Jordan road trip

Stani! Znam tu pesmu My heart almost stopped My brain is not working So So…I’ll be silly That is the story Ready, steady steal now Let’s go Woohoo What do you think about my new name? Govana = shitty Plus the guy said that I have beautiful name So cheers to that! Hello from Jordan As you can see the first station is Madaba This is actually my handprint it fits perfectly Automobil ide uzbrdo sam After you spent 10 minutes in the sea Osušim se i šta onda…? After you spent 10 minutes in the Dead sea you have to put mud on your body and we will see what is going to happen tri, četiri, sad We flew 3h from Dubai to Jordan Return ticket was around 1300 dirhams We hired a driver in order to feel safe on the roads which are not the best Rent a car is maybe cheaper but if you are short with time the driver is a better option The fees of entry visa for all nationalities are JD 40 (200 DHS) for single entry valid for two months obtained upon arrival at the airport Alaa (driver) booked hotels for us because of him we got discount and we had dinner and breakfast included If you need Alaa’s contact check description section below Besides that You can learn a lot from him because he knows Jordan by heart He has Wi-fi in his car

plus phone holder if you want to film hyperlapse of the roads Jordanian food is absolutely delicious they use lots of Mediterranean ingredients and ‘couse of that we became homesick I’m in love with Joranian nature greenery and the animals walk freely On this journey first we saw the Madaba map which is part of a floor mosaic in the early Byzantine church of Saint George at Madaba Then we visited Mount Nebo Mount Nebo is mentioned in the Hebrew Bible as the place where Moses was granted a view of the Promised Land Ticket for St George’s Church cost JD 1 and ticket for Mount Nebo is JD 2 When you travel to Jordan The MUST VISIT location is Dead sea Floating in the this sea is truly an awesome experience The reason why it is so easy to float is because it is the second saltiest body of water in the world You can read a book, you can use your phone if it is waterproof or maybe not (too salty) Do not get the water in your eyes! Mud mask was really good arter using my skin was very soft but my face did not accept it well though Now you can talk Where we are going to? We’re in Petra Should we buy dresses first? (some lines from old Serbian song) Stay away from Indiana Jones and Johnny Depp and do not accept any offer from them Police officers are everywhere so you can feel safe Are you ready for a challenge? Of course, have a look Let’s go!!! Ready, steady, go Wooohooo Jole, what are you doing? Can you film a short tutorial? If you are old like me and If you have problems with your knees you have to do exercises (by Anđela Tanasić) When I feel the pain It does not matter where I am Believe me I’m doing this even in the middle of Downtown All I need is a bench to sit down

I always keep my back straight Anđela: That’s right! I do minimum 10 repetitions for one leg and then the same for another Anđela: That’s good! Šta želiš da nam kažeš? Kako se zoveš? Ja? Ja se zovem Sigurd Koliko imaš godina? Sedamnaest Da li ideš u školu? Ne idem Ovo je tvoja škola? Petra? Ne, ja radim ovde Dobro Ona ima lepe oči Hvala Sviđaju mi se Ćaoooo The closest ATM is in this hotel Javi se Hajde, hajde, hajde prijatelju come on, come on my friend Banana for the best driver Je li tako? Banane dobijaju najbolji vozači Naravno, za najbolje vožače Na svetu? Na svetu! Da vidimo ko brže trči? ali prvo pojedi bananu nemoj da se zagrcneš Alaa, da li si spreman? Alaa protiv Anđele Tri, četiri, sad Right now we are in Wadi Rum desert we are visiting Sun City camp This elite camp is offering serenity and spiritual soothing experience of living in the desert As I’ve been told one night at Sun City tent is around $ 300 Although this swath of land does have one huge benefit Beneath all of this rests is a large water supply from which most of the nation depends upon How amazing is this fact? Jo? Jo? I’m sorry They are calling me Hello Hello! Can you spot them? They are real adventurers! This is the place where they are preparing food during the night How cool is that? Let’s try sugarcane juice Zdravo! Ispričaj mi nešto Ništa! Ništa? Šta se desilo danas? Ništa! Da li vi ljudi verujete? Mi smo danas bili u Wadi Rum pustinji i ručali smo tamo i onda smo se vozili četiri sata pa smo večerali u Amanu Ja ne mogu da poverujem u to danas smo bili usred ničega a sada se nalazimo u centru grada i onda sutra na aerodromu i sutra uveče u Dubaiju/ u Petri Moja žena te napušta Da li znaš onu srećna žena = srećan brak? Da znam i to je istina moraš da veruješ Dakle, za nju treba da kupiš? Crveni auto (Ford), Wi-Fi GPS i… dva telefona i onda ćemo spavati u žbunju jer nećemo imati para da iznajmimo stan

You must see the area known as the Citadel sits on the highest hill in Amman Then you have to go to Jerash Arabic sweets What are you drinking? I’m drinking sheep yogurt Is it tasty? Yes, it is sour but delicious Cheers / živeli Where we are going next? We’re going to baptize you but I’m already baptized I’m not sure We are going to see Joran river and we don’t know what to expect There is a border with Israel We bought a bus ticket for JD 12 I’m sleepy and I have dark circles They call me JO and I’m everywhere at the station, at the gas station, on the phone JO is everywhere Let me be serious because I want to give you some tips about Petra If you are a women please be careful Do not walk around Petra alone especially at night As I mentioned earlier do not accept offers from a stranger We heard horrible stories Most of Jordanian gypsies are infected with AIDS In general Petra is very dirty place my honest advice to you is to bring you own food and drinks Do not expose your body too much and wear comfortable shoes because you will walk a lot Now you can see how many steps we made for 3 hours It’s time to say goodbye We have flight to catch All though we are very tired we are also happy and grateful for this trip Let’s do a poll! How Anđela get that ugly head injury? What do you think? Write me your thoughts in the comments section below I think you had a fight with your husband Zdravo Alaa! Kako si? Gde si ti?

Nedostaješ nam! Nismo mogle da spavamo celu noć zbog tebe Kada je doručak sutra? Da, kada je? Čuvaj se i nemoj da jedeš pastu nije dobra za tvoje telo! Puno ugljenih hidrata