(AV17795) Town Hall Meeting on Economic Policy

I’d like to welcome you all the Iowa State on this wonderful blustery Ames Iowa afternoon and thank you for taking time out of your day to be here today we are privileged to have representative Michelle Bachman speaking on jobs in the economy as this is where how fitting that we are on a college campus as this is where our country’s up-and-coming workforce is being trained yet almost no one has been affected by the recession more than college-age students overall 22 24 year olds have been an unemployment rate of 16 percent and even college grads in that age demographic have an unemployment rate of well over 10 percent add this to the number of college students going back to school after graduation because they can’t find a job this is skyrocket as well which by the way further adue value is an undergraduate degree making it harder to focus for undergrads to find a job and one and one will find that the job placement rate for college students is now down to 67% or about 2/3 throw an increased tuition record student debt and having to bear the burden of past government spending and our economic outlook could be considered pretty bleak here as college students as Americans we can’t overcome this but we need a drastic shift in course and that is where representative Bachmann enters the picture first elected in 2006 Michelle is the view a first Republican woman to be elected to the US House of Representatives from Minnesota from the beginning she has demonstrated bold reform pushing to fix Washington’s broken ways Michelle is a leading advocate for tax reform a staunch opponent of wasteful government spending and a strong proponent of adherence to the Constitution as intended by the founding fathers she believes government has grown exponentially with Obamacare being the most recent example of it’s uninhibited growth Michelle wants government to make the kind of serious spending decisions that many families the small businesses have been forced to make she is a champion of free markets and she believes in the vitality of the family as the of the first unit of government she is also a defender of the unborn and astana stands for religious liberties in July 2010 Michelle hosted the first Tea Party caucus meeting she is seen as a champion of Tea Party values including the call for lower taxes renewed focus on the Constitution and the need to shrink the size of government without further ado I’d like to welcome represent our michelle bachman to the stage Stephen thank you so much for that great introduction thank you for all of you coming out today I appreciate your time we’re here to talk about a very important subject that will have immediate relevance to each one of you and that’s how we’re going to turn the economy around to make sure that you can have jobs for your futures so that you can begin to enjoy the American dream I know there’s a few people that are around the room and just like church is the seats in the front row that are left open so you’re invited and welcome to come and sit up here if you’d like to have a seat and it’s terrific to have you here I apologize to those behind you I don’t mean to have my back to you but we’re going to have a good time here over the next few minutes and I look forward to the point especially when we can have your questions so we can have a dialogue and an interaction and I can’t help but note that you are all so young and so good-looking I remember what that feeling was when you’re young and you’re thin and just appreciate it because it doesn’t last forever so thank you guys for being here I am an Iowan I grew up here I was born here I was raised up in Cedar Falls and a lot of my family still are here in Iowa the Ames is the site of the Iowa straw poll that I was grateful to have won this summer in less time than any other candidate in the history of the straw poll and the first woman to have ever won the Iowa straw polls I was grateful that it was a that it was an Iowan who is able to win this year and also I was here on the day that the Cyclones successfully walloped the hot guys and I just want you to know I’ll be up there to deliver my sympathy to them the next time that I am up in Iowa City so let me go proceed with my remarks that I prepared for you today and thank you for your kind attention our third president wrote a letter to our second president and in that letter he wrote it was actually John Adams that said this to Thomas Jefferson he said you and I ought not to die before we have explained ourselves to each other you see they had a long running rivalry and Adams felt that was very important at that stage in their relationship that they actually figure out what it was that they disagreed with with each other and I think that’s one thing that politics is missing the element of trying to at least understand where your opposing party is coming from and before our struggling economy Falls further into a freefall like it is today I want to offer my opinion to you here this morning at Ames on the best course of action that I believe that our nation should take to solve the economic problems that we’re dealing with I as I mentioned to you I am an Iowan but I’m

also a former federal tax litigation attorney and I’m also a creator from scratch of a successful profitable business and yes I boldly stand here today and say I believe in profit and I think profit is a good thing and we need more of it I can think of no better place than Iowa State University to offer my explanation of how the United States can turn the economy around into the crucible of public debate and I’m running for president because of the young people that are here in this room today I have a very strong personal interest in all of you I have given birth to five biological children who are now grown gone three of whom are today in college and also twenty three foster children came into my home and my husband and I together raised them and launched them off into the world as well so you see I am the old woman in the shoe with 28 kids and I have a very strong deep investment in your generation and in the life that you will know in the future in realizing the American Dream because I believe that this 2012 race is about you more than anyone else in this country it’s about you and about what your future holds for you and over the last several months all of us have been rightly concerned about the high unemployment that Steven mentioned in his opening remarks it’s even more profoundly difficult for African Americans after marek African American youth unemployment this summer was a staggering 45% of good kids who wanted to work but couldn’t find a job it was staggering also for Hispanic youth it was 36% good kids who wanted to work but couldn’t find a job that’s continuing to to imperil our country as well as the lives of those individuals now it’s just a few weeks ago that our Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said something that summed up I thought quite nicely the fantasy economic thinking that’s dominating in Washington DC today when he said it’s very clear and I quote that private sector jobs have been doing just fine it’s the public sector jobs where we’ve lost huge numbers now that caused a lot of people’s jaws to hit the ground when Majority Leader Reid said that because since 2007 it’s the private sector where we’ve seen dramatic loss of jobs three times greater than in the government’s and the public sector because today the average wage of a federal employee is over 100 $26,000 when you combine the wage and benefits to packages that’s roughly two and a half times the u.s. median wage the United States of America is history’s most successful political and economic experiment and the United States has proved that a country that is rooted in free market competition will lead the world in innovation in areas that have advanced disciplines and your university has been part of that miracle story here in Aram’s you have dealt not only just at this school but also at Iowa State you’ve led in the areas of medicine of science of Technology you turn out great engineers and I encourage encourage even more engineers to be turned out in America’s schools and you’ve made our quality of life second to none but when government forcefully takes your money from you through taxes and then gives it to politicians and political donors like we’ve seen in the recent cilinder scandal among others of this administration then it becomes our cash for governments clunkers and worse American competitiveness in world becomes a casualty and badly damaged some who are currently a part of Occupy Wall Street believe that the problem that we’re facing today is capitalism and that the problem today are free markets it’s not the problem is government doing what both the Constitution and decent morality prohibit and that is crony capitalism or forcefully taking your money away from you for the purpose of paying off of politicians political friends you see it’s done every day in Washington DC the problem is one set of standards the government has for individual Americans and another separate set of standards for those who make political donations to candidates that’s wrong and that has to stop because the problem is an individual tax code that has 3.8 million words that’s really so complicated the average average American today has to pay someone to fill out the tax form and a corporate tax code that makes America hopelessly uncompetitive at a forty near forty percent tax rate when you combine

both federal and state taxes and a state tax and a tax code that contains loopholes that are exploited by companies who are big enough and rich enough to hire enough armies of lawyers to exempt them from the requirements that are applied to smaller companies that have no ability to be able to go to Washington and somehow pay their way out of those high taxes as investors business daily wrote this week in 1981 the entire developed world had high corporate tax rates averaging 47% then capital became mobile and rates plummeted to 25 percent and they haven’t started stopped falling only the United States remains stuck since 1986 in an out-of-date high corporate tax rate that has sent companies fleeing America for a more competitive tax climate look no further for no further than Iowa where we have seen great companies like Maytag and Electrolux and any number of companies ask them why they left states like Iowa I’ve been asking all sorts of entrepreneurs across the state why are you thinking of leaving or will you consider leaving and they tell me it’s because of high tax rates and high unreasonable regulatory burdens you see they will be your future employers it’s important to listen and other nations are now unbelievably a more profitable place to do business we have to admit that very hard fact whereas America was formerly the best place to do business we can no longer claim that mantle that’s a shame and that’s what I intend to change as president of the United States I want our nation to once again be the number one place to do business in the world and it’s for your sake and for your future America and Occupy Wall Street in particular needs to wake up and stop blaming the free market stop blaming capitalism stop blaming job creators for the failures that have been created by selfish politicians because the problem is politicians who wink at their political donors and through the force of law put their competitors out of business yes you heard me right they use the force of law to put their competition out of business because politicians assure their friends that with government’s financial backing their business will never fail it happens every day and it has to stop because we are not a Banana Republic we should stop acting like a Banana Republic we’re the United States of America and we need to start acting like that again we need a system that forces large well-connected corporations to play by the same rules as small businesses and individual Americans that protects and provides fair competition in free markets because you see there’s a reason that our founding fathers decided to establish our political capital in a different City than our financial capital because it’s time for us to reaffirm the wisdom of that decision by getting the the Washington DC out of free markets and I’m running for president 9 it’s it’s because I understand the difference between free markets and a birdie Bernie Madoff style of government we also need a president who understands the Constitution and the limits of the power of the federal government because the federal government has continually taken on duties and financial obligations that are not enumerated in the Constitution this is where we went off course this is when our nation began to get into financial trouble food stamps the Department of Education the automobile task force the government takeover of housing health care the student loan industry they’re all examples of the federal government taking over and doing what the Constitution did not explicitly enumerate and you the college students in this room are the ones who will pay that impossibly heavy price for politicians acting outside the Constitution you see this wasn’t monopoly money the politicians were spending this was real money and every time they made a decision to choose to spend more money than we took in well they chose to spend your future in your life and your choices that’s a very real consequence that you have to pay so for every dollar that we spend on these programs realize over 40 cents 43 cents of every dollar that is spent today by the federal government is money that we borrowed from countries like China money that you’ll have to work to pay back not only you but your kids and generations beyond you so here’s your bottom line my opinion is this 2012 is it this is the last exit ramp for regaining the

American dream because unless we significantly reduce the the overspending by the federal government and significantly end the tyranny of 1.8 trillion dollars every year in the costs of regulations on job creators then you are going to face a level of Taxation just to pay the interest on the debt to such an extent that it will significantly lower your standard of living and it will remove your incentive to compete in the global economy because after all will you really want to get up in the morning to go off to work every day knowing that as much as 75% of your paycheck could be leveled or required to pay for taxation at all levels state local and federal that’s a very grim prospect in the future and one that no other generation has ever had to bear my goal is to make sure that your generation never bears that burden as well and it’s not just problems here at home that loom on the horizon well the focus of these comments before you today is on our problems here in the United States I say to you this week open your eyes pay attention to the events that are unfolding even this week in Europe because they carry both a warning for you and a risk for everyone in this room because events in Greece and Italy show the european-style social democrat model is a game that ends in a thud and ugly crash landing it’s Greek style government spending on bureaucracies that don’t enhance the wealth of a nation that bankrupt a nation and your politicians and President Obama in particular voted to burden the free markets by carrying a gold-plated gargantuan government which slowed growth lowered taxes and entered the United States into a seemingly irreversible downward spiral now President Obama isn’t the only responsible actor there’s a lot of Republicans that have a very large responsibility to bear including President Bush he was behind the 700 billion dollar bailout President Obama as a candidate for president also supported that bailout I opposed that bailout and I opposed the Bush administration on that bailout because I knew that ultimately it would create a moral hazard because once people are bailed out they know that they can go back to that same source in the future and they continue to make the same bad decisions believing that you will once again care carry out and bail them out of their bed decisions because you see the United States is now entering into a seemingly irreversible downward spiral and our deficit relative to our economy is larger than Italy’s and it’s actually not much different from that of Greece the difference is we’re a much larger country and so when we come to our crash landing it’s a much bigger thud than the one that Germany or that Greece is experiencing today this is a road trust me that we don’t want to walk down and I worry when I hear the president and many in his party call for an even larger government paid for by even larger taxes on those who produce the wealth and the jobs on which our economy depends this week there was a six billion dollar plus bankruptcy that was filed by MF Global on Monday as a matter of fact and as a result of their investments in European bonds it shows how susceptible the American economy and our financial students institutions can be to a failure in Europe Jon Corzine is the head of MF Global he was after all the head of Goldman Sachs and he was the Democrat senator and the Democrat governor of New Jersey but he also was a true believer the government spending could increase and go on forever and that is after all why he and MF Global made the enormous ly highly leveraged bets on European bonds because you see what they bet is that bailouts would go on forever but they don’t but it now appears that Corzine and MF Global went too far not only losing their money and the money of their equity holders but that of their customers as well you see that’s a problem how many other money managers are there out there with Corzine’s beliefs in the omniscience of government horse also overly exposed to Europe that has profound consequences for you for me and for the rest of the nation and could lead us back into an ugly recession just at the time when you’ll be looking for a job to pay off your student loans well President Obama believes the answer to our economy is more spending more borrowing more taxing and more government control of the free markets which is why we have the 2400

page dodd-frank legislation I call it lovingly the jobs and housing destruction Act because that’s what it is proved to be and even after we were assured that all this regulation would protect us we still have not protected either the economy or the investing public from events like this so in order for us to regain our competitive edge in the global economy we have to quickly pivot to do what we did when we were a wildly successful economy tax less regulate less encourage risk-taking more now you recall recently the passing of Steve Jobs it saddened every one of us he was more than the co-founder of Apple he was an icon he represented what is great about America and Steve Jobs never settled he constantly asked his employees if they had produced their best product and who could have imagined that just a few years ago that you would have all your music a still camera a video camera your photos your phone and an cyclop√¶dia all connected to the world at your fingertips what Steve Jobs could and he and his team changed our world for the better and my guess is that many of you carry his vision with you to class every day because the Steve Jobs spirit exists exists today I know that 77% in a Wall Street Journal report said that all students want to be their own boss 77% of all students want to be their own boss and I imagine your your professors can testify that that’s probably true 45% want to start your own business 42% of you said I will invent something that changes the world I hope that’s true we need you to do that because the next generation of Steve Jobs are in this room right now I believe or here at this university waiting to step up and drive the engine of American innovation and competition we need you to be encouraged and we need you to adapt to that type of thinking but now take by comparison a government enterprise that’s called the post office the post office yearns to remain committed to paying higher labor costs the bear absolutely no comparison to wages and benefits that are paid in the private sector there are billions of dollars in the red but yet they look to the taxpayer for money but they’re unwilling to look at their real problem which is unrealistically high labor costs researchers entrepreneurs investors across the United States are today paralyzed by President Obama’s anti-business policies that have created profound uncertainty in the marketplace and as president I will signal by way of leadership to innovators that the time again has come to unleash the genius of Adam Smith’s invisible hand working to create the wealth of the nation and what drives investment and the execution of innovative ideas is an environment that fosters it here’s an example Israel Israel today enjoys 2.5 times the venture investments of the United States that’s because they’ve embraced a culture that believes in innovation my plan at Michele Bachmann calm real jobs right now are aimed at fostering that very same innovative culture which will turn the economy around and create the high-paying jobs that you will want once you leave this university that part of producing an effective workforce means that we have to reform employment law Iowa employees deserve the right to work and the federal government’s National Labor Relations Board shouldn’t interfere with that right like they’re doing right now in South Carolina and former Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi said it would be better if that company Boeing shuts down in South Carolina if they refuse to become a union shop how how sad if the United States gets to that point when a former Speaker of the House believes it’s better that we would lose a thousand jobs if they aren’t unionized we’re forming employment law also means it’s easier to reward good employees and to find bad ones a new line of work and it also means reforming our unemployment insurance system it was created 50 years ago to help workers through temporary layoffs under the model after business picked up they could go back to the same job to the Factory at the same company and sell to the same customers but that’s not the world that we live in now because you see due to government regulations and hike uncompetitive taxes when workers are laid off unfortunately the jobs aren’t there to go back to because today unemployment insurance even by the admission of the newest economic councilmember to the President and sown team says that unemployment benefits are a disincentive to work and they increased the length of time on joblessness you see unemployment benefits don’t create jobs in the 1980s Ronald Reagan enacted a tax reform that created a period of unparalleled

prosperity and in my plan I intend to increase our competitiveness by following Reagan’s blueprint for tax reform which had at its core principle stopped taxing investment and productivity because the real world of taxation I know this is a form of federal tax lawyer is not reducible to a soundbite or bumper sticker what we need is a real national discussion about what kind of tax system we really want what will produce the greatest job growth and productivity and is the only tax professional in the race I look forward to leading that discussion with serious talk about the principles of what it means to have a fairer flatter and simpler system first of all I want to say it’s only fair that everyone should contribute something to the core government services like national defense our courts our roads in national necessary infrastructure those are public goods everyone benefits and everyone needs to pay something it’s only fair I am the only candidate in this race who believes everyone needs to pay something let’s face it freedom isn’t free and everyone benefits from freedom and today we live in a nation where only 53% of Americans pay any federal income tax 47% of Americans pay absolutely no income federal income tax people who pay nothing can easily forget the idea that there is no such thing as a lunch and second even though everyone should pay something those who can’t afford to pay more should pay more this is true not just in absolute terms someone at a higher income level should pay at least the same percentage of income as someone at a lower income level that is the true Buffett Rule in other words a flat tax should at least be flat and not tilted against lower and middle income families third fairness also demands that government limits its claims on your hard work and on your talents the talents of the people at taxes because the income that you earn is not the government’s this is a fundamental belief that we need to understand the money that you earn is yours pure and simple it doesn’t belong to governments it’s your money you earned it what people in Washington say things like we can’t afford a tax cut they need to think about who the we is it’s your money it’s not the politicians and when you say that government has first claim on the income earned through people’s work and creativity like President Obama has then you’re not far from saying that the people that’s us belong to the government but we don’t that’s what the meaning of Liberty is the fundamental principle of a flatter tax system should be to level the playing field for everyone and all businesses and the one thing that I think we all can agree on is that our tax system is not simple Americans know this every time they get their 1040 tax form in the mail last year’s form 1040 had an instruction book it was a hundred seventy nine pages long and the problem was the lack of simplicity it enabled the government to use the tax code as something other than merely a means to generate the revenue the government needs it’s actually a tool for social engineering by politicians and by the special interests that spend a lot of money on lobbyists that reside on K Street and prey on politicians and give them money to develop a system called cronyism that’s also called political payoffs and just as freedom isn’t free simplicity isn’t free the price is simp buying the tax code and that’s where politicians will have to stop using the tax code for politically driven payoffs and I will assure you this is a lot easier said than done as are most things in Washington because to simplify the tax code will have to limit the number of different types of taxes and tax bases so to accomplish a fairer and flatter and simpler system it’ll take a complete reform of this tax code so what it will mean quite frankly is abolishing the current tax code which I intend to do and start over because my new tax system is just part of real jobs right now it’s solutions that caused that call for repatriating that means bringing back into the united states one point two trillion dollars that were earned overseas into the united states i want to take that level down to zero percent so we can get a true one point two trillion dollar stimulus to go to work in the country right now to create jobs then i want to massively cut federal spending by eliminating government agencies and devolving these agencies to the states who can then decide whether they want to pay for these programs repealing Obamacare in its totality is the bill that I introduced into the

United States Congress I have been fighting the government takeover of your health care cutting taxes on investment productivity including making America’s corporate tax rates finally competitive in the global world and repealing the jobs and housing destruction Act better known as dodd-frank in its totality because that’s drying up credit and your possibility of starting a company and also buying your first home repealing the 1.8 trillion dollars in annual job-killing regulations this is real and I hear about this more than anything else from Iowa businesses get the regulatory burden off my back it’s killing me that’s what Steve Jobs told President Obama only months before his passing increasing exports by finalizing free trade agreements spurring new investment in America inspiring innovation legalizing American energy production that will also produce an astounding 1.4 million high-paying jobs including decreased regulations developing new energy supplies from our abundant energy resources you may not be aware the United States is the number one energy resource rich nation in the world you may think it’s Saudi Arabia or some middle-east nation it isn’t it’s the United States the problem has been the federal government that is put off-limits American energy resources that can be a part of our solution to job creation and growth and competitiveness and finally we need to enforce America’s immigration laws that means ending taxpayer benefits and magnets to illegal aliens than their children that costs us 113 billion dollars a year and it costs every household one thousand dollars a year Bill Gates said quote during the past 30 years US innovation has been the catalyst for the digital information revolution if the United States is to remain a global economic leader we must foster an environment that enables a new generation to dream up innovations challenge in this country is not the problem the issue is political will I can tell you from experience Bill Gates is a thousand percent correct what we are missing is political will in Washington DC and that’s what I bring to bear a proven record of five years of remaining an outsider and fighting for free markets fighting for lower taxes fighting for lower job job-killing regulations and fighting for you it’s what I learned growing up here in Iowa the common-sense rule that you don’t spend more money than what you take in I didn’t become a part of the system and melt into it I fought the system because my goal isn’t to manage a bureaucracy my goal is to dismantle an overweening bureaucracy and answering that challenge is nothing new to our country because we’ve met and conquered them before Thomas Jefferson said a revolution now and then is a good thing and I think our nation needs an Extreme Home Makeover of sorts a makeover for competitiveness and it become competitive and create jobs our challenge will be to conquer the drag of a very expensive government and take away its power over individual achievement and economic growth if we choose wisely and we have very little time to do this as I said 2012 I believe is the last exit ramp to return to the American dream but we can if we grab this final brass ring we can then prosper and grow the Obama way has brought economic misery because we have a living laboratory that proves government intervention leads ultimately to poverty government will have to diminish so that you have the power and the chance and the money to succeed and grow and so that free markets can once again be free and as present United States I’m prepared to meet that challenge and do the hard work that’s necessary to restore this nation as the economic leader that it must be for you and for your children and for mine and so I thank you for your kind attention and I look forward to your questions and your comments thank you so if you have questions I am delighted to take them and thank you for your kind attention yes why’d you say your name and where you’re from Michele Bachmann with being such a proponent of in pro-life candidate would you pledge to contribute to PEPFAR Vande maintain the funding something Barack Obama has not done PEPFAR is something that I that I was a part of when I was in the United States Congress we did send money to PEPFAR right now our problem is the overspending it will have to be a part of the entire budget every part of the budget will be up for grabs all nations need to contribute to PEPFAR and again

this is dealing with AIDS funding all nations to be a part of this not just the United States for years the United States has been the number one contributor to relieving poverty and to into programs that benefit people across the world if we can do it we will do it but our problem right now is overspending again if we have to go to countries like China and borrow 43 cents of every dollar that we have it’s very difficult for us to continue to spend that kind of money the only way that you can be benevolent and compassionate is to spend out of your abundance your overage if for your family for my family we can’t spend borrow money on compassion we have to spend the money that we earn right now we’re not following that model right now we’re in a tremendous problem so I can’t guarantee that that will continue to go on but it’s something that the nation will have to consider but thank you for asking a question the good news is we’ve made substantial strides in that area and and because of the United States making a profound commitment to finding new cures for AIDS we have found drugs that have gone a lot a long way toward ending the suffering for a lot of people that’s one thing that I want to continue is research on many different diseases to relieve suffering well my opinion is that the Congress made it very clear that they had just overthrown a tyrant and they paid a tremendous price for tyranny and so what they wanted was a government that would work that was large enough to work but yet one that wouldn’t strangle their lives again like they have been strangled with King George and trust me they went to war over a Stamp Act and so they were willing to go to war over that we’re in a much different situation today and while it’ll be it’s difficult to find agreement certainly Washington DC proves that today it’s no different today as it was then they did agree that the United States Congress should be limited and enumerated in its powers and that’s why the Congress I believe needs to devolve many of these responsibilities that we can’t afford anymore back to the states the states can decide if they want to continue these programs or not thank you for asking that question Michelle we are and again that’s article one of the Constitution that describes the specific powers that constitute that the Congress has those that Congress does not have are reserved to the states and then to you as individual citizens shall our next question comes from Anna hi Anna hi Michelle thank you for coming my question you stated that you’re a protector of life I’m a woman who has been sexually assaulted one in four women in their lifetime will be sexually assaulted I have an acquaintance and I think her story really speaks to people she was raped she was sexually assaulted throughout her life by a neighbor and then when she on her 16th birthday she was raped by a brother’s friend on her 18th birthday she passed out and woke up to a man raping her she went to a hospital to get help to get herself checked out you know she couldn’t afford the the rape kit and so she was denied she went to a Planned Parenthood to get checked for STDs because I was the only center that she could go to they denied her as well because she couldn’t prove her residency and then at that point she was you know struggling with so much she suicide helpline their funding had been cut so much that she was put on a waiting list for a suicide helpline I guess how do you plan to protect women’s lives I mean don’t you place a value on that as well well of course and so do our laws we believe very clearly that all life is is precious no matter who and there’s the I’m terribly sorry for what you have gone through yourself personally that’s a tragedy no one should have to go through that that’s why I believe that we vigorously have to enforce laws dealing with rape and I think that this is not something that we should take lightly this is something that’s extremely serious that we need to talk about to let people know that this is not acceptable this is a criminal act it’s a violent act and we need to hold the perpetrators to the fullest extent of

the law liable for their heinous actions these are terrible actions that profound effects on the lifetime of a woman now the girl that used Foca has gone through unspeakable tragedy terrible tragedy and that’s why I’m grateful that all across Iowa visited pro-life centers that don’t turn anyone away they don’t have to prove anything at pro-life centers women can come in they can have kits they can come in and get tested and they will find care and protection the pro-life centers that I have gone to not only provide testing for women they try to find jobs for women they try to provide clothing for them ongoing counseling protection for them because it isn’t just a physical matter it’s an emotional matter and it’s contentious to scar them for years and so they try to be there to be a friend and a help and so I believe that we do protect life from conception until natural death and that’s what I plan to do is present a knighted state thank you for asking that question I’m terribly sorry about what you’ve endured congressman our next question comes here from Andrea hi congresswoman thank you for coming you talked about job-killing regulations and you talked about fair competition in a free market but I’m just curious how this is done with a small government and I asked that specifically in regards to energies he talked about utilizing America’s energy resources I absolutely agree with that but I just you know worried that without the proper regulations in place that we’re gonna have more disasters like for example to that we had in April of last year the coal mine explosion which killed about 30 people in West Virginia and the BP oil spill which now are familiar with so how do we use those resources natural gas is one that’s been you know very much talked about recently how do we do that without regulation how do we protect our land air and water well we we certainly do have regulation and they aren’t going to all go away but part of the problem has been that we have layers of regulation so much so that the regulations conflict with one another and businesses don’t even know how to comply they can be out of compliance with the state and not the feds or they can be out of compliance with the feds and not the state and so we have layers upon layers upon layers of bureaucracy and that’s why we have 50 EPA’s and I think it’s important that we let the states be the primary driver of their local EPA laws not the federal government I think that’s the states that need to enforce those laws so I think we need to devolve that responsibility down to the states let them handle it the federal government does have a place in a case by case basis certainly dealing with our waters that’s something that the federal government needs to deal with certainly in international waters we need to be involved in those disputes and on issues between the states but the federal government shouldn’t be the ones who are the first resort when it comes to these rules this needs to be handled primarily by the state representative Bachmann we have Matt over here who has a question hey Matt Thank You representative Bachmann you talked a lot about economic reform and more specifically your form of the tax code and other candidates in the race have come out with tax plans and attach percentages and numbers to both federal and corporate tax rates do you have any specifics as far as tax rates for your plan mine are based upon the principles and the blueprint that comes from Ronald Reagan in the 1980s that’s not a theory that’s a proven workable plan what Ronald Reagan put forward it wasn’t a perfect plan he did the best that he could he worked with a Democrat Congress but it brought forth an economic miracle that was unparalleled in modern times and those are the same principles that I adopt and the way that it works in Washington a president can put forward a plan but it always gets changed because you’ve got to work together with both the house and with the Congress and it’s the principles that I’m putting forward my principles are very different it’s that first of all everyone should pay something now that even differs with Ronald Reagan Ronald Reagan’s plan had what was called the Earned Income Tax Credit and that took a number of people off of the tax rolls I believe everyone benefits by this magnificent country even if all they can afford is $10 I think they need to pay something because that’s part of the dependency mentality that’s been created now in the United States people think that government should constantly be paying them rather than people having to contribute to government it’s really reminiscent of what Jack Kennedy said in his inaugural address in the early 1960s when he said ask not what your government can do ask what you can do for your country and I hope I got that right I think I got that right I learned that for the first time here in second grade in Cedar Falls Iowa in my classroom but the concept is it isn’t about the government supplying us it’s about recognizing that we also have a duty to our government we’re in a very big hole right now I hope I was able to convey that meaning to all of you we’re in a very big hole

and in order to unbury ourselves out of it it will require sacrifice from every American and so people who have been used to for years never paying anything in in taxes they need to start paying something that’s what has to change that’s a profound difference and they have to recognize that the federal government won’t be their source of supply so as to specific rates my plan gives specific principles that I’ll abide by and again it depends on what the final need is because right now all of us send into Washington 2.2 trillion dollars in revenue the problem is the federal government spends a hundred percent of that but they spend 1.5 trillion more so the question is do we want to raise more than the 2.2 revenue that we’re sending in do you want to raise that up so it’s another 1.5 trillion or do we want to cut back on that spending and then do we want to raise that 2-point trillion or will it be something less I think would you embrace a pro-growth model like Reagan did in the 80s the the final result is that you grow the economy and that’s the only way we’re going to come out of this is if we grow the economy because that’s what creates jobs and that’s what all of you need thanks for asking that question all right congressman our next question comes from Annie here in the back I think this really goes right off your last question I’m interested in knowing what you think of federal requirements for the minimum wage especially when it comes to the fact that people can work extremely hard in this country and work two jobs and still not make enough to live well that’s true that’s the argument that we hear from people on why we have to continually raise the minimum wage so the argument the logical argument would be if you can’t live on the current minimum wage then why don’t we mandate that it’s $20 an hour or why don’t we mandate that it’s $30 an hour if that if the goal is that the minimum wage should be $20 an hour or $30 an hour that would satisfy that basic premise that people need to live on it you would you agree that that’s a good idea so do you what what level do you think the minimum wage should be sixteen or twenty dollars an hour okay anyone think it should be $25 an hour anyone think it should be $30 an hour okay so you think the top rate is about twenty or sixteen no anybody else disagree okay why everyone agrees with you then I think that it should be maybe sixteen or twenty dollars an hour is that true everyone agrees that it should be sixteen or twenty dollars no no do you think lower okay what why lower okay anyone else agreed okay let me tell you as a job creator what happens when you have minimum wage increases part of the reason why you saw the spike in escalating unemployment this summer was because unskilled workers were not hired by employers it’s a down economy and employers would like to be able to hire but they don’t have the money to be able to hire because the because of the cost increases on minimum wage and what the data show is that when you increase a minimum wage you actually reduce the amount of employment opportunities especially for entering workers because a lot of what happens are at the jobs that are entry level jobs is training people come in to businesses and they’re learning on the jobs whether it’s dishwashers whether it’s file clerks and so employers just don’t hire and so we have higher unemployment so it depends on what problem you’re trying to solve if you’re trying to make sure that people have a wage that they can live on if that if that’s the goal then that’s one issue but people ordinarily they don’t stay static they don’t stay in the same position they’ll start out at a certain wage level and after they’ve acquired skills they move up it isn’t static and so for years there was no minimum wage and and there is greater levels of full employment because kids would go and start working maybe as a 12 year old they get a job picking beans in a bean field I picking beans in a bean field for 35 cents a container because it was based upon my productivity it wasn’t a minimum wage it was what was my productivity but I was willing to work for it because I was a kid and it provided me with employment when the federal government comes in and says that employer must pay

a certain amount then what that means quite frankly as you will have more unemployment and so it depends on what your goal is congresswoman Bachmann our final question comes from Matt today or Ben excuse me hi you said earlier on that you want to reduce corporate taxes in Iowa and yet make a flat rate for everyone United States why don’t you just like a lot of companies are outsourcing else the United States when you make it harder for them to do that to keep more jobs the United States well the the corporate tax rate today is why a lot of companies are leaving the United States because as I had said in my remarks the average corporate tax rate globally was 47% it was very high and the United States was lower now our average corporate tax rate when you add state and federal is about 40 percent whereas Europe’s on average is about 25 percent and it’s falling that’s the difference and I will tell you I went to one manufacturer in West Des Moines and he told me that he bought a piece of equipment for a million dollars and he has a Des Moines plan and he has a plant up in Canada and he said Michelle last year the Canada’s corporate tax rate was 18% the United States was 34 percent but then you had to add on Iowa’s corporate tax rate too so the corporate tax rate that he played here in America was so prohibitively high that he said he chose it killed him but he put these sent that piece of equipment to Canada and when he sent that piece of equipment he sent jobs up to Canada to Governor Branstad I was just with him earlier this week in Pella Iowa at a manufacturing forum and he said that he had tried to persuade in Illinois manufacturer to bring his company his jobs here at Iowa and the manufacturer said I’m not going to come to Iowa the Texas Attorney any cheaper than Iowa than they are in Illinois I’m going to be going up to Canada because the corporate tax rate is cheaper in Canada than it is that it is here one thing you have to recognize it isn’t just one person that makes that decision it’s ten thousand business people every day are making these decisions it isn’t the corporations are mean and they don’t like America and so they’re moving these companies out of the United States it’s the fact that the cost of doing business is extremely high in the United States when you add according to the National Association of Manufacturers when you look at the price of taxes and the price of torts tort which is the lawsuit liability and when you look at the price of energy and the lack of trade opportunities doing business in the United States as a manufacturer is 20% higher than the rest of the world that means you have manufacturers fleeing the United States I want more manufacturing in the United States that’s jobs good high-paying jobs the industry says their average jobs are 77 thousand dollars a year I’d rather have those jobs here in the United States that’s why if we lower the corporate tax burden if we lower the cost of the regulatory burden then we’ll have more jobs in the United States and that’s what you need after all are more jobs and higher wages and that’s what I want to make sure that we have in the future man so thank you thank you for your attention thank you for coming today I appreciate your kind attention thank you everyone attention thank you everyone attention thank you everyone attention thank you everyone attention thank you everyone attention thank you everyone