Mainland China's worst Societal Problem!

good afternoon everybody are you ready for some real talk on a Friday afternoon we’re going to be talking about what I consider to be probably the most disturbing aspect of Chinese society modern Chinese society and this is not a dig at Chinese people this is a dig at society in what’s caused it because it’s it’s definitely a mainland China thing it’s something that I’ve observed almost exclusively in mainland China but I haven’t observed it in Hong Kong or Taiwan or Macau or any other place where you’ve got a large Chinese you know ethnic group so it’s a mainland Chinese societal problem so what I’m going to do is I’m going to start of course with an anecdote as I always do I base everything that I talk about on my own personal experience things I’ve seen with my own eyes so I’m going to talk about a couple of things and then I’m going to show you some footage and we’re going to look at and discuss a couple of things so we’re going to begin with the story of the car accident now I was this is a very long time ago I was hanging out with a girl in the Shoko area of Schengen which is you know there’s a lot of nice bars and things down there anyway that’s a go on you and we were heading towards the hotel and on the way back there was a horrific car crash in front of us what happened is somebody I don’t even know how it happened because I just heard the noise and when we went around the corner there was a car that had flipped over onto its roof fresh just happened just heard it came around the corner and that was the only one there with this girl so I ran up to the car crash and inside there were still people and there was a young boy inside and so I immediately started to you know pull the young boy out of the car and she was shouting at me to leave it alone don’t touch don’t go anywhere near that don’t do anything just leave it alone just let’s ignore it let’s walk past I couldn’t quite understand why I mean I know there’s this thing about not moving people if they’ve been in an act accident and they’re injured but you know this is a different situation the car just flipped over I could see that they were an immediate danger if I didn’t help get the people out of the car so I was getting these this first the young boy out of the car and nobody else was helping there was a crowd started to gather around in this girl that I was with just kept insisting that we move on and we leave it alone and all right guys like I said I was a bit taken aback by the whole situation but it’s something that I would slowly realize it’s actually a very big part of mainland Chinese society is this whole thing about not helping people in need and there are all sorts of reasons for it we’ll go through it in this video and in story basically is I started shouting at the crowd to help me get everyone out eventually because I saw I was doing it a couple of people came and helped and we got everyone out of the car and then we left after that I’ve got countless stories of things I’ve actually done which you’ve seen in the past I’ve talked about them like stopping pickpockets we’re quite clearly people can see that there’s a pickpocket but no one says a thing I see it I shout I chase them away and then my co-workers telling me that I shouldn’t have done it because it’s too dangerous to stop a pickpocket stopping that fight at McDonald’s which is actually caught on camera that I’ve shown a few times that’s not the first time I’ve stopped a fight but when you’ve got people beating on someone defensive defenselessly just sitting there everyone around doesn’t do anything it’s very very very disturbing now I’ve been sent a whole bunch of videos recently on WeChat and so on from my Chinese friends especially about a social experiment about a young boy trying to ask for some money from strangers in China now I know this video I saw about two years ago and it’s a it comes from a like a prank group there’s a prank group who does these sort of things they’re Taiwanese and they do these social experiments in mainland China it’s very telling the results of these social experiments I thought we’d go some of these and just take a look and see what’s going on and how people react this is again you know when I talk about this kind of thing you’ll get a lot of people who basically tell me that I’m talking [ __ ] that’s what they like to say and they make up excuses for this behavior all the time the thing is the best way for people to see that it’s a real thing is because a lot of people won’t take my word for it is to actually show people this whole sort of apathy

and crap in action so we’re going to look at these I’m gonna talk through what we see on the screen we’re gonna go through them I’ll skip through a bunch of stuff but let’s get started actually now this group I will link their YouTube channel they did a bunch of social experiments I first of all I hate social experiments number one I hate prank channels number two but I find what these guys did to be invaluable to give everyone out there an insight into mainland Chinese society so I’m going to roll this first clip and then we’ll talk about it as it goes so let’s begin okay so sorry I was blocking some of the subtitles but they’re doing a social experiment here where they’re kidnapping a young boy in public in mainland China and as you see they just ran off with him and what’s what’s happening over here is I’ll get me out of the picture there can I have a chuckle about it not our problem right let’s see what happens next yep grab em run away what is the women on the bench do not my problem this is not staged by the way I know some people might think it’s staged but it’s actually it’s not yeah okay let’s move on to the next one bunch of girls there you know what if this is your kid you got to ask yourself that question and the reason I know this isn’t staged is I have seen the same reaction from people like this myself personally when something bad happens I’ve seen people get run over and killed on the street and people just look at you know just look on look at this guy is like yeah it’s like comes from a can be a con means don’t look what are you looking at don’t look at walk on you know think about this kidnapping is a massive problem in China we all know that but this just just proves to you why because nobody ever steps in to help here we are in a very popular area nothing’s happening no one not a single person lifts a finger so yeah it’s it’s disturbing if you haven’t seen it in action yourself you might be very shocked you know but this this is kind of how things happen in modern-day China so this is a kid right if you are going to try to kidnap a kid in China as you can see the chances of anyone stepping in are minimal let’s talk about Y for a second before we move on to the next little little clip oh let’s just see one more you know in a shopping mall I’ve actually been there ya see families everybody stuff no one steps in to help you know like everybody they’re all given a chance to help out but nobody does not my problem right just move on and yeah last one and this is dragging on a little bit but yeah these are the streets of Shenzhen by the way from what I can see anyway yeah alright this is a different social experiment thing we’ll we’ll get onto that in a minute um this is something that happens all the time in China it doesn’t matter if something serious happens something bad it’s you know shinjang which is the first tier city it’s the most civilized supposedly city in China I’ve myself had to help people that have been in trouble and nobody steps in to help a woman died because she passed out in at the entrance of the Shenzhen Metro and lay there for two hours passed out nobody helped her and she passed away these kind of things happen and it’s a big big problem in China it’s not something that’s going away it’s probably going to get worse in fact under the current system because in China if it’s not your problem you leave it alone it’s ingrained by parents society everything that if you try to get involved in any kind of bad issue or anything that’s happening you’re probably going to end up getting scammed or are you going to end up getting into trouble it’s going to be blamed on you you’re going to have to it’s going to inconvenience your life you’re gonna have to end up paying money you’re gonna have to end up having to do something and this is the weakness of China is nobody wants anything to be a hassle so they don’t step in and they

don’t help it’s an absolutely awful awful part of Chinese society and it comes from the fact that China went through all those terrible days during communist of the Communists stuff you know during the the great leap backwards in the cultural devolution you know basically a situation where people were ratting each other out everybody was scared of what the government was going to do all this other kind of nonsense that went on it’s kind of led to this current situation now China’s become you know very Chinese societies become very greedy and very insulated people care only about their close family and close friends but strangers are all seen with suspicion which is you know horrible horrible thing so much so that when you see someone getting hurt or you see somebody in trouble the first thing you do is think that they’re trying to scam you anyway let’s move on to the next one because okay kidnapping a child or whatever maybe you don’t think is that bad what if someone tries to kidnap a grown woman in front of your eyes let’s see what happens okay I know that don’t worry it’s not any kidnapping in this video we’ll move on to other stuff but here let’s abduct this woman and she runs off what do you think this uncle’s gonna do here pretty much as you expected nothing right let’s let’s see who’s next okay I got a couple healthy young lads here watching a woman getting kidnapped what do they do they turn their heads and keep on walking here we go here we go again young man what does he do nothing not my problem I don’t want to get involved I don’t want any issues you know let’s see who’s next bunch of workers yeah they should be like like tough construction workers she’s shouting by the way like jamming our means you know save me help me and they’re not doing anything what do we got here two very manly looking guys actually I take that back two guys two strong strong strapping young lads they’re obviously having a thought about maybe helping so far they’re the nicest but looks like pink shirt guy wants to maybe do something maybe not okay there she goes running out of the bush with guys chasing after what does this guy do yeah not my problem you know it’s it’s crazy but when you see these these kind of social experiments it actually shows you very clearly that this is a big problem in China absolutely yeah that guy looks tough enough what does he do no not my problem I’m out of here I mean I don’t know about you guys but personally if I saw a young woman being abducted like that and dragged off into the bushes that guy who dragged him off would be in a lot of trouble I chase right in there I beat the crap out of that guy and I would rescue her this is what’s built into just the way I was brought up obviously not in mainland China the opposite is built into people the way they’re brought up is to when you see something like that you don’t help you distance yourself from it that is you know a pretty awful situation anyway this deponent prank is coming back now let me let me first preface what’s going to happen here and in fact I need to tell you another little thing foreigners who go to China like myself included would look at some kind of video like this and think nah this isn’t true I’ve experienced the opposite I find the people of China very friendly very hospitable always want to talk to me they’re generous they want to buy me a drink or you know they always want to make sure that I’m having a good time things like that and that’s true because what I’m talking about here is how Chinese people in mainland China treat other Chinese people in mainland China not how Chinese people in mainland trying to treat foreigners it’s different and that comes down to well first of all the curious they want to know about you they want to you know get to know you things like that but it’s also a situation where they trust foreigners more than they do local Chinese people and again anecdotally a young girl that I knew in her in her early twenties moved to Shenzhen to secret fortune and she was working hard and saving up all her money and she met a kind of a motherly like figure

who’s in her probably in her late 30s or so who kind of groomed her and ended up stealing every last cent from her scammed her out of everything and so she had to leave Shenzhen and it completely destroyed her faith in humanity and that’s one of the many stories of people that I personally know China is full of scams it is people are out there known peop and people are out there to make money so much so that all Chinese people that I know are pretty scam savvy they know what the deal is and that’s also what leads to this is because they know of all the myriad of scams that are being concocted every other day in in mainland China they’re afraid that what’s happening in front of them is another scam anyway let’s look at this this is another very good example we’ve got this young boy this this is again the DARPA and prank guys like I said I will be putting a link to their channel and and whatnot at the end of the video because most of the prank stuff not the previous one but most of the ones we looking at here come from them so let’s take a look at the stock DARPA prank thing this young boy is asking very politely can you give me two R and B two RMB is in US dollars it’s like a couple cents I’ll actually let me look it up ah sorry how I want to actually let you know so C 2 C and why CNY and US dollars is zero point two nine US dollars for 30 cents and it’s true in mainland China in the cities two RMB is enough to take a bus almost anywhere and it’s fantastic that’s one of the beautiful beauties of China is the public transport system as much as you can talk about traffic being bad and what have you and how difficult it is to get a car and stuff public transport is amazing you they managed to move that entire population around the cities and it’s it’s insane unless you’ve experienced it for yourself you wouldn’t know anyway so this young boy he would like to RMB why does he want to RMB let’s see he wants to take a bus okay so now he’s gonna go ask some random people in the street I’d like us to look at each one we can take a look that he’s asking people from different social statuses and different walks of life so let’s begin now get iced being very polite he’s like ie you know which means auntie could I have two RMB to take a bus she’s like bouquet bouquet really means like it’s not okay that’s the translation which is kind of crappy she looks like she’s a young sales lady she’s a young professional so she’s like no I mean come on it’s 30 cents he’s a young boy he’s not like anyway let’s move on to the next one okay sorry I’m blocking the subtitles I moved myself out of there again you see that he asked him very very politely served you have to Arby’s like ha and he’s like no all right that guy’s like a very normal sort of average working working-class kind of guy middle-class guy he’s got money but he can’t part with 30 cents let’s see who do we have next okay do you have a mother she just ignores him look this ignoring thing is very common of course in the big Chinese cities you have a lot of beggar’s always trying to take money from you’ve got people trying to scam you so you generally do ignore most people who approach you on the street but I mean she’s a mother and that’s a young boy you would think that she could spare 30 cents apparently not you know the thing is he’s also well-dressed and he’s being polite so it’s not like he’s a beggar kid because you get a lot of these beggar gangs who you know address you know they they name the children or they dress them dirtily and they kind of make the sympathy plea thing and sometimes you understand why people don’t give money to those people because then they’re feeding the gangs and stuff but this over here is you know a well-dressed young boy I I’m also going to just preface this a little bit this video was taken two years ago that’s why I saw it two years ago but it hasn’t changed since then because I noticed this very recently as well okay you see what she did there I’ve seen this a million times she looks at him

with a look of disbelief she’s suspicious this guy must be trying to scam me he’s got some kind of angle ignores him and walks on 30 cents guys 30 cents see if she gave him the the wave the blue I’ll wave and that’s you know kind of I mean it’s pretty crappy how people are ignoring this boy she’s young she’s obviously got money everybody that he’s approached so far has been pretty you know pretty alright let’s see okay that guy’s a little lower class than the other ones we’ve been seeing so far and he’s also just ignored him completely so you know we’re looking at people from different classes how about this young lady nope just ignore him just keep on walking and this guy he looks like a driver or something nope just ignore hmm let’s have another another one nope completely ignored you see you see what I’m talking about here is look how people just ignore him because she’s even running away from him it’s like scared that he’s gonna scam her you know how about this one give him a disapproving look and walk off suspicious look yeah he obviously doesn’t feel very good about society at the moment um here’s the this uplifting part of this video because it’s not all doom and gloom right he actually asked a beggar see what happens there yeah it’s kind of unexpected look there’s more to this video and that’s why I like I said I will be leaving a link to this this channel so you can go watch later but they actually do go and they you know they bought some food and some clothes for that homeless guys like a thank you well the bigger guy should say most piggies aren’t actually homeless and you know we went and gave it to him so it’s pretty awesome thing is man like this is what I’m talking about society is so sick at the moment in mainland China this is one of the sicknesses there are a lot of good things about society in mainland China too don’t get me wrong but this is my biggest gripe my absolute biggest gripe about mainland Chinese society is the fact that people will not help their fellow man unless of course it’s convenient if it’s convenient than they will but if it’s gonna put them in any kind of trouble whatsoever they can’t even part with 30 US cents to help a young boy right last time I told you guys the China has the lowest rate of charitable contributions in the world maybe you can see why if people aren’t willing to part with 30 US cents to help a young boy why would they part with any money to help starving kids in Africa or to help educate poor rural Chinese kids in a rural area you know what I mean you have to understand that this is part it’s part of society in mainland China now let’s move on to another prank also by the darpa prank guys and we’re going to look at something that I’m very familiar with it really pisses me off and I’ve had a lot of I’ve had a lot of experience dealing with and that is of course pickpocketing so let’s see let me get myself out of here okay so one of them’s going to pretend to be a thief and we’re gonna see these guys are from Taiwan by the way but they shoot all this stuff in mainland China okay now you see that guy on the bench looks like a mean guy but he’s like yeah not my problem okay so there’s another guy sitting on the bench what’s gonna happen this time yeah not my problem just carry on messing around just looks at him you know you could at least warn the guy this is a security guard he sees it and he’s like oh well let me go watch Weibo a little more you know young woman obviously won’t do anything yep

nothing what do we got here middle-aged women nope not my problem let’s see what’s next yeah he’s a kind of a middle-aged guy he sees exactly what happens what does he do nothing absolutely nothing and again another middle-aged guy BAM sees everything just sits there I’ve seen this with my own eyes you know that’s a thing that’s why I know this is not [ __ ] okay I’ve been a part of this because I’ve seen this happen and I’ve stopped a thief twice in mainland China myself personally because nobody else did a damn thing that’s why I can talk about it from my own experience you know here we go again anyone gonna see that nope nothing yeah it’s super super frustrating to see this that society’s you know sunk this low you know there we go nothing and there’s a family yep father sees it mother sees it nope not a thing it’s it’s so so annoying I think that’s probably it I do we have anymore this is their channel by the way dong prank I’ll get myself out of there so if you want to go take a look they’ve got cringy normal social experiment stuff – that’s stuff I really hate but they do do some like I said they did these valuable social experiments that show you how society behaves so this is what I wanted to talk about and I wanted to draw a very clear line because I know that there’ll be a lot of foreigners who visited China or live in China who’ve had a different experience personally as did I you know I did not at first at least for the longest time I thought that China was an incredibly hospitable friendly welcoming country and yes especially when I first got to China not as much anymore there was a big emphasis on cooperation with the West and you know foreigners were were there big thing to focus on in foreign countries and learning English and you know getting out there and it’s it’s fantastic I met so many friends and so many people who wanted to talk to me wanted to invite me for dinner wanted to help me out but you know in various ways so for me when somebody would mention anything along these lines I would dismiss it thinking that that’s a bunch of bollocks however having lived there for fourteen and a half years and personally stopped fights stopped pickpockets you know things like this personally and I’ve got video footage of it – which you’ve probably seen if you watch my videos and if not I’ll show them again in the future I know it’s not bollocks the way Chinese people treat other Chinese people is you know strangers please once again I’m talking about strangers not family and close friends it’s awful it’s terrible China’s supposed to be this one big you know strong nation of people that work together you know don’t go once way or whatever it is you know and all this thing about like US vs. the world China is great China is amazing you know woman the Jeong War they always say like our China the thing is maybe each individual person thinks that China belongs to them or belongs to the Chinese people or something but each individual person will not help another Chinese person in trouble very very few do and of course of course you will find exceptions to the rule I’ve met exceptions I’ve seen exceptions to the rule myself in person but like these social experiments have proven out of just a random sample of people from different walks of life Chinese people mainland Chinese people in mainland China are too afraid to help their fellow countrymen in need in fear of retribution and fear of being caught up in a scam in fear of having their lifestyle impacted and the worids a sort of thing of which means past the day being disrupted and I needed to bring this to your attention I’ve been wanting to talk about this for a very long time and I’m very glad that I came across the Dobbin prank guys again so I could show you what some of what they’ve done and of course you can just search online there’s a lot of gory stuff that I couldn’t show you know where you have for instance people beating up like a guy beating up his mistress or wife or something with onlookers just watching people being murdered without anyone stepping in people being run over by cars without being stated you know people stepping in everybody knows about the famous one about the two-year-old

toddler that was run over by a van and passed by many many many passerby snow one helped and the the kid got run over multiple times and actually obviously died and there was another one more recently where a woman was struck by a car at a pedestrian crossing and would have survived herself if somebody had stepped in to help but she lay there and got run over again and obviously killed this is a thing that’s a real big social eel in mainland China and Chinese people know this and I’m willing to take the abuse and willing to take all the the hate from everybody for bringing this to light but this is something that needs to be discussed this is something that Chinese people need to be ashamed of it’s not a good trait you should be ashamed of this and you should be talking about it you should be fixing it even if you are a good Samaritan if you are go out there and talk about it fix it this is the biggest biggest most horrible issue that I see with mainland China in society thank you very much guys for sitting through this one I know it was very very much it was a downer it wasn’t like a very happy Friday thing so I think it’s time for everyone to forget their worries for at least the evening go grab a drink have a good time and as always you know the drill stay awesome see you guys next time okay cool okay but much more stay awesome stay awesome there’s one missing okay yes