehow figured out how to put vinegar and a gourd and and a base metal in there and create an electric circuit that’s brilliant enough but then to figure out they could go plate stuff with that thing 5,000 years ago is amazing to me the process is easy the process is basic it’s found in nature the tweaking of it we remember we’re not we’re not doing a natural process we are applying a natural process to man-made items so we want to make them beautiful barb you point so the speaking is where it’s hard the process anybody can do it now positive negative into a saltwater circuit and you’ve got electrolysis the problem is with the ancillary stuff is well kill you or or win the day then basically what it comes down to is your transferring action you’re transferring ground action and so on without breaking the molecular structure yeah you’re you’re yanam fine too real art the only the recent stuff rust the reason stuff breaks down in the ground and falls apart because the electrical bond that held it together for so many years is weakening it’s falling apart you don’t have that molecular bond did you can’t hold together your bayonet or your calling or whatever it’s going to start rusting and falling apart and in degrading away and you know a little off subject but that’s why I tell everybody man when you’re out there digging listen to your tones get these buttons out of the ground because I’m telling you I can even tell the difference they’re not looking the same as they used to sure you’re going to find some good ones but a lot of the brass buttons the the two-piece buttons I’m telling you another 10-20 years of a mini well that’s the thing because we’re so used to seeing brass in modern age brass today we use it anything that is too that is out in the weather we use brass because it lasts forever the problem is when brass is in the ground the components of brass which make it last forever disappear so when you want to just press item out of the ground and it looks like 10 it is 10 that’s all that’s left to it is the 10 because the other elements are gone now so we’re trying to save the tin which is if you’re down to the 10th already it’s on its way out so you’re just you’re simply trying to to rejuvenate that bond and keep it from disappearing the rest of the way right preserve what’s left exactly now you may have said this already but i’m just going to actually got a text on my phone for someone is listening they’re not actually in the chat but when you purchase and stuff obviously there’s a manual on do’s and don’ts maybe the manual is well the do’s and those are in the videos and we try to be specific and as broad of the possibilities you may run into on the videos the manuals for all these units are posted we don’t even supply the manuals with the unit anymore that’s just another way we’re cutting costs anybody can go to the website can open up any the manuals for any of the units and again if you’re building one at home you can go to the manuals to see different experimentations different kind of catalyst medals all right I don’t settle for the specific targets of each video and it is out started with ef or viewable online right I started with a plastic bucket stainless steel and a battery charger now Kenny Aman ya buddy yell at you ok stainless steel is a no-no brother you’re going to whine die well yeah I’m talking them a way back [ __ ] it when with somebody else so here’s how i do it cool i’ll try it i doesn’t fit I’m lucky I’m up there I just stainless steel for 15 years before I realized it was creating quarrying gas and gonna go right right you know what this is why we have you to show Frank great information buddy now another by another good point would be that a lot of people they just you know they throw whatever into their solution they can get their hands on and in all actuality just your common table salt can actually be bad you you have to watch that you have to make sure it’s a non-iodized right so iodine iodine carries with it many characteristics of metal which you don’t want that in your price elution anyway iodine will impregnate metal faster than anything that i know of and the problem is you can use table salt in your coin they come out gorgeous what happens down the road and it maybe six months down the road it may be a year

down the road you start to see these little purplish-pinkish blotches showing up on your coin and if that happens that coin is toast you cannot arrest that process you cannot reelect rolla sighs you cannot get rid of it so the easiest thing is go get SIUC salt you can use kosher salt our regular non-iodized that’s the key no iodine in this all what about baking soda cuz I know there’s some out there that use I mix it I mix baking soda and I mix sea salt and I reasons I use baking soda is on top of the sodium solution to sodium content of baking soda there’s a lot of other Larry krap basically in it stuff it’s going to hurt your coin but it also helps to inhibit the flow as much as I want that flow going through I’m doing anything I can to slow that flow down right April salt wants to speed it up the show diem in the baking soda wants to speed it up and the other stuff in the baking soda helps to slow that that current flow down all right I got a question from the chat from digging chick she says she’s got a question after I do my railroad spikes do I need you put something on them and she says or a lock me purse to seal it me personally when you’ve done your railroad spikes were you’re done your cannon balls when you’re done any of the heavier denser iron objects wash it soap and water and vomit I try to explain to everybody toothpaste is awesome it will neutralize any of the ancillary sodium that may be residual sodium that may be on that iron object once it’s all clean you don’t have to do anything to it if you want that little bit of shine i recommend mineral oil it gives it a bit of protective coating and the FB surface is going to start to go south on you and get that that’s the nature of iron and with mineral oil you can wash it off you’ll wash off that residue that’s starting to break down on the upper surface and you can recoat it with mineral oil it’s the easiest thing to give you a nice Sheen and to give you a little bit protection but if you’re looking for something that’s fun you stop that rust from breaking down again nothing will it’s in front if you elect Rallo sighs it’s gonna last year another 200 years you may dust it off you may wash it off once in a while you don’t have to seal it I don’t like any any kind of wax any kind of petroleum products sealer because if it starts to break down again you’re just travel it right okay I’ve we’ve got several questions the listeners are keying here a chat we appreciate all the listeners and everybody in the chat so I want to get to these questions Josh if you need to do something just interrupt any time um I have uh how about washing soda I don’t know if they’re talking about you know so powders or whatever it is a dave weiss soda like I tell everybody it’s the soda part that we that contains the sodium washing soda is just as effective as using the baking soda it may not be as sodium strong um so again you can you can interchange washing soda with baking soda in the mix my mix is one part 1 to 2 or 1 2 3 sea salt to baking soda you can you can interchange washing soda for that as well man I appreciate that answer Frank and I’ll tell you what somebody better have some pen and paper out because there’s a lot of knowledge flying around here i mean i know i’m right and stuff down there i love almost everything i’m saying here tonight guys is on those videos on youtube the basic electrolysis video contains a lot of this actually give you the recipe for my brine solution if you miss it here by all means go check out the videos hit me up on the page i’ll be glad to answer i’d probably do a couple hundred questions on electrolysis a week yeah we’ll cover your youtube and wherever you can be found here at the end i have a really good question for you now there we go mr. Tarr here digging how do you handle objects with multiple medals i know the answer to this probably for instance and iron padlock from the eighteen hundreds with a brass key hold cover don’t worry about the metals that are going to here’s here thing of brass if you do with a trowel assist on a brass item you were going to target colors you’re not going to get this beautiful shiny brass all the time you’ll get blues you’ll get whatever worry about the degrading metals worry about the iron the copper treat it for that the brass can be polished don’t have to worry about that just the stuff that’s breaking down because you’ve all seen it we’ve all found those those brass lock covers where’s the rest of luck right right nice also mr. Hill Ohio relic hunter how about gun bluing for preserving that’s actually a good question and it is here’s the here’s the deal when I do guns gun barrels I will blue them as opposed to mineral oil or anything like that bluing when you’re doing a cannonball and I get questions all the

time well the cannonballs a solid shot cata both not going to rust on the inside well now we’re not right amount of rusting on the inside the changes in temperature will start that thing to break down all the way through gun bluing is going to treat the outside and it does absorb not as far enough to get to the core of a cannonball so yeah for thin walled stuff i’ll use gun blowing for thick stuff and i know i’m not going to get to the core with that treatment i’ll leave it untreated or just basic mineral oil with your in series units they were very very well for preserving buttons coins things of that nature have you or i guess i should say do you use them to preserve larger items say a belt plate yeah absolutely the end don’t forget the n-series is the newest one it is the highest end one it slows the flow of electricity the most the basic one the one that you can build for free low voltage low amperage low voltage meeting anything 12 or below time time is time is what what does the trick ok if you use three and a half volts with 250 milliamps of power next to nothing next to no cut current it’s going to treat you can treat a cat in with it if you have it in there long enough we want to stay alone we try to stay effective 12 volt 9 and 12 volts are really effective for big stuff half a milliamp not going to be fast guys but it’s going to it’s going to treat it to the poor that’s a good point is it’s gotta be we gotta kind of treated like we won you know this slow and low is the best one let me throw my salad ice by analogy imagine you have a knot hole in the tree or not hold on a fence and you’ve got a water pistol and you’re trying to squirt the water through that hole you can absolutely shoot that water into that hole almost a hundred percent with a water pistol well now try to get all the water to a fire hose through that same hole it can’t happen and what happens it is splashes out goes around the outside once you treat the outside before you treat the core you’re done you can never get it back inside electricity will take the path of least resistance that will go and what you feel that’s why we go slow you’ll actually see the bubbles progress along the coin progress along the artifact that’s how you no you’re getting to the core if all of a sudden the whole core the whole coin is engulfed in in in bubbles you might be treating just the outside the insides gonna rot and by the time you see that it’s too late Wow I got a couple of things here Josh if you don’t mind could you imagine having mr. Frank here and Don botting in the same room I would have brain overload another thing is Josh you mentioned belt plates this is my opinion on all plates all I want to remove off of any place at all is the dirt that’s it I am gonna get the dirt off of it it’s going in a display case because that is the way they should look to me oh yeah and then we do a bell play especially a civil war belt plate the only buckles you may find us doing or Revolutionary War 1812 era where some of them were iron but Bell plates are the wonderful animal you’ve got you know brass on the top or a copper strike on the top and let on the bottom neither one of those to the brass of the lead are going to break down really too much right yeah I will I went on a roll at the beginning of the year when I was really god I’ve had family issue I’m about to start digging again and have some videos up but I found four plates and I believe what Josh a month something look like that you were deadly on fire yeah and all of those plates the patina on them that’s what just blows me away to me patina is nature’s art work and that is a timestamp of any relic or and patina gets on other items as well and I had a guy that I was actually hunt with says you clean those up us I’m going to scrape the dirt off up and put him in a display case a last bell plate that I cleaned actually electrolysis was the one I found probably sixty percent of a face of a bell plate in in New Hampshire taking a farm field and this is one of those brass item to sat in the ground for a long time when I pulled it out it didn’t even feel like brass anymore that I shocked simply because I needed to stabilize that core and I nine percent of you felt played to come out if all the detail is there why would you want to get rid of that patina not everything is a candidate for electrolysis well and and maybe that was just a bad choice of word on my part I just mean oh no no they a larger item rather than a button or no I wasn’t referring josh done nothing all right just making a point I just didn’t want anybody to make a mistake you know and it may not be a mistake to them but just

just how I prefer my plates is just about how I find them absolutely right yeah I agree absolutely but that that really is the key is you’ve got to keep the iodine out you’ve got to keep its low low low amperage and it’ll take a while I’ve noticed with the in series it actually cooks a little slower than even some of them that I’ve tried to make myself which is great right I’m good one I hooked them up while ago I am ordering mine we develop we develop it even a dce mag coil which it took years to figure out how to make a DC Circuit you make an electromagnet work well when we finally got it to work the the side effects were awesome it hindered the voltage very very little hindered the ampere is quite a bit and allows me to put 18 volts 22 volts through an end series and still keep a really nice amperage going and very smooth it creates resistance which allows for a nice smooth flow of electricity not popping through and spiking and that’s the thing you don’t want anything argan you don’t want that electricity spiking no absolutely but yeah I don’t care of it silver brass gold if you arc to a coin the voltage that an average it takes to create an arc will burn a chunk out of your coin absolutely right take a chunk out I got uh one more question for you sure just got this on my phone I know you have a lock with a brass key key thing on we talked about before but let’s say you have let’s say you have let’s just use a horseshoe for example and a brass item they asked me is it okay to put them both in the tank at the same time here’s the thing they always remember this that you’re ninety percent of the time if you cook a brass item you’re going to discolor it if that brass item isn’t showing the bubbling if it doesn’t feel like 10 if it didn’t get real light then the brass is solid it takes a long time to break down the molecular structure of brass older brass can break down because it’s not it’s not true brass like we have today there’s impurities in it there’s more 10 in it there may be more copper in it so you hit some metal yeah you have to judge each piece as you go you can put them in together absolutely just know that you may have to polish that brass item later if you want to get a color out and if it doesn’t look like it’s breaking down if it just looks discolored out of the ground and it’s still heavy and solid don’t cook there’s no reason to cook man I’m telling you this show is awesome how can you not like beyond sight and sound man and mr. Frank here with the knowledge he’s got good gravy I knew we knew what you’re talking about but now that I’ve heard him I don’t feel very uh up to par and my electrolysis skills yes i am now will be after tonight i’m sure this will be an archive that listeners will refer back to as well as the youtube videos and the information on the detect America website as far as the manuals and how to’s and all that always just get warmed up for the moisture or challenge to decipher so if you have anybody who has a project out there has something that they want to either cook or know if they can cook I know how to cook it if we haven’t already done it by all means send me the information because if something that will put together and try and come up with a formula for we’ve been working on Nichols for 20-some years the closest that we’ve got Nichols right now is ultra low voltage with a nickel silver catalyst and that’s twenty-five percent of time maybe it comes out okay Nick over Nicholls are my are my problem child oh my there my thorn well as 30 earth on I’m not messing with and if I have to give any any other tidbit of info out there just because certain coins are called copper strikes they’re not all the same I’ve got guys that cook i got i have guys on my group guys that I know on the page they’re really really good at cooking coppers and bringing coppers back to life and bring the proper collar and they try to apply the same thing I’ve done a million times try to apply the same technique to a half set which theoretically is a copper strike and it you know sixty five seventy percent of time it’s not going to work because because half cents are really a bronze coin not a copper coin despite what the numismatic people will type but they’ll know that and they just learn it you’ve got it you’ve gotta like I said unless that unless you’re half set is in dire need if it’s flaking away and falling apart that’s really the only time to cook it soak that sucker in olive oil olive oil is a magic chemical that it has rejuvenating effects it actually has a natural electrolytic effective it can poins that are in dire need of stabilization can be stabilized with olive oil there if you live there long enough it has a tendency to want to take the color of a coin back to its original I don’t know why don’t ask me why I will tell you what it does we always I have

an abundance of olive oil sitting here now easily able to plate a nickel with another metal hey girls here’s here’s the problem nickel is soft I’ve done high voltage higher voltages higher amperage is on Nichols with silver and i get if you do a nickel in electrolysis just a normal old way they’ll turn red they’ll turn gray blackish on you with nickels and i use higher voltages and silver as might as my conductive metal i’ve gotten a silver color but i can never get to shine i can never get it or i can polish it it’s always this silvery grayish dull depending on right now what about a ward nickel more nickels will you’ll have more luck with a war nickel because of the silver content right because it doesn’t react this bad but you’re still talking with a war nickel you’re probably 5050 you may get you may get 5 x 7 peg where it’s going to be exactly what you want but you’re gonna get 510 where it’s gonna turn this grayish dull rock color nickels nickels right now with me with nickels if it’s a nickel i want to keep in my collection I’m cleaning it gently with a brush and soapy water and nylon brush and that’s it you get put away about a hundred percent and I don’t know if we’ll ever be a hundred percent of them good deal good deal good point but you know that’s kind of what I do if I find like I I found it you know a few officers staff bus for example that’s got the dome on it to do piece those are very fragile they got the stars around the edge you got to really be careful with those with those I soap and water hot water and for the most part that’s it they’re just such a unique button I haven’t reached the point of okay I’m going to put that in there well I’ve had I’ve had the museum or two and generally because they’re thin walls were very careful with them but I’ve had a museum or two what buttons brought back to life for display and and really really although is for display one of the videos we have out there will walk you through the process of cooking a button bring you back to life we got a South Carolina button we’ve done we’ve got a general staff button we’ve done and we saw your Lana button turned out very yak about great yes you have a gold plate without using gold using copper and silver and the advantage to using copper and silver is silver is a rigid metal and when you played it properly you’re actually adding strength of that dome now is it a hundred percent original no there was no silver on that button but it’s a beautiful display piece right right they no other thing too we should probably explain is you know sometimes people say oh my god I can’t believe you cleaned a coin you’ve just destroyed the value but in a lot of cases with the relics like the buttons sometimes you actually improve that about so I tell this boy Josh if you don’t think these museums are cooking these coins i I’ve been I’ve been with you one of the process they use is boiling and you let boil boil a dome button for too long a walker happen pop right so I mean and that’s what we’re bringing back into the fold is showing them how non-intrusive how gentle this process can be as long as you are our trained would and you know learn the proper way of doing it and you slowly but surely and we’ve got a couple of big colleges under our belt better know love and love what they’re producing now using electrolysis the way that we kind of developed over the past 20 years that’s nice and you know what guys listen if you’re into this electrolysis or you’re already doing it I can tell you now you’ve learned something tonight just knowing that the Lister’s at our are using or want to use electrolysis want to preserve history so if you’re wanting to preserve that history watch these videos PDF files whatever they got to offer and get it down to a patent so you can really have your display looking good and there’s also the detect America electrolysis facebook but you know why I was just that was just looking at that long ago yeah and a lot of guys have got luck guys were experimenting with it and they’re posting their stuff and know what we’ll we’ll either you know tell them they got a perfect or we’ll try and help them tweak what they’re doing if you’ve experimented with electrolysis guys in the most common mistake people do is they though though though though overcook it or they’ll cook it with the wrong metal and I’ll get you know they’re coppers or whatever will come out kind of an orangish color there’s there’s videos on how to bring that back we can tell you how to how to bring that color back to it scenarios where you may not be able to ever bring it back a lot of people for whatever reason went through a phase where everybody wanted to soak their coins in lemon juice but soak your coins as no acid acid acid and probably that is if you soak in lemon juice and you get it that orangish color you could only bring it back fifty percent of the time it’s not it’s not always a guarantee it’s going to get you can bring back a collar on it but you

know I go on the pages ask us the questions if we don’t know it we’re either gonna experiment until we come up with an answer or we’re gonna ask the guys who do know yeah don’t be afraid to ask questions because listen I I thought I knew you know enough and I did not at all I’m sure there’s been people that have learned quite a bit so far well you know the thing about it is I’m really cautious anyway because of my passion for the relics and the history and I’ve got like several in here that look like you know I need to get them done because if the longer you wait you’re messing up right and whether you’re inside or outside matter fact speaking of getting things done all speed dial oh you Ray right some names kidding man let’s do it all right folks we have a in series electrolysis unit up for grabs courtesy of Detective America and beyond sight and sound will open up the phone lines take 10 colors for 195 495 744 and we’ll see what happens while you’re at it like and write the show who do we I so much go to win where he’ll dig it car he’ll diggin is number one naughty we’ll see if we get anybody else in oh we’ve got another one coming in and go down to 0 3 who do we have Dave wise Dave why yes sir number two how’s it going you guys all right get a free one all that’s gonna cost us one is Washington buttons yeah we’ve got the swansea in as number three all right swans ah let’s see here a home finder I believe Mr Hunt liner appreciate you brother we’ve got hit number four hey jacket rabbit and majestic wrist ankle in is number five brother Chris brother bear cake 203 area code yes Ludlow Shrek Ludlow 6 looks like we’ve got mr. bill Martian yes that’s me alright alright oh really gonna marry Joe Frank guys will catch you later okay 706 who do we have cook it ok trying to make sure we’ve got everybody here so far my screen is going up okay everybody accounted for a 47 area code this is Brigham striker are you guys doing this evening all right how you doing man right I don’t correct ok I’m doing fantastic where does that put a skinny that’s number nine okay let’s see thank you let’s see here who do we have who do we have we’ve got one more coming through here 519 area code who do we have hi there it’s Allison Walker power alley from Ontario Canada Oh Alice oh alright and I do believe she makes number 10 sec wreck that is correct alright I’m Jaime good luck guys I’m shutting the other calls down outstanding outstanding all you had to do is listen to the show that’s right okay so we’ve got our names written down pull them in the mixer Josh alright we’re going over to random org and we are going to generate trying to get my button to click we’ve got number five mr. Chris Engel is a proud owner of an in series Wow well that is outstanding brother Chris will have some conversations on that thing you know oh yeah yeah absolutely congratulations brother Chris this is outstanding that we have a show we have great Gaston like Frank covering these topics we get giveaways man I tell you what I have missed being on the show this is awesome yes definitely I’d say we got quite a good response there I was trying to get to as many of the calls as we could we were only allowing 10 callers we got our 10 sorry for those who didn’t get in but L there’s all the others ways and other prizes to win it just never seems to stop we’ve got something here we forget it we don’t I’ll dig something up out of a box in here man we figured we’d try to keep everything short tonight but we do want to give Frank an opportunity to let everyone know where they can find him

the the show the group the YouTube channel all that happy stuff and while he’s doing that if the listeners have enjoyed the show make sure and like rape channel show us love you know the the support does help give them the giveaways going so if you’d like to let people know where they can find you for a jar guys um we are are our biggest group obviously is on facebook we architect America we have several groups on on detective America we have a beach group we have in techno merica electrolysis page or we have a buy sell trade page and we have the DEA live page VA live page coordinates directly with our show on Friday nights on livestream it’s a live stream it’s on roku it’s on a thousand Mike it’s on windstream you can always check us out in the archives but it’s detect America live friday nights at eight thirty on live stream is the main portal and Tuesday knifes night right after Josh’s show we do our cute little fun little video show we do videos that were posted on the pages through the course the week we do some funny videos we do some goofy cats that we give away prizes every Tuesday night so right after josh is done with us we’re going to do the will do the TL show which is on livestream and the link is overwrought detect America and I believe that dash America be America tom is our webpage that’s where our store is that’s where any new information or any any critical stuff and that the masses need to know we posted the page and i do believe that i also posted a link for wna along WI college right ITI dau heard a lady right it’s the double shot for listeners tonight double shot wednesday and i do believe i did post a link for live stream in d detect America beyond sight and sound electrolysis event Adams yes I’m going to watch some of that stuff after here and I’m gonna order me I wish an electrolysis I just got to do it and don’t forget to mention you heard about it on beyond sight and sound get that twenty percent discount is definitely very cool event you can do PM me at da Frank look for bolo that’s my p.m. and just tell me you want you if you want to order electrolysis GT you heard it better on Josh showed beyond sight sound and we’ll kick in twenty percent off da plan you can’t beat that very aligned as you and we certainly has like I said we appreciate you taking the time to sit down and discuss what could be a confusing subject to some but I’m sure that we have enlightened many tonight and hopefully left them wanting to know more so me included become this topic is one thing i could do is talk well you know what Frank when you talk you’re knowledgeable knowledge is power we’re here to serve the history it’s what this show is for you have been an outstanding guest actor might want to have you back man you a true preserver of history anytime yes and and a great job for those who I’m not sure how you wouldn’t have heard of the detect America show but you know for those who haven’t drop in check it out check out w NL tonight usually some very good videos and you’ll get a laugh out of the funny bad antics it’s all about just second videos funny detective videos if you’re detecting offended us alright one more thing Josh derb a 33 will be having some videos coming out you’re in the near future I appreciate all that check it out you guys know that i love is over this history that some would rather let stay in the ground for whatever reason not this cat so let’s just get out there let’s dig it all baby that’s right and speaking of videos keep an eye on my timeline and beyond sight sound group friday saturday at the latest i will be sharing a link for a video and would definitely appreciate the support of people spreading it around absolutely alright well for everyone else some i’m sure you know Frank’s gotta get the w NL set maybe he already has so for everyone else we always appreciate the listeners dropping by it sounds like we’ve had quite a few people drop in tonight hopefully you enjoyed the show like great the channel we gotta roll though so uh you know check us out next week well now to don’t have too much fun on the beach Frank s6 a.m

you you