The Adventures of Petey and Friends (DISLIKE IF YOU HATE THIS MOVIE)

[Applause] uh watch out i i can’t control myself hold on my balance device it’s it’s not working and i can’t control myself it’s not working move quickly gather at the front of the control tower hurry up according to a notice from headquarters a plane with secret files was forced to land near our base his escort was forced to land now we have to choose some planes to search for them old friend i’ve got an idea what about holding a contest that may work okay let’s go [Applause] so so man what really what is this place are you serious i’m out of fuel too drake hold on i will reach you as soon as i get more fuel never give up oh man now my tires are getting stuck where is desert sky air base those crazy old guys are playing tricks on me what that’s cesar sky air base that’s desert sky air base ah desert sky base here i come based on the context your assignments are

larry go search the crash sites yes sir shane go search the lake on the side of the base okay kylie check the forest behind the base no problem what a broken base haha the hole in the fence is perfect i must find a gas station at once gas station drake i’m coming jerry linda joe steve search the base in a 200 kilometer diameter in all directions uh kylie go check the gas station something is wrong yes sir oh wonderful keep it coming that feels amazing who are you how dare you steal our fuel stop stop you can’t use our fuel can’t you hear me stop what’s going on hey we don’t feel alone what are you doing get away from me what are you doing stop stop can you hear me you’re not growing anywhere stop why would you do something like this uh hey what’s up guys who do you think you are what’s the big deal i i have to go i have i have an emergency i can’t explain to you right now i gotta go stop stop moving follow us to control tower i have to go do something urgent i have to go stealing our fuel go and see our control tower get out of here hey buddy we caught ourselves a thief no who are you sorry it’s a top secret i can’t tell you secret put him into prison report to headquarters immediately he doesn’t belong here fine i’ll tell you who i am if you let me go not necessarily okay i’m the first class pilot in the air force headquarter i had an accident in the desert yesterday you’re pt the one who escorts drake yeah that’s me tower don’t trust him he stole our fuel can you prove your identity show us some id cause i don’t buy it i’ve heard that pd is the most advanced plane in headquarter he can fly at a climb angle of 90 degrees can you yeah if you’re him then show it to us can you come on come on oh man what do you think all right you claim your pity now prove it keep an eye on him larry don’t worry i promise i won’t let him out of my sight [Applause] lucy uh welcome petey welcome to desert sky air base oh man that was awesome where’d it go i want to be just like congratulations you teach me how to climb straight up in the air like that the way you just did you want to learn start with your equipment you should first change your

engine airframe oh yeah and those things you call wings you know you’re not awesome i can do it without you you’re gonna see okay here we go oh that was close oh my gosh oh climbing up at 90 degrees is not for me i don’t care anyway forget it petey gotta come to the repair shop with me and get you checked out it’s the thing we do here repair show i’m not going to let you work on me don’t look down on us our repair shop was worked on many fine planes fine planes yeah right he needs to straighten up hey why are you so angry general yeah he’s the new guy he’s getting me upset and the control tower ordered me to take him to the repair shop and check him out take it easy general i’m on it katie petey hey petey i’m larry the main fighter plane at desert sky air base welcome i’m hoping we’re going to be good friends model pl 87 fuel circuit clear i heard that you uh flew through some storms last night hey i’m sorry about losing your partner but we’re glad you made it okay planes hardly ever survive a forced landing how’d you manage it electrical circuit clear radar clear petey petey don’t worry drake i’m coming what was that you just said kylie i heard from a friend in headquarters that it’s no accident that drake is missing it’s petey’s fault he changed the flight plan on his own let’s just say it it’s petey’s fault that it’s petey’s fault that drake was killed don’t talk nonsense that’s impossible drake is only missing and it has nothing to do with petey nothing kylie you seem to be on petey’s side are you starting to crush it on him kylie she’s if you ever have a pressure pity oh then what about larry what are you talking about you guys you always pick on me i’ll see how petey’s doing petey why won’t you answer me come on come here general we have two tasks from headquarters the first is to search for petey but since he’s here safely the other is to find drake in the cargo box who is up for the task is there anyone you would recommend larry for sure but he’s the best plane in our base i think he should go but larry’s equipment may not permit him to fetch the box what about petey what that guy oh man you must be kidding can he complete the task yeah don’t forget drake is missing because of him no he can’t carry out this task anyone but him generally not that guy or let the two planes compete the one who wins can complete the mission will that work yeah petey can’t win even if he competes against larry how about flying through the canyon ahead the quicker one is the winner and be the one to help go find drake all right i’ll tell the others where is petey petey hey i hear you’re competing with larry i have no doubt you’re gonna be the winner

i have no doubt you’re gonna get stopped by larry hello i’m kylie your biggest fan i’ve watched all your matches in headquarters really and you didn’t recognize me you were a little different from the one i saw before miss you may have the wrong person bailey why are you so i’m always on your side you’re sure to win i’ll win cali fly to the top of the canyon make sure no one cheats sir yes i’ll go right away yes sir timing okay no problem general i am in position yeah copy that i declare the purpose of the competition is to cross a canyon ahead the one who returns first will carry at the mission you understand oh sir larry yeah ready go here we go larry enters the canyon at a minute 29 seconds finishes the competition in three minutes seven seconds it’s your turn to go move out i’ll prove to you i’m the best be careful petey there’s a sand dune ahead huh it’s a piece of cake for me petey enters the canyon in one minute 21 seconds wow that’s eight seconds faster than larry oh look petey’s entering the canyon again he’s already used two minutes 11 seconds will he make it don’t go further petey it’s dangerous i won’t be beaten by anyone i’m gonna win this i have to take my time i got this look out petey evie fails out again the time has past three minutes 58 seconds larry is the winner i’m worried about you no i couldn’t do it something must have gone wrong don’t worry petey you’re the best plane it’s your first time flying through the cannon it took larry three months practice to succeed i can’t be defeated i can’t give up i

have to find drake you’re not familiar with the desert once you get there i’ll rescue drake myself on my own yeah good job larry thank you the tower wants you to choose five planes and keep on practicing go find drake in the cargo box tomorrow yes sir i promise i won’t let you down don’t be sad petey you’re the best i trust you i need to fly through the canyon and beat larry take it easy i know you can make it i need to fly through the canyon and beat larry how can i make it through this crazy canyon i’ll fly through it i’ll do the task i’ll find drake myself do you want to fly again go away stop thinking that you can beat larry because you’re better equipped larry is our hero he’s the hero of our base too petey you can never beat larry never no matter how hard you try what train him you’re the best plane in our base you’re the only one who can do it carly you’re kidding me i haven’t foamed for over a decade general you’re the best in our base i believe you can you’re the best in our base it’s too late those days are behind me i don’t think petey has what it takes to complete the mission and i won’t help him general you are the most kind-hearted one in the base you will help petey won’t you won’t you huh i wouldn’t want to help that guy even if i could fly general petey is not as bad as you said i’ll have nothing to do with him whether he is good or bad petey can be the best plane in the base as long as you can teach him i’m sure of it hey kylie he’s not even a member of our base but we can make him a member of us yeah forget it just stay away from it for now i’m the best in history there’s nothing too hard for me i’m the best simply the best let me train that arrogant boy i’m old but i haven’t become an old folky but it reminds me of myself when i was young well hey hey petey i got something to tell you the key to is mastering the skill of low speed side flight fly keep balance and stability at a lower speed which demands a very strong will moreover it needs a lot of patience listen old guy it’s easier said than done show me what you’ve got petey the general is the oldest plane in the base he hasn’t been in the sky for decades there could be some serious problems if he takes off too quickly general general i apologize to you for petey please don’t be angry please hey everyone come and look look the general’s gonna fly come on hey general if you can’t fly then leave it alone otherwise people will think i’m be disrespecting my elders you’ll think i’m a piece of junk if i don’t fly i’ll just have to prove it go ahead and watch me whoa the cheddar is going the current speed is 30 miles an hour

he made it everyone look the general is side flying oh wow a low speed side fly the curve in the sky is just perfect the general rocks wow the general you’re so great it’s like your old body’s been possessed by one of the new style fighters i never would have thought it was possible but he flies as well as a bumblebee oh he’s coming in for a landing now i think it’s gonna be a smooth one at least i hope it will oh ah finally landed safely my old bones almost completely broke down generally oh i believe you can seems like that old guy really does have some skills general you are so great thanks for taking risks to demonstrate for petey yeah you would think this little guy was bragging if i didn’t show you for myself petey you’re great i know you can surely make it petey how do you feel pete don’t lose heart you’ve already done very well you’re the best flyer you can do it i know i should be doing better cheer up petey what about going to see my secret base okay but i don’t want to explore anything new what’s a secret bait you’ll see soon hey what exactly is it follow me if you want to know be careful i’m coming i’m catching up with you hey how long will it take we’re here see oasis in the desert follow me i’ve never imagined such a beautiful place in the desert in fact our desert sky air base is really amazing kitty let’s enjoy ourselves yeah all right yeah check me out [Laughter] a heavy storm is coming back to the hangar now did you see kylie kylie what she isn’t here yet general petey’s not in the hangar either well if you want my opinion i think kylie’s falling in love with petey maybe they’re whispering sweet nothing somewhere yeah quiet quiet stop gossiping the heavy storm is coming

we should find them at once kylie look at the clouds pity go back right now a storm is coming huh how do you know see how beautiful the clouds are those are storm clouds please quick petey let’s go back all right let’s there’s go wrong follow me kylie don’t be afraid kylie kylie kyle what’s wrong kylie kylie i forgot to fuel up this morning and now my fuel is used up nothing left yeah i have no fuel that petey leave me go back now kylie i will never leave you alone quickly or it’ll be too late don’t worry kylie i can help you look out kylie i’m coming stop petey you can’t get back if you stay with me i won’t give up this time i’m going to get you home stop petey stop petey here we come does it sky air base stop petey i’ll slow you down stop i will never leave you alone i’m going to get you back safely you are a hero i feel safe with you of course i’m the best fighter plane there is i’m going to get you back to the face before the storm comes are you okay relax everything is okay see the base we’re back back okay be careful come on kylie kylie are you ready we’re landing wow amazing hero thank you very much if it wasn’t for you i would have died in the desert today don’t worry i’ll always be there for you i the heavy storm is coming get back to the hangar immediately have a rest petey i’m all right it’s okay it’ll never happen again kylie petey doesn’t belong to our base he’ll leave here soon you shouldn’t be so close to him uh i’m just petey petey is a hero and i’m he’s not a hero kylie don’t you know he killed drake that’s a rumor i don’t buy it never i heard it from the control tower himself he wouldn’t lie larry there’s a misunderstanding petey wouldn’t kill drake if you don’t trust me go ask petey yourself i still trust him no way petey’s a hero how can he yes it’s impossible there’s a misunderstanding i’ll help people petey petey what’s up kylie you you well what’s going on come on i heard that you you killed drake i i it’s not true is it

they misunderstood you didn’t they it’s not true is it i see larry told you that didn’t he petey you drake didn’t survive the storm because his equipment didn’t work i did nothing wrong why does everybody keep blaming me and larry he must be happy about this rumor that’s why he told you what he did and you believe him no no hilarious stay with your larry i don’t need any friends i don’t need help don’t shed crocodile tears for me all right i can handle myself i can take care of myself leave me alone petey i don’t believe you anymore this base man i should leave here as soon as i can i have to finally get off this base oh friend old friend wake up uh why did you get up so early this morning well old friend today is the deadline according to headquarters we need to find drake in the cargo box within three days my opinion general you see although this storm has passed there is a bigger one coming how can we search for drake and the cargo if we don’t find them today how can we explain headquarters yes five years ago if we fail this time we have to leave here i don’t know how i’m going to explain it to everyone it’ll be heartbreaking is it headquarters decision let larry have a try maybe he can succeed at the mission no i won’t allow anyone to take the risk don’t waste any time it’s my responsibility to protect you all i’ll never allow anyone to take a risk oh friend our base will be dissolved if we fail and larry together with the others will leave you’re right they are great flyers i couldn’t tear myself away from them yeah don’t worry old friend i’ll stay with you if they leave i’ll never leave you alone we’ve been together working together for so long our base will remain as long as we stay here here hey looks like i’m your only hope leave it to me petey the storm is coming stay safe relax don’t forget i’ve already survived one storm i can do it again good luck pity don’t worry i’ll bring back drake and the cargo box okay i don’t have to fly back after i find drink but the weather here in the morning is really nice blue sky white clouds golden desert and this canyon okay i’m gonna try this again this is my last chance let’s do this slow down slow down focus i can succeed i will succeed yeah i made it i can fly through the canyon i’m the best i’m sure i can find drake and the cargo box i made it larry you’re nothing to me i challenge you after finding trash i’m so great my radar there’s no signal what can i do what am i supposed to do i’m lost think petey think slow down lower spiral down right i need to save fuel petey i was streaming

did you see petey no i didn’t did you see petey jerry kylie you didn’t ask me to supervise him how should i know where he went did you see petey petey i i just i had a dream that something happened to him when i woke up he was gone you know where petey is don’t you general petey is uh on his way to search for drake in the cargo box jonny no come back kylie the storm is coming i’ll be back soon what can i do what can i do drake where are you how can i find you drake i have to find you where are you pity lady pity so so so kylie kylie kylie kylie kylie it’s great to see you i’m afraid there’s something wrong with my radar why are you here i drew that you had an accident i’m worried that you may be in danger so i came here i’m sorry kylie i shouldn’t have yelled at you kylie you go back first i won’t go back until i find drake in the cargo box i won’t give we search for up kylie i have a punch that drake is somewhere nearby i have to find him i can’t be seen as a coward by others

especially you but now i have this issue petey let me stay and help you i’ll use my radar to help them search and you just need to follow me it’s too dangerous don’t waste any time follow me quickly you need to speed up according to an urgent announcement from headquarters a stronger storm will come soon and it’ll hit us two hours from now let’s lose no time to check all the equipment in the base everyone should return to the hangar within two hours do you understand yes yes sir oh friend kylie and petey haven’t returned yet we also cannot locate their signal huh what what can we do send larry to search for them absolutely not i can’t allow my crew to take risks but kylie and petey come here larry what’s up general larry kylie and petey are searching for drake in the cargo box but they don’t know the storm is coming soon perhaps they general but that’s dangerous i’ll go right away okay where are they how will i find them they are in the northeast about 300 kilometers from here let me do it the storm is coming i won’t let anyone here at the banks take that risk but desert sky never leaves a member behind leader let me do it no you can’t my old friend we still have some time just let larry do it our desert sky air base won’t lose anyone it’s a proud tradition isn’t it i trust larry yes yes i promise to bring them back safely within two hours general promise me you’ll keep your word of course i promise [Applause] larry you’re the best plane on our base you must come back safely no matter what happens yes sir larry are you ready yes sir you have my word i won’t let you down i’ll complete the mission larry be careful come back soon larry i won’t sleep well until you get back buddy i’ll be back siri i got your back larry promise to come back i’ll wait for you larry you must come back for the sake of our base general thank you don’t worry my friends wait for me be careful larry [Applause] are you all right petey of course i am you’re my radar and i feel great have you got a signal i’m still not receiving anything what about amplifying the signal okay i’ll try again kyle fly in a lower position so i can pull you i’ll use my electronic chain that way we can move fast where are you petey kylie where are you no signal oh i have to find them petey kylie i’m coming i seem to have received larry’s signal he’s coming are you sure you’re not imagining him are you missing him it’s true he’s behind us i don’t believe it [Applause] teeny larry how did you what’s wrong kylie are you out of fuel no petey’s radar doesn’t work and i’m too slow so i’m guiding him you have to come back quickly petey a bigger storm is coming within an hour i was ordered to bring you back larry i feel drake and the cargo boxer

near i must find and bring him back no there’s no time we should go back immediately i don’t want to be looked down upon as a coward i will find drake i promise you can’t take that risk especially with kylie here if kylie wants to leave you can take her back kylie there’s a storm coming the control tower ordered us to come back immediately come with me quickly if i go with you what about petey his radar doesn’t work do you want him to crash in the desert go back larry thanks for the warning we’ll be back as soon as we find drake in the cargo box are you sure will it work of course i’m petey kylie’s help is enough you can go okay if you don’t find it in 20 minutes you should give up and come back immediately do you understand go back go back larry we’ll be back soon okay i’ll go first take care okay are you afraid kylie not at all i feel safe with you we may not make it back this time stop don’t talk like that hey old friend did larry find him petey petey won’t come back with larry of his own free will tower all the equipments have been checked all clear good go back to the hangar quickly what’s that i can see it clearly kylie i’m gonna release you and you go down there and check it out do you have a clear vision kylie no it’s covered by sand kylie go lower and use your propeller to blow away the sand okay i’ll try katie it’s a crushed plane oh what’s wrong pity kylie he he’s drake drake drake drake it’s my fault my fault i shouldn’t have changed the route it’s my fault my fault since drake died here the box is surely nearby charlie search the signal petey i can’t spot any kylie try harder try again i still can’t the cargo box is equipped with the locating device so it has to have a signal try again kylie let me try why are you back mary why not actually i don’t need your help thank you for helping us larry okay let me search for the signal i sense it but it’s very weak it should be nearby [Applause] [Applause] okay kylie go and see the dune 30 meters right from drake i feel the signal yeah is under the dune i noticed a strong signal just now

yes oh no the storm is coming look now that we know the position of the box we can get it after the storm or it’ll be too late if we come after the storm the dune might move to other places with the cargo box and if the emergency battery runs out we can never find it what should we do we can’t move the dune [Applause] let me try i’ll use my propeller to blow the sand away friend why didn’t larry come back no friend do you see larry the storm is coming but they haven’t returned yet i’m getting really nervous just wait petey the storm’s coming you need to go check on kylie alright i’ll go check on her wait right here kylie kylie kylie kylie are you okay i see it i see it petey kylie the storm’s coming look out be quick kylie i’m gonna put down the emergency chain and fasten the box let’s go back quickly i’m afraid i can’t i can’t keep balanced kylie i’m gonna keep pulling these don’t be afraid kylie look out let us go general maybe they need our help general my big size means i’ll be okay in the wind let me go they might be running out of fuel by now general please allow us to save them more people need more strength we shouldn’t give up on them now it’s their hardest time and they need our help general we need your permission my friends just like you i’m worried about them i want to come to the rescue however control tower won’t risk your lives it’s his responsibility to protect you all therefore we should figure out a solution one that will not only help them but protect us well friends we need an idea someone anyone out there do you have an idea to help us save petey and the entire base i don’t know what are we supposed if we fly in formation then we form a team to resist the storm i’ll be first cherry boomer they can fly on either side of me others like us can form the shape of an arrow and that’ll work can it work that’s a good idea he’s gotta give it a shot i’m bigger than shane let me fly in the leading position shane’s idea sounds good but it’s too risky maybe we might not make it back sure you won’t change your mind it’s the best idea we’ve got oh let’s don’t waste go we don’t fear death at all yeah we don’t hear anything okay i’ll tell control town kylie are you all right i still can’t fasten it kylie take a break petey what about trying another way this isn’t working in a storm like this i have to use my electronic chain to fasten tightly or i can use it to pull the box everyone three members of us are in danger now they need our help we shouldn’t give up on them here are my orders take off and fly in formation to save your friends

boomer serves as the lead plate and everyone else has winged planes fly in a v formation destination is 300 kilometers from here in the northeast i know what to do kylie the wind is strong we have to fly at a high speed to keep the rope stable what do i do next control your height and concentrate on the handle of the box let’s hurry okay i’ll control the height and direction a bit higher i can almost touch the box okay a little bit lower this time is all right but you’re pulling left okay i see try again and follow me we’ve touched the box we can almost fasten it try again okay let’s try again try harder and we’ll succeed everyone they’re up ahead be careful i received larry’s signal he’s 15 kilometers ahead of us good let’s go let’s go kylie kylie i got it i got it but i can’t pull it out keep balance kylie i’ll relock and pull you up oh come on petey i’m trying but i can’t larry fly above me i’ll walk you let’s pull together okay all right let’s try together are you okay kylie kylie bailey kylie what’s wrong kylie kylie petey feeding kylie got hurt and got knocked out the box is going to fall to the point again kyle i shouldn’t have brought you with me hold on i’ll take you back as soon as i can hold on petey larry we’re coming thank god you’re here boomer kylie’s hurt okay let me help you we have to get back quickly boomer can you fly with kylie maybe i’ve done it before but i don’t have the equipment here i’m not sure if i can boomer use your fuel pipe to fasten kylie alright let me try kyle hold on hold on keep it up look out bloomer okay i’m ready boomer you go first petey and i will follow behind don’t worry leave it to me where are you going katie i have to go get the cargo box i have to go get it drake would have wanted me to great petey let’s go back fast i got this don’t worry about me i’m worried about everyone no one’s come back yet we have to believe that they’ll make it back

oh no i i’m out of fuel never mind rumor can help us wait a minute boomers pipe’s been used to fasten kylie he can’t feel you up now larry i i can’t keep up anymore take the cargo box back larry here you go larry take the cargo box back me baby general i really miss petey me too he was arrogant but he was very responsible and determined that young whippersnapper yeah if only he hadn’t sacrificed himself he could have joined us let’s see how kylie’s doing now okay kylie how are you doing wow you look great i’m so glad to see you looking better thank goodness you’re okay i’m fine thank you but but petey won’t be back it’s okay kylie petey will be in our hearts forever [Applause] come on kylie and larry control towers calling everyone dear friends i received a notice from headquarters just now they praise our bravery unity and cooperation in finding the cargo box our base is awarded a first-class award kylie go check the gas station something seems wrong yes sir who are you how dare you steal our fuel stop stop thief stop now who’s stealing our fuel you’re not going anywhere this is totally wrong [Laughter] hi everyone surprise guess who’s the best