A guide to applying as an international student from Europe

hello and welcome to the guide to applying as a student from Europe talk so before we start we just have a couple of housekeeping notes for you to be aware of this event is being recorded live there is a live Q&A function running throughout the presentation so please do submit any questions you have using the chat box to the right of your screens we will answer as many as we can towards the end of the session and if you see a question that you would also like to know the answer to please like it so we can ensure the most pertinent questions are being answered and I’m now going to hand over to Makayla Greene who’s the International recruitment officer for Europe and a Yona batchi a student from Romania hi everyone my name is Makayla Green and I work as an international recruitment officer at the University of Derby and I’m here with my student you wanna hi everyone I’m Jana I’m an international student from Romania and when the business management course here at Darvey and thank you everyone for joining us today today we will cover the key reasons to why European students should choose the University of Derby as their first choice the UK continues to be a welcoming destination for European students and we highly value the diversity and the talent that they bring to our classroom I originally came to the UK from Sweden and you are not from Romania and we now call the UK our home so today we will cover things like the the an overview of the university the city and also the entry criteria and the admissions process so the presentation will take about 20 minutes and afterwards we will be taking your questions so please use the text chat facility and we will endeavor to answer as many as we can at the end of the webinar so firstly we will start by showing you a video of where Darby is the University of Derby located in the heart of the UK where both city life and countryside are on your doorstep and I rode rail or air it’s really easy to get to our Derby campus is one hour 30 minutes by train from London our books turn compass it’s just one hour by train and from Manchester and if you’re traveling from overseas Derby is with an easy reach of major UK airports plus we offer a meet and greet Airport service when you arrive now you know where the University of Derby is it’s time to find out where we can take it visit Derby dots AC UK we are proud to be rated gold in the teaching excellence and student outcomes framework and we are top 30 in The Guardian University Guide 2020 in the past 10 years we have invested around 200 million pounds on study sport recreation and wellness facilities to provide the best possible experience for our students the city of Derby has a good choice of bars restaurants and shops there is also bowling crazy goals cinemas great parks and an Arts Centre you wanna what do you love about Darby oh well the dynamism of the city is actually what made me fall in love with Darby from the beginning as funny as it is the city provides a variety of places and it’s so exciting when you get to discover and at a cool place from time to time we have lots of coffee shops bars and restaurants as well as places designed for outdoor activities also what’s been captivating me is the nature around usually nature and City have historically been open to concepts however the principle does not apply to Derby at all I’m coming from a huge crowded city so when I applied to University I tried to combine those two elements the nature in the city and I have found in Darvey and I was so glad it was what I was looking for nature is for sure a key component of the city also I like to mention I’m so grateful for the location as it’s being mentioned in the video diabetes right at heart of the and provides great accessible routes to bigger cities like London Manchester and Birmingham and that’s ideal actually especially if you’re an international student and you like to dive in more into the culture because it’s very affordable actually to travel and discover lots of new destinations I’m definitely a traveler and I’ve got a chance to visit amazing places such as the big district at Chatsworth House and the Wollongong Hall ain’t nothing fabulous our location mixes the best of city living with the ability to explore

one of the most stunning national parks in the country peak district lucky one I just mentioned Darby is home to a championship football team a cricket county championship team one of only six indoor cycling velodromes in England as well as the UK headquarters of rolls-royce and Toyota Darby also has a low cost of living when compared to other UK cities and we are a much loved second home to more than 1,700 international students from over 100 countries creating a diverse and multicultural student community our International Student Centre was ranked the best of all UK universities that participated in the international student barometer 2018 the international student center supports all of our international students by providing a range of services including settling into life in the UK you wanna how have they assisted you throughout your studies well Michaela as an international student applying to uni and subsequently moving into another country wasn’t definitely an easy process so around the beginning of my final year of high school I decided to contact an agency in order to get a professional perspective which would hopefully guide me in regards of my application and this is our I found RV because the agency massively helped me in choosing all my options correctly and Darby was of course my first one and I’ve been coordinated as well with the Student Finance documents which was frankly the most difficult part because it’s very meticulous and one single thing noted one could have jeopardized my application when I came to Darby I knew there are still lots of things I need to take care of and I have to say in my first week I was so afraid I won’t be able to handle everything properly and guess what this is actually how I got to discover the International Student Center they have me with absolutely everything they talked to me and managed to call me down–which what’s needed to be fair they did set up welcome events during my induction week for all the international so we can get to know each other they even helped me with opening my bank account which can be a tiring process for an international so yeah the people there they genuinely saved my life okay-dokey and there are lots of ways to get involved with student life adavi the union of students runs more than 60 societies from academic and active to charity religious and cultural clubs there are also many cultural societies like Derby worldwide Portuguese or Hellenic and Cypriot we have more than 40 sport teams across a wide variety of sport they all practice at our new ten point eight million pound Sports Centre which includes a gym fitness classes climbing walls squash court tennis courts and football field Ivana how have you been involved with union of students throughout your time at University well shame on me I’m not that much of a sport person but I was very pleased to discover about the union of students at the beginning the fact that they really try all the time to provide new facilities for the students they are constantly listening to the student needs and suggestions and regarding the societies before you come into the RV I expected for the university to have many sport societies that’s why I mentioned I’m not such a sport person somehow in my mind the definition of a society was related to sport in any case strange but yeah this applies surprisingly I found out that Derby uni has a very diverse range of society is actually the business side I’m part of was for in my first year of uni that’s great so there is a great opportunity for setting up new societies and clubs yeah definitely so if everyone has any ideas about forming a society when they start unique go for it because the union of students will support you for sure thank you moving on to our International Travel Awards these give the students the opportunity to go further and they are part of the student experience framework the purpose of the awards is to provide opportunities outside of your course to travel abroad with the University to broaden your worldview and expand your global mindset destinations have included Hungary Iceland and Italy the student experience provided by Derby has been rated as amongst the best in the country our courses have been built by professional and academic experts with employability and up-to-date content firmly in mind but how we teach is just as important as what we teach a great number of our academics have come from industry or are still involved in industry they know what it takes to succeed in their specialist areas they

are also aware of the latest trends and developments and they know what employers are looking for our campus is a short walk from the centre of Derby and we have a number of sites across Darby and Derbyshire the quality of our facilities ensures that students are experiencing environments and Technology on par with the highest levels of Industry examples include a forensic house with seven replica crime scenes and a blood splatter room a fully operational stock exchange environments in our Bloomberg financial markets lab an NHS founded hospital ward and clinical skill suite we have a brand new 12.5 million pound science technology engineering and mathematics building at our market on Street sides a degree is only part of the student story Darby supports students to apply the learning with relevant work experience placements and real-world briefs tailored support includes CV workshops employer events career seminars and online support to make sure graduates are job ready and shine in a competitive marketplace 96% of our graduates are in work of further study within six months of finishing their course according to heesu 2018 here you can see some of the strong industry links that we have with employers across the spectrum from charities to councils small and medium enterprises to major multinational firms do you wanna can you tell us more about your placement experience yes of course I actually think that’s one of my favourite topics to talk about and I also think that’s the aspect that proved me I made the right decision of starving studying at Darby uni Darby has lots of opportunities for students to gain more work experience along with their studies and of course after graduation the people from the careers and employment service are doing a great job sending all the students weekly alerts and newsletters regarding the latest jobs internships and placements both in the UK and internationally I feel like those people never sleep you know because you’re watching a show so you’re in your room around 8:00 in the evening and you get an email and it’s the careers of surveys sending you drop’s offer job offers available then the next morning you’re having breakfast and you’re enjoying your morning and you get an avid email with other jobs available and you’re just like how’s they even possible they seem like they have superpowers you know so basically in my case they helped me with everything from career advice sessions to building my CV for application and mark assessments Darby graduates actually are no forgetting jobs at companies such as rolls-royce boots IBM and PwC and that’s all with a career constant support and guidance personally I get massive work experience I recently completed an internship in project any fence and I’m currently what look and currently sorry breaking for a local company in Darby as a marketing and social media intern even if I’m for example back in my country for the summer so we actually have the chance to work during the holidays as well and we have lots of opportunities home-based roles of course which of course again we are play for and that’s not a great thing as students we get we get paid for all the roles we sign up for there is plenty of support offered by the University as long as of course you have initiative you focus on you keep applying the opportunities will simply keep coming you’ll learn how to escalate the industry ins make sure you do emphasize all your skills and knowledge in your applications according to what the employers needs and what the requirements are so I’m actually personally really really thankful to to the careers and employment service for all they help and they’re doing a great job again I need to mention moving on to our subject areas our university offers a variety of subject areas where we teach programs at foundation level degree level and masters level for example the School of Arts courses are taught at a twenty-one million pound site created specifically for art design and technology so this is moth-eaten Street and Chandler’s Paul Street as well as Britannia Mill which was an old silk mill all students share the design and printmaking facilities and you can explore new methods and materials such as sculpture performance film and video painting and drawing we have links with UK young artists the new designers exhibition in London Penguin

Books and the Royal Society of Art to name a few our media students continue to pick up the prize for best camera work at the Royal Television Society Awards with its strong focus on quality innovation and real-world learning the Derby business goal supports ambition and drive success we have a large range of partners for student projects and master classes including rolls-royce Ford Toyota the hey Jen Marriott hotels and even Disney World we are ranked top 5 in the UK for tourism hospitality and event management in the garden university guide 2020 and I must add the Ironman event management graduates Ivana could you tell us more about your study experience yeah so I’m a business management student as I mentioned earlier and I usually work for the open days representing my course and I must say Cyril perspective students come to me extremely worried that they don’t like or perhaps they do not have the best skills in math or finance but they do want to offer business degree and I try to explain them all the time there’s absolutely no reason to be worried you don’t have to be a genius in math in order to apply for the business course the level of difficulty does not require anyone to be full skilled and I think that’s a journal thing about every course no matter if it’s business related or not in fact people attend university so they can learn new stuff from the ones actually for the ones who actually don’t enjoy math even with you guys and I can guarantee it’s not about math from my point of view the business management course is a course that blends the creativity with pragmatism yes of course you’ll have modules such as finance and economics but the level of teaching and support will compensate with the fact that you might not be so attracted to numbers and you’ll also have modules such as enterprising marketing PR deeds on social media there are definitely my favourites and in case you have the same we shared the same passion for math there will be your favorites as well additionally it’s a course that helps students to gain significant knowledge while accessing a lot of experiences within an industry such as networking events internships and placements another great aspect you will have a chance to go to field trips for example this year back in February myself and some of my fears traveled to Copenhagen for a week experiencing the Copenhagen Business School classes some other students traveled to Barcelona and Athens for a 10-day exchange I’ve been personally going so much through this course I’m not going to lie there are challenges the business industry is very versatile nowadays and it can be quite difficult to keep up with the changes of it but the curriculum offered by the Durban is one of the best in the UK and most of the Derby graduating students in business obtain a job right after completing their degree so I highly recommend this program in case everyone is considering it okay moving onto humanities Social Sciences and sports what makes Darby different is the dedicated and personalised support of the tutors their experience and research reputation in their field of study the links with cultural organisations and authors also play a big part as well as the access to a unique range of nationally and internationally important heritage on our doorstep our football journalism course is the only one of its kind in the UK offering a clear path to working in the football industry and meets the growing demand for highly knowledgeable and skilled multimedia journalists also Sport Management is another popular degree amongst our European students as we have a close working partnership with Derby County Football Club we are committed to developing the next generation of high achieving scientists technologists and engineers ambitious and confident professionals who will go on to shape business and society our nursing and healthcare degrees boast some of the best facilities in the country and we enjoy strong links with the NHS we also have a strong research culture across these subject areas with new knowledge designed to save people and save lives such as our research into coral reefs our facilities include specialist forensic biological and chemical labs and aquarium in secretary and the glass house most of our rules residences are a short distance from campus and within easy reach of the city center most first ears live in holes and rims are grouped into flats with shared kitchens and either

have a shared bathroom or an ensuite rent is all-inclusive with no separate bills living in halls is a great way for international students to live in a safe environment and make new friends through organized events and activities however if students prefer to rent a private property then we can help find the right place through our accredited landlord scheme II wanna what has been your experience well Michaela moving to University and you probably understand and moving into another country of scope of course was a massive massive step it was a bit tough at the beginning living on my own for the first time trying to become more independent was definitely a challenge however I was very excited with the whole idea was eager to start this journey as I like to call it and get as many experiences as I can the first semester was the most difficult one until I managed to they use with my new life I haven’t it holes in my first year I’ve lived in private because I came to the UK with some friends so we all wanted to live together but I have to say I did am be a bit all my other friends who are living in holes as a beginner in regards of the student life taking care of the fields and dealing with lots of house problems with something I wish I could have skipped in my first year and that’s why the people living in holes in my year were less stressed than I was but actually I’m considering now moving into halls for my final year because I was extremely busy on my second year so I didn’t have time to find a perfect house for me so I’m actually a bit excited to get to know the whole vibe in holes and to meet new people why not moving on to university services so we know that students have some concerns about either fitting in or making friends when they start at the University of Derby there are many different support networks available to help with this aspect or other aspects of course so these include a personal tutor a subject librarian specialized in your subject who can help you access the right resources from the library a doctor’s practice and student well-being team a student money advice and rights team smart who can provide financial advice and budgeting workshops as well as a team of chaplains and faith consultants would you like to tell us a bit more I tirana yeah so I think admissions here we kill a few days ago that that the library has a has quite a special place in my home it has always been my calming place since I started uni and one of my friends has this joke about me that in case you cannot find me anywhere I’m definitely at the library so I’ve been experiencing a lot that library support I see it as the best place in campus it’s ideal for studying and I love the fact that during the meet and final terms the library at Darby is actually open 24/7 there is constant support offer in case you encounter any problems for example with your assignments there are student advisors working at the library you can make an appointment and ask for help without any hesitation also there is always someone there helping you access all the materials and equipment you need like books and Printers because I mentioned earlier the library is open 24/7 during the assessments time there someone during the night as well who can help you with anything you need also another support I’ve used during my second year with the talks with a personal tutor I’ve been pretty stressed at the beginning of my second year because I put a lot on my plate I’m a workaholic so I actually don’t recommend what I’ve done trying to blend my studies with to occasionally three jobs and an internship while going to the excruciating process of applying for placements I was feeling constantly exhausted and I was stressing myself that I won’t be able to get everything done the way I wanted so the fact that I had the support for my personal tutor was the element that involves me to keep doing my best and to step in more confident because I was able to schedule talks of weekly or monthly I was asking for advice all the time and my personal tutors just managed to call me down in such an easy way and I love her for that I’m so grateful that’s so good okay moving on to the door pinkish Language Center the dog English Language Center offer students the opportunity to develop their English language skills through a range of professional and free in sessional courses they work closely with students to improve the academic writing and presentation skills essay and report writing amongst many other

things there is also an online English language test on offer to our applicants our undergraduate and postgraduate degrees are competitively priced and offer exceptional value for money if you are planning to join us from September 2021 you will be part of our international student community this is because the UK is no longer part of the EU our international fees for courses starting in September 2021 will be published in the coming months and our scholarships will also be confirmed in due course so do keep in contact with us each course has its own entry requirements so it’s best to check our website for the most up-to-date criteria you can apply online through the relevant course page on our website you can also get help with your application by using an agent to complete and supply submit the application you will need to have the following supporting documents and information so we’d like to have copies of your high school qualifications trip of English but this could be your grades from your English high school because we we do accept a variety of them we also accept the IB and French mark Lauria SATs ApS etc we will be looking for a letter or reference this could be a recommendation letter from your English tutor for example in school we would look for a personal statement if you don’t know what this is it’s a cover letter or a motivational letter letting us know why you’re interested in that course and some of our courses also ask for a portfolio or an interview for example so do look at our course pages for all the relevant information thank you everyone I hope you found the webinar useful and that I have given you lots of reasons why the University of Derby is a good choice to continue your studies in terms of next steps please make a note of the contact details that you can see here on the screen you can find my contact details on door B dot AC UK forward slash Europe and a link to this webinar recording will also be shared very soon a big thank you for me and Ivana and don’t forget to follow us on Twitter Instagram and Darby you can find us at a star b on a BB unit on Instagram for example and University of Derby on both Twitter and Facebook so now we will look forward to taking some of your questions Thank You Michaela that was really informative and great to get the insight there out from you honor as well and we do have another ten minutes or so and we are now going to move to the Q&A part of the session the live chat will be closing shortly but if you do have any further questions or yours don’t get covered in the time we have left and you can please email us using the address that Mikayla’s just pointed us to international at Derby AC UK so and the first question Michaela do I need any specific subjects on my IB or equivalent European and you know high school computation time so this will vary some of our courses will ask for subject specific grades such as for example and engineering where you will need science for physics but in those cases this will say on our website and also what you can do is you can check out dogged isolate UK fall aside Europe well you will also have a breakdown of the entry criteria generally as well if you were to study IB we will be looking for English at high level grade four or if you were studying English at Stan’s level we will be looking for grade we will be looking for grade six that’s great and we’ve got a couple of questions that maybe you wanna might be able to help us with and so the first one your honor can I work while I study oh yes definitely I just mentioned earlier this year my second one I used to have even three jobs at some point and internship while I was managing my studies as well the schedule you’ll have it’s kind of arrived from day to day you’re not going to spend lots of hours e you need per day so it just it just kind of allow you to have a part-time job maybe like 12 hours per week I think it would be it would be ideal for every

student so yeah definitely don’t worry about that you’ll manage to both work and study at the same time and yeah that’s great and then another one how many days per week am i at university usually that’s very subjective subjective it’s according to your course but you have for sure at least one there’s a week off so for example in my case I booked that specific day for going to librarian study on my own or for working for any presentations we have drink or seminars but between I might say for example in my first year I used to go to uni three days a week in my second year used to go four days per week but the first day we use usually with one single seminar so as I mentioned earlier it’s not exhausting at all and you’re allowed to change a seminar from one day to another yeah if it’s gonna make your schedule the way you want if if it’s gonna be more relaxed for you oh yeah thanks very much and and you can if we can head back to you for a couple more questions and the first one and is it too late to apply for September 2020 yes maybe not we would very much welcome your application so if you if you want you can drop the line on international after a bit of a salute UK if you want to talk it through first and if not please help to the relevant course page and you can submit your application through their awesome a related question can I start my course in January 2021 mmm we do have a wide range of courses available to apply for in January 2021 and this will all be available to you on our websites do do take a look there that’s great thank you very much for joining us today and further information will be available at Derby Day see UK forward slash in Europe or as we mentioned you can get in touch with us on international at Derby AC UK thank you for watching and for more information yep use the europe page we look forward to welcoming you to the university soon thanks for watching a bomb you you