【ENG SUB】💕Love Designer EP27 | starring— Dilraba,JohnnyHuang | Chinese Drama 2020

Director, still can’t contact them? Zhou The former supplier I can’t reach them Alright I will find new suppliers Okay, Miss Zhou I’ll waiting for your news OK In recent years, individual designers market share is amazing However, in the mean time many websites have been exposed with numerous quality problems Some buyers even wanted to sue the business For example Miss Liu from Zhejiang province have bought some clothes from a online store She got measles after that She was told in the hospital that it was the result of the poor quality of the clothes It is said this online store is a shopping website’s new women’s wear brand The designer of it was selected by a show Hello Hello, is it Miss Zhou Fang? Yes I am a reporter from Daily Newspaper According a customer’s complaint, there are some quality problems with your brand which have caused many customers getting allergic May I ask if this is the truth Hey Miss Fang, according to the news it is us It’s fine Take it easy But many buyers have applied for return of goods You can approve their applies If it is really our problem, we cannot make more people suffer from it For suppliers I have already contacted the plant for a while, but they couldn’t be contacted I suspect that it’s their problem Then what are you going to do? I suggest you to deal with return of goods first The remained things will be investigated by us Don’t worry OK Good news goes on crutches Bad news travels fast What’s going on with the Publicity Department? Why did they take no actions? The bad news is all over the world Yeah It’s not our re-action or the media to blame It’s the great designer, Miss Zhou’s fault She brings trouble too quickly Why don’t you answer my phone? What are you doing here? I’m here to apologize Those goods with problem were sold out by me It’s my responsibility to take care of it And it may affect WanFeng Group’s interests So you don’t need to considerate it Just protect the company’s interests You can rest assured I know what to do Get back It’s my fault and I will make up You are clear of this thing I know It’s my promise I will protect you Go back Then what are you going to do Mr. Song

Chen Chen, take her back You can rest assured If she doesn’t go home, then you come home Boss, I Miss Zhou You make me awkward Go back Don’t mind Don’t go around Wait for me at home I think you know why I have you here Chen Chen, go ahead OK According to the investigation the reason for allergy is the exceedance of allergenic dyes It caused contact dermatitis Persistent contact with it may cause cancer So this is a serious problem Mr. Song have sent people to investigate the dyestuff factories and pharmaceutical plants in order to find the basic problem We are a brand of clothes As a cloth company, we have produced clothes influencing customers’ health This is a big problem I think this problem is going to sustain fermentation Please say your opinion Mr. Song I think the first thing is call for return of the goods and negotiate with customers We should make compensation privately and try to make it as small a problem as we can We cannot stir up fire on ourselves This is problem of brand operation It’s their fault and they let us to tackle, we have to get clear that it’s brand operation’s responsibility WanFeng cannot mess up with it Customers have to know that It’s the brand operation’s fault They have had a problem of plagiarizing and been commanded to get offline Now it’s online again and make a more serious problem again Shareholders will make articles on it So We have to make decision now or chain reactions will happen Things will get out of control Compensation and even demarcation of responsibilities will not tackle the primary problem tackle the primary problem If the primary problem cannot be solved, same problems will happen again and again What will you gonna do next time? But present problem should be the first thing to deal with for the basic problem Mr. Song There are all our people Let me get this straight I think you are so up-right We can totally follow that a tooth for a tooth an eye for an eye If this is about BaiSai I may have an idea Baisai Group is a listed company They must pay attention to reputation If they have taken unjustified measures to race in the market, we can use legal measures to sue it to get it punished as it deserves Even if they make a statement to get clear, on the one hand their share price will be affected On the other hand, for that they’ve already have a negative news, this will be a hit to BaiSai It’s irreversible I’m sorry I ‘m late Don’t worry We will win this fight How are you going to win? Is this your arrangement? WanFeng Group, they are now in a panic We can buy in large amount of their stock by the chance From then on in this country, there will be no competitors After the acquisition, we can have rest,

can we? Happy birthday Do you like it? Thanks Have some rest I will be back after work What are you doing here? I know that you have nowhere to go and you don’t want to go home Let’s have some drinks Good idea What are you doing? I have to get my thoughts clear Mengzi said that Before the god will drop responsibility on one, he must make him tired to toil flesh and bone You are half the way here You are good at comforting people I was thinking that this might involve Song Lin No matter if someone, set me up or I had a bad luck He wanted to stand ahead of me and solve this for me I think it’s unfair What’s unfair? A man is standing ahead of you to protect you It’s a good thing But I think it is not fair This world is not fair itself There is a natural division of labor between men and women He loves you It has nothing to do with love It’s that he always rushes before me I think I have to treat him fairly I think you care about him so much Song Lin What’s in him that attracted you so much What’s this expression I have no expression What’s in your mind What’s in your mind Go back early You’re in such a hurry to see him Okay You’re back You’re back Tired? Yes

So heavy Have a seat I will pour you a glass of water! Drink water Sit down! Now I feel comfortable Song Lin Actually, I can handle myself It is just about a brand Once you show up, it will affect Chuangpin and WanFeng I know Since you knew Can you be more rational If being rational means losing you, I don’t want it You can rest assured I will protect you this time You are up Do you still care about me What are you talking about Go to school I’m leaving Don’t be late Bye Chen Chen How long can I get the test results At least a week It’s too slow We can’t wait How about this I’ll find my friend and you contact the consumers I’ll negotiate with them the compensation issues You don’t have to deal with this yourself It’s better to be more sincere OK, I got it I don’t want perfection I just wish my regrets of life will be anything else except that he doesn’t love me I know that But this is life I think when you are free, you should talk to your friends more or talk with your husband It’s better for both of you If I have someone to talk to, I won’t come here for mental health consultation I stay at home waiting for him to come back every day I just want to talk to him even a few words Or just listen to him scolding me That’s makes me happy Can you understand? I do But Miss Lin I think when you are free, you should bring your husband here Miss Fang, are you alright It’s okay I beg you for something What’s the matter, just tell me I wrote a letter of apology I don’t know If it’s Okay Can you take a look Are you apologizing publicly I think we can wait If you apologize so fast, the consumers would take this chance to ask for compensation from you I don’t want to wait any more Just compensate them Someone has to apologize for this What’s more I have to handle this myself or I will involve more people into this You don’t want to involve Song Lin What are you doing here? Why do you apologize? I don’t agree I have a plan Someone has to apologize I am the person in charge of this studio If I hide myself, how can I face my employees and consumers in the future I know you are protecting me

But I have to admit my fault Next time I will not make the same mistake No next time! There will be no next time Let me see what letter of apology Here So sincere Of course WanFeng Group had many accidents that affected their fame this year This is an undeniable fact This is the worst thing for an enterprise One ant hole may cause the collapse of a thousand-li dyke If this goes on I am afraid we would do more harm than good I agree the global economy is unstable these years The competitions of all fields are getting more fierce Our suffer is not an accident But if we don’t take actions, we would lost all the reputation and credit of WanFeng The resources are limited in one industry Cooperating is better than competing I think we can consider the takeover plan I mentioned before Before the failure, we can sell at a best price You know the business plan of WanFeng of these years and we had huge progress in overseas market Why should we be in such a hurry to sell it Mr. Song Don’t blame us The global economy has been unstable for years We think only cash can make us feel safe Nowadays, in this industry only BaiSai can takeover WanFeng with one acquisition Since they want to purchase us, it’s the best We can turn the enemy into a friend Why not BaiSai and WanFeng are all clothing companies but we have completely different product items BaiSai sells international famous brands It introduces big international top brands into our country and sets up flagship stores in our shopping mall WanFeng We’ve been selling domestic designer brand We want to introduce our designers and our design drawings to the world This is what we do And now If we cooperate with them, we are not turning the enemy into a friend We are giving them our strength Mr. Song, to tell the truth you’ve changed a lot On many affairs, you are really hesitant and made countless mistakes Where do you put the interest of the company and us investors Nonsense We just invested some money and occupy some of the share Mr. Song and his team is the one fighting for WanFeng Without Mr. Song, where can we get the money? You think it came without efforts? Yes We can all see the efforts of Mr. Song He’s a man of insight and enforcement Otherwise we wouldn’t join WanFeng Right? Yes But we can also retreat from a successful investment I just chose a time when it’s almost at the peak Anyway Mr. Song We are the biggest shareholders of WanFeng If we don’t sell much of our shares, it won’t affect Mr. Song so much Am I right? Unless the shares sold exceed your shares But This is unlikely Gosh What’s going on? Zhou Fang I saw a letter of apology on the internet What’s going on? My name is Zhou Fang The lead designer and brand manager of Fang’s studio Some consumers reported that several clothes of our shop were defective in quality We are looking into this But before the result come out, I want to apologize to all the consumers and those that support our brand I also want to apologize to the supportive Chuangpin website and WanFeng Group No matter how this ends, this is our fault On management level, I failed to guard the quality of our product and let the polluted materials into the market I do apologize In the meanwhile, I will do my best to compensate for the loss of consumers I hope

you can give me a chance to right my wrongs In the future I will be more careful and will not let similar affairs happen I welcome your supervision Mr. Song You don’t have to be so mad Today Zhou Fang was a little rushing But she did it to save our reputation She put herself in danger and she still worried about you She’s pretty brave Brave Doing business is not like fighting in the jianghu World You can succeed with braveness But if she doesn’t apologize today It will be yourself that has to fight in the jianghu world Well Call me if there’s anything Thank you so much, Lawyer Shen Just do my job You are welcome I’ll leave now Okay! Goodbye How was the chatting For suppliers, you have to sue them Mr. Song has sent people to investigate this to investigate this If there’s something wrong we will sue them We will expose them to the public then It’s their fault and they left it to us This is indeed my mistake At such a crucial moment and for such an important event, I have to make one of us in charge in the future A new brand is just like a child who’s learning to walk It’s normal to fall There’s never a brand that hasn’t made mistakes Right? So The important thing is how we handle this Since the foundation of TKYSHOP, everyone of our company are dedicated to their job No difficulty couldn’t be overcome I’ve looked into this these days Dyeing quality inspection is a place that problems occur frequently On the one hand you suffered, but on the other hand the consumers also suffered They bought a clothes happily, but found this problem I wouldn’t be happy I’ve told those employees If consumers want to return or change the goods And if something needs to be solved face to face I will personally compensate And I wonder what else there could be Recently a succession of things happened Quanye, thank you so much It’s fine Let’s work together We will pass this Come on! I’m leaving Go ahead Have you had your dinner? Yes How about you? Here My sister poured me a glass of water It’s rare The water from my sister tastes differently Forget it I see that you don’t look good lately It’s life You will run into some minor squabbles You’re so smart, you will solve this Luoluo I think you’ve grown up You know how to care about me You are my brother Who else should I care about All right I’ll do my homework Rest early What are you doing? Nothing Let’s go out for a walk Alright You pretended to be strong again

Don’t blame me I don’t want to be an outsider every time there’s a problem I always wait for you to fight and solve it for me I want to share this for you What kind of girlfriend are you Are you a good buddy of mine? You recognized I can’t hide from you, buddy No, hide from me, don’t let me know We promised to share together Buddy That’s enough I know you love me and you want to protect me You want me to feel safe beside you But I want to tell you, I can protect you as well Wen you feel unhappy or uncomfortable or a little bit sad, you can all express it I will take them Because I don’t like the strong and almighty you in front of everyone, but the real you Welcome Sorry to keep you waiting Sorry to keep you waiting Mr. Song is here Have a seat Sit down, sit down, sit down I really appreciate that you can make time to come here What are you saying? At this time, we should be united, right? Yes, Mr. Song They have cooperated I’m afraid they will make a hostile takeover We have to figure a way out Ungrateful They don’t think about how WanFeng came to this place Yes, Mr. Song What’s your plan? We are on your side According to the situation, if they really want to make an hostile takeover then from my point, the only thing I can do is to purchase as much share as possible in the fastest speed to guarantee my proportion of share in this company I don’t know what’s your idea on my advise Guys Is there any problem with the Equity Transfer Contract? That’s great No problem Since you are satisfied, we can sign it OK Thank you very much I hoped we can cooperate happily Have a cordial working relationship, Mr. Su Thanks, Mr. Su Have a cordial working relationship Is it Zhou Fang? Dad Why are you here? You didn’t call me and you just sit there I’m not that stupid I came here on time Where’s mom? Your mother wanted to come I stopped her Luckily, come in Miss Cheng Sorry I’m late I came early Well Order What do you want for drink? Just water for me and one Caffè Americano for Miss Cheng Roast the coffee beans till the color is darker Okay. Just a minute Thanks It’s good that you still remember my favorite I can’t forget Miss Cheng is a person of life quality So your brand is always on the top of the industry I’m old This market will be you young people’s battle field Since you left the company, I didn’t expect that you’ve grown so fast Because you introduced me to this industry I have a good teacher After you turning Siyue to me I failed to hand in a perfect result till now There’s no certainty in business The ups and downs don’t mean anything By the way, Song how many shares can you get from WanFeng I have thirty eight percent Have you counted mine? No WanFeng’s share is significant to you Now you have forty three percent Dad

Here, have some tea Anyway although the process is messy, everything is in the hand of your daughter Be well prepared and you can succeed thousands of miles away My daughter is now a militarist Are you confident Yes What’s more I’m not on my own I have my team by my side They are all helping me solve this I appreciate this To resolve and to use You are better than me on this I like your confidence You have to experience to understand the philosophy in this Just like the lyrics You can’t see the rainbow without wind and rain Yeah In fact Now I realize that everything I experienced before is helping me grow It’s just like what you said It’s not necessary that having setbacks are bad Every process has its reason to exist And Every time I feel that I can’t hold on any more, I would think of you and mom behind my back and then I would feel energetic You wouldn’t abandon me, right? Okay Now I’m relieved if you say this It’s too late I have to go back In such a hurry? You mother is waiting for me to report to her Alright Be careful! We have a deal Come home this weekend I will cook something nice to eat OK Bye I’ll see you off No, thanks Miss Cheng At the moment, you are willing to help me Thank you very much Because you are talented and kind Not like those young people Those who knows to repay the kindness they received are little Even fewer can be as righteous as you I trust you You will accomplish something big in the future Sometimes doing business is really hard Just think about it if we used some tricks to succeed then, we wouldn’t be like this today Remember the world never fails those with good wills If you want to have a clear conscience, your path will be more bumpy But you will go further It seems that Su Yushan set lots of traps for you Over the years I’ve forgotten it He is still trapped in this I didn’t expect he’s so persistent on Siyue But don’t worry I will make Siyue better and make it go further You are a competitor to him but to my daughter, he is a man of romance Alright Stop talking about this Let’s talk about you I hear that you’re passionately in love How do you know everything? Bring her to me Of course I’m preparing Mr. Su All the contracts for the this acquisition are here Some are new, you need to sigh them Mr. Su Is it worth purchasing WanFeng’s share at a high price this time No need to worry Mr. Song

Why are you here waiting for me? Mr. Song Go upstairs It’s an emergency! Mr. Song I’ll make long story short How many shares do you have now? 43% I’ve been asking the acquisition Several shareholders of BaiSai are neutral Some have already sold the shares to Su Yushan This situation is not good for you It’s fine I’ve made the worst plan Mr. Song If Su Yushan became the controlling shareholder of WanFeng, what should you do Let’s think about other solutions Thanks, guys For what? Thank you for standing on my side Go, go busy Mr. Song