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After all, what do you want to show me? I’m giving you a surprise Be careful! Where is it? Don’t worry about it! Sit down Okay You did this? Yeah! So virtuous of you! Have a taste Come on Delicious! This is certainly not what you are learning now Who taught you that? I forgot to tell you that my father is a cook He cooks especially well! Then you must have had so many delicious dishes since you were small Why do you look so thin? Ever since I was small, he took the time for the restaurant guests When I grow up I can’t eat what he cooked any more Let’s jump this topic Eat this again Have a taste This is my first time I heard you talking about family affairs What about your mother? What does she do? What’s the matter? You want to see your parents You wish By the way I was particularly busy I just want Zhou Fang to accompany you I haven’t called her yet She called me firstly She asked me if you are still mad at her How can I calm her? From her voice, it feels like she just cried I told her that boyfriends and girlfriends are different absolutely You have to find her yourself She said she came to your door for dozens of times But she didn’t dare to knock at the door Do you think if you Stop! Just cherish your hard-won position Don’t you dare to speak for her again Then you should also go out Help me with the dishes Today, we cannot go to school together Be careful! What’s the matter? Shen Di said that he can’t come today Is he sick? He is better than a sports student I guess he went to take an English test It’s okay! I’ll take you there You have nothing to do but supervise me If you have the time Please just mind your own business You and Zhou Fang just got together and broken up so quickly? Just eat! Don’t talk nonsense Do you still love her? Eat or not? Do you believe that she still loves you? I’ll clear away if you don’t want to eat I endure this to give one more advice When you believe in one thing, but you cannot just prove it, the best way is to let yourself become that proof What are you trying to say? I read it online Think it over when it’s at night and when are still awake and hard to sleep Luoluo

Have you ever mentioned me when you were chatting recently? We have! How? We can make it clear that you or your brother Although I don’t want him anymore, we are still sisters Does that count Go to school and stop eating! I haven’t finished it yet Stop! Let’s go I only took a few bites I have something left at home Have you checked carefully? Have you had checked it several times at home? And I don’t need to prepare for this exam at all Aunt I just feel that you are more nervous than me Am I? You are! I am going to high school this time Not an university The exam is not so difficult But you also have to check the paper several times Don’t leave any question blank! Let’s pass only by this time Okay! I got it! Don’t worry about it! Why do you resign? Give me a reason I wrote in the resignation letter I’m asking why! My parents are getting old and poorer in health They want me to go back to my hometown to find a job that is less stressful On the one hand, I can be less stressed On the other hand, I can stay with them I have considered that I should do as what they said You’ve been thinking about it for a long time Is this the reason? I What I said is true But you don’t need to worry about it I will leave definitely after the handover with the new assistant No way Who is it? Mom! Don’t forget to take Xiaodi with you today to go home for dinner Got it It’s admission day again so soon Don’t talk nonsense Let’s take Chendong with us! Why are you always think about children of other families? Don’t you dare to say you are not! How dare you say that? I’m sorry to listen to this I’ll go shopping with your father later Take the initiative and invite him Do you hear me? How can I… mom? He is away on business And he cannot come back these days If you want to have more fun, I’ll call your goddaughter Okay? I almost forgot this little girl Okay! Take her with you! Take them home together OK? Okay, I’ll hang up Are you finished working? Almost done! Please get and fetch my coat on the second floor Okay! That is alright! Did you get the ointment? Does the waist hurt anymore? It’s my mother Okay! That’s good! Mom! Two days ago, I called my dad via video Why didn’t he answer? Did he? He might be at work We spoke last night We talked about you Good! You must take care of yourself

Okay, let’s hang up Bye-bye Is your mom not feeling well? Nothing serious I just went home to see them two days ago Good! Lunch box again You did it? Of course The black sugar cake I made by learning from the online video Take some! Have a taste How about it? Delicious! This is the best cake I’ve ever eaten You can smell It’s all this scent in the air Come on! Why do you suddenly think of visiting here? Right! why should I come? Maybe because I live a life leisurely Obviously sweetly Why are you saying salty? By the way The new clothes I chose for you Have a try if it is the right size You bought me clothes? You’re with such a people with good taste like me You need to improve your own taste How about it? Very handsome! What’s up? My dear! It’s about three months that my probation period is about to end Should I become a full member? We’ll talk about it Okay! I have nothing to say to you except our love You are a contract worker even you sign on it And you’re not compiled Just sign it! It’s okay I can still work here Let’s eat It’s really sweet Honey, you did this? Xiaodi went to take an exam, why you here I’m here to pick up Song Luo My mom invited her for dinner Anyone else? Is it necessary for me to tell you? I am her guardian I have to know Then I won’t pick her up Don’t, please The finals today I may go home very late Why are you telling this? I want you to help take care of her for me And It’s your first time to the company on Monday Do prepare well Don’t embarrass yourself I’m leaving You are very good at knife work Chendong, do you cook? On weekends, when I’m free, I cook for myself But on working days, I may order takeouts Men who can cook now is popular Is it? It’s very attractive But it’s pathetic to eat alone How about this? You come to my house every weekend to accompany me for dinner I’m also lonely Just one pair of chopsticks Mom Yeah! You Didn’t you go on business? Wouldn’t you go for half a month? Why are you back so soon? Ignore her! I… Ignore her The girl’s mouth deceives people If I believe you, my intestines can also regret Good lord Giving you an allegro, you can make your debut in the community Yeah! So How about you? Become a nun? Chendong, don’t be afraid! That’s what she did to me Disingenuous She can just show off at home But she’s nice when she’s outside We’ll be united to tune her together What are you doing? Are you born in the Year of the Rabbit? You just eat over there Come here to help us! Hurry up! Help me Come over here! You have to work as you’re on it indeed Do you hear me? Have some soup!

I can help myself Chendong, enjoy yourself Okay! I’m the goddaughter of this family I’m here several times a week Is it also logical? But you are busy Why you come here so often? What are you talking about? Chendong is also a member of our family Just eat, Chendong And brother What identity is yours in here? Ah! You can ask the young lady next to you What are you talking about? Let’s eat, the food is about to be cold What do you mean by an awkward conversation? It’s simple! Marry a man There is no shop after this village All right, how can you stop talking when eating Don’t talk about it in front of the children Did I say something wrong? Did I say something wrong? Xiao Di and Luoluo Listen to me Anyone do the right thing on the right age You are teenagers now What are teenagers doing? That is to study and aspire to success At your aunt’s age, the youth, should be married Life is actually the way it is The children of our the old friends, classmates… are married and some have their second child some even have their second child their second child The betrothal gifts we had given can raise a child I’m telling you Fang’er You cannot be too selfish You have to let me and your dad to take some from the betrothal gifts We should get some back Am I right? Mom! I just feel that getting married and receiving red packets is like the high-level pyramid selling You have to follow the crowd and everyone must do that It’s not like the way you said Aunt In fact, what Zhou Fang means is let nature take its course You and uncle are still capable Don’t worry Yes You’re right I love to hear that We’d better go out and relax outside Zhou Fang can take care of herself I don’t care Anyway I love Chendong If you can’t be my son-in-law I will recognize you as my godson And you’re a member of our family Godson, right? It happens that I am a goddaughter Please support me more! You We’re just gossiping Nobody cares about our Xiaodi anymore! How was your exam today? I did well in the exam Hello, dad You finally called me Why don’t you tell me? And you didn’t answer the phone again What exactly do you mean? You blame me You are too busy to be seen every day How dare I to disturb you No Recently, I often go back to accompany my mother Don’t you believe? You can ask her When do you come back? The project investigation will take long time Dad Why are you coughing? Are you ill? Are you okay? Have you ever seen dad get sick? It’s acclimatization Okay! I still have friends here Let’s hang up Alright! You must take care Why do you keep her from the truth It’s all our fault She has always been well protected She has not experienced the pain If she knows one day Let’s just keep her from this day by day Don’t say that The doctor said he is very confident to your surgery Don’t worry, it’s okay! I hope so Have you got the key? Password is ok Zhou Fang I really shouldn’t have come today You’re angry No My mom You know her You don’t know how to say no to her Besides, you are so busy with your work

I don’t want to disturb you either That’s why you’re hiding from me? No I’m working on the right track Okay What I said that day Just forget about it! I don’t want to lose our friendship If my mom call you to come over again I’ll say I’m away on business! You finally laugh! It was really not easy this night Are you in touch with Qin Qing? Yes! I think she has a good time these days She even began to learn to cook She was not so active in the past relationship Good! That’s good You two How long will it take? How about this? I’ll arrange a meal You got to talk it though I haven’t decided yet how to coax her She’s not only angry with me What she’s angry about now is that I still want to cooperate with WanFeng Group She thinks of me as a traitor Let me finish the work first I’m also very tired these days Let me drive you home Let’s go Go I’ve given you everything you need Why do you come to me? I am just curious why are you still helping Song Lin? Have you ever thought about going back to Su Maybe I can beg a plea for you in front of him I’m afraid you think too much I’ll go back to my hometown after Mr. Song finds the new assistant Why? At least we are colleague, I advise you to think twice I advise you… Just mind your own business! Whatever! The company executives now are interviewing the designers I think we can sign the contract in a few days Mr. Su asked me to thank you Then I’ll go first Take care! Mr. Su This competition finally comes to the end Come here I think we should have a talk Yes, we need to talk I remember that we said that at the meeting that the candidates have to vote us Why is this link gone? Is this link important? Besides, you have the decision-making power That’s important! I believe have you picked the best ones The best one? Who? Zhou Fang has signed the contract with you? Am I right? That’s right She has a lot in common with you Be nice to her! Don’t worry about it Zhou Fang We will help her to get the best Great! That’s great! It’s good for a gentleman not deprive a man of his affection! For the rest I won’t let them go Your appetite is so big What if somebody doesn’t choose you Let’s bet on it! Mr. Su Mr. Su The contract given by Chen Chen is fake Mr. Su, if you have anything else to do Can I go? The young teams young men like Chen Chen and others They have followed me for a long time Take them for a meal And to have a celebration Bother Lin Where is Chen Chen? He went to the toilet I have one more thing to tell you Accidentally, I saw Chen Chen and the assistant of Su Yushan are sneaking around to discuss something

Now, it’s the key point to contract with designers Won’t they do any trick? Definitely But it’s me Hi, Xiaozuo Brother Chen Eat Chen Chen has worked for me for several years Do you have any opinions about me? Opinions? No! Fine Is there anything you want to tell me? Mr. Su It’s all my fault this time I didn’t watch over Chen Chen And it’s totally out of my expectation that he would rebel and join Song Lin to give us the fake contracts of candidates I don’t blame him As for my understanding of him He was used by someone else You mean Song Lin discovered it early before? And then he reversed the strategy? Chen Chen is really useless Now Song Lin’s conditions are much better than ours Mr. Su, what shall we do? It turns out that you have found it before He’s indeed no deep-minded person, is he? You used fake contract to defeat Su Yushan without being able to response But after all I sent it out So no matter how you are going to punish me I will take it If I am going to punish you I won’t invite you to have meal over here The two companies have fought so many times in these years I have clear recognition If you really have sent out something secret I won’t keep you until today From the very beginning, I worked in BaiSai’s Branch as an administration staff In an accidental chance, I met Su Yushan He thought I have a sharp mind and can get along with people He quite appreciated me It turned out that my family member got sick I was in need of money I couldn’t expect that he helped me To make it plainly I indeed did it for money But later I regretted bit by bit I didn’t want to work for Su Yushan any more But I was afraid that he would reveal my identity I can understand that What’s your plan for the future? You’re very generous and didn’t punish me But I’d better leave After all Everything has been revealed It will be embarrassing I’ve encountered so many people I changed many assistants I can also find another new assistant But how can I ensure he won’t betray? Man’s good or evil is chose in one mind Take this back Mr. Song I hope we can trust each other and I can get your loyalty Mr. Song From this on, if I do anything betraying you and your company again, even if I have that thought, let me die unnaturally and painfully Or, I will Stop that Keep it in mind This is the development plan of my brand for the next stage Now the efforts will be concentrated on innovation brand Each quarter we will roll out a new series of collection with high-quality and good price This is the part of ready-made clothes But later I want to put more energy on advanced customization Get rid of noisy flash and return to true heart With silence, restraining and texture To build up the sense of luxury Only advanced customization can reveal the real ability of a designer and can make clothes

have longer value If we say the online quantity production is for survive, then offline individual customization is an ideal life which leads my next idea of developing concept lifestyle store From consuming demand to producing and selling, the whole system will make ecological transformation Besides customization, we can also develop more programs which are able to serve the public Not only let the public know clothes industry and craftsman’s technologies’ development history, but also make customers get involved in it The brand and customers can have more interactions Thus, our customers can be turned into our users I have some questions Yes, please First Utilizing brand as a value-adding service is a good idea But you have to consider about the cost to make offline operation promotion From your slides, I only see your dream but not any consideration about reality Second To make transformation, sales is not the only way, more importantly, technology Talking about technology I hope you can make better in original brand After that, you can consider about more fields I think the ready-made clothes and advanced customization can exceed at the same time Let me add something Considering your team at present it’s a bit hard if you want to balance them two I can assure you Now we have been recruiting new members Soon we will supply our team Third Recruitment is not the point But the utilization of talents The three managers there I don’t think they are capable Some staff beside me are assigned with working places from my concerning about their own advantages They trust each other very much and have developed tacit I believe on them There are still a lot of undiscovered potential waiting to be found Capability needs cultivation Experience requires development I believe they would walk further And actually more importantly When I suffer most, my friends never deserted me I believe this is what the entrepreneur team should have, trusting themselves and each other We’re not only boss and employees We are more like partners sharing happiness and hardship We must choose the most professional one to do the professional things Doing business is nothing with people relationship And now our company has no time to accompany with your team growing You’re hit again? I feel used to it You said quite well So after watching this joke You think it’s quite well I’m helping you I’m more confused now Mr. Song You help people in this way? I’m helping everyone here to say out their own worries But Forget it You can’t understand it Thank you so much, Mr. Song Mr. Song Please continue, Miss Fang No, I have nothing to say You talk Bad news, Mr. Song Su Yushan amended the contract at night, five designers out of eight signed with him Alright Alright What? We made so much efforts thinking about programs and ideas, finally we make Su Yushan benefited? Then take time to sign with the remained two designers It’s three The one, Quanye, we needn’t sign with Why? Her style doesn’t fit us and I don’t like her And it turns out that at last we only got two Don’t always put your attention on things you lost Now what we hold is more important And not that two designers That’s Zhou Fang right? But that little fool never understands me Hello Yes The time for your interview is at three o’clock this afternoon Ok, see you Miss Fang, how’s the meeting? Not bad Nice You are doing a good job Just imitating Not bad That’s great Fine Have something Thanks, Miss Fang Miss Fang This is the information of designers

Today I assigned seven for you Seven? How much in total Until now there are totally fifty-four So Many! You’re great, Miss Fang You quit halfway But you still have high popularity They are not for me But for the greatness of WanFeng But if you are not capable WanFeng won’t sign contract with you On earth they come for you Ok, Ok What are you doing, Youyou? Come out and have something She’s well Ok, I will mind her Miss Fang I want to quit Youyou What happened to you? We are now seeing the twilight, just a small period in dark night How can you quit now? What’s the matter, Youyou? If there is anything, you can tell us Don’t you know I’m not ambitious Just thinking about finding an easy and resting work and let my family happy That’s enough It is also the reason why I stayed here at that time Now you want to make me an administrative manager I even don’t know what does that mean In the future our work place will have more people The relationship and business will become more and more complex I hate managing people and being managed I really can’t do this What about you two? Miss Fang I’m Ok I can learn In fact I can understand Youyou’s feelings Though I majored in designing from graduation up to now I have made no work But looking at those designers coming to interview They have so much experience If you make me a chief manager, can other people respect that? There’s something wrong with you Why you also…? What happened to all of you? Miss Fang is so good to us She thinks of us for everything You don’t make attempt to make progress OK Why do you cool my enthusiasm Why are you angry? We didn’t mean that I think I am more proper as an assistant She was afraid of wronging you Many designers start from assistants What? Assistant? All right Have something first I will think about your feelings Youyou, come and have something Nuts I said I’m waiting for you in the garage Why do you come here? I just take my girlfriend out to drive What’s up? I already know about it Though he has already signed all the champions, his stealing of the fruit of victory needs much higher cost You didn’t lose Everything has gains and losts And the result now satisfies me quite a lot It’s well done That’s why you want me here? Ok I have a good friend We know each other for so many years They’ve been married for total fourteen years He wants to hold a marriage ceremony for his wife and also realize her wife’s wish for a long time But the condition of this couple is very special I thought over and over It’s only you who I can help me What do you mean? You want me to be their host? Who dares to You’re so handsome What’s the matter, Mr. Song? Don’t schedule anything tomorrow I will show you a place Where is it? You’ll know it tomorrow Don’t try to be mysterious, OK? Where is it? Official business My friend’s wife was badly ill and is in serious condition now He wants to hold a wedding ceremony in patient’s room with her wife at the anniversary

But the patient can’t move well herself He wants to make one unique and extremely beautiful dress for his wife and make her happy You want me to make her personal tailor You have so many big brand designers under you brand Why don’t you let them do it, but me? They are all too busy I’m not free too Except the recruitment interview, I will also design the new series in next quarter And yesterday you told me with my present technology and capability, I should not look high on broader fields Did you forget it? Didn’t you say the capability comes from cultivation Aren’t I giving you opportunity Cultivating you But if you think it’s too difficult You cannot do it It’s ok I won’t push you took hard Just find someone else You’re inspiring me again! Can’t you just change the trick? This trick works so well Why should I change one? But telling the truth, I also don’t know clothes designing needs face-to-face communication between designers and customers You need to measure body on site and exchange ideas But But my wife doesn’t know about my plan I want to give her a surprise This is the special thing I told you in the phone By the way, Mr. Lu Has your wife make private customization before? Yes This is given by the former designer About this size Your wife has been sick She should be much thinner Yes Much thinner But she was very thin before just like now I am thinking can I use the old clothes as the reference I know this may be a very unprofessional idea But now, I really have no way out In fact Whether the size of clothes is concrete isn’t very important More importantly I want to make best for her By the way, Mr. Lu Can you tell me something about your stories in the past Because I can see a picture of yellow dress here It’s very special That’s taken on the year when we get married On that year, I failed to start my business I lost much Thinking why not I just fall apart with her I shouldn’t get her involved But I didn’t say it out She had already led me to Civil Affairs Bureau That yellow dress was the wedding gift for her that year I have always been so guilty But she says that this dress is more meaningful than diamond rings Is this dress still there? Don’t mention it In the years floating in Beijing, we always move from one place to another One time, haste causes errors, we lost it She cried for it for several days By the way These years, my wife’s immune system becomes weaker red and rash often appear on her arms and legs She is very sensitive to the material of clothes So on the choice of material, please make proper concern Okay! I got it! Thank you Mr. Lu Do you mind my looking around? Not at all, please Thank you Mr. Song Thank you for taking time for me Welcome You’re the old friend of Wang He I’m just doing what I can Thank you I am assured by your words Is she your girlfriend? No She is our designer recently signed to our company I mistook it I was thinking that how can you, such a boss come out with a designer for business talk I feel worried But you two are match greatly Come on, let’s have a walk together Okay!