Where should i start from, first its about the car This is my 2017 ford fusion ecosport , Regular Its not hybrid, for the people who think its hybrid i enquired some shipping business initially they are asking me 1000 bucks for the transportation so i have decide road trip will be better first of all collect necessary snacks and food mainly mouth freshner and buy spare 1 gal fuel for emergency use and keep it in the trunk cruise is the best option for the long drives Never think am i going slow or what ,its always right lanes for us ,slow and steady wins always i am almost done no more subs ,just 5 more i will complete i stayed one night in barstow , motel6 for the 40$ from expedia and then i stayed one night in amarillo texas, same thing 40$ from expedia mainly i was started in the morning 8am and i will stop evening 11:30 ish with stops like mostly for the gas and restrooms you can see so many attractions while in this trip , and last stay in the trip was tennesee that was free because its relatives house

my worst experience in the whole trip , my glass was broken by construction dust particle hit my car windshiled SECURE PAVEMENTS the construction company on my way to barstow from bakersfield , around 11 pm on interstate 55 construction is happening suddenly something like very sharp edge rock hit my windshield and instantly i stopped my vechicle and moved to shoulder , i had talk with on site contractor and civil engineer who worked there and they are just busy with their work after waited for 25minutes i called 911 and spoke about this incident and again they are also saying trooper will come and wait there its my first day of road trip , i was restless and waited no response and i went to motel after end of my road trip i contacted the secure pavements they are started my case and they want the proof of video i sent my videos and pictures of the windshield and they are saying its not done by us ,we are not responsible so how can i capture the rock coming from their machines ,its like they are asking me to do a graphic movie or what i dont know the crack which started from 7 inches now i have to fix with my own money ,its one of the worst thing ever happend

so overall my spendings for the stay 80$ and rest is fuel , its dust all over the highway ,be aware of this sudden weather changes and i experienced some thunderstroms

thats me

this is the best part in the trip