Betsy's Kindergarten Adventures – Full Episode #9

[Announcer] Coming up next on Betsy’s Kindergarten Adventure You can be in charge of handing out the prizes to the other kids [Betsy, narrating] With all of that counting, adding, and subtracting, I knew I was in trouble [Mom] Let’s go, Betsy, or you’ll miss the school bus! You were late We’ve been late a lot lately [babbling] ♪ A, B, C and 1, 2, 3 ♪ ♪ It’s kindergarten time for you and me ♪ ♪ So climb aboard and take a seat ♪ ♪ For kindergarten fun with Betsy ♪ ♪ We’ll meet new friends ♪ ♪ Along the way ♪ ♪ And have adventures every day ♪ ♪ It’s Betsy’s ♪ ♪ Kindergarten Adventures ♪ [baby cooing] [Betsy, narrating] Mrs. O’Connor had told us that we could bring in items from home to help us with our math skills So that morning, I was collecting a few pieces of my cereal to take to class [babbling] Finish your breakfast, Betsy It’s time to catch the bus I finished the oatmeal, and I’m taking some of the cereal to kindergarten for counting, adding and– [babbles] Kevin, I was saving those! Looks like he’d rather eat it than count it Mom, there’s no more cereal left What am I going to do? Come on quickly, Betsy You’re late for the bus See if you can share something with Billy Okay Bye, Kevin [babbles] [meow] [growls] Enjoy school, dear This was not good I needed to find something else to use instead of my cereal Good morning, Betsy Hi, bus driver Bob Do you think I could borrow your fingers and toes so I can practice my math in class? Well, I would let you borrow my fingers, but then I’d have to drive the bus with my head, and that would be pretty silly-looking, don’t you think? Yep You’re probably right Good job, class I’ve never seen so much adding and subtracting in one room Remember, take your time, count slowly, and use the items to help you keep track Two ping pong balls plus two more ping pong balls equals one, two, three, four balls! Let’s see One worm plus one worm equals– How many worms is this, Molly? Ew! Get those slimy things away from me, Billy Let’s see, Scotty What do you have if you take away one of the four sandwiches? That’s easy! One, two, three! Three! Thank you for letting me use the erasers, Mrs. O’Connor No problem, Betsy Now, let’s practice How many erasers will you have if you add two more erasers to the two you have on the desk? Uh-oh I was still working on my plusses and takeaways Well you get a lot of dust [coughs] True Well, let’s do this together One, two Three, four? Great job, Betsy Okay, children That’s enough now for one day Now we’re going to plan fun activities for the class carnival on Friday [cheering] Now, does anyone have any ideas for fun activities that they would want to help do? What about face painting? Would anyone like to help with that? Oh! [giggles]

I can do that, Mrs. O’Connor I know all about make-up and face painting How about ring tossing? I love those I could help people do that What about a haunted room filled with creepy, crawly, scary things? Cut that out, Billy Kind I help, Billy? I can play a creepy witch Sure I could help set up the booths and design the signs That would be wonderful, Kenji What about you, Scotty? What would you like to do? Well, I don’t know I’ve never been to a carnival Oh! Well, at the carnival, there’s a table with little prizes on it You can be in charge of handing out the prizes to the other kids Okay But what are these tickets for? The kids will win these tickets when they’re playing games at the other tables at the carnival Then they will give their tickets to you, you’ll count their tickets, and tell them what prizes they can get So I’ll have to count all of their tickets, and then I’ll have to give them the prize they have enough tickets to get? Yes, that’s right And it’s an important job We want to make sure that everybody gets his or her prize But what if a lot of kids come up to me at one time, and I can’t count fast enough, and– Sure, you can, Scotty You’re really smart and great at counting Will you help me, Betsy? Uh-oh I wasn’t expecting that That’s a good idea, Scotty It’s an important job that could use two people Will you, Betsy? Please? Um, okay I guess I secretly hoped that Scotty could count better than I could four, five, six! Perfect! Great job! You did a wonderful job helping design the carnival Kenji Oh, thank you, Mrs. O’Connor Everybody helped I just gave them some ideas Nice work, Mrs. O’Connor You, too, Kenji Is something wrong, Mr. Warner? No I was just visiting Molly’s booth, and she painted my face Well, it certainly looks colorful Wait a minute, Mr. Warner! What’s wrong, Molly? I forgot to paint your nose There You make a great clown, Mr. Warner [nervous laugh] Uh, thanks, Kenji It hasn’t been very busy How many tickets do we have, Scotty? Well, I don’t know I guess we better count them and see You should probably do it I might mess up Well, okay, but you’ll have to take tickets and give out the prizes if anyone comes up while I’m counting Counting tickets? All by myself? Scotty, what if I need help I mean, all of that counting and adding and subtraction all by myself? Don’t worry, you can do it, Betsy I have to finish all of this counting before I lose my place Now where was I? Oh, yeah 11, 12, 13, 14 All I could do was hope that nobody would come up to the table with tickets Hi, Betsy We’d like to get a prize Uh-oh Now, let’s see, I have three tickets, and Maria has two tickets What kind of prize can we get? I hope we can get two of those pretty rings I want the yellow one Um, three tickets plus two tickets Let’s see That’s Uh, Scotty? I have a question Shh I’m still counting 20, 21, 22 Oh, yes, this ticket is Billy’s Three tickets plus two tickets take away one ticket With all that counting, adding, and subtracting,

I knew I was in trouble Hi, Betsy I have five tickets What can I get? Oh, wait Forgot about this one Now what can I get? I really want that super-duper bouncy ball that lights up when it bounces What about us, Betsy? Um…uh What’s wrong, Betsy? Scotty’s busy, so I have to count tickets and do adding and subtracting all by myself Well, it’s okay, Betsy Just take your time Yeah, you can do it Do you really think so? Of course, Betsy Molly’s right Just take your time, and you’ll do fine Okay, three tickets plus two tickets equals five tickets Minus one ticket equals four tickets You can get two rings because each ring costs two tickets [gasps] Rings! Ha ha ha! Beautiful! Thanks, Betsy And Kenji has five tickets plus one ticket That equals six tickets Here you go, Kenji Playing cards That’s pretty cool, but I really wanted that bouncy ball Sorry, Kenji You would need 10 tickets for the ball You would need 7, 8, 9, 10 Four more tickets Hmm Well, let’s see Um, Kenji, I have another pink ring I don’t really need another one I can give back the ring, and you can have the two tickets You would still need two more tickets Here you go, Kenji Thanks, guys Now you guys can all play with the ball together [all talking] Counting is a lot easier when you take your time It sure is That goes for most things that you learn It is sometimes confusing at first, but if you slow down and take things one step at a time, it can become a little easier Nice job, partner Scotty and I counted a bunch of tickets and gave out a lot of prizes It was fun once I got the hang of it Later on, Mrs. O’Connor watched the table so Scotty and I could have some carnival fun with my mom and Kevin [babbling] Wow, look at that! I want you on my team, Kevin Your little brother must like it in there Yeah He doesn’t want to leave Billy and Maria did do a great job with the haunted room, with the help of bus driver Bob, of course The little fella must think I’m his– heh heh– mummy Let’s go back through the haunted room again, Betsy Follow me [chuckles] Here’s one thing I learned from counting tickets I learned that I could really count on my friends to help me learn and understand things One of the things I really like about kindergarten is that you never know what to expect each day Weekends are fun, but I like school better [Mom] Kevin, no! Don’t touch that [yawns] [Betsy] Mom, I can’t find my other shoe Look under your bed, Betsy!

Kevin, no! [Kevin babbles] Found it! [squirrel chatters] [meow] Let’s go, Betsy, or you’ll miss the school bus! I just have to find my sweater Hurry, Betsy We’re running out of time Coming! [squirrel chatters] [meow] Whew I’m so sorry we’re late Thanks for waiting, bus driver Bob No problem Guess you folks are just running a little behind time today We sure are And I have a million things to do Oh, well, then, you might want to change those shoes What? Change my sh– Oh, no Bye-bye, Betsy Bye, Mom Bye, Kevin [babbling] You were late! Yes, I know Sorry My father says people should always be on time Hmm! [Betsy, narrating] On time? Hmm? I told you you couldn’t stay on time Lately, my mom has been complaining about there not being enough time to get things done This got me thinking Was the whole world running out of time? [Bob] Hello, Sarah Hi, bus driver Bob Did you see the big game last night? I sure did I never thought they’d go into double overtime, did you? No way But it sure was exciting Double overtime? Hmm Sounds like some people have more time than they need Maybe my mom should take up sports Let’s go, everyone Let’s not waste any time Hmm You can waste time, lose time, be on time, and even go into double overtime I just wish I could tell time Does anybody know what time it is? Molly? It’s morning circle time, Mrs. O’Connor That’s right, Molly It is morning circle time Anything else? Um, no, nothing else [chuckles] Well, can anyone else think of anything? Billy? Snack time? Not quite yet, Billy Scott Morning time? Yes, it is morning time Anything else? Kenji? 812 O’clock? That was a very good guess, Kenji, but let me show you how a clock works Let’s start with the hands The little hand is the hour hand It tells us what hour of the day it is The big hand is the minute hand Anyone know what it tells us? What minute it is? That’s right, Kenji When the big hand is on the 12, it means that we’re beginning a new hour And if I move the little hand to the 10 [Betsy] 10:00 Right again and if I move the little hand all the way over to the 12, with the big hand, that would be Lunchtime! [children laughing] Yes, Billy, that’s right It would be lunchtime But do you know what time it would be? Um, that would be, uh 12:00? That’s right It is? All right, I’m telling time! I have a few time poems that I’d like to read to you, and I’ll think they’ll help you remember some of the many hours in our day It’s 7:00, rise and shine We want to get to school on time [meow] [barking] At 8:00, we never fuss, because that’s the time we take the bus

It’s 9:00 and time for school Today we’ll all learn something cool At 10 and 11, we work and play, and that is how we spend our day At 12:00, it’s time to eat First a sandwich, and then a treat There’s lots to learn and lots to do From 1:00 and on past 2 At 3:00, bus driver Bob drives everyone home because that’s his job We leave at 3 and are home by 4 to jump and run and play some more Morning and afternoon were busy and bright And evening brings dinner, then all sleep tight We dream our dreams, and the next day, we rise to greet a brand new day Morning time, afternoon time, evening time, and night time We aren’t running out of time We just need to use our time better Hi, Betsy What you doing? I’m thinking about time, Scott My mom always seems to need more time Oh, so that’s why you were late for the school bus Uh-huh Maybe you should just get up earlier Yeah, that’s a great idea, Molly [gasps] It is? Uh, I mean, I know it is When I get home tonight, I’ll tell my mom about this idea 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, and 12 The big hand is called the minute hand And the little hand is called the hour hand After recess, Mrs. O’Connor handed out round pieces of paper to everyone, and we got to make our very own clocks 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 After we made our clocks, Mrs. O’Connor read a story to us about a rabbit who couldn’t find his alarm clock “There you are, you wonderful alarm clock “I’ll never misplace you again Never, never, never.” And look here He’s kissing the alarm clock Isn’t that silly? We were having so much fun, that we almost didn’t notice that it was 12:00 But Billy sure did Mrs. O’Connor Mrs. O’Connor It’s lunchtime, Mrs. O’Connor See, the big hand and the little hand are both on the 12 That means lunchtime That’s right, Billy It’s 12:00, and 12:00 means it’s lunchtime Mmm Peanut butter and strawberry jelly My favorite After lunch, we all took a little nap Shh When we woke up, we all practiced counting from 1 to 12 [class] 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, and 12! Before long, it was 3:00 and time to go home Hi, kids How was school today? Awesome, bus driver Bob Great It was delightful! We learned about clocks today Clocks? Say, I ever tell you about my uncle who worked in a clock factory? No, what did he do? He just sat around and made faces Hee hee hee! I don’t get it Trust me, it’s a very funny joke I played in the backyard with Kevin and Gracie until dinnertime When it was time to go inside, my mom made dinner After dinner, Dad and I cleaned the dishes [laughs] And then I helped Mom give Kevin a bath After Kevin was asleep,

I got ready for bed So, what did you learn in school today, Betsy? I learned about time Morning, afternoon, and evening Oh? Uh-huh In the morning, I get up, have breakfast, and go to school In the afternoon, I have lunch, practice my numbers, and come home And then in the evening, I have dinner, and then go to bed Morning, afternoon, and evening What a day Wow You’re learning to tell time Yep I know that when the big hand and the little hand on the clock are on 12, It’s lunchtime That’s right I also know we’ve been late a lot lately [chuckles] We sure have So I was thinking maybe we should get up a little earlier so we won’t have to rush so much Uh-huh I think that’s a wonderful idea You do? I do Of course, you know this will mean that we have to go to bed a little earlier The things I do to keep this family on time [laughs] Good night, Betsy Good night, Mom Ready to go, Betsy? All ready It sure feels good not to be so rushed, hmm, Betsy? I’ll say [squirrel chatters] [barking] Good morning, ladies Good morning, bus driver Bob Hello, bus driver Bob Right on time, I see We certainly are Have a great day at school, sweetie Okay, Mom Oh, my goodness, Molly! What happened to you? If you must know, I overslept [laughs] [Mrs. O’Connor] Visit the Betsy’s Kindergarten Adventures website and see how Betsy’s getting ready for school, play games, color pictures, and meet all of Betsy’s friends at [Betsy] My friends and I love to read You can find all kinds of fun and interesting books to read at your local library Visit the library in your town today Have your own adventures, just like me Hee hee! Of course, garbage will have to be taken out by somebody strong [Billy] When someone gives you a responsibility, you should always do your very best [Mrs. O’Connor] How about Billy? All right! I get to take out the garbage! Closed-Caption by J.R. Media Services, Inc Burbank, CA