Rave as community in Belarus and Europe with Igor Pozer (english subtitles)

Hello everybody, my name is Igor Pozer and I think the topic of Rave is really exciting I wanted for a long time to talk and discuss, to have a dialogue to share my views, and to hear some feedback because when you are involved for many years in a some sort of cultural act, in a rave, then you need to discuss it, in order to improve it, to see a big picture and to be honest, I prepared, I wrote down some notes what I was going to talk about it is interesting that we made an interview last week with many guys who are involved in Belarusian rave, so we made some interviews I changed my mind about some things so I’ll go through some of my points and we’ll see if it’s gonna work out, that is interesting In general, I think I’ll start with some theory and what I would include into the term ‘rave’ it is a big question, of course rave, probably, is a unique socio-cultural phenomenon for each country a furious, sometimes spontaneous musical act and first of all it is a facet of a personal responsibility that turns into collective freedom and it is essential because freedom of one finishes just where freedom of another begins generally, a rave is a group of people united by common ideas musical tastes, often, and inspired by the idea of freedom and a little bit, by magic, I would say, of some repeated rituals, plastic movements, say, wild tribal dances and so on it is a peculiar state, the repeated movements, the beat that includes the state we call trance and it happened years ago, people were sitting around with a tambourine entering the altered state of mind of more profound communication, empathy, and that is very interesting by and large, rave is a very political movement that originated in England, Europe and there are completely different laws and it was very political, in Belarus it is utterly different as I said, rave is unique for each country with its laws, its culture, music, etc and I really don’t like it, how they perceive ‘rave’ at the moment and that they call ‘rave’ any musical event I think it’s pretty wrong regarding what I have said and in general, the origins of the movement, I’ll speak about it later about European rave action I really don’t like that every plop they call it ‘rave’ it’s not that it discredits the movement, but it is pretty wrong, because a ‘party’ is a ‘party’, parties are commonly commercial, but rave was born as a response to commerce, to mainstream culture and that is why it is incorrect and in one channel… Telegram channel I saw the word ‘rave-scouts’ and I felt so sick because it is hypocoristic you can probably call young ravers ‘rave-scouts’ but it’s awkward the rave itself, it is quite an aggressive, not a hypocoristic term it is really funny, to be frank so we can conclude that many people don’t understand what ‘rave’ is, where the term came from and that’s why they call ‘rave’ everything and it is not correct and if you ask me what rave is lacking in Belarus, I would say political freedom of people, as it leads to the freedom of creativeness, musical self-expression, and on the whole, to the development of the country because we are in this together, in our culture and the closed borders, they do influence the development of everything, not only rave any cultural influx depends on the influx of people ideas, possibilities of exchange

that is difficult in … quite a totalitarian and closed country, but we have tried, and we are still trying to explore the rave and to make the rave, and I hope that one day it will develop into something really phenomenal In general, the origins of rave are in the whole generation of the emancipated left who formed new social stratums like gypsy rave nomads I will tell why, the thing is how it started, in England, at the height of acid house music and acid, techno the parties went beyond little get-togethers, when parties included thousands of people there were a lot of abandoned industrial buildings some warehouses there was a moment when authorities got scared of such an amount of people and they banned ‘rave’ as a term that’s how illegal raves appeared, it was beyond the law and many pioneers of rave action just went to Europe where laws weren’t so strict yet they went with their stuff, their families that’s why they can be called nomads they spread the movement throughout France, Belgium and it went further all over Europe and attracted interest of people and in Britain raves acquired illegal status well that’s it, and speaking about European festivals such big ones as FrenchTek, Azora, FrenchTek is worth attention because it is the biggest legal rave in Europe it had illegal status, but when such amount of people gets together the authorities had no choice but to legalize it it is a large territory enclosed by a chain link fence the police have no right to enter there, but at the entrance they can search you, your car the police and ambulance are around, but again, they have no right to enter the place, only in case of troubles they can help if something happens, as the event with one hundred thousand people, different things can happen and the reason I’m talking about this is FrenchTek takes place more than 25 years it started as a little local event the rave culture became so popular that it started to attract the people from all the Europe, more than 100.000 people get together and many big festivals grow out of very small and local ones such as Azora, Boom, Glastenbury, Sisto in Russia and as people had interest to it the economic conditions of the country, and other factors the lenient laws, the open borders, and consequently it became a large scale event some of them are paid, some are free it’s like a fair, an exhibition of artisans, you know, when once a year sound systems come together, that is an important event they come together from all the Europe with decorations, DJs, equipment, just for three or five days incredible, a new city, a new connection, it is just amazing I’m quite well aware of Polish sound systems, people, raves, and once again all the action came up from the left radicals, the anarchists, often the guys who listened to punk-rock and at the end of the 90s, when they got interested in acid techno they started to make events so they seriously move the culture there are really a lot of peculiarities in Poland, for example, they have emancipated gay communities who make raves

Poland in generally very unique, being catholic and having LGBT-communities who make raves these guys are punk rock, that is unique, interesting, respect to them they continue to do this, continue their resistance Poland is not the easiest environment for such things that is in a nutshell generally, rave stands in opposition to commercial culture, to commercial events with more difficult music that you can’t hear in the clubs they feed people with more mainstream stuff that is usually done in a DIY way nobody can do it better than you, if you want, than just do it and look at the best coming back to Belarusian specifics it’s not a rich country, many people are not really rich it’s difficult for a rave to turn into a really big event as you need good funding, quality music equipment, for decorations, for organization imagine event with 100.000 people, the garbage they leave the infrastructure, modern conveniences to make it comfortable to be there for people from different countries who gather in one place it demands a lot of effort, special laws and finance, and so on that’s the reason why there is no rave in some countries, like Kazakhstan, Mongolia, it correlates with interest of people the next moment I wanted to discuss is music and DJs DJ is just like any other musician often they are kind of idols not always, but often people listen to them, to their opinion, and that’s important because the ideas they bring they can be both positive and destructive and the culture of communication, the message is important not to discredit the movement so if a DJ promotes the drug use, for example people will follow him, and you know what is coming next on the contrary, you can promote vegan, ecology, humanism, support of each other and mutual support, so people and social environment will be growing, improving and developing you can also promote political views commercial, anything, so it is important to understand I hope there are many people who will get the idea culture does not happen itself, it is something that we make and the way we’ll build it…’as you name the boat, so shall it float’ next point is unpleasant but I want to discuss it anyway drugs were always a part of music culture side effect of mass gatherings, people want to expand their consciousness they want to relax, and repeated raves can lead to negative effects, discrediting the movement and so on for example, one sad but true fact is that many European sound systems earn money not only by selling bear and food at event, but by selling drugs, that is an easy and cheap way it is regrettable but some events didn’t find another way to get the money I don’t know how to deal with it, I guess to be better and to think carefully what you are doing but it discredits the movement on the other hand, there are lenient laws in many countries and in our country it looks like an abstract evil however, the example of the Czech Republic, Holland and others where substances are legalized in some way

and they are cleaner, so it is not so terrifying again, rave movement appeared at the time of discovery of MDMA, and other substances and the omnipresent state of euphoria and belonging, it is really incredible if you can enter it using other ways, it’s even more incredible on the whole, it is hard to say how to treat it, it’s up to everybody I also want to tell about sociocultural specifics, it is an interesting moment when people make cultural communication at raves I observed many times how people meet each other, they start to collaborate in art and music projects the whole new families are appearing or falling apart and there are many examples like this, and this is really cool because rave really unites very different people it is important to get new ways of sociocultural connection I think it’s cool, it shapes the society, to a certain extent in brief, that is all I wanted to tell many of the questions were discussed in the movie that we made and I suggest watching it right now, to discuss some essential points to talk together about how to make rave cooler whether it is important or not … of course it is yo! (laughs) Okay I’m turning on the video Сan you hear me well? Sure, go ahead Okay I’m stopping the recording I wonder, what is rave for you? How do you see it? for me rave is firstly some place of energy exchange, an energy field where some people give it, some people get it some regenerate, if we go deeper into the meaning of the question sort of it I have prepared, put on a cap and an earring – Some kind of performance, right – Yes, right I think the first time I visited a rave, I was, like, 19 years old I’m 28 now I thought to myself: wow, how it is possible that you come somewhere and you are free, so for me rave is freedom, first of all I’ve never connected rave and (anti)politics

I’ve never considered it I always thought that if you come to a rave, you don’t need anything because it is not a special event, like you know, those festivals, with cops and ambulance you are just powered by yourself, the beat, and you can let your demons out, that’s the most important thing for me – Inner freedom, right? – Yes, yes. Sounds banal, but that’s how the things really are and also rave means consolidation of people not just all people, but people who are close you always seek to be there people who come, they want to get there some got there by chance, but mostly they are people who are in the know the freedom of a thought, the vision of the Other, it’s not like in a club or something I agree with the point about freedom – You say about people who came by chance I came by chance myself I am happy, because there are people I know they are cool, but they find out about rave only now and I tell them “you missed so much!”, they say “well yes…” that is why I’m so lucky that I got there Rave for me is firstly, atmosphere besides the music, let’s say rave is atmosphere, I mean people who come to a rave, they get into some atmosphere that I need to create, as an organizer to make it interesting to be there, not only to listen to music – Can I ask you about something, there is an idea, from the movies about the first British ravers I want to add the word ‘freedom’ to ‘atmosphere’, as it’s a private responsibility that turns into collective freedom and this act is apart from some kind of magic is freedom inside you, around you well in general it’s right but it depends some people put the idea of freedom in it that is really interesting question, what it means to me is different to what it means to another, the history of rave is also another thing, too only after some significant amount of time we realized that what we do is not rave exploring the history of rave and how it appeared the culture and so on, we realized that just parties and underground, it was trendy, it was fashionable and some moments, they were really underground if you remember some stories but it is not rave, after all our message was… to show the music that appears nowhere in our realities, in this context Rave? For me, rave has been changing a lot and when I firstly came, it was primarily the music I wasn’t involved, I heard of it a bit After, it became a kind of community, the people in it, and currently it is a culture, for me, a large cultural layer that has some principles, including principles of communication altogether, with the music, and with those who are taking part in it

in creation of it, all this together makes rave – Can you say, why you are doing it, what message do you put in the whole ritualism thing? I would say the desire of a brain challenge to find non-standard goals to solve, to create something new a rave has passed, and you start thinking what was good and bad what you can change, it is an impulse to a new experience it is just … an addiction, you don’t explain it to yourself why you do it you just do it because there is nothing else to do so far – Anyway, it is a sort of hobby, yes? – Yes, hobby, of course – You see, we are speaking in context of a commercial culture or at least a bit commercial it is not a basic activity that brings you profit it’s a desire to do it for people. Do I understand it correctly? Coming back to the first question, it is still regeneration of energies I accumulate it and recreate in some ways, after that I just get it back, the same exchanging process rules everything anyway, you know I think that the first rave I did, I was 21 I thought, why can’t I do it myself? You go to the forest, bring the sound, a couple of DJs, I’m not sure if Crist or Venom remember I was 21, we came to the forest and I asked them to play maybe I paid some money to them, I didn’t know them well at the time when Venom set the sound, there was a stump and two speakers, Crist came and I told him ‘Well, here is a stump to sit’ and they played with a laptop like this it was hilarious but it was already a rave for me, there were 20 people the music was playing, and the decorations, there was no super music equipment, not even a table, but it was a rave Well the message of the community, personally for me, like Kolotushka that I have created is the development of breakcore and jungle movement in BY because we had some sort of difficulties here, for example if we take techno, there are lots of types of techno actions like, house music, a lot of types and sub-types any style, except jungle and breakcore it is pretty hurtful that they get ignore it so yes for me the most important thing is the development of the culture say, the broken beat, and plus some for me personally, some associated styles, it’s tekno and hardcore, speedcore, frenchcore, I mean I have them on my events too, but not as basic ones so primarily it is breakcore and jungle I feel proud for the people, who, you know, try to show people something authentic, not widely spread – You might be such a person, that’s cool – Well… I guess so We played such music that basically wasn’t presented anywhere else not at clubs, at bars or parties, I mean it was commerce all around and we always tried to do the opposite thing – I remember an argument on Facebook, like, we had a dialogue about what underground sound is in my head I had a clear term, the underground sound, and we ended up with no compromise on what it is it is a very wide term, what it is, the fast sound, the slow one the muddy sound, they are all very different things speaking about genres, to be honest, I thought that

it is not that a club doesn’t accept the style and that’s why you have to look for alternative places rave is a community united by an idea, often musical, sure people want to do something of their own, fucking wild, different and that’s why they go in the woods, underground and everything like that Do you agree? Partially… Not just because you want to oppose, me, for instance, I’m an absolute music fan, but my outlook is not super wide like, I can not sit for hours listening to monotonous house that is playing in our clubs, like, techno music that I listen to and that I love is practically not presented I like music quality, you know we were working on the quality all the time improving it all the time putting resources into it so the main message is that the music, our work would be developing and spreading – Development of music taste – Yes, right, and I’ll say it again, we don’t call it rave, after all now, when I see the word ‘rave’ describing just… a typical party, like say, in a bar or something, not telling the names or places, but I’m just really being mad because of this they are typical things of mass media culture… like punk-rock when they started to produce ‘punk stuff’, like, 500 euro per item punk rock tried to promote danger, to show the difference and it all was sold out, so probably rave ran into the same problem – …it’s popular to name as ‘rave’ every plop popularization, right look, long time ago, when you helped us, when we just started to make sound systems, raves, you helped a lot, financially, morally, thank you so much for that I wonder why you did that, what the message was you were interested in building a community, right? to be a part of it… I think it’s interesting to feel it, to be a part of the community, when you understand that even those rare times, when I helped to set the sound or something you feel the involvement, the emotions, the mood it’s interesting to get into it for understanding the process, and of course if not us, than who? – Was rave a kind of magic, for you? it was, it is. Beautiful magic – Do you consider rave as a part of contemporary art? contemporary art is a very wide term, and I would rather say, it’s more of a ritual a ritual that, for its part, includes art so it can be art or not-art, depending on a rave ritual is an interesting term, it means a lot of repetitive actions included it’s like pilgrimage, one can see it in that way somebody can go to other counties, traveling like that the meaning of the action is pretty similar, it’s religious like our ancestors used to do it, it just obtained a new form it’s controversial, hard to say, the contemporary art, when seen as it is, it’s a part of society, right? giving a classical understanding of the contemporary art

and rave it’s like, near it, but it still beyond the term, I think, rave is not completely a part of contemporary art, because it’s under-explored, actually, like, architecture, it is being researched artists, they are being researched, and rave is not I mean, it develops within a small group of people, who talk about it, know it, but the rest is not aware of it in Germany, I don’t really remember exactly, there is a faculty of techno, you know cool, I haven’t heard of it as I’m talking ’bout Belarusian context just to follow your idea, there is a term, academic research of a subject, and there are serious PhD guys who have degrees, and they discuss it, but rave is a bit another thing techno is a music style that affected the society and I partially agree with you, rave is a kind of a separate thing, a sociocultural phenomenon – That under-explored, but I want to believe that – …it can be studied – Yes, besides rave itself, what we do, or gonna do one day such discussions are aimed to let people think, share their opinion – Yes, sure yes, it’s a certain thing, because rave is a little bit separated from the rave that we used to have, like, in 90s, so now raves are enormous music venues, there is enormous amount of musicians, and first of all, why it’s art, because every action is, like, for example, Defcon or Dominator, there are enormous venues – A Holland-Belgium festivals, right? – Yes, exactly than yes, it’s a part of art, not even a part, it’s art itself, like, an independent thing well, it’s not something you can find in a gallery but you go to a club, or, to a warehouse of a sort, and, just like in galleries, you come and you look at it – So it’s not specific to other forms of art, is it? – Yes, right – I’m not sure, I still want to compare it to other forms, like a theater, there is a play, and it’s being prepared people come to it, they have emotions about it the ‘Wow!’ effect, so rave is pretty much the same somebody is preparing a performance, people come to feel something a wide range of all kinds of feelings – And they got the ‘Wow!” effect – Well yes Let’s say, a part of contemporary art it is a pioneer of the major existing music styles, if we can say that I mean, they appeared with rave, and they were developing due to it – You’ve said that rave is a part of a culture, what about contemporary art in particular? I think it is, it was certainly true earlier now it is gradually becoming mass culture and the idea of self-expression is somehow lost because the level of the culture is generally growing, creating certain restrictions, but still yes, it is art, like setting sound, making decorations, each participant is thinking how to perform his role

and his inner world, so starting from this, it is art – What kind of people are likely to be engaged by rave? – Nobody comes involuntarily, apart from some rare cases, most of people came by their choice, so for them it is a kind of a ray of hope, a ray of their life path something attracts them, some people like to relax, others like to create, and it’s possible, so it unites people, as it includes both actors and spectators, people who belong to it, they feel fine not the worst place where you can be and not the worst way of spending time first of all, they are just those who are interested just interest is enough for well, question is what interests, the energy exchange or or making new connections – Sure, people who understand what the music is, what are the effects, for you, for others, and it makes everybody unite next question is cool I like it. What is the music orgasm? Well music orgasm is like, butterflies are coming out of your ears speaking in a literature way well, when you get into – Can you explain? when several things match at the same time, location your mental state, and the sound, the music the people around you. That is when the real music orgasm comes, when all unites in one the components well, it’s, like, a sacred thing for every person on a physical way, you just I know very little about nirvana, as I’ve never meditate, I didn’t have out-of-body experience, when you feel music orgasm, you realize that all cells of you, they are you, and music is you, it happens to me very often I love music so much, I don’t understand how one can live without it. It always exists It always plays, like, at a rave, at every party even I can get the music orgasm if I like the music, I often think that I am the music I like dancing, and when I dance, it seems like WOW I would win every dancing contest, it is so exciting so, for me music orgasm is when you are part of the music, and you dissolve in it, something like that Music orgasm… It’s when you are listening to a track, and and you are so into it that it makes your hair curl well so that’s it music orgasm and very often you feel it during sets – When you are on the turntables or dancing? it’s more often when I’m playing when you see that something is happening the feedback, the response it’s … turning you on, like a drug – Magic That’s why I’m doing this, like, since 2006, I think, that makes 14 years on the whole that happened many times, every event, every occasion every time we are making it more often and often, but first time it was to be frank, eight years ago, at a private house

when we set the sound at the event where I didn’t play even it was my sound, we were fixing it for three hours and we fixed it to such a point you need to understand, it was a very specific space it was all angled, all of concrete it needed a lot of work to fix everything, so finally we made it and the music ecstasy, it’s when you are standing in the middle of the hall, turn the music on at its maximum sound capability, close your eyes, and you can’t get where it comes from, it’s everywhere it’s everywhere, it’s everything, it’s filling the space the consciousness, subconsciousness, you even start to see pictures the visual, your eyes are closed, you are just falling through the flow of the music, so that is my vision of what it is music orgasm… Can I say everything I want? music orgasm, for me it is starting from the second day of the party, usually in the morning that’s when you have experienced a lot of things, the empathy especially in the nature after being led though all the experiences, absorbing the energy and in the morning the music that you love is playing at this moment, you don’t care, what is around you, who is you want to dance, and you hear the sound in an absolutely incredible way at this moment, the music comes to me as it is, the structure I developed my love for many genres in this way, thanks to our Russian musicians, like Sid or… can’t remember the name – Don’t worry, we’ll cut if off – If you could choose, answer fast. Music or people? I’d say, music, cause where music is, there are people – Decorations or sound? – Sound. You can imagine the decorations, with a good sound – Hip-hop or drum’n’bass? –… trance – Great, that’s what I had on my mind too – Artists or musicians? – Musicians and artists, there it something they have in common for me it is pretty the same, somebody can paint with sounds somebody can paint with codes, et cetera, that’s all – Yeah, I can do it fast, go on – Music or people? – You know, I’ve been thinking about it, firstly you think: ‘music’ but there is no music without people, if we didn’t have a class of people who listen to it, the music would be just nothing – Once again, music or people? – People, I think. People with music – Decorations of sound? – Damn, I can’t choose it either usually, you know… okay, sound is more important sound fills you up, but decorations are really important for me, as you could see at our raves, we use it widely, because it’s a visual pleasure, I mean, you get something else besides the sound some other emotions, but sound goes first, there wouldn’t be any decorations without it one implies another – Fine, AmenBreak or straight beat? well, you know, I’m more into straight beat you know, all the questions are tricky, they are specially made I wouldn’t find one good answer for any of them I really love AmenBreak, but I can’t do this for a long time I can’t make it all night, I will leave for some another place but I will get pleasure and straight beat is easier for perception, you can do anything, but I’m not sure that you will get into it deeply, like, you are going here and there, you are comfortable, so I don’t really know, for me it is straight beat I think – Beer or kvass? – Kvass

– I don’t like bear, in general – (laugh) these are fast answers – Artists or musicians? – Artists, cause they are musicians – Tattoo or piercing? – Tattoo – I think – Okay that’s an easy question – Okay, let’s go – Music or people? – Music – Decorations or sound? – Sound – Techno or hardcore? – Hardcore! – Beer or vodka? – Ohh I guess, beer, but now I’d say… juice between beer and vodka – Artists or musicians? – A difficult one… Musicians I’d say, musicians, right – Try to answer fast, don’t think for long, music or people? – Music – Decorations or sound? – Sound – Analog of digital? – Digital analog – Trance or drum’n’bass? – Can’t tell, I’m not such a fan – Vinyl or CD? – Vinyl – Music or people? – People – Decorations or sound? – Sound – Trance or drum’n’bass? – Trance – Techno or hardcore? – Hardcore! – Moustache or beard? – Moustache Tell me, what situation or event you have a vivid memory of during the last several years, like, anything at a rave, right? I think from the last stories, it was during Kaliejdaskop, mainstage, during the gloomiest mysterious set, at night two policemen went on stage, stood at the DJ booth, when I saw it, it was a performance, a coup of the emotions, they were like through the wringer, everything was changing, and yes, it was very vivid I think I remember that day, I was there, it’s an interesting question, not going into details they managed to negotiate, like, we are having music event here and that’s all it’s an art thing, we don’t disturb anyone, like, fuck off to put it mildly, and in general it worked out I remember it was like that yes, they came two nights in a row, after some call and they tried to find something illegal, but we just were spending time on private property and they didn’t have any claims apart from sound level so they left they wanted to speak more, to find something, but they weren’t very interested in it the story ended well, after all so that was a victory in one small war when we had BelTek, when we firstly did it – The dance floor with a Pig Head, remember? – Yes, I do – So, I remember well, that was when you came to us and said, ‘Guys, you play like amateurs’ and it was true at the time we set the equipment, so the one who could, played, who couldn’t, just tried, that was an idea, fun, we did it for ourselves, and when you came and said ‘guys, you did such a big work!’ and Sick (Sickute) came and said the same and it was so rewarding, like, you think ‘Wow! fucking awesome I did it myself!’ it was a really vivid memory, like – I’m blushing a bit, I feel embarrassed what a badass I used to be I was so blunt, now it’s different a bit on the other hand, it was an impulse, to make something – Sure, remember you told me ‘we always emphasize the music, and your dance floor showed us the importance of decorations remember the dance floor? it was absolutely crazy

we just brought it from Young Spectator’s Theater, it was surreal – A theater? yes, we took some stuff from there and they were, like, a velvet bench – So, I’ll try to give an overview of the situation to Jury, you can imagine, a forest a velvet bench, and an enormous velvet Pig Head – Enormous one, and metallic pipes came out of her – It looked really cool – Yes, I didn’t visit this one in particular, but I remember some others – I have some memories of it, I visited Peristaltika Do you know it? – Cool memories – Yeah Oh, you know the most vivid … is when I started to listen to trance, it was a rave I don’t remember, like, in 2008 it was a rave … Euthanasia by Delos and a Polish guy, Tomasz Gee, came if I remember correctly and I don’t know, I remember very well the day, because I didn’t listen to techno at all before I mean, neither four-on-the floor, nor hardcore basically, shrance is hard, industrial, muddy, fast techno well yes, but it’s more like, originated from trance, in general, not out of techno, so the name comes from it, shrance is like more about trance, namely a mixture of trance and industrial music i remember coming to a rave, I guess it was me and Plaha we were drunk with vodka, and I was just dancing non-stop, like, a couple of hours, and I felt that the atmosphere, the sound, everything that was there it was extra-matching for me and it got stuck in my memory as one of the brightest, the first thing that comes to mind it’s an event Ruin, that you must’ve heard an earful of we were speaking a lot about it because it was a big event and a lot of people came and they all remembered it so, and it was like, boom, because we absolutely didn’t expect that it was a year 2010 or something like that 2009-2010 or 2011, it was an abandoned camp 30 km distance from Minsk, I won’t say the location from the very beginning, when people started to come like, crowds were getting off the train at the station they were going to the place together we accompanied them from both sides, it was raining a storm, with thunder and lightening, all night long the only thing that saved us from some conflicts everybody was on the dance floors, they were covered and prepared they were hanging out all night we didn’t even need a light, because of the lightening flash the thunder was, like, you don’t need the bass, and the best thing about it was the sunrise, the people are leaving, all are happy

with smiles, taking rubbish with them I mean, they didn’t leave the trash for us to deal with it like, to clean it one more week, no, they took it all are mindfull, all are happy and grateful, wet from head to foot and still happy, going home – You see, a moment of self-organization, it’s not always like that I agree with you, because, to be frank, I remember not many events with self-organization and so on and, let’s say, conscious behavior of the people, there aren’t many First thing I thought about, it’s Polyanka… where I was on acid, and I was working at the bar all night long I saw a lot of people who where inside, and I could communicate with them of course, it was incredible, everything is floaty and blurring and twisting and people were so nice, so different, it was truly memorable – I imagine, such experience – The same question, my most vivid memory is when we stuck in the road, being tired and careless after the rainy night, a big truck came on the dance floor we started to load the stuff when we finished… it was two dance floors, a lot of things a serious weight, and the car got stuck in the mud and we had no energy at all, to say nothing of loading all this out again and it was epic, we dug the car up, some bikers appeared to help – Yes, I remember that – It was epic, I memorized it very well the coolest thing about the situation is that nobody knew a lot how to do things, not many people left although the car was completely in the mud, everybody was laughing the hole off and we loading it all out, digging up the car we finished digging, moved the car on some hill and we need to carry the stuff back, so everybody started taking something, it was awesome – What rave is lacking, as for you, say, in Belarus? – More qualified people – Free people? – Those who are ready to do things – Yes, that’s what I mean – …who want to input the energy they accumulated into somebody, and if the percentage of the people increase I think, it will have a positive effect on its development, and generally on the further transformations of rave culture of Belarus. And also, what is lacking is commercial input too, I guess there aren’t such budgets as in, say, Europe to organize something, even basic things, to say nothing of some benefits, it is all off, as we know money is a sort of accumulated energy, too presented in another way I can add that basically we have a lot of actions made by DIY principle until you make something in a way you see it, a painting, a rave some music act, until YOU make it, nobody will some culture of DIY is cool, but still, often it is based on the wealth of organizers directly usually it is paid out of your own pocket, it’s sad but in general, the music environment is pretty different from, say, Britain where people really get benefit from this, our people work on factories, or in IT and it is more of a hobby, you put your money into it just to allow organizers to make their living, not to mention extra things it would be great

an excellent idea for a small business why we are doing, for example, at MC, and it is just a hodgepodge I mean, you can hear during an hour drum’n’bass, and techno, it’s like, we started to do a little bit mixturing, because the people who come, they are different they are listening to this and that, and if one doesn’t like the music he can step aside for a while, and another person can join and I think that rave is lacking music diversity a bit I visited techno rave maybe only once in my life it was only techno, surprising because usually they play techno in clubs, but I liked it, it was cool so that’s why, aiming at a particular style like, only drum’n’bass, for example, or tekno I think, you can add different styles, experiment, but of course, there are sub-genres and so on, but you can make such hodgepodge, but maybe someone dislikes it I agree, about diversity, everything has sub-genres and so on somebody dresses in black, everybody has their thing, but in general, diversity is great, sameness is a way to totalitarianism about black clothes, I visited a witchhouse party in Moscow I like witchhouse, I always supported it and I come, and everybody’s in black, and I wear some multi-colored stuff – A colorful sweatshirt – Did they let you in? they did, cause, why not, I had the ticket and so on but they were starring so much, and I don’t understand, why I can not come in my clothes, what’s the point so I was a bit of a maverick there, but I didn’t give a fuck awareness of a raver, I will explain. We all know that when you make a rave and you set an entrance fee, the very day of it people start calling you, they write to you almost strangers, even, ask for ‘pluses’ and free entrance, and the problem is that they want to make it like in Europe, but they don’t want to pay for it and you can set a reasonable price for the entrance –… to cover at least DJ cost and rent to say nothing of benefits even yes, and it is the most important thing lacking primary, so if you have this, if people understand that unless you pay, nothing will happen, because I doubt the government gonna spend money on this to make raves so the world is your oyster once the awareness appears we will have the rest, better quality of the action there will be more musicians, as they will see that the music is in demand and can be monetized creativity can be monetized, like, here, not somewhere in Europe Russia, Ukraine, dunno, China – Can I ask a question? Don’t you think that in that case, it can easily transform into commerce, widely available thing I will explain, on the one hand, when you have money after a rave, you can put them into a new one to invite cool DJs from Europe and so on, but there is always a chance that the charm will go away, the money will go to somebody’s pocket, and everything is fucked Look, it depends on an organizer what are his goals, if your goal is to get rich, then

it will be like that – … imagine the situation, we make a big event, a rave, with very little money there is a thin line between commerce and non-commerce imagine two thousand people are to come, we look for a place, we find the equipment, the money, but not all these people know who the organizer is, how he’s going to spend the money, it’s a very thin line i’m curious about it, you say it’s never going to be commerce I think it is easily turns into mainstream, looking at many events Belarusian events, that’s it well yes, but I’ll repeat myself, it totally depends on the organizer, like me, for example I don’t want to get rich through Kolotushka, for instance, I’m doing it, but it’s not for money if I wanted to take advantage of it, I would make it in a different way, and consequently, it would be other music and other people – Softer music, you mean? yes, I mean, more of fast-food one, I could have money on it, really but it’s not my goal, I just want people to know that there is jungle and pre-core in BY and they are awesome, and there’s Kolotushka and it is worth going to like, my beloved child, it’s immoral to make money on your kids, you know if you wanted to make money, we wouldn’t be here now the thing is, what is a free party, I mean, if you go everywhere and shout ‘it’s free, it’s free’, people are gonna think that that is all for free the speakers you brought, the generator, the gas you didn’t put an effort in it, they all would think that it doesn’t cost anything it devalues the work you do, the approach in general and that’s it, let’s say, not like, forcefully, but it’s necessary to explain that donation is the only thing that helps to move on Do you remember the moment after the event, when some guys donated you a small but sensible amount, you were just over the moon, because there were people who understood what you did – Another important moment is the message from organizers ‘as you name the boat, so shall it float’, you know absolutely correct, that is why we never call it a free party generally, such discussion as we have now, helps to make people aware of the importance of it, of the effort that is made we need to talk more about it – What rave is lacking in Belarus, as for you? firstly, the support, okay, not real support, it’s a pink dream some slack from the government, I saw clearly that nothing bad happened there and creating additional obstacles made life much more difficult for those who make raves and of course, some freedom, we really lack maybe also in general, everything was great, I visited raves in many countries and I can say that Belarusian specifics the culture that was born, it is pretty unique mostly because it is my country and I saw the culture developing from the very beginning

and I didn’t see the same atmosphere anywhere else we got nice movement, the way it is – The last question, how do you see yourself in twenty years? in sneakers… In sneakers at a rave – Okay, fine I would love the background of the historical past to go away from people’s mind, and they would become more open, more free firstly with themselves and I imagine bright big future, I think it will be great and I will be fifty-years, an old-man dancing in my seat so as not to be stunned by the music though I will be able to participate I see it in that way – Great, thank you very much and good luck in your future endeavors let’s see, in twenty years I will be fifty well, I think at that time I’ll be observing raves from the nursing home and a laptop screen thinking ‘Oh, fuck! How cool! I wish I would be there!’ – I believe you will be at the dance floor, it’s too early to retire I don’t know, to be honest, if I haven’t burnt out during fourteen years, I doubt it will change in twenty years I will still love the music, wish to listen to it because now it is somewhere in my heart – Cool, thank you! – You don’t say the word ‘rave’, well, how do you see yourself in music in twenty years? You know, I would like to have some music freedom, not to divide music into commerce and underground and I wish one could listen to drum’n’bass and everything, like, in different places, there is no trance, no hardcore, there are many people who like it and it is not presented, it’s not organized properly, maybe I’m wrong there is no trance, at all – You know, I would like to answer the question with you what I want in twenty years in Belarus is to have a really big rave with several stages, with different music different tastes and people, to let the music grow into something truly diverse maybe one day, when we are old goats, that will come true yes, exactly music freedom, to have a place a choice, here and there to go to emphasize the quality of events, of the sound firstly, because music must sound if it doesn’t sound good, what it is played for? – Thank you very much for your time and for the dialogue they won’t take rave out of us, right? I hope that I will get my own stage one day and I want to develop in it, in creating the music the atmosphere, the decorations I see myself as a participant, as the one who spreads the idea a seasoned veteran, saying ‘okay, rookies!’ ‘dance it right!’ who knows – Sounds promising, thanks for your answers! thank you too you asked about the coolest moment at a rave, I want to tell a funny one

a surrealistic one, remember BelTek? it was a techno dance floor, a chill out zone somewhere in a ravine it was BelTek or Polyanka? One of the first, I don’t remember and in the morning, I’m drinking vodka, dude and I can’t get drunk, and I’m going to my camp, and there is a guy from fucking nowhere, like, in the forest, he got a DOOR and he’s burning it on the campfire, like, here is the fire and there is already a hole in the middle and another guy comes to him, wearing a red T-shirt and underwear, saying ‘Have you, by chance, seen a young man, a red T-shirt, long hair?’ I mean, the same as he looks like ‘I lost him’ – And it was funny – Probably he came into that door something like that, it was funny that he was looking for himself, a friend so that’s it – So, let’s finish on that, yes? – I guess so maybe you wanted to add something you know, I’m all mingled out, to be honest thanks to everybody, I hope that countries will open soon and we will organize ourselves together, to make something big and cool and worthy, trying to do it better, always – My last question, are you glad that we made the event? of course I am, it is really great Yohoo! I still hope that it was interesting and helpful for the people who are present, and may lead to some good results and we start to appreciate the work of organizers, putting money and efforts into it, and it’ll get better – Okay, me, as an observer rather than participant it was very interesting, thank you very much