The Adventures of the Little Chinese 1928 Приключения китайчат EN subs USSR puppet animation

THE ADVENTURES OF THE CHINESE KIDS 1928 Script: VS Levington Animation: MV Benderskaya and SA Bendersky PART ONE It was in China, in years gone by, in the old city of Shanghai A poor coolie named Chi-hai, carried heavy crates of chai Two children had this tea supplier, a son, Lipup, and daughter, Likaya Nearby was a rich man’s home, where lived an Englishman named Tom The rich man never paid much heed, to what the children had to eat The Chinese worked till they were blue, while Tom’s belly grew and grew So at the stove they slaved and droned, as their master’s clothing groaned They planted rice grain by grain, and Tom’s purse filled up again Our two Chinese, on Tom’s books, developed into little cooks

There they learned in a trice, that being a slave is not so nice My legs ache, Likaya cried Her tears dripped down into the pie Eating lunch and drinking wine, the guests were waiting for sweet pie Tom took one bite of the sweet, then leapt in anger from his seat The English brute yelled “Me oh my, I CANNOT STAND TEARS IN MY PIE!” Do not cry, Likaya, please: in the world there are countries where poor people can be free, they don’t beat kids like you and me Deep amid the brush and trees, the children hid from their enemies The waves crashed and threw up spray, carrying the children far away

From the jungle the girl and boy brought and shared their jungle toys The little boat sailed out to sea Towards the coast of a new country

Through the misty turquoise haze, a new city was unveiled Likaya wondered curiously: what kind of a woman is SHE? It’s a monument of freedom, so that all the other people know, that America’s a free country, where everything’s fine and dandy Why is your face so very yellow? You might wash it, little fellow Then Likaya softly whispered: WE COME FROM SHANGHAI, MISTER! Mr. Smith turned and hollered: THIS IS NO PLACE FOR COLOUREDS! Here is freedom, so you claim So why do you treat us with disdain? OUT, YOU NASTY BOLSHEVIK! How did you even in here sneak? Our Lipup was a nimble lad, the Chinese kids were gone like that They found their way across the seas, to where the air is free to breathe

Be prepared! Be on guard Protecting the USSR! To a new life, he will lead, a Soviet pioneer indeed! The end Subs by Eus after an anonymous translation