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(upbeat music) ♪ Lilly was an open book ♪ ♪ I was an avid reader ♪ ♪ Called me on the weekend ♪ ♪ Has been my last drink this week ♪ ♪ Someone dropped the cup, no way to fill it up ♪ ♪ Each time it’s come from the start ♪ ♪ My, my, my, magnolia ♪ ♪ Won’t go breaking my heart ♪ ♪ Don’t go breaking my heart ♪ ♪ Don’t go breaking my heart ♪ ♪ I was lead by the cards ♪ ♪ Falling apart, breaking my heart ♪ – [Marvin] Mom? – [Mom] What? – Where’s my clown costume? – It’s in the dryer, I washed it How do you want your eggs, fried or scrambled? – I don’t want eggs, mom You don’t have to cook for me everyday – Well, you need to eat something, it’s not professional to eat at the party – I’m not gonna eat the food at the party I’m not an idiot ♪ And holy daffodil upon that windowsill ♪ ♪ It’s stem was cut from the start ♪ ♪ My, my, my magnolia ♪ ♪ Won’t go breaking my heart ♪ ♪ Don’t go breaking my heart ♪ ♪ Don’t go breaking my heart ♪ ♪ I was lead by the cards ♪ ♪ Falling apart, breaking my heart ♪ ♪ Yeah, lead by the cards ♪ ♪ Falling apart, breaking my heart ♪ – Oh yeah, magic tricks, I got balloon animals Kids love balloon animals – [Marvin] Mrs. Robinson? – It’s gonna be great – (gasps) Oh no – [Marvin] Happy? You know, you’ve got some nerve coming out here and poaching my clients – I’m not poaching – I’ve done three parties for the Robinson’s, Happy Three – Look, Bubbles, she called me – [Marvin] She called you? – Yes – Why would she do that? – She wanted balloon animals You don’t do balloon animals – Balloon animals, that’s the oldest trick in the book, anyone can do balloon animals – You can’t – You know what, fuck you, Happy – Just because you don’t wanna do balloon animals doesn’t mean that we all have to go around and not do balloon animals, too – I can do balloon animals – Oh yeah, sure you can – All right, you’re being a real dick – You know what Bubbles, you’re being a dick – Would you quit calling me by my clown name, I’m not in costume – [Happy] You have your face on – Yeah, I was on my way to work – Then why are you here? – ‘Cause I was passing by and I saw, I wasn’t planning on coming here – Where were you going? – Nowhere – Were, were you going to the Henderson’s? You son of a bitch (gentle music) – Get that out of my face – I can’t believe you (slow paced music) – [Marvin] I just put my face on man! Watch the face – Get out of here, Bubbles, we didn’t hire you! – He started it – This is no way for a clown to behave! (water splashing) (grunting) (children laughing) – [Marvin] He started it! – I called the cops, they’re on their way – Fuck you, Happy I’m not thrilled with you either, Miss Robinson I’m very cold (gentle music) (faint knocking) (perky music) (door slams) (loud sigh)

(clicking) (phone chiming) Hey, Sprinkles Listen Happy shouldn’t have even been there, okay? Like why’d you let him take that gig anyway? But No, I won’t be able to pay you It just didn’t work out today, all right? It just, it’s been a, it’s been a bad day It should matter that I don’t do balloon animals, Sprinkles – [Mom] You’re back early How did it go? – It didn’t – What happened? – Ah, I don’t want to talk about it – Well are you gonna be home for dinner tonight? – No, I’ve got that date, remember? Just get off my back – Okay, well you want me to help you pick out some clothes? – I’m a grown man, I can take care of it – Okay – Actually could you, could you iron those brown slacks that I have? – [Mom] Sure – Thanks (upbeat music) (water splashing) (loud chiming) – Hey, kids, are you feeling ba, ba, ba, bubbly? Well, I’m Bubble the Clown and I’m always bubbly And that’s why I use Bubble’s the Clown Bubble Bath every time I take a bath Baths are so much fun! If you want bubbles in the tub, you got it! (upbeat music) Next time you’re in the store, tell you mom you want bubbles in the tub That’s me! (laughs) Bubbles the Clown Bubble Bath, your pal in the tub (laughing) (gentle music) – So you work with kids? – I do, I work with children with disabilities – Oh wow, that’s really great That’s a good thing to, you’re like a really good person – Oh thank you, I just think it’s important – Absolutely, sure – [Woman] So, um, what is it that you do? – I’m in, I’m in entertainment – [Woman] Oh really, wow – Mm hmm – [Woman] Like what kind of entertainment? – Um, it’s kind of– – Not like adult? – No, no, no, no, no, not, no nothing – Okay – X rate, no that’s not, I don’t– – You were a little hesitant, so I just– – Yeah, no sorry It’s not anything bad – I didn’t know – [Female] if I should be scared – No, it’s not that, it’s just kind of embarrassing – Embarrassing? – Yeah, it’s a little embarrassing – Really, what? – To tell people – What’s so embarrassing about– – I mean it’s not Like actually, I actually work with children, too – Children’s entertainment? Really what kind? – Yeah, – [Marvin] children’s entertainment – But why, why would that be embarrassing? It just, it just sounds a little – Oh yeah, ’cause like – weird, weird thing – the kids with the – Yeah – [Marvin] No, no, no, it’s not bad or anything Basically what I do is, um I’m sorry it’s just hard to explain – My mind’s going crazy – [Marvin] I’m a clown, a clown – A clown – A clown – A clown? – [Marvin] A clown – [Woman] A clown – Yes Yes – [Woman] You mean like a circus clown? – No, I’m just more of a birthday clown – Wow, that’s really something, that’s– – It’s something – That’s, wow What, what, okay, what would, (stutters) What would someone, big wow, what made you get into being a clown? – Um, you know it wasn’t anything I sought out at all really It was just like the family thing – A family thing, a family of clowns? You come from a family of clowns? – Yeah, I mean when you say it like that it’s– – Yeah, that’s a little crazy, that’s not any better – Yeah, or you know unique, but crazy – Unique That’s one way to put it – Crazy maybe – is unique – Yeah – Frightening would be another way that I might put that – Well, yeah, you know You know us clowns, we love to wander around – Clowns – [Marvin] at night, we don’t really do that Especially as a family – That, oh my gosh – That would be, – [Marvin] that would be a weird family outing Come on, kids, let’s go to the parking lot

No, that’s not what any, that’s not what any clown does, any good– – I just, I’m sorry I just – That was a bad joke, I make jokes when I’m nervous (singing in foreign language) – What’s wrong? Come on Marvin, what’s wrong? – [Marvin] Why’d you have to pick me up from school dressed like that? – Well, I’m sorry, but I had a gig this afternoon and I didn’t have time to go home and change, you know that – [Marvin] It’s really embarrassing – Well look, clownings a very noble profession Your granddad and I put a lot of effort into this – [Marvin] I hate Bubbles – You may not see it now, but one day you’re gonna learn to appreciate this family legacy (gentle music) – What’ll it be? – [Marvin] Something bitter – What like Campari? – [Marvin] Sure, I don’t care (indistinct chattering) – [Lenard] So whatcha in for? – [Marvin] Ah, just a, just a rough day – What happened? – [Marvin] You know if you don’t mind, I really kinda rather go it alone tonight, so – You ever been married? – Nope – I’m divorced Wife took all the money and the kids and went down to an island in the Caribbean – That seems excessive – [Lenard] You know it’s surprisingly inexpensive down there – Why’d she leave? – I had a bad habit – What booze? – No, I can handle a drink – What is it then? Drugs, womanizer? You got like a weird fetish? – [Lenard] You really wanna know? – [Marvin] Ah sure, I mean yeah Okay, yeah, sure I do – I’m a robber – Robert, I’m Marvin – No, robber, like bank robber – My name’s Lenard – Oh shit Well how many banks have you robbed? – I said like a bank robber I haven’t actually robbed a bank yet I’ve done a lot of other jobs, I’m working my way up for the big one – You shouldn’t be telling me this – It’s fine I’ve never been caught – That’s why you shouldn’t be telling me this – What do you do? – If I tell you, you promise not to walk out on me? – Why would I do that? – That’s what my date just did – Ouch – It’s okay, it happens a lot – [Lenard] What the hell do you do for a living? – Birthday clown – Oh, that explains it – [Marvin] Does it? – Yeah, a birthday clown is the most unsexy job a man can do – Says the fucking bank robber – Not yet – You know what I mean, you’re a criminal, a crook – Yeah and I ride a motorcycle, too – Of course you do – I’ll tell you one thing, it ain’t all strawberries and rose glasses – What does that mean? – There’s a lot of pressure I get like anxiety, especially before these jobs Phew, it’s tough – I mean that’s kinda understandable, right? Like I mean it’d be weird if you didn’t feel nervous or having– – People get butterflies and stuff when they’re nervous, I’m not talking about that I’m talking about blow my heart out through your chest kind of anxiety – What’s that? – That’s my happy pills, it keeps the anxiety at bay You want one? – Is that safe? – [Lenard] Yeah, I take them all the time There’s nothing to it, it’s just a chill pill – I don’t know – Look, there’s nothing to it, it’s like a Tic Tac – Fine This drink’s terrible by the way Hey, you got anything else? – Get him one of these whiskies on me – Thanks So that, uh, stuff with your wife, did that go down recently or? – No, it’s been a while I been trying to get back on my feet Just have a hard time finding, you know, work with my qualifications that’s not, ah– – [Marvin] Legal? – Exactly – Well I wouldn’t recommend going into the clowning business It’s a bit over saturated right now – How did you get into that anyway? – Ah, well it’s started with my grandfather, the great Bubbles the Clown, he was the first And then, my father took on the mantle of Bubbles after my grandfather retired And he ran with it for a long time

I was being groomed to be the next Bubbles A lot of pressure, didn’t really want to do it Then my dad died and couldn’t really say no – Okay, so now you’re Bubbles – When in costume, yes – Well, you know, Bubbles– – Marvin – Well you know Marv– – Just Marv, just Marvin – Okay, Jesus Marvin, it’s never too late to start over – Says a guy who can’t stop stealing – Well, old habits do die hard, my friend That’s actually why I’m here To get my liquid courage – What are you gonna rob a bank or something? – That’s exactly what I’m gonna do I can’t do that shit sober – Like tonight? – Yeah, like 30 minutes – You shouldn’t be telling me this – I could really actually use some help – Me? – There’s nothing wrong with throwing a little caution to the wind Live a little Besides it’d be a nice chunk of change in it for you – You’re crazy – There’s nobody there It’s in the middle of the night, we’ll be in and out – Nah, that sounds too easy – Fine, just sit here and drink your whiskey and get good and drunk The tomorrow you can wake up and go back to being a clown – All right – You’ll do it? – No, like no, like all right, like that’s enough Like don’t kick me while I’m down Like don’t bring up the clown thing and make fun of it – All right, sorry – That’s all right Hey, can we get another round, on me this time – I don’t think I should drive be, I don’t think I should drive – You’re not driving anywhere, Marvin, not like that – I, I can get it, just see– – No Look, I’ll give you a ride, I’m right over there – Ah, a motorcycle, fuck yeah (chuckles) – Got it? – [Marvin] Mm hmm – Are you on there? – Yep – All right Let’s roll Hey I gotta make a stop on the way – Sure (engine revving) (gentle music) – Hey man, you’re gonna have to, uh, you’re gonna have to come back tomorrow, it’s closed – Yeah, that’s a, that’s kind of the idea We’re robbing the place Come on – What?! No, no, no, no, we’re not – Hey – [Lenard] Settle down, settle down – No man, we’re not – Marvin, Marvin, it’s no big deal It’s empty, you said it yourself There’s nobody here – No – [Marvin] It’s a bank, man, that’s really serious – I’ll clean the place out All I need you to do is be the lookout – No – Look at me, look at me You can do this, okay? There’s nothing to it – I don’t know that I can, I really don’t You should find another lookout – We’re doing this and we’re doing it now I’m gonna pay you, I’m gonna pay you well Now come on, Marvin – So I don’t have to like do any of the actual robbing? – No robbing – ‘Cause I don’t wanna, I can’t live with that – No robbing – I just lookout? – Just lookout – And you’ll pay me? – I’ll pay you, keep your voice down, cover your face up, and let’s do this, you ready? Come on – Yeah – Let’s roll – [Marvin] Which way does this go? – [Lenard] Man, you stay right here – [Marvin] It’s hard to breathe in here All right, uh, what, what should I be looking out for? Like, ’cause there’s a ton of stuff I don’t see anything – People – [Marvin] I mean there, it’s a city – Almost got it Come on, goddamn it – [Marvin] Uh, you done this before? – Would you shut the hell up? – [Marvin] Hey, hey, Lenard – I’m almost there, hold on – I’m trying to be the lookout – Great, be quiet then – I see someone – Got it Where? – Not out, in, like inside, I see someone inside (leaves rustling) – [Lenard] What the hell? – [Marvin] What, he’s not with you? – No, he’s not with me, like we all know each other – Clowns do – Son of a bitch, shit! – [Marvin] What? – Look, we’re not letting him get away with all that loot We’re going in – No, I think– – Mm hmm – But what if – Come on You can do it Ready? – What? No – Be free – [Marvin] There’s someone already inside – [Lenard] Be the lookout, come on – What are you doing? (gentle music) – Hey, I think it’s a girl

– [Lenard] Oh, bullshit – No, ah, it is a girl Yeah, it’s a girl Maybe, maybe she’s like the cleaning lady or something – In a vault, really a cleaning lady in the vault? – Maybe she’s just like wants to clean the money or something I don’t know the protocol – Got it – [Marvin] Hey wait, shouldn’t there be like an alarm or did you like hack through and cut this thing? – They must have some kind of inside connection Come on – What are we gonna do without them? – Look, you take the counters – What? – I’m taking the vault – [Marvin] I thought I was just a lookout – You just got promoted (thumps) – Shit! – Who’s there? I got a gun – Yeah, so do I – Are you a cop? – Maybe – That’s not what a cop would say – Shit Okay fine, listen, just take it easy Are you robbing this place or what? – Maybe – That’s what a robber would say Okay, look, listen, I’m robbing it, too You wanna just help each other out here? – Okay, Lenard, I’m just gonna cut out, but good luck with everything – Shut up, Marvin – Hey, who’s that? – [Lenard] That’s Marvin – So you won’t shoot? – No, we don’t have guns We’re not like that – Thanks, Marvin – You don’t have a gun? – Yeah, well neither do you – Eh, well, money’s in here, help yourself – So what’s the deal, you just gonna let us take it? – [Woman] Yeah, I don’t care, it’s not my money It’s more than I need – Sucker – [Lenard] How’d you get in here anyway? – [Woman] Just get your money and go, okay? It’s not like we got all night It’s back there – [Lenard] Jesus, I’m gonna need a bigger bag! (sirens blaring) – Uh, Lenard, (intense music) lookout just letting you know that a patrol car just pulled into the parking lot – [Woman] Lights out, let’s move – Good job Marvin – Did you get all the money? – As much as I could fit – Are we gonna go back for another trip? – No – Come on, y’all, – [Blonde] ride with me, in the back – Come on – At least – [Marvin] one of us did a good job – Back door, never thought of that – Whoa, is that a Hummer? – [Lenard] Yeah – [Marvin] That’s still like a thing? – [Lenard] I don’t think we can trust her – Have I failed you yet? – Only known you for two minutes – Come on, y’all, get in – Yeah, if that – [Marvin] I don’t think we should go with her, but we can’t go out that way I’m freaking out I don’t know what to do, let’s just run I’m freaking out bad – Here – Just get in – [Lenard] Take a chill pill – How many of these are you suppose to take an hour? – Oh my god, just get in – [Blonde] Let’s go (engine cranking) – Okay, go, go, go! – No, we gonna go nice and slow Going fast draws too much attention – Yeah, that makes sense She seems to know what she’s talking about – Shut up, Marvin – [Marvin] Hey, great work in there, guys I think everyone did a good job But I’m gotta get some sleep I’m just gonna close my eyes (energetic music) (groans)

Oh boy – Morning – [Lenard] How you feeling back there, buddy? – I don’t think there’s anything I can compare it to Where, where are we, exactly? – This, my friend, is the great state of Texas Southbound, headed for the border – Like the Mexican border? – Yeah – Yeah – [Blonde] I thought it was a pretty good plan – Who is she? – [Blonde] I’m Jem – That’s a boy’s name – That’s our getaway driver, dude – Getaway driver, get away from what, driver? – Are you kidding me? – [Melvin] No, I– – Dude, oh my god, I cannot believe you don’t remember – Marvin – I remember being at the bar – Marvin – Oh my Look at what you did Bubbles – Ouch – [Lenard] You were amazing last night – [Marvin] Where’d you get this? – [Lenard] Best lookout I’ve ever had – What are you talking about? – [Lenard] Marvin, we robbed the shit out of that bank last night – Bank?! No Nah nah nah, that doesn’t sound like me Look, I don’t know what I told you guys, but I think it be probably best if you just let me out here – Uh uh, no, no, no – We’re all in this together – [Jem] That’s way too much of a liability for us – No, it’s not actually though because I don’t remember anything So it’s not like I could rat you guys out – Marvin, I just told you all about it and I just handed you a bag full of stolen cash – Well I didn’t ask you too And I can quickly forget about it I’m gonna forget about this whole thing – You need to relax Listen, you did an amazing job, you’ll never have to juggle balls again – You’re saying that we got hammered– – [Jem] Uh uh, no – [Lenard] Technically you got hammered – [Jem] You were hammered I was sober – You shouldn’t drink so much – [Jem] I drove you away, okay You would have been in a really bad situation if it wasn’t for me – Well thank you so much Thank you Listen, I got wasted We robbed a bank successfully? – Yes – Yeah – [Marvin] And now we’re just escaping to Mexico? – [Jem] Yeah – That’s right baby! Come on, give me a high five – [Marvin] Uh uh – Come on Marvin! – No – [Jem] Oh come on Marvin – No this is terrifying Why are you so calm about this? What about the police? They’re probably on our tail They got checkpoints or something – We’re fine, we’re fine I think we’re far away enough by now There were cameras at the bank and it is a big bright yellow Hummer, but somehow– – Wait, why are we in a Hummer?! A bright yellow one at that?! – [Jem] It’s what I’ve got I think it’s pretty comfortable – It’s like gangster – [Jem] It’s comfortable too – It is comfortable – You’re just making chit-chat like nothing happened We just robbed a bank – [Jem] It’s okay Marvin, you’re gonna be alright okay? – Can you pull over real quick please? – Marvin, we already – No just, just, – talked about this – chill out okay – [Lenard] We gotta stay together and we gotta keep moving – [Jem] Give him another pill – Just really quick – No man, we have to stay together – [Marvin] No I realize, just pull over real quick – [Jem] Just take a deep breath okay – [Lenard] We’re not stopping – Look, I have to throw up! I can do it in the car– – [Lenard] Oh shit! – [Jem] Okay hang on – [Lenard] Pull over – [Marvin] Thank you – [Lenard] Just bring it on over (gagging) – I’m alright (slow paced music) ♪ On the million dollar highway ♪ ♪ I got lots ♪

♪ Of friends of mine ♪ ♪ Now they’ve gone ♪ ♪ To count the money ♪ ♪ It’s one dollar ♪ ♪ At a time ♪ ♪ On my way ♪ ♪ On my way ♪ – Here, make you feel better – Oh thank you Lenard, what the hell? They sell knives in there? – Man this is Texas, they sell knives everywhere We’re gonna need some protection – Why don’t you just get a gun? – Well they got those too but I’m not a gun guy A knife’s a much more multipurpose tool You might need to skin a deer or chop a tree – You and I have very different ideas of what we’re headed for So, we’re really gonna do the Mexico thing? That’s the plan? – Hell yeah that’s the plan – Yeah – [Jem] I think that’d be nice You know, get tacos and margaritas Like the frozen ones – Tequila, come on – You can get all of those things you just mentioned here – [Lenard] Yeah, but not for a peso – When was the last time you went to Mexico? – Dude, I’ve been several times since the 80s and the 90s, but it hasn’t changed that much – Okay, well it’s basically a war zone now Especially the border towns we’re gonna be driving through on the way to the ocean – You don’t know what – What? – [Lenard] you’re talking about The border towns are fantastic You go down there and you can buy these really big ass swords Swing ’em and bottles of tequila for like a dollar It’s awesome! – It’s Martial Law, drug cartels run the country– – [Jem] What are you talking about? – And the National Guard tries to police it to the best they can – Why are you still tripping on the drug cartels? – They’re really bad Like they’re scary bad – Well then you’ll fit right in Marvin You do recall that you just robbed a bank, drunk out of your mind on liquor, and whacked out on pills – Pills?! What are you talking about? – I’m talking about the – I don’t take pills – [Lenard] dozen pills you took last night – When did I take a dozen pills? – [Lenard] Every time I offered ’em to ya – What are you doing offering me pills?! That’s not cool man, I’m not okay with that – Fine, well then don’t be okay with it and just don’t take any of – Well no wonder I don’t – the money and we’ll just – remember anything! – drop your punk ass off – I’m keeping my money – [Lenard] on the side of the road – I might as well keep it now After you drug me and made me rob a bank – Fine, it’s my fault, fine – [[Marvin] You can’t just pass out pills like candy Not everyone wants to have it – Yeah, you’re gonna blame me when you’re throwing that money around like a big roller? – Ugh, not cool at all – So, Marvin, you’re a clown? – Let’s just not get into that Why is that always first thing people ask me? (slow paced music) So Jem, how long you been a bank robber? – No, this was y first time – What?! You can’t start like that – Yeah, promise – You did pretty good for yourself – If that was your first gig then, you and I might need to talk about going into business together – Jem, not to pry too much, but you helped us out back there and now we’ve been on the road together for a while and you don’t really know us You seem like a perfectly nice persona and everything, I guess I’m just wondering why – Well, I was just in a bad place I was with this really awful guy and needed to get away and, I was kind of desperate – [Lenard] I think we’re all a little desperate – Very But I guess, doing what we did you had to be desperate If you have like a good job and steady income and you’re doing fine, then you don’t just wanna roll the dice and rob a bank for kicks That doesn’t happen – Yeah well, anyway, thought I could probably use some help on the road and you guys seem kind of cool – Kind of cool I think you’re the first girl to ever tell me that – That’s because you’ve been hanging out with me – I know that’s supposed to be a joke, but it’s actually a lot more truthful than you realize – We should probably find a place to crash for the night – Yeah Let’s go see how much cash we got – Sounds good – I’m finishing these ribs though (slow paced music) – [Marvin] I’ve never seen this much money in my whole life – I’ve got a total Congratulations, one million five – What?! – Yeah – That’s really good That’s like what, half a mill each or something? Three ways? – Well that, no, it’s a million

We gotta split it five in three ways It’s a million five, $5 – Oh, well where’d you get that? Don’t worry about that – Yeah – Sure, tell you what – Well now it’s not – [Marvin] gonna be even – You can have the five – We’ll have to do like, – [Marvin] the three way split It’s gonna be like 33.333 or something – Three way split – Yeah, that’s fine with me – Whatever that comes out to – [Marvin] It works for me – Congratulations team Everybody just won the lottery – So what are you gonna do with your money? – I haven’t really thought about it I guess the first thing I’ll do is I’ll move out of my moms house and get a– – Oh no, you still – place – live with your mom? – Are you serious? – [Marvin] Well the clowning business is not exactly booming – Give that to your mother – It’s getting less and less common, so demand is actually lower than usual Plus I have to give a cut to my manager with everything I get (loud laughing) – Wait, I don’t know what’s worse You living at home with your mom or you having to give a cut to your clown manager – You got a clown manager? – All clowns have managers – [Lenard] Like a clown pimp? Is it a pimp– – Actually yeah, that’s a pretty close approximation He’s kind of like a clown pimp But he’s really mean and horrible And I can’t wait to call him and tell him I quit It’s actually gonna be the first thing I do – You should call him now – [Lenard] Get me a phone You have to call this guy – No, no, no, that wouldn’t be appropriate – Are you kidding me?! Call the clown pimp – [Marvin] That wouldn’t be appropriate – Marvin, call the clown pimp – It’s gonna get back to my mom, so in order to handle the situation – Oh come on! – [Marvin] I need to get out in front of it before I pull the trigger and make something up – [Lenard] You have got to call your clown pimp You know what, and you gotta tell him– – What time is it? – Call your clown pimp! – Alright, fine, fine, fine, fine, fine, fine, fine, fine! Call Sprinkles – [Phone] Calling Sprinkles (loud laughter) the clown mobile (loud ringing) – [Sprinkles] It’s the middle of the night Marvin! What the hell do you want?! I don’t have anything for you! – What an asshole! – [Sprinkles] Marvin, who is this? – It’s me Sprinkles – [Sprinkles] Did somebody just call me an asshole? I’ll tell you what, I’ve about had it with you Don’t expect any calls from me any time soon As far as I’m concerned, you’re a lost cause You’re dead to me boy – Okay great – [Sprinkles] I’m sorry?! – I said okay great You’re an insufferable piece of horse shit That I’d rather eat than work for anymore And you can go fuck yourself – [Sprinkles] That’s wonderful Marvin This is why you’re a terrible clown – Yeah, I’m terrible ’cause I hate it, that’s why actually Every day of my life is just a different like, multicolored hell ’cause of you and the bullshit clown hierarchy Sicko fantic loon – [Sprinkles] You done? – [Marvin] Yeah I’m done – [Sprinkles] Your father would be so dissa– (loud beep) – [Marvin] I’ve been holding that in for a long time – Alright! – That felt kind of good Thank you – Sweet liberation baby! Alright, well look, I’m heading out I’ll see everybody in the morning – Oh yeah – Yeah, that sounds like a good idea – Well yeah, you know where to find me so, I’ll be here – [Lenard] Nobody go anywhere – Goodnight Marvin – Goodnight – [Lenard] Goodnight Marvin – Goodnight (slow paced music) – Hey Marvin, my condolences about your father I don’t know if you remember me, but I was a good friends of your fathers We got into the business at the same time, we did a lot of work together I knew your grandfather too You father used to go on and on sometimes about how important it was to carry on his father’s legacy And I just know it would mean the world to them if you would consider giving it a shot too Carrying on that Bubbles name and all that Now it’s not something you need to decide right now, you go home, you think about it When you ready, you come see me I know me and the boys would love to have you Oh, and one more thing, these were your father’s and his father’s before him I just know they would love you to have them too You got some big shoes to fill kid (slow paced music) (loud creaking) – Morning Marvin – Hey Lenard Hey look, since we weren’t really planning on taking this trip do you think we could stop and get some stuff today?

– Like what do you need? – Well are you just gonna wear that the whole time? – Morning – Yeah – Ahh, what happened to your hair? – It’s fake – She brought, she brought clothes? – I like it – Yeah, I was planning on being on the road, so – We have to get on the road – I’ve gotta get some new stuff – Oh y’all wanna go shopping? – Smell this – Oh let’s go shopping, come one – Alright, 30 minutes, in and out, we gotta hit the highway – Alright – Okay – You’re horrible (slow perky music) ♪ You’ve gotta know ♪ ♪ Knowing is the always unlearning ♪ ♪ Throwing down your chips in poker cards. ♪ – [Jem] Oh, looking good Lenard Glad you treated yourself, you deserve it – [Lenard] Only ’cause all y’all did – Yeah well, you know, we were also wearing the same clothes we wore when we robbed that bank So might not have been a bad idea to mix it up a bit – I hadn’t really thought about that Good call Marvin Alright, let’s go ♪ You gotta fit in nicely. ♪ ♪ You gotta fit in fine. ♪ – Hey mom No I’m fine, sorry I didn’t call sooner I’m taking a little trip with some friends Yes, I have friends We’re just going to Texas for a little while Like a summer vacation thing ♪ I gotta live ♪ ♪ I gotta live ♪ I don’t have to tell you everything I’m doing all the time mom I’m 30 years old Yeah it’s fine I actually think it’ll be good for me I could use a break from everything right now I don’t know I’ll just kinda be home when I’m home Look, I gotta hit the road mom, but I’ll talk to you soon okay? Alright, love you too ♪ Is pricey ♪ ♪ But I’m feeling fine ♪ So how did you get started with this whole lifestyle of yours anyway? – What? Robbing? – [Marvin] Yeah – Man, I was just helping a friend out I didn’t even know what I was doing He got busted and I got caught – Oh wait, I thought you said you’ve never been caught? Isn’t that what you told me? – Well not since, you know – [Marvin] Oh – It was the first time, and I was trying to talk you into robbing a bank with me, so I probably left that part out Sorry – Yeah, that’s okay So was it bad? Did you have to serve time or anything? – 18 months When I got out I promised the wife I’d stay out of trouble but once you’re on the record, you can’t keep a job down or nothing People just looking at ya like you’re a criminal the whole time Everywhere you go Finally it dawned on me if everybody’s gonna see me like that, might as well go ahead and profit from it You know, put some food on the table (loud buzzing) – She keeps calling her, yeah Hawaii, Hawaii – [Lenard] Hawaii? – Hawaii yeah It’s like the– – [Lenard] The state? – Yeah. she has 26 missed calls from Hawaii – What the shit?! Somebody is looking for her – Relax – Marvin this is a major issue – Maybe she’s from Hawaii so it’s just from like the state – She don’t look Hawaiian – It could be– – Somebody’s looking for her they’re looking for us This could be kidnapping for all you know – Hold on, slow down Kidnapping, who said anything about kidnapping? Where’d that even come from? What are you talking about kidnapping? – Marvin, she could be the devil for all you know – Awe man, you really just up from zero to 100 so fast – [Lenard] We’ve gotta dump that phone and get rid of her – She’s not the devil, we’re not kidnapping anyone I think what we should do is ask her who’s calling her and what the deal is I don’t think she would do – Fine, you can talk – anything that would to her about it – jeopardize us – [Lenard] But I don’t like it, we’re getting rid of her I’m pulling over right now – Okay, and we’ll ask her what’s up – Where are we? – Just a pit stop Stretching our legs a bit So Jem, we need to ask you something – [Jem] What? – Who the hell is Hawaii?! – Oh it’s nothing – [Lenard] It’s not nothing! – He’s called you like a million times – [Jem] Look, he’s the guy that I left, you guys know that – What kind of a guy names himself Hawaii anyway? Who is this guy?! – I don’t know, the kind of guy Hawaii is

I don’t know – Jem you need to come clean You need to give us more I mean why is this guy calling you so much? Is he after you? I mean what’s– – Well he didn’t know I left I snuck out and I stole his car – What, that car?! That’s his car?! – [Jem] Yeah – Jem, Jesus! Christ! – Look guys, I’m sorry He’s a really bad person! If you knew him you’d understand! – Hold on a second, hold on a second So it’s not enough for you to leave him and steal his car, you also have to go rob a bank? I don’t– – Well it was his bank – I’m sorry? – What?! – [Lenard] What do you mean it was his bank?! – [Marvin] It was Hawaii’s bank?! – Yeah, how do you think I knew how to get in? – I asked you that question when we there! You made me some smart ass answer! We gotta get rid of her – Uh uh – We’ve got this guys car, we’ve got his cash, – No guys – [Lenard] and now we got his girlfriend?! – [Jem] You can’t! – Okay, then we ditch the vehicle and get a new one so he won’t know what to look for – Oh really?! Just buy a new one, how are we gonna do that?! – The money – You know how long it takes?! Registration, license, title Not to mention we’re paying for it with stolen $100 bills! – Alright alright! – [Marvin] Then we stick with the plan as it is right now! And see what happens – I’m sorry, I’m sorry – [Marvin] It’s okay – It’s not okay! – Lenard she’s in trouble We can’t leave her – We’re all in trouble! – Guys, if it wasn’t for me you would have been arrested the second you opened the doors of the bank, okay? – I would’ve been in and out in 30 seconds You know that! Long gone before that! – [Jem] No, you need me as much as I need you! – Okay okay, just relax If this guy is like he says he is right, he probably isn’t really the guy who wants to go to the police – Right – And he’s after us for robbing his bank It’s like a revenge thing – [Jem] Yeah – So that means he probably didn’t tell the police – Yeah, he likes to take matters into his own hands – Okay, we’re off the hook with the police – Yeah, but onto a bigger hook! A big ass hook named Hawaii! – [Jem] Come on let’s just go – We shouldn’t split up Lenard – Please don’t leave me, please Marvin, please – I don’t like it I don’t like it a bit! – [Marvin] You don’t have to – [Lenard] Fine! – [Jem] It’s fine Alright – Let’s get out of here – I’ve got to go pee! She has got me so worked up Damn it! – Look, we can’t do this the whole way You guys are just gonna have to get over it – [Jem] I said I was sorry – It’s fine Not angry – Could of fooled me – So I was thinking, what if we don’t go to Mexico? – [Lenard] We’ve already talked about Mexico Marvin – I know, I wanna talk about it again – It’s fine there And I know a guy – But what are we running from? – [Jem] Hawaii – Precisely – Not who, what I mean– – What are you talking about? – Jem thinks that Hawaii might be after us That’s it, we don’t know – [Jem] Yeah and he’s crazy, he’d kill us – Would have bee nice to heard that earlier – All I’m saying is there’s three of us, he’s one guy, and what’s to say if he is following us he won’t just keep following us into Mexico? – [Jem] Well where else are we gonna go? – I don’t know, I just have my doubts about going to Mexico – We’ve been driving for two days, I’m going to Mexico – Alright, then let’s not drive any further until we all are on the same page So just pull over and I’ll think about it and maybe we can discuss other options – Fine – So, what specifically is your plan for when we get to Mexico? – [Lenard] You know, party and stuff – Party and stuff is not a good plan That’s not a plan at all That’s my problem with this We can’t go into another country with a flimsy plan like party and stuff – [Lenard] Fine – [Marvin] We can talk about this – [Lenard] We’ve been driving for two days Now is not the time for this shit! – [Marvin] I have to say something, I don’t wanna go to Mexico, it’s a bad idea! It just is – [Lenard] Maybe you should just get out here then – [Jem] Oh come on (light knocking) Oh Marvin! Oh god he found us! – [Lenard] Oh shit! He who?! – Hawaii’s guys, it’s his henchmen! – You didn’t say anything about no god damn henchman! Don’t you hit my clown you son of a bitch! (loud gunshot) (loud clanking) – [Jem] Lenard, no! Marvin! Marvin! (engine starts) (slow paced music) (tires squealing) – Lenard! Lenard – [Lenard] Marvin – [Marvin] How bad is it? – I think I’ll be fine Just get my pills – [Marvin] Those aren’t the right kind of pills for this – God damn it, just get my pills! – I can’t, they took the car They left us, we’re stranded here – I can’t believe it was a gun guy! (loud coughing) – Look, just stay calm and I’m gonna go get some help – No, you have absolutely no control over this situation

– Not at the moment – [Lenard] You got your phone?! – No it was in the car – How did they sneak up on us anyway? – [Marvin] I guess they were following us the whole time – No way It was her, she’s a double agent – [Marvin] Jem? – Jem, it had to be – No, no, no, no, no, – [Marvin] that wouldn’t make any sense I really don’t think so You have to patch that or something – Maybe Alright maybe, maybe she just butt dialed or something But dialed somebody I don’t know – [Marvin] Awe fuck – Marvin, Marvin?! – [Marvin] Yeah? – I’m dying Marvin – I know, I’m really sorry – I can feel it coming – Oh, say something meaningful, meaning I love you Lenard! Are you dead? Oh god Shit, Lenard! (loud grunting) Whoa, easy Lenard, I’m gonna have to leave you here I’m really sorry You deserve better than that but something tells me that you’d understand (loud thunder) (loud sirens) (slow paced music) (loud mooing) (loud thunder) You’re such a fucking idiot! (loud thunder) (ominous music) (loud buzzing) (slow paced music)

♪ Some may say that an empty handed man ♪ ♪ Will do all he can ♪ ♪ To hold someone again ♪ ♪ But I say to hell with it ♪ ♪ Til there ain’t nothing left to condemn ♪ – [Driver] Are you some kind of fucking dumb ass? – I’m sorry? – What kind of person do you think is gonna pick you up walking around with a knife like that? – Well you– – [Driver] What kind of knife is that? – I have no idea It’s a friend of mines – Where ya headed? – North Louisiana, Shreveport area Anywhere in that general direction really Do you think you could maybe give me a ride? – It’s pretty far out of my god damn way but I tell you what, you give me that knife and I’ll give you a ride as far as I can take ya – I would, but it was my friends and he’s dead now so – What else you got? – Look, I’ve had a really bad couple days I have no money I don’t even have a phone on me I don’t know where– – How about your shoes? – [Marvin] My Jordan’s? – You want a ride? – Yeah, yeah, I just, yeah I just didn’t take you for a Jordan’s kind of guy – Listen, you gotta ride in the back though since you’re carrying that knife and all – [Marvin] Absolutely, yeah, yeah – And listen, I’m armed too just so you know Don’t try nothing – Okay ♪ I’m moving on ♪ ♪ Break down the wall that I lean upon ♪ ♪ I’m moving on ♪ ♪ I’m moving on ♪ ♪ I’m moving on ♪ ♪ Break down the wall that I lean upon ♪ ♪ I’m moving on ♪ ♪ I’m moving on ♪ ♪ I’m moving on ♪ ♪ Face a new dawn ♪ ♪ Sing a new song ♪ ♪ I’m moving on ♪ So are you here for the sales job? – Oh yeah, yeah sure am Are you? – Yeah, me too, yeah Maybe I shouldn’t of said anything – Right – You have a lot of sales experience or? – [Female] Not yet – Yeah, me neither – I mean I don’t have a lot of real world experience, but I just got my degree in marketing – Oh, well congratulations That’s, that’s big – Thank you Thanks, yeah What did you go to school for? – Oh I didn’t – You didn’t? – No I went to school I mean I went to school in like, I believe in science and all that I just didn’t go to college – Not a big deal Steve Jobs didn’t finish college – Steve Jobs didn’t finish college That’s right, he did not And he did pretty well for himself They made a couple movies about him I think But I don’t know, I was thinking later maybe if you wanted to go get a drink or something to eat maybe we could– – Oh – [Marvin] Maybe we could knock that out – Huh? – [Narrator] Marvin – That’s me – [Female] Well good luck – Thank you, yeah So? Right, okay, yup – Marvin, nice to meet you – Mr. Gilbert right?

– Yeah that’s right So you’re interested in sales – Yes, absolutely – Good Sell me Tell me about yourself Marvin Where’d you go to school? – You’re gonna jump right into that I went to ACA – ACA, yeah, it says that right here on your resume but Marvin I’m not really familiar with ACA – The American Clown Academy actually – Wait You– – ACA, it’s the American Clown Academy – Awe come on, you’re pulling my leg right? – Oh yeah, it’s a thing, it’s a thing I went there after high school After I graduated high school It’s actually for clowns, yeah – Well that’s kind of an oxymoron You’re joking but you’re not joking, but you’re learning how to be a clown – Yeah, I’m great with kids – I don’t think that you’ll be dealing with any children but that’s good to know – Right yeah, I’ll try to stay on point Let’s see– – So no problems with previous employers I take it? – No, no – Who were your previous employers if you don’t mind me asking? – I was self-employed But I had a manager but he wasn’t my employer really It’s kind of complicated – Doing what exactly? – Performance art – Was that a question? – I was a clown – Like a– – Like the big nose and the big shoes and the face paint and hair Yeah, I was the clown The whole ball wax Mrs. Scott I was a clown (perky music) – You’re back, how’d it go? – [Marvin] Not now mom – Well I wanna know – Look mom, I love you and all, and I know this is your house, and by all accounts I shouldn’t still be living here, but maybe while I am here maybe you can just pretend I’m off living somewhere else doing something with my own life And then like once a week or something I can come and just check in with you and you can ask about any aspect of my life you want and I’ll tell you all about it I just need my space – I get it, you don’t wanna be reminded that you still live with your mother – Exactly – Well you can always move out (slow paced music) (slow paced music) (upbeat music) – Jem

Jem Jem! (loud screaming) It’s me Hey, hey – [Narrator] Hey, what’s going on? (loud thud) (slow paced music) (loud winds) – [Lenard] Hey you want a balloon animal? – What the hell are you doing here? – You tell me – [Marvin] I thought you were dead – [Lenard] I am dead You’re in the middle of the desert dressed like a clown I think you’re dreaming bud – I’m always a fucking clown in my dreams Every time – [Lenard] So what you been up to? – A whole lot of nothing Stuck being Bubbles the clown for the rest of my life – I thought you gave that up? Gave old Sprinkles a good talking to – Yeah well, I had to call him back and apologize – Ouch! – Nothing went the way that I thought it would – If you ask me, you rely too much on other people – I do not – You rely on your dad’s legacy as Bubbles, you rely on Sprinkles to get you gigs, you wouldn’t given all that up if I hadn’t practically forced you into robbing a bank And then as soon as I’m out of the picture, boom, right back to square one – Look, I’ve tried to do other things – Uh huh, sales You can’t even sell yourself as a clown Marvin – [Marvin] What would you have me do? – Follow your gut for a change Stand up for yourself Use those instincts – Yeah and your instincts got you killed – Low blow I’ll tell you one thing, at least I always had a goal May have been a bad guy but I knew what I wanted – [Marvin] You’re not a bad guy – [Lenard] No, I mean, criminal, bad guy – Oh – I’m trying to give you some advice here – Sorry

You can keep going, advise me – I’m a figment of your imagination Anything coming from me has technically started with you in the first place – Wait, I can’t make balloon animals and you’re sitting up there making balloon animals – Actually I’m just blowing up balloons and fiddling with ’em I ain’t made a single balloon animal – [Marvin] You know I miss you Lenard I had a lot of fun with you and Jem on the road – [Lenard] Yeah me too – And I’m sorry you didn’t get to see your family again – Yeah Me too – [Marvin] Hey, are you just saying me too because you’re me and you’re just echoing what I’m thinking – Yeah I think so – Well, I’ve really gotten myself into a lot of trouble this time Lenard – Following Jem? – [Marvin] Yeah, I saw the Hummer and, I don’t know, I just, something came over me I went after it – Well good for you Step in the right direction – Yeah, but I think Hawaii got me Knocked me out or something – You’ll figure something out – [Marvin] He’s probably gonna kill me – [Lenard] Well then I guess I’ll see you soon – Hey How do I get out of this place? – You put this bag on your head – What, no?! I’m not putting a bag on my head – [Lenard] You’ll do it whether you like it or not – [Marvin] What? I don’t want the bag on my head – [Lenard] Right over your head – [Marvin] Stop it Dude, stop, I don’t want it (dramatic music) (loud grunting) – [Narrator] Get up here – [Jem] Hawaii stop it! Is that Marvin?! – [Hawaii] Go back inside, I’m taking care of it – [Jem] Let him go! – I said go back inside (loud gunshots) (loud screaming) Stupid bitch (loud grunting) (engine starting) Nice boat isn’t it? – It’s fine – You ever been on a boat like this before? – Yeah I think so – Did it have a grill on the back? – No, I don’t think so – Kinda nice isn’t it? – Yeah What is this? Why are we out here? Are you gonna kill me? – I should shouldn’t I? – Are you asking me? – [Hawaii] Yes I’m asking you – If you should No No, I vote against you killing me – Why’d you rob my bank? – What, you want like the whole story? – I want the truth, Ruth – It doesn’t answer my question but, okay I didn’t know it was your bank So if you’re taking this personally, which it seems like you are, I didn’t know and I didn’t target you or anything It was a weird deal I happened to meet a guy who was planning to rob your bank and he recruited me to be a lookout on said robbery of said bank, that I didn’t know was yours at the time And then everything just spiraled out of control I didn’t want any of this to happen, I’m sorry Don’t you have insurance or something? – You just don’t take money from a man A million dollars And expect him to just let it roll off his shoulders like duck underwater you hear? – Yes, you’ve made that clear – And low and behold, you walk right through front door this afternoon – You left us for dead And then you took Jem against her will and it wasn’t right – Says the man who robbed my bank – Look, I wasn’t in charge of the operation, I was dragged into it – By who? The greasy haired guy with the motorcycle? – We’re just going in circles here I came back for Jem If you want revenge or whatever the hell it is, just get it over with – I don’t take orders from a clown (loud laughing) I can’t believe I got a clown on my boat Isn’t life grand? – Not right now, no not really – [Hawaii] I wasn’t asking you boy It was metaphorical – I think you mean rhetorical – Shut up – Hawaii, is that your actual name or is it– – What do you care? – You know, it’s like meeting a dude

named North Dakota or something – It’s a nickname alright ‘Cause I wear these shirts – Ah ‘Cause you also have the hula girl in your car, so I thought maybe you’re from there or something – I like a tropical decor – Okay, so it’s like a tropical theme you’re going for with this – Enough with the questions! – Sorry, it was just bugging me– – From now on don’t speak unless you’re spoken to Nothing like an ice cold beer out here on the water Things got a fridge on it too – Cool – So Jem’s got a thing for clowns Who’d of thunk it What, did you pull a rabbit out of your hat or something? – No, that’s a magician, I’m a clown – You know what I meant, stand up – Why? – I wanna see a trick – A trick? What are we doing this for? – Up – Alright (loud laughing) – [Hawaii] What a fool – Alright, alright enough, enough What are we doing? Why are you doing this? You just want to humiliate me? Are you trying to work up the nerve to kill me? What’s going on? – I got a clown on my boat You can go Marvin Just get off my boat Swim back or whatever – Huh? – I’m not gonna kill you man I just don’t have it in me Truth is, I’ve never killed anybody Just go – Wait, really, that’s it? – I’d drive you back, but you know what, I can’t have anybody see you on the boat, then they’d know I didn’t kill ya – Oh yeah, no, that makes sense – Hey My nickname, it’s stupid isn’t it? – No, no, I think it’s cool My name is Bubbles Not nearly as cool I like your nickname – If the guys can see me now – Don’t be so hard on yourself – They laugh at me man, and I know it! I only act tough so they won’t mess with me It’s hard! – Yeah, I mean that’s gotta be difficult – And Jem, she doesn’t love me – There are plenty of fish in the sea – Not like there used to be! I’ve seen the shows with the Japanese, they’re killing all the whales and shit! – You know what, screw what the guys think It’s like screw those guys They’re not the ones with the mansion and the cool boat Right? – You really think my boat’s cool? – Yeah, I think it’s a cool boat And while we’re on the subject, those guys, like your crew or whatever, they’re gonna be back when I swim to shore waiting or anything are they? – No, no, no, it’s Sunday man They don’t come in on Sundays – Gotcha So I’ll just swim it – Yeah yeah, I can’t risk it man I can’t have anybody see me bringing you back Hey, you gotta promise not to rob me again – Oh yeah, wouldn’t dream of it No more of that I won’t Thanks, thanks for not, for not murdering me out here – Hey, don’t mention it – I for sure thought that was what you were gonna do – Seriously, don’t mention it (slow paced music) – Okay, you got it I won’t mention it – [Hawaii] Well, get on What do you want me to do with this clown thing?

– I don’t need it anymore – Hey bro, thanks for being cool about this – [Marvin] No problem (slow paced piano solo) (fast paced piano solo) (loud engine revving) – Need a getaway driver? – [Marvin] What, they didn’t have anything in yellow? – Well hurry up, we need to watch out for Hawaii – I don’t think we have to worry about him anymore – What? – It’s a long story I’ll tell you on the way back Let’s get out of here (slow paced music) Anyway Jem I as thinking about how I still don’t know anything about you – Well, for starters, I saved your life, twice – You didn’t really save my life at the bank – I saved your ass – Sure yeah, and I’m grateful but like Hawaii for instance, he was nothing like you set him up to be – You don’t live with the guy – I guess he was pretty intolerable – He killed Lenard – Well his henchman did He said he’d never kill anyone – Same difference Bad guys only as good as his henchmen – He did seem pretty afraid of them himself, so I wanna make sure we’re on the same page now I really don’t want anymore surprises – You can trust me Anyway, what are you gonna do with that knife? – I don’t know Do you think Lenard’s family would want it? Like as a memento? – Really? – What? – You’re gonna mail a dead man’s knife to his family? – Well when you put it like that, I guess I just thought they might wanna know – I mean, didn’t they move to the Caribbean to get away from him? – Yeah, yeah I think so That’s a good point – You got a shovel? – Yeah I guess we just buried the hatchet – It’s a knife – Yeah, I know I was just – So, do you wanna say something? – Yes Lenard, you taught me some terrible lessons You drugged me, you made me commit a crime, you almost got me killed more than once, but I think it was a great wake up call for me I know you didn’t have a master plan for that to happen or anything Like it wasn’t your intention to help me out I mean you just weren’t that clever to think that much in advance But because of you I’m not a clown anymore So that’s progress Thank you for forcing me to that point I’m sorry that I left your corpse on the side of the road in Texas in a ditch – That’s probably good – You think so? – Yeah – Okay good

– So what are you gonna do next? (slow paced music) ♪ I didn’t walk how you said I should walk ♪ ♪ I walk how I do walk and that’s fine ♪ ♪ It didn’t go how you said it would go ♪ ♪ It went how it did go and that’s fine ♪ (loud whistling) ♪ I look out the window some days ♪ ♪ I see a million ways and that’s fine ♪ ♪ I didn’t dance how I wanted to dance ♪ ♪ I did a bit of a prance and that’s fine ♪ ♪ Take your guess, spurious at best ♪ ♪ Can’t you see its all just chaos ♪ (loud whistling) ♪ I breathe in and then I breathe out ♪ ♪ I’ve got a trillion doubts and that’s fine ♪ ♪ I took a road that wasn’t a road ♪ ♪ But it was something I chose and that’s fine ♪ ♪ Take your guess, spurious at best ♪ ♪ Can’t you see its all just chaos ♪ ♪ Take your guess, spurious at best ♪ ♪ Can’t you see its all just chaos ♪ ♪ It didn’t go how you said it would go ♪ ♪ It went how it did go, and that’s fine ♪ ♪ Take your guess, spurious at best ♪ ♪ Can’t you see its all just chaos ♪