Mission Gospel Train for Oklahoma City – April 2019

– God bless you, my friends Welcome to another special edition of Mission Gospel Train I’m your gospel conductor, Pastor E. Jennings Tyson Always excited and delighted to come into your homes, hospital rooms, convalescent homes, behind prison bars, or wherever this broadcast can be viewed Well on this Sunday, I’m right here at the Fairview Baptist Church, 1700 Northeast Seventh Street, here in Oklahoma City, with the one and only, Reverend Doctor John A. Reid Junior, is a very fine pastor He will be our special guest this morning, and I’m ready to tell you, you will be blessed by the interview we’re sharing For none other, I affectionately call him Pops He is my Pops, and not only mine, to other preachers throughout this country, he’s considered Pops So I’m having Pops with me this morning, here on the Mission Gospel Train, as we’ve celebrated 56 years of pastoral leadership, right here at the Fairview Church And also, we’re gonna talk about, none other than, the 75th Simultaneous Revival, this revival that’s been going for 75 years, here in the Oklahoma City community So, don’t you go anywhere, you’ll be blessed this morning Let me open up with a passage of scripture that I just cherish and it was my mother’s favorite passage That, out of Proverbs, chapter number three, and verse number five and six It says, trust in the Lord with all thy heart and lean not to thy own understanding In all thy ways, acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy path Amen, may the Lord and a blessing, to be able to quote and recite his holy word God bless you, my friends, we’ll be right back after a word from a few of our wonderful sponsors – God bless you my friends Welcome back here on The Mission Gospel Train And we’re do grateful to all of you that are tuned in Thank God for all of our wonderful sponsors who help gospel gas, gospel gold in the gospel train Well, I am just hyena happy and peacock proud on this Sunday morning to have none other as my special guest, one if you already know He really doesn’t need any introduction or presentation, but he is my pops, the one and the only Dr. John A. Reed Jr,

the very fine pastor of the Fairview Baptist Church and also the president of the BMA, the Baptist Ministers Association of Oklahoma City, and the CCSR, the Concerned Clergy for Spiritual Renewal Pops, welcome to the Mission Gospel Train once again – God bless you son I’m happy to be with you Well, you know, we have been doing this program down through the years And since being here in Oklahoma City you have been with me several times And I wanna say thank you again for just joining us here as we share the Mission Gospel Train throughout the state of Oklahoma – God bless you It’s my pleasure to be with you, yeah – Now, we talked about, for those who are joining us on this Sunday morning the Pastor Reed has just now finished celebrating none other than 56 years of the pastoral ministry right here at this wonder Fairview Baptist Church Pops, 56 years, would you ever thought that? – Never would have really, you know I supposed you just take it a year at a time – Definitely, definitely – So that’s what I’ve done And never would have expected that I would have come this far, you know Its a tremendous blessing and I’m, you know, I am really, really grateful to the Lord because it’s not about me It’s all about him And would not have been without him So, I’m just grateful to have this particular day in my ministry – Well , you know I’ve heard you down through the years tell the story from brought up in a wonderful Christian home, your late mother and father, and then also through from Stillwater, and really here at Fairview, and most people really don’t know that you were baptized here at the Fairview church – Yes, I really grew up in Fairview up until I was at the age of 11 And I accepted Christ here back in the year of 1947 at the age of nine years old And I was baptized, as we call him, Papa Fairley, who was the pastor of Fairview at that time And so Fairview has really been my church home for all those years We moved up to Stillwater in ’49 because my dad was called to his first full time church Before then he had been pastor in rural churches And he was called to his first full time church in 1949 and we moved to Stillwater – Was that Mt. Zion – Mt. Zion in Stillwater, yeah, Mt. Zion in Stillwater And so I was away from Fairview just for a few years, yeah – Well then, how did it come about from growing up here at Fairview, going off, and then a lot of things transpired I’m pretty sure, then you getting back and getting the call to help the late Pastor Fairley – You know, I mean I never have been able to understand All I can tell you, but God – But God – I never would be able to understand and never be able to really explain it, and really don’t know how it happened But I know that it did I started, I was called, accepted my call to the ministry in August of 1957 at the Mt Zion church in Stillwater I preached my first sermon – In Stillwater – In Stillwater Third Sunday night in 1949 under the leadership of my father And after beginning my ministry I was a student at that particular time at Oklahoma State in Stillwater And after I accepted my call in the ministry my dad thought it would be best of me to transfer to Langston, Langston University where at that particular time we had the School of Religion Incidentally that’s, you know that’s where I met my wife at Langston University – Yeah, Mama Pat – Yeah, yeah And she graduated and we married and I was headed back to school in September

But in the meantime I was leaving, I was deciding to got to Fort Worth But in the meantime I went to a State Congress of Christian Education with my father that was held in Idabel Oklahoma And that was back in June of 1962 And during that week I was in conversation with Pop Fairley, Dr. Fairley who was pastor of Fairview And he asked me, son, what are you doing I said, right now I’m married and everything I just returned back out of the army, getting ready to go back to school and complete my school and everything And he turned around and said to me He said, well, he said, the church have agreed for me to have an assistant pastor And he said, and I want you I want to recommend you I almost flipped I really didn’t know what to say I had no, you know, – Fairview was a strong church then – Strong church, yeah Fairview was a strong church And one of the strongest churches in Oklahoma City at that particular time And I said, all right I didn’t know what to say And so he told me that he’d be in touch On New Year’s Eve night, when they had their annual meeting here at the church that’s the night that he recommended me to the church and the church accepted his recommendation And he called me that night and he told me that the church had called me as assistant pastor and wanted to know would I come I started to say, I put the phone down I’ll be right there But it was on the, promised my uncle that I would be there with him on the first Sunday of January So, on the second Sunday of January I preached here at Fairview and accepted the position – And now – The rest is history – The rest is history And when you look at Pops out of 56 years, I mean, so much, so many things that we could talk about It’d take us probably two weeks just to go through it all But what’d you think are some of the highest points that you think in these past 56 years – Well I think that one of, to begin with I was only here for two years from ’63 to ’65 under the direct leadership of Pop Fairley And you know the Lord works in mysterious ways You don’t, you can’t comprehend the mind of God You don’t know what God is up to I was only here two years and Pop Fairley became quite ill And at that particular time I was only 27 years old And I was thrust out here all at once in the pastoral position of this church Pastor Fairley became ill and stayed ill before his death for 10 years from 1965 to 1975 He was unable to continue on as pastor And I took over the complete pastoral leadership of this church in ’65 as a 27 year old – And God has just been with you ever since – That was one of the top moments I think in my ministry because I had not most certainly expected that to happen I was coming in to be under his leadership And I was back in school and all Which I did, I went back and got my undergrad degree, finished out at Langston and all I was here to learn from him I was as a pastor, the pastoral ministry, I had no experience at all And it was here to learn from him And I didn’t have no idea what the future was, whether I would be remain here at Fairview or the Lord had some other place for me Of what, I had no idea – Tell me how all that began, started – You know the thing about this,

you know we celebrating the 75th year of the revival I was at here at Fairview as a child when the revival began 75 years ago – 75 years, as a child – As a child – When it started – I remember it And my father at that particular time was pastoring a little church out here in Jones, Oklahoma Salem Baptist Church And so, and our family was here We lived right behind this church on Kellum And so when we didn’t go to church with dad we were here at Fairview And my dad became a son of Fairview himself under the leadership Pop Fairley was his mentor before me I’ve been back at Fairview for 56 years So I have not missed a revival I have not missed a revival and very few revival services have I missed in 56 years And so it’s been a tremendous blessing in my ministry And it’s been a tremendous blessing in the life of the Oklahoma City community This is the largest religious activity that takes place in this community every year And it’s been that way for 75 years – 75 years, yeah, yeah As we begin to celebrate 75 years what would be this upcoming, what are some of the things that will take place that will be coming from the Baptist Ministers Associate of Oklahoma City where you are president What would be some special things or some highlights that will be taking place Well, naturally we do, we have our regular services that we’ve done over the years At this particular time we still do noon day services from Tuesday through Friday We do late night services Tuesday night through Friday night We do our closing service on Sunday afternoon at three at the Saint John Baptist Church We do our breakfast on the Friday morning at the St. John Baptist Church So we have a great week of preaching Preachers are coming as you know from across the nation to share with us and been doing this for all of these years Outside of that leading up to the revival this year I thought it well to recognize some of the lay people who most certainly have helped our revival to be what it is And the group of those people that I wanted to really, really honor are the musicians of our churches Had not been for the musicians and the choir members and all of those, man, our revival wouldn’t be what it was And had not been for the ushers, those people who we, who serve us all of the time Our revival would never be what it was We think about all the pastors who were a part of it, but listen, we need to remember the laiety of our churches that made the revival what it is So what we’re doing is I have the musicians of our community led by Sister Valerie Howard and Valeena, her sister and all, are putting together what I call a musical extravaganza for the Wednesday night leading up to Easter And it be held at the Reed Center out at Midwest City And we have about four national artists, musical artists, gospel artists of course who are coming in to share with us in this celebration And along with that we’re going to the Baptist Ministers Association we’re going to give the proceeds from that particular event we gonna give the proceeds to Langston University Langston University is our school It makes no difference about what school you attended or what In Oklahoma Langston University is the only African American university in the state of Oklahoma So as African Americans it’s our school And Langston University need out support So, what I’m, in the 75th revival I’m asking the whole community to support Langston University The tickets for the event will be $25 And we have VIP tickets for $65 – Well, I want you to know how much I appreciate you spending this time with me this day And as again congratulations on 56 years at this wonderful church, this wonderful edifice This church right here, I look at it like this Church that the Lord lead Dr. Johnny Reed

to build years ago And we just thank God for you And always, even though she’s in the cloud of witnesses today, none other than Mama Pat, and Mama Pat was just right there, and was right there by your side every step of the way And now you’re passing it on your children is a part of your ministry – That’s right, that’s right My baby daughter and her husband as you know, her husband is assistant pastor of the church And then not only that, but my oldest daughter and her husband, and he’s a pastor in the Oklahoma City area out at Sade and doing a tremendous, has a tremendous ministry, Tony And so I’ve got two daughters, great daughters, but I got two great sons And I’ve got three grandchildren, and wonderful grandchildren So what else can I say? I’m a blessed man I’m a blessed preacher I’m a blessed pastor And I prayed a prayer some years ago and asked the Lord to let my last days be my best days and that’s what’s happening – I want you to know you’re definitely a blessing to all of us And I tell you when I started preaching, when I was wrestling with the call back in 1981 this pastor right here was the one that talked to me one afternoon, what I call the Fairview sanctuary in his office – God bless you that’s right – And two or three, about two or three hours you spent with me one afternoon And now after 38 years of preaching and 36 years of pastoring I just wanna thank you for just being that mentor and that friend that I can always count on And so thank you so much Pops for just being with us here on Mission Gospel Train – God bless The Lord has blessed you to become a tremendous pastor and preacher I’ve watched you grow and develop And Pops proud of you – Thank you so much – God bless you – None other than Dr. Johnny Reed Jr, right here at the Fairview Baptist Church as we have shared on this particular Mission Gospel Train program And we just thank God as we celebrate it another 56 years of pastoral leadership for the Fairview Baptist Church And as we prepare now to celebrate the 75th year of the simultaneous revival We’ll be right back after a word from a few of our wonderful sponsors – God bless you, my friends, as we make this final turn here on the mission gospel train We’ve been blessed this morning none other than with Dr. Johnny Reed Jr The very fine pastor here at the Fairview Baptist Church and we just had a wonderful time of sharing and as we close this program on this Sunday, I’ve asked pops to close us out in prayer and as he prays outwardly,

I’m gonna ask that you pray inwardly that the Lord will meet your need Pop – Father God, in the name of Jesus, – Yes, Lord Yes, Lord – calmly, sincerely, and relevantly we come and we thank you for all of your goodness– – Thank you, thank you and kindness and all of your loving and tender mercies– – Yes, Lord toward us We thank you for this day, for today you’ve made and we will rejoice and be glad in it – Yes, Lord – Grateful for this occasion as we share it together today, our Heavenly Father, with this pastor – Yes – We’re grateful for this ministry– – Thank you, Jesus that you have blessed him with– – Thank you, Jesus that has spread in our, now not only in our city, but across our state and into the great state of Texas We are grateful, Father, for souls that are being touched, for each telecast,– – Yes, Lord we thank you for how folks are being blessed through this ministry – Yes, Lord – We ask your continued blessings upon Pastor Tyson and this church and his ministry We pray that you will continue to be with him as he continues to look to the hill– – Yes, Lord for with cometh his help for I help cometh from you Who are the maker of Heaven and Earth Bless him and help his trust to be all in you Thank you for those who serve with him, his staff– – Yes, Lord and those who share in his ministry Bless all of them, our Father, as they share together as they pardon together– – Yes, Lord to be a blessing in the lives of many people – Yes – Let it continue, our Heavenly Father, we know that it does not yet appear what it shall be We thank you now,– – Thank you, Lord we praise your name – Thank you, Lord – You’re worthy– – Worthy of all of our praises – Yes, Lord – For in your mighty, powerful, glorious, magnificent name– – Yes, Lord we ask all of these blessings Amen – Amen – God bless you – God bless you, my friends, stay on up now It’s Sunday morning, go to the church of your choice wherever you are in the state of Oklahoma, go worship the Lord in spirit and in truth I know if you’re ever in Oklahoma City, Pops would love it if you would come right here at the Fairview Church Pops what are those times of services on Sunday? – 10 a.m Sunday school 8:30 a.m – 8:30 a.m. or 10 a.m for morning worship Or if your here we would love for you to come by and see us at the New Hope Church With two power pack services every Sunday at 8 a.m and 11 a.m May the Lord bless you This is Pastor E. Jennings Tyson and Dr. Johnny Reed Jr of the Fairview Baptist Church You always be hearing me say, “Don’t miss that train.”