#HamayonAfghan Special Report from Omide Sabz Town / گزارش ویژۀ همایون افغان از شهرک امید سبز

In the name of almighty Allah Hello dear viewers, I hope you are fine and doing very well I am coming to present you in another report But before beginning the reports I want to mention an issue Many people commented and messaged me To go to Parwan And ask about the flood stricken people And report the victims and affected people But some people said that you discriminated for not going there, But the short answer will be that no one left No TV channel, no Youtuber Or other media sources Left that didn’t make report about them But unfortunately, I couldn’t reach here on time Because I don’t listen to the news And use little media sources And that is why I didn’t inform about it earlier I only informed about the flood, but didn’t know about the death toll But when I find out more about it, that was the time when everyone has gone And to cover the issue, it was an old one And a report which was already prepared by others, But my profession is making reports And what can I do? And you understand it better I appreciate some businessmen, and welfaring agencies And friends, Who helped the victim families, And what could we do And the main problem was that I couldn’t the area on time And reached it when the report was out of dated But I promise to visit the location in few days And investigate about it and report what is done Then our report well get newer look To depict you the realities and what has been done there, Or what is hidden from you but those who called me fanatic, I feel sorry for you Who damaged the country A person who feed you for a whole year and then if he stops feeding for one day, you call him infidel By the way, Today I am coming to the last bus stop of Omid Sabz county Or Haji Nabi county It is known by this name In the past, if you have traveled to your village and living area You would remember it while seeing these vans and buses In the war time, when people went to Parwan, Kapisa, Panjshir Paktia, Maidan Wardak Ghur, Herat Jalalabad Laghman Pakistan That time such vans existed they called it Toyota And they were red vans Although I know not about cars But I think they call it toyota And they used even the carrier basket on the roof of the car

And this is the last stop of Haji Nabi county Those who live in Sorkhab, Jabar Khan, 12 Emam they are mostly those who are in lower socioeconomic situation As the houses are rented by 2000 or less And these old vans take them to Darul Aman They pick the passengers from here and drop them next to the Darul Aman Palace And pick another passengers from there, And you have listened about the Qurogh mountain Or you the Scort Hill that mountain is called Qurogh mountain During the civil wars, they named this mountain a lot Or they said, rockets are shot from the Qurogh mountain And that is the Qurogh mountain And many of the people would have been aimed and hit from this mountain Or those who lived in the surrounding They would have also suffered problems But on the slope of the Qurogh mountain, lots of luxury houses are built This county is so nice And built standardized And still work is in progress There is a school And the hill is called Tapa Shuhada And if you remember some people demonstrated In Junbish Roshnayi For the power shortages Where a suicide bombing occurred among them In Deh Mazang And killed a few people And they took them and buried them here All the deaths On that hill And after they were buried there, they named the hill Tapa Shuhada The down part of the hill Is the area called Sorkh Abad In Sorkh Abad mostly live the Shia majority And Mostly Hazara Qezelbash And Sadat minority as well Turkmens as well And a few Pashtons as well And a few Tajik Families too In every bus stop, you will find such a gathering of drivers, Hello everybody Who is the arranger Do the buses go to Darul Aman YEs Let me talk to this guy, as he is an old man Are you fine? Thanks Cars go to Darul Aman Yes And you return from Darul Aman back here, Yes All of them are Falankoch Yes Do you call it Palankoch or Falankoch We call it Falankoch How much is the fee 10 Afghanis What do you service to the passengers, You have AC, oven, or do you give them water No, In the plane they provide something We can’t compare it to the plane Your van is like a plane for you which people mostly live in the neighborhood Mostly…from all the ethnicities

All brothers, Is your work good Yes, And what do the old men do here? They are jobless Are they from the residents Yes Hello uncle Let me see who is older We came from a TV channel We want to ask your health Did you get happy for it Yes, happy Where do you live I live out of Kabul Where do you stay at night With the relatives, Where is your house? In Daikondi, Bandi Mazar district Why did you leave such a nice province like Daikoni But our place is very insecure How old are you? 68 And how about you sir? 69 You are a year old, Maybe But you look younger No, I haven’t worked a lot, because of my leg pain And how many wives you have? I have two, and left one in Iran And do you also have two wives? No, I haven’t, she died And you are single Yes Aren’t you searching for any No How many children you have Three sons Do they help you Yes I live with them What do you do ? I do nothing, i have leg problem Do you exercise I can’t And walk a little I do But can’t work And how do you know him he is from our area From daikondi And have you met each other in young age Yes, always Then you were pals Yes And have you met each other in 14 years age What did you do that time Farming, sheepherding And have ever fought No In our time there was not fighting And during the revolution, I had leg pain And you didn’t join military service I did One year in Dawod time and one year in Taraki What gun have you used No gun we had It was Balanzan What era was that? it war the year 55 Up to 57 And when one year passed, Dawod was killed With Nayeb Khan, his brother, And where were you that time I was in Herat When you informed about the president dead Yes, we were riding car, And we didn’t know what is up but later on we found that Dawod is killed along with his brother, And we submitted our arms and came And you returned home No, I was in the military base My duty was inside the central security office Thank you so much Welcome Let me talk to the kids too Which of you talk They escaped End up you call to talk But I am not a Kaka to talk Or catch photo YOu are not kaka Only Kaka should talk Yes, They have to be educated

I am illiterate But were they educated I don’t know what did they say I will ask you the same things they will laugh on me Is this your shop yes And the shoes YEs How is life passing Can you make it with the shop Yes I can’t work other than the shop How old are you? 50 How many children you have Six Is it in progress No The dozen is completed Thanks Hello hello how are you bro Fine Do you go to school Yes What grade are you four What does your father do? Canning Do you work alone No, my brother is also here He is taking potatoes What do you have Chips is ended How about boiled egg I have How much is one Ten When did you boil it Morning time Are you sure it today’s Yes Let me see How many are they How much is one ten How much do you buy them 9 Afs Do you have spices, yes Do you observe cleanliness Yes What do you want to become after school Police What do you do here, Come here and I will give you eggs hurry up come and sit here, please remove the shell for us