a sweater in this hot heat do you want to go back to the fuckin Hospital exactly you’ve been to just about all of them here’s Renzi’s just slapping unluckier fun I hate it to me I will swap the symptoms for you that’s why probably cause of course who knows my head stroked my not boom oh my family oh that’s right you’re on TV dang you’re on TV oops you got one thing we gotta fix up be right back I’m gonna need some another character just like hanging out there we go karma made a guest appearance over our shoulder Bella the Karma’s always mystery now she was a healer in the mutants Oh future past which are getting back to probably next week but maybe later who knows depends on how efficient we are today doesn’t start with you have an idea of what should what’s going on cuz Aurora went and looked ahead then ran away on this process also look worn drew you guys would be coming so situation step building the center yeah that’s the shape of the building the thing on top is a tower that actually goes to an antenna it goes to a satellite the dice are hulks there’s four of them weird thing the station in this place actually called Ice Station gamma would they do it no way this was going to happen actually what it is is it was set up a while ago as a place to test gamma radiation czu cements at the Arctic to break down the MP energies that fall through or affected here and there on that planet so and plus it’s far enough from everyone that they weren’t being pestered by all the people saying please quit killing our children yet all those freaks okay we’ll back up just a little bit need a section called recap I don’t have a button in the corner does it feel Skippy though when Ross Kincaid never leave us music I was taking you guys on the tour and they got kidnapped and then became cats Kate they gotta the water powers after being altered by the other DJ’s will go fuzzy but his captors were evidently a green-skinned humanoid with an oversized head okay Ross thinks he may be an alien the only thing he remembers clearly is that they were farther north than this and some old army installation miracle a sure that’s how you found out that’s where worldwide looked him he found out her information which was a guide large green guy before them the hoax and a guy who had a big green head called himself the leader in an orange suit was flying over the area and then she came back after he made his threats so you found out what’s there but they kind of know you guys are coming you probably guess that you’re nearby because you know your suits match oh wait Bin’s wait there’s more pens here blue ones I have black bass hamsters I don’t make permanent mark uh your anyone to prepare for he doesn’t use it

she writes me paper you need to use it to put keep your canvas tract on your character sheet that’s why I have the things like that we’re trying to actually save paper you know how to use less paper just like if you guys want to eat snacks at the table I don’t mind fresh fruit and good things to eat because I don’t mind telling people they gain waive dreams we also have your carrots your perceivers yeah well peanut butter or cookie dough now there’s five vault healthy might taste like cookie dough first of all it wouldn’t be serving this sad thing but yeah we’re just serving out cookie dough in a wrapper lots of preservatives that to hold it it’s taffy okay people are wondering this is Alpha Flight Marvel superhero system we’re going through the module called the cat’s paw we’re on the section called Ice Station gamma we have rural North Star sasquatch and marina to believe the weird ones over here you know you’re part of the normal one I’m just fabulous bitch about a year looker which one there are two yeah but my friends a little bit at a time all right you don’t like it with cheesesteak place you cheesecake enough smallest pieces and you make no Brussels beat that piece of cheesecake lasts an hour my mom would come by and as they’re getting mad at me just finish it already they hate that have been the man doesn’t chat I told her she’s still not feeling well by Sunday well killer Kurt yeah I got him no we’ll be fine yeah Sunday we if you’re sick you sick yeah okay and Bill’s over here drawing nipple start start fencing I wanted to cover him up in censorship but he always knows the sensor marginally that that’s just as you know we know what that is no you’re not hung like a freaking elephant there’s two options well actually as many as you guys wanted how you guys won deal with this you’re about three miles away the last lawyers layout suppose her tummy can you move that six like I suppose this man yes that’s sitting just like at that angle for where you are judge that way according to Aurora a green guy with a large head for votes outside the building walk it around gimme four robots probably it’s not like you guys to stop one either hope can’t shoot lasers out of his damn eyes true brother

um no your upper frozen go fly it in there full speed well I do have four Hulk’s here all written up already for the beatin my bike fuck oh the flying Apple fuck what fail you looking for I probably have it somehow that is not mine okay I just probably Federalists I can’t see it okay that was it yeah is it alright so full speed yep we’re having fun for holy shi’ite um I’m the good side they see more like pure brutal light not very smart the actual hulk is more dangerous because people think for that i roll off monsters you can fly it in yep um yeah just a green roll over I got a roll afterwards well if I do evergreen roll um you succeed it really well I get high enough he’ll ship the damage of course there’s also be better rolls about a yellow possible slam so get martial arts No Jake what’s my fight Durance his monster so I could roll them all 18 do it so he actually slammed him you knocked him down left into the ground like it’s twice so what you do is you roll a die 20 we’re just starting off with number one 20 20 so that’s 13 close 10 which is 40 – body armor that she says he okay hey Jake I’ll clean up you knocked him off his feet he hit the ground but it does look like he took any damage so but I should get initiation that will start with Northstar guy 20 plus to your 8:28 okay Aurora also perfect 920 these people are speedsters 18 plus 8 26:19 Simon yeah you’re right after me okay sasquatch you keep getting missed getting renamed up my thing here juice a see you guys half the time in four-letter word is through your names so sasquatch becomes sassy it’s north or sassy this time actually wrote empower Maria

you guys are up pretty quick 28:27 for no photos oh my god one in your after me you know it’s me you one okay the first to go it just makes me teacher giving money to the players did you guys are always showing you so holdfast um first goes to the North Star I’m gonna do it again you hit him again yep okay hey night okay right read let me check well you don’t have you don’t have much much that’s right that’s the only advantage of those two martial arts to see the slamming some things bigger than you I should get 32 all right 20 yep oh I know how to ski yes you do just screw you guys yeah hey yes great for like certain times the years for the Olympics but what the hell do you do the rest to you she’s just sitting there swimming around well yeah you’re kind of even who are actually your characters um’s like I don’t really doing yeah okay that was North Star you hit him and knock him down but like he when he hits the ground he breaks the ground oh no he gets up he got some marks on him Mariah I hate it also okay he did the same thing for all the same one or a different one fit one you know okay 31 I know what monsters yep big it does it that’s a green yep hey again no one around honored well well the thing is actually you know they’re 20 the problem is this I’ve used his armor mister he’s gonna beat on already and he’s to go back yeah same team they’re like beating on the same armor 1919 so that would be 29 let us mosquitoes in I’m gonna start telling damage on who oak what Oh because you guys are hitting at the same time basically beating on it okay basically you beat up ad armor enough that she’s like hit the same damn spot yes or no uh next is a marina Billy trate trip one thing right now I carry in this round two three or fours 29:29 what you’re fighting okay Sasquatch to three or four they’ve all moving those to her being on the same one and she missed okay two three or four you go number four three you don’t go through the same line three okay what you gonna do see if I can get a grip on poets I try to pull the head thing do grab grabbing is a strength role you have a monstrous roll yellow

oh I said she didn’t roll the regiona you grabbed it are you cool next time but you do a grab so that still does damage so will they 20 thank you so that’s 84 okay exactly the entire thing well except for this general area I don’t want to do that now it’s my turn my turn in my charge number one remember I have two people on me odd or even Kindle for Aurora agility weight strength grab uh monsters she’s moving remember yep so well no did she cheated the three punch so that slows it down a bit I ran into much anymore wait you know okay well then you wouldn’t have done you nothing it didn’t matter the end that’s what he did all look more annoying or either way I’m playing the area okay number one against you going to attempt the i-beams which is only excellent but I get cut down how much to call I need a yellow to hit him hit her what are you it’s red Oh bonobo sure every word ball in play she has good body armor okay so with ten points less damage I beams only do twenty ten points oversee taken ten points damage Holt one shot with his eye beats two and four I’m not involved yet they’re kind of taking a turn to look around there well they have four reason so 92 and 46 92 one will stir get the idea 46 did touch ok 3 the one on sasquatch you said you attacked four yeah goes to punch you because you’re holding his head punch me to stomach for that one so what’s your ever 30 I think lot of your her body resistance physical that physical energy cold markable you take 51 points damage 51 points that he punches you in the gut cuz you’re pulling on his head and I know not 4150 okay we’re back in the beginning at this point though appearing in the air above you guys good day heroes a pity you couldn’t have come

sooner now you’re too late to stop me from tapping to the greatest power in the world after all there’s no other like Lolita like he’s waiting for applause she thickens come on fly open body slamming to the fucking ground yes thank you agility right yes pull up you just gonna slam into me you got a five a bunch of weight which applies just fly by a net grab them slam them into the ground clown okay cuz you have the three things so you have to first grab a flight yeah for flight monsters now unite okay then grabbing which is your strength which is good J roll five okay I’ve always last one flight again she’s playing somewhere with her right Connor okay that’s good enough now damage no because if you read through who are finally as easy to defeat as Justin Hammer godlike breed filled fool wanted was the profit from the James big expense you get bigoted reason check in anybody you’re guessing it’s a hologram my synthetic hooks stopped in and borrowed mr. Kincaid in the process first I was hypnotizing Kincaid to check on the power relays but I soon discovered his late mutant abilities what a pity surprise he turned out to be just a human no no still thanks to him I am about to control a force that will make me the supreme power on the globe my creature here will keep your busy wife finish the job attack my pets and he tells all the hoax to attack you guys so holy every kind of doing it but waiting for the demand I like the real Hulk we just their company how things okay marina I’m going to try to tackle down the other one night was going out okay tackling you make an endurance what’s your dirt edible here all three oh I got a red you got a Rea special okay so you charged a role which you’re you said you know it’s incredible roll on die 2015 now report are you thinking yeah are you trying to pull sleep yes you actually did a little damage he like didn’t back up or anything but you know you felt it actually like damage you under the bar or some coffee I made coffee we picked up some more creamer diner donut was it Dunkin Donuts that’s your extra so really I didn’t send good at all I had that from earlier sasquatch what are you doing I think he’s pulling ever you have us head yeah see if I can my claws and at a remarkable well basically what you do is you’re holding this is make a strength rule because other than humans these things don’t like stretch as little people walk or tread meters yep up your dice go away game somewhere for you your head expose you have another one someone else we’ve got people watching

watching you look for guys who Eidos come and help you she came running around the corner looking like 1886 I think she went hello jerk just what everyone wants to know okay southwest wind now about a sick one of these on each ear that’s what I’m doing getting pukey yeah what’s it I need coffee milk definitely and then a masseur beating on y’all hold feet down and that over thank you and then here she is her basically real cream and sugar come and ask some simple stuff picking it up they’ll be ready for me right Bluto okay my first attack is I’m going after Northstar the one you’ve been beating on it um I need a red to hit you fighting remarkable I need roll a 95 60 doesn’t do it either go with the one attacking Aurora I need a 68 or 66 minute hot or doesn’t do it the speed twins are running around sasquatch won’t be lunch you did you trick keep trying to rip my head off and I’m tired of it it’s starting to hurt circuit marks are starting to fly yes I hit you 1-30 yeah trying out at all 41 points damage to sasquatch he punches you again but that hits starting to come loose 41 you start feeling that hay coming loose yes next is the one on marina attempting to punch her with this remarkable fighting 46 damage from a 84 to 74 points damage what oak smashes you whoa dude worked it next is north yay you guys notice the guy in orange disappeared does that he flew through it he realized you knew it was a hologram so he shut it on he’s inside the building when I leave the fight and go into the building make a recent check or no sorry they use that number to intuition 97

what’s your tuition that’s a yellow pity yellow almost a red hey you see a door you want right um roll back end nine to you real how here than me the door is unlocked I’m going okay your first place you will get into is if one day open the door to you look in you’re in a barracks area but all the beds are shut up against one wall and there’s five chambers big old glass tubes filled with liquid remember okay chef break it up okay being a role pick one you will suit their label yeah okay sasquatch more star Aurora breakout Snowbird I’m Franco yeah he’s to break it which one first my go for it kick crashing its God liquids everywhere okay next here’s Aurora I pull with it in and they would make line make a recent check what’s the reason Clark hey losing is or yeah hero can’t recognize what they are or do you think they’re big goldfish tanks brawl 17 she’s with the AIDS but eighty out of your still gets their place scream okay good enough you realize what it is I and you delay for a second because you think it’s talking about the other you trying to walk it either you you know there’s none of you she’s really prissy and hates you that Mishnah Stan you supposed to keep her locked away she knows you’re gay if Sharon could have sex it would be strictly you know an engineer and it’s not for procreation after pleasure she also hates the concept of Hewett DT the friend she thinks there’s something out there but back to this Aurora’s going inside you see the glass to be sure what to do that’s a church loss thinking you got one more turn though thank you don’t break it okay roll fighting is fighting is excellent okay roll no it doesn’t break they’re pretty sick glass okay next is marina I’m gonna run away I only know okay but you’re just running off into the out into the glacier yeah I need to know which way you’re going Rolodex roll okay hey Elmo help make an intuition check which get one okay you find nothing you fuck you’re like you’re laying down in a flat area that’s how you’re hoping not to be seen you’re throwing you’re

throwing snow on yourself you’re attempting to dig your way into the water you know I think we defend your back why was it Kevin no checks plastic Spurs though okay next to sasquatch I’m gonna see if I can use my claws ripped through just pull it off yeah another strength roll a 22 22 on monstrous untain oh you made it rollin 8 2011 1176 hey Hulk number three’s head comes off and it’s down take yourself 75 yep Jenny’s down hey you’re done you need your sink my turn Oh Wanda but for holt one is temporarily confused he doesn’t understand where Northstar went Punk – somewhere or went though and is commencing to trash into the building be following you in or her in and then the one looking for marina intuition or my chance of finding you I need to roll a 5639 she’s hitting in the snow Oh stupid wait wait crap she laid an egg she’s hiding is your counted it as hidden even if there’s no place to hide I mean folks dupit of course okay it’s hard means it’s family being hit my sauce much that’s what you say gay North Star wait you Wilson’s on it I have three turns yes I’m gonna show you break all three up the three that are left yep go for it fighting roll what is it excellent yep yup 41 three times 81 okay 74 okay 99 okay die 23 times push straight good good okay thank you 18 fifteen that’s just enough Oh watch they hit them all you’re cracked up a breakup and they’re leaking then I destroyed but they are leaking out the fluid you can finish them off with you around again or kegelmaster giving in convince her to do it do it I get it you get to it where they’re already broken Wow you do it or not I will take you shopping I will buy you all the Gucci conversations could go ever in a comic book do you check yes or no / Sachi brought up a what’s-your-face Exide story needs a three foot roll three times put these down hold on read quickly 64 and when waters that although well for anyway look to you with it later what you broke – yeah first one

the last call study product what’s still left it’s broken it’s leaking badly but it’s the biggest you want breakers he’s outside busy fighting the bad guys remember them so sasquatch is feeling all alone I may go hi nose luckily you don’t have to go far as you break the last things they break in two of them one close bust a hole through the wall the other one looks around and notices you he was lost so he’s stunned for one round that was number one so delay him number three yeah go on pockets head off okay so first is Northstar the weight no no we just did you hit her that’s right you broke all the shit that’s what happens when you play online deities to the dying it’s like an RPG in there playing I kick you you put your old 93 you notice something there’s a hole in the ice the hole yes like a viola bear was pulling a salmon out texting oh hey you’re crawling into it I should get into the water deep into the free frozen water you stuck drink down yeah you find what made the hole it’s a seal and it’s gonna eat you he turns and looks at you chills his head making a choice each f32 again okay it looks to you late and then swim this the fuck away quickly a seal let’s seal there’s a hole that it had been in the ice that’s what she found was the seals in the water mostly it will be able to get to her hey did she don’t do here you can’t get in reality because then YouTube will start kicking out all comments Oh besides just don’t do it they did that to us one night whereas I no comments at all because somebody deleted one thing oh yeah because speaking edited so they think maybe you should check it off yeah and I don’t do it I’m not gonna go through it all so tell you hit show instead of hide it’s not there but then you gotta go through a whole fucking two hours well I was just yeah I’m saying it can be VA it makes things a bigger house okay next to is Larina lets us watch yeah your church you see two attacking the building and one is be on during through the snow stomping on it and you know throwing things around like he’s looking in the snow there was one of fighting marina maybe it crushed her she’s gone he said looking for an again fighter what do you do there’s two attacking the building where the water twins went and then snow girls hitting in the water well it’s no girl think I’ll see if I

can grab get a hole through the one that’s after her okay see you I got a surprise attack see because it’s not looking at you at all the one after a Bernina okay what do you want to do come up behind it it will ignore you because it is I’ve got its sensors on the lay one see if I can clog through between his back into like it’s hard area these are your claws yeah roll fighting which fighting fighting fighting is anyone yellow roll like 20 yeah okay now what happens when you do this is the first attack is normal it’s a physical exam but if you get through its armor you got through that’s three points well now you basically aren’t out through the armor now you keep damaging this area whoa mostly it’s what you do it’s really hard to rip out all the large they’re kind of built safe one muscles off the whole so every turn you can keep them ripping with no armor defense if you keep pulling out this area all the way get rid of stuff but here behind him now I’m so basically behind him and he actually takes against you is minus four column chef minus 6 is blind you know where you are but you can’t see you and if you keep holding that area it takes the strength to roll today keep holding it’s like a handle unless she breaks free um so that was sasquatch so tell we have three hooks going first one of the one on you straining earth agility excellent this is where you would have helped you fitted Caddick but wait you must use it earlier okay damn right down punch put your chips on make it right down the pipe early but that’s how they get their first round it’s just like I give you a little plate did you take your cheese there’s a step leap step okay um I need chilli of excellent excellent I’m gonna need a yellow so I’m attempting to do is jump up and right up in the air and lose you so I need a 71 12 I failed oh so you want do you wanted to jump up or you want to follow a mother are you doing it supposed to be agreed use are you the anti marina you wanna follow it over DUI on the joke oh he’s jumping up do you let him do you take off with him or do you hold it steady high in do you let go and let him go possibly he takes you with him okay he jumps up so he’s up in the air the other two first one or order Northstars is wandering around lost now he’s coming toward our door and he just saw the opening that with the other one made but the one I have the roar is gonna go after Aurora Aurora’s because he’s reaching in here and it’s changing light levels first round he’s gonna go to I beans beans go flying into the room both to does nothing for the hook one two fighters audience into the room I see the new tensions he’s gonna be the baddest ass sasquatch out there he saw pictures of rampage for the past he’s like I wanna be as close I’m gonna put it on the corner versus alpha flight on the next one’s gonna say cell 13 sound good that will define that your guys’s player team that came out of actually made it out of the of the x-men trilogy or what quadrant there’s four of them one just kind of some of them all of them it’s like if you’re paying attention this is what happened okay the one on needs for you have a

remarkable I need a yellow so I need a 66 two hits Aurora 32 doesn’t do it okay we’re done there yeah we’re back to North Star inside the building shit sasquatch is it still active so there’s a hole hit the front firing beams into the room at your sister I’m gonna slam into his face don’t fit into homes balloons yes based on monsters yeah yeah well no for help physical you’re gonna get there which physical excellent no I have no nose got longer uttered okay that’s a red but you don’t have martial arts so it’s just a hit yeah you keep bringing that up put another characters do you have it yeah but you keep bringing that up yeah you should learn it he does in the future in the x-men I know right of it he doesn’t have it now that’s why you’ve got it twenty you hit number two interface make an endurance roll I told you a very high beams is route 93 returns excellent okay mr. I get any morning Steve take where you have body art don’t you yes I do so you take no damage for the i-beams but the items churn and that’s your damage so he rolled about 20 year-old what 20 honey so that’s no damage becomes nine points damage or 19 damage he’s been hit he’s not been hurt before we have a fun over there they just become crazy Creon day back to Northstar their start how hard guy huh sure sure quick pudding tattoos I did again while he’s walking I will pay attention suddenly tattoos are appearing on since March and you’re flying around with a pen I’d do it again you’re gonna do it again yeah okay no no you hit him just what are you doing your speed attack speed times okay 90 I am roll die 2019 nothing buddy over they got tons incredible buddy of her so you not be getting through you can hit them but they don’t notice you next is Aurora what do you do that’s a girl I do the same thing painted hey sister Mary key role on the same one for the one that’s outside come on same one row 20 okay so that is what’s your strength her strength is tomorrow does her speed type – excellent remarkable damage or excellent ahead okay so that is what your Oh like 20 20 20 that’s 40 40 more because the armors would beat on by your brother the same round it gets through your softening the Aryan and she’s doing the damage you take insurance okay next is Melina one my Texas she’s slumming down under the

water make a high first with a sweaty roll cuz it’s it’s the water following you it’s you it’s not like cyclone of water and it happens it doesn’t work that way and well-liked then you’re spinning in circles make a hyper swing you’re sweating under sea okay so it’s not as good as I thought read if you you’re creating a cycle underneath the water of frozen water make up a load wait what you got a red roll yeah okay petty the building shaped like the ice shelf just shifted I’m getting a boiler I’m flying out okay I also get a rule for agility for anyone’s standing that’s not you a she being an agility role what’s your Dilla t his agility is remarkable okay roll everyone’s doing the Julie roll that’s on the ground if you’re flying around in Oaktown night okay you’re fine the hope you are standing in front of is fine the ones standing outside is fine and the one there will fight once we’re just lodged what Goodman sasquatch he does that all the time by farting shapes deep inner world sasquatch it is your turn didn’t fall over see you’re fine what are you doing what are you do you have a Hulk in front of you that you or no he took off he’s up at the air yeah that’s my wife oh man he flies he chokes he jumps like three miles okay that’s how each of your Lily in the building oh you’re not calling another person hi you’re not a full-size Tropic comic book nerd he knows babies like the Rugrats cartoons they’re good okay he’s a nerd in training what do you are the one that there’s two other ground and one the air one is tearing a hole through the building one is standing outside near the building heading towards the building and what is up in the air waited my god take a swing at the the back in back back head of the one trying to make through the hall okay yep eat surprising definitely go make a fighting role which fighting fighting remarkable capelet roll 73 that definitely ish that’s a yellow so rule that 2016 okay now you are big enough you don’t need martial arts for me to make the slammer abuse 22 you got an 18 in 1685 681 and I failed the slam resist role so you hit him in the back of the head and he hits the ground so that’s 41 and 41 of that white so it’s 82 to Punk number two so it was one after Aurora okay not enough to drop it but it definitely damaged the chest you hit the ground pretty freakin hard it’s in a hole it’s gonna have spent around units up out of the hole probably anchor and broke break the ground across this the ice that’s moving it’s really not here in the place up he didn’t think about this one he said okay follow them they went in the building oh shit I’m getting beat by the fake Hulk says the leader he’s got beat by the real local time maybe even a fake one tougher I know what my robots are tough because they beat me just like he beat me no that’s not the way to not tough they’re

my true though okay fuck one hey the one that’s just standing in the ground is attacking that’s watch it’s just kind of walking from me by the way can I say something oh so I roll go ahead I think Aquaman would be very very very very upset with marina’s if he saw what she was doing and he would beat the limping whoa wrong dimension yes there’s some error but she married him I think he would be mad at her too well go tell him so I’m going to family reunions I’m telling on yeah I am Jay I think I would be lost with us oh that’s okay you were hit man it does oh shit only 1-30 say you defense huh his defense it’s incredible what armor on themes incredible 30 remarkable ok take 39 points damage yeah that’s one of the hooks hits you with the back of the head I won’t fight you um I got a chicken something oh wait you might like it Oh interesting um that hope that he slammed into the ground did he hit from behind with such high strength actually since he failed the slam he hit the ice a pretty hard level and went through it so he actually fell down through the ice he’s down by where you are to go falling through underneath there’s a hook down there it’s after that is hope Aurora was now after marina the beat on you down there somebody the babies I hoped for is you’re the heir and both one is hitting sassy now the back of the head he gave up a hit one into the ground the other one came up and hit him and he didn’t move quite as far I have a question okay Northstar I am gonna fly up into the air yeah and slam the other Hulk that’s up there the water there’s a little hole yeah credit not continued ice they want you to be a flight demon a demon slamming first the flight which is you here super speed punching monsters yet that would be a rude okay so that gives you open VLC attacks so our movements I should say when I say attacks they can’t be the multiple speed one asked me just a single attack multiple speed takes each area around did you’re hitting them so many times um but you’re flying up hitting em so we’re doing a charge charges your turn switch endurance excellent can you roll up your endurance excellent hundred honored that’s a red so you hit him roll that twenty Clint ding um that’s going to be a five because your speech monsters so that’s my server thirty so 4045 this is the one that’s in the air all these folks are starting to show some damage but they’re still moving you can actually see some robotic parts underneath them so you have their robots you guys haven’t you noticed that factory so I’ll give you guys the our robot bonus at the end hashtag get young table yes today’s always cool on the table board with us she’s got more interesting at least woods I probably I get cut off you can’t sit can’t see anything me at all I’m in the

know zone well you see like this much how much what’s up 890 okay well we still got a lot of fight to get their disease damn robots do not want to stop I’m shadow Oh Amanda was like obsessed watching sassy then which one of you to shadow and whose chance okay okay we weren’t done with my jamming some water oh you hit the Hulk now you want to slam him and directors fall into the water yes I would say another nurse role 91 I dig it do you want to hit the water or do you want us turn before getting water okay that’s what I thought get the water you’re still gonna be able to cold you have no cold resistance she is you know freaking frozen water it’s better barely water hey shut up um we’re gonna go with okay roll monstrous Damien with your play 91 91 is good enough definitely that’s a red I do believe yeah okay so Rolex way nineteen okay you slam it into the water enjoy the Hulk fish breath yes they’re all the other one comes crashing down into the eyes I’m missing wait which one was that going that son oh so well that’s left up there still it’s the one that was originally after North Star so it’s the woman’s up there by static oh she already with this shirt so we’re back around the North Star oh wait wait wait or roar dingo that’s where we are or just North Star just with aurora that’s why I write these things down um Bishwas speedsters hey like feels like I’m already done doing what I was done she she she’s in the air and like left the building he’s outside you put a hold of the ceiling and went after the Hulk and then flew the Hulk into the ground and then turned to the last second so you’re like somewhere else flying around outside see they stopped at the only species slope using skiing like maneuvers I always let that be to see if they did that artistically if they express Northstar movement like heat you really took the whole scheme well see that’s women imaginary when I do that yeah it’s like taking the slides what are you her are heat a slut side attacking a hawk there’s another Hulk outside he just hit sasquatch upside the head the other two Hulk’s have fallen through the water and once broken so there’s only one active whole day where you learn so the one they weren’t here you is the only one that is left do you want to Tripoli hit that one yes okay roll on your monstrous we’re not just early nobody don’t get out there no I’m just give me the hit what’s your fighting down good excellent okay roll screw ledge what I defeated but you roll all night 20

okay so you go through and you punch him in the face really hard didn’t seem to do a lot of damage to distill this armor but he hit next is marina when they try to trap the two that are in the water in the boy tech role which roll on you hyper speed what’s your height they’re swimming sponsors that’s a yellow yeah still just anyone to the redness nobody wants to know anyone’s right okay rolled out 20 okay now what we’re gonna do is how much damage is your area tech do it’s a broader cortex damage take 15 so that’s okay what else armor she said yes okay so whoa okay what is happening is the vortex has all been stopped pretty much by these two beasts falling down into it but they hit the damage okay so you actually hit hit them with it so they’ve been damaged ones barely looks like it’s moving at all hmm they’re both look pretty fucked up but they and you know the water did chair-like so basically they look more like robot now than they look like halt the hole will hit the vortex like strip the skin off of them see ice so next to Seth watch back there’s one neck up on the surface no the one you hit the back of the head let’s fix it guys clamp the one that hits you in the back of the head was the one that was written after noir Stallone the one who goes wondering whose you cut in front of it to attack the other one and it’s like hey that’s all other way and just see if I can leg off of it you just try to go fer to attack telegram yeah just grab ahold okay make a roll Rick my leg 95k you grabbed it rolled I 2014 14 okay you grab it and you pulled it’s like you know confused looking you like what the hell let’s see who’s like just me so we’re gonna start with that one that you grabbed it’s gonna attempt to kick you so Jerry have its legs county has remarkable fighting I need to roll a 36 I got a 45 okay now what is your living 4-30 charmer 54 can you take me four points damage as you kicked you with those big old legs I send it through the air I’m almost down okay okay 14 left okay back to Northstar you’re outside there’s one synthetic Hulk

standing over a one halt standing over sasquatch that’s what’s getting up the other two went through the ice you’re going I had to see him underneath the ice you see they’ve been stripped somewhat by the spinning water that’s what’s been shaking this whole place I’ll put the also the place slowed down like the vortex you created died out of us slime into the still there go ahead hit 91 okay get it fight also knee in the turns roll here’s the solid object is like hitting a wall 97 okay all right and you see your old 220 so oh touches a row morning okay next is Aurora what do you do I mean there’s still one hope lift your brother just slammed into it but it’s still because it’s the hole just to say do the same thing yeah roll roll change dice get some monstrous flight really you need a 2187 okay and then what’s your Gertz her endurance is excellent roll you’re gonna need a 41 are you speaking with to the animals can the fish understand you check your powers laziness check the viewers hey let the cops you tickle me I do farted here you know something out are you just gonna pose to have guys out there you’re gonna like satisfied 5050 that’s over 41-year all right what are we doing okay 20 mentally poke Amanda I will get you double on Sunday okay um that’s Aurora North Star or went over marina we try and make another vortex or chocolate Vega roll no just took it for did not make it okay so that’s what what do you do yes see what they’ve all

signed into one day you’re fighting and still kicking ass roll roll okay issue is about trying to fall off his leg is of course when I just pick it up up instead of having it sleep off so you’re holding it I gotta go no you got it it’s like then come off it just came with it so roll it fun today okay actually I know and then because it just ran out it comes apart it breaks okay well I think I got a role for the two that are in the water and attempting detect you they have a fighting role that Ito remarkable because the ice there in the slush they needed sixty six just to catch you as you sweat by 76 Jake one grabbed you he’s holding you right now Dylan missed I’m gonna kick the one that has me in the face I got strength roll to her fighting roll put your fighting okay mom actually sasquatch yes are you doing drawing a nipple rings on so yes but besides that we were I ripped his leg up oh yeah that’s right he went down only 2/3 of the water so um you guys still do feel this the ice is slightly shifting here and there we can’t know I’m fighting that guy out front he went down yeah that look broke finally broke yeah two left or the two they’re in the water are you playing museum junkie you jump down the hall the one disappeared yeah okay agility role mm-hmm we’ll do it that way what’s your Chile Martin okay or do you just like slam to the edges 77 77 you jump artfully down yellow roll down there but you see under the water the whole nose area besides first of all well first run you don’t need to worry but after first round you need to start rolling on your George holding the key to grab one of the Hulk robots has marina and the other one was swimming torture what do you do what do you do get her free okay roll he attacked the hope that scattering yeah straight rules fighting by 90s our age 66 what you’re fighting fighting is remarkable 86 is a yellow still roll a die 2013 13 oh that’s just one okay um bid plus as soon as you hit it machinery okay and she’s really taking a hundred four points yeah and how much did you guys take down the other who took down the other one you everyone I saw it take 50 apiece for that one but the last one you hit was unwatered take 50 actually sorry take 50 so you’re now at 100 they’re at 50 you take 50 did you beat up this one he’d be at most the other one which is now moving towards you guys but it’s not down so hey it’s still finally took the leg off Boyet it fell apart you just taken enough damage overall it quit working gets off the ground they broke something

I get broken spine or something you couldn’t take him it’s testicle pops out what okay um it’s the other one it’s going to attempt to attack one of you two odd or even odd it’s gonna attack you the big guy the one that just broke his only remaining friend 76 remarkable working underwater actually hits five I can buy this one for underwater so it’s amazing so 38 so 25 points damage are you down I’m down okay he punches sasquatch it knocks him out I’m gonna charge towards him okay my memory is monster yes let me do with your monsters for ya okay yeah what do you expect you’re the twenty twenty plus you said the monstrous yeah that’s 85 – forty armor is 45 we don’t we can’t it can’t help because we knew we would no water resistance we will freeze to death there’d be hypothermia story okay I mean yeah I ski but hundred points karma I wanna die it goes down you can get sasquatch out of the water next time you do that warn him before it’ll be the new things like jump up the needle jump well always that are no worse everyone knows I’m actually going to try to get him out of the water of course it’s gonna prove us and skin okay so Sasquatch scum spitting out of the water from the hole the injured easing come and grab them and drag them to very well yeah she comes out I’m gonna help them once you treat this for you after they have links before cyst on you tore away so fucking fucks going home jacquard back off you guys are enough of it this guy this guy this this is the guy this is the guy 21 he missed he fired off he came from the other room he up spent away in the tip section and fired a gun at you which fired this like energy ring which just missed you hit the snow behind not very good name the leader as you guys do you guys know who leader is yes I do okay clutch is an ancient book he tempts to check the book as he attacks you got I’m gonna slap he’s got a gun I miss low hey yeah do I like this slim might wait till it hits endurance and fails it know I plan on the kind of snow so monsters first what do you want a positive for your play now uttered okay cuz we just like you didn’t play well then nothing else works and a minor it’s okay 98 my damage thank you okay

nineteen yo J what so it was to stop people Prince acting you feel like a brick that you die to turn horrible well spent to me that way hey see you here go ahead and roll that one 20/20 I think so if they you know fifty feet all the way okay you hit him I represent is pretty solid but it looks like he took some sunlight like you hit him you moved him back so I will bite your finger next Aurora hey I love him he helped him yep yes that’s what she’s unconscious sassy now you like take him away you said you were taking him to safety you know I’ve never taken a safety make a role on monsters 33 still makes it no ill intent I should spread range 18:18 okay so you finally get pretty good place to fly them off safely kind of way from everything a little bit um so that sorcerer mixes marina and sets watch the pace you do your role for do any kind of regeneration or not do you have a regeneration 10 health around with amazing resistance to diseases and proxy so 10 points for Upson’s so roll a check ten so 10 times 10 is 100 she have on her health by the time you get back here so right now write you something 200 buy health because she’s still gonna be back it’s like 10 minutes 100 that way which is ever easier for you to work with it’s like the banks always do it might be in the way it sounds backwards sorry I just don’t tell me how much money I gave better tell me how much you’re giving me no that’s why everything blurry that’s why I have a my glasses that’s why if I just grab your 8 like on Cory if I just drive in it’s my turn your turn you want to go – okay I’ll let you go you gotta go grab the bottom okay make a Joanie roll over that night that cryptochrome barely agree okay so it’s a strange role what’s your strength okay Green Green that’s very typical – for no he lets you go of it the armor

didn’t come with extra strength okay you pull away from him an ancient book on the cover it says Nathan Harris and it’s kind of smudged looks old looks like it’s been to hell tarnish gold leaf on the cover wait Paris yeah make a reason role only a few can that you the first day at least to sound like you know what’s going on yeah so well hunter hunter okay Oh Nathan Harris is the guy whose house you started out yeah I know yes even Explorer that was lost up north and hence his wife haunts the place looking waiting for the day give back yeah yes she is holding this diary right now gimme I’ll give it to her okay oh wait wait wait wait first um I just everyone make any wish in check I was just in character 9416 well she didn’t she knows but the rest do you guys noticed that’s why she did make it she’s sitting in some other Park at the other side of Canada guys what’s going on you said BC right she’s up having Taco Bell or some other off-brand chefs are she’s doing a PowerPoint presentation for the military well in Bhutan yeah or poutine or whatever or so from Dunkin Donuts Tim Hortons you’re right yeah he’s Canadian do you want me to give out some rights working a bunch of donuts will that make you okay mr. confession LT okay um let’s start with well do you just continue here first of all everyone that made a roll realizes something I’m naked sound General on now don’t forget at the same time the leaders down here with you guys these things are flying in at the same time so first person to go no it is North Star I’m Sasquatch world 10 so he’s not even here but he can see what’s going on yeah I’m gonna make some reason check did you hear yeah um therefore will you fly up mark you off leader bad guy left now you go up yeah but you don’t grab the book then I know you do one thing well no you can do two things make a roll on your speed monstrous easy three things oh dear oh no I came chilly rolled well it didn’t sound like you’re not even good one for it okay strength roll 80 what’s your shrink good good eighty that’s a yellow okay at that point you could let go of the book you let go yeah

did you have more strength and if book starts do you feel like you’ll get damaged like your claws are you cutting into it yeah cuz I told her to give me the book yes okay give the book and then you fly up to see what it is what it is is Canadian Perrier’s flying in about three of them are like the military got tired of the ship was just gonna bomb it deal with it like how you talk to talk to the pilots okay I’ll make a monsters roll now fill it leader is down there pull them in definitely shoot night okay so you can get over there you start talking you want to form the leaders down there yeah Aurora what you do um what did I bully him she’s a he’s ignoring you he’s going after marina until the book left the other way says it doesn’t matter it’s too late it’s coming and it will know we’re the ones that freedom laughing manically didn’t need the book anymore but now that he doesn’t have it you got taken by like fish lady super speed guy I I love truly drew you guys are standing there laughing do you want hit him yeah okay do it but you’re fighting Oh excellent roll which get what’d you get what’d you get 64 64 is a green so rolling at 20 can you take 30 points karma you beat up leader well then we’re gonna take it away but in a secret worst part of the sum up the entire Marvel game you’ll be back to playing all of them the character you play including your own characters will be the ones appearing the secret orders for all the other characters so what else okay what do you guys do man still feeling you’re also not the area you chew but you took him I was seeking buddy come home and then came back so you left you like a mile away yeah and then she went flying back to do it leader so back to the marina went what’d you do nothing then do it let me go check on sassy well you know looking for him okay you hear the Jets remember flying overhead okay she just ignore him so too high yeah do you like go like put popcorn in the microwave I go fighting say your outsides they’re going that way yeah okay I need a roll from everyone for agility I need a yellow actually a red would be perfect be completely free of damage that should you didn’t have to walk but if I say they it was not including you they wasn’t telling the rank nor stars like unconscious now she’s talking to

you 99 all right anyone okay yeah what’s your chilli my jewellery is that excellent that’s it yellow so the planes that were up there are just blowing up the area they don’t leave they don’t pay any attention to to him because North is listed is one of the you know rebellious type so everyone else got out of there live in check so did anybody grab the master nope no one did well yeah but what have really we’re all waiting for the fastest guy here no feeling woozy it’s about break time suit all the reason I’d say come back because you know so you can just go and take a break for a little bit now the Air Force flew over bombed the area they say it was their plant their place they blew it up it’s not been acting for a long time it had no active contaminants at the location as far as they do so they bombed it damage death destruction everyone got out of there in time they weren’t listening to you but the glacier cracks from the explosion there’s a huge going on he’s standing out there on the ground walking to you guys he jump actually yeah I’m just gonna walk wanna go through the water I don’t know that offense about a vice and fall through yeah okay now what look look give a book okay leader and place is going hoax destroyed so we basically say here’s some experience points for this part defeated sent a cold Scott finding the book ten points seventy-five for everyone for capturing the gold you he end up catching leader he was like floating around they didn’t carry 75 points for that he’s crazy laughing about the cloud stalkers coming the cloud stalkers now you have the book do you want us about the book yes well she’s got the book he’s got the book so digas you will find out in the process and then we’ll take a break there’s gonna give people something to think about that perfect says Adams gone in the landslide stoven and Cartwright smashed by it came from under the ice unbelievably huge a smoke dirt beasty with Fela message massage cloak and I are the only survivors

I used this knowledge of the tundra to all the beasts look at the paperwork he was a man anyway and an avalanche of ice sorely injured Simic him off be back with help hope he returns quickly Amanda Amanda my wife whoever reads this tell her and it kind of like fades off what do you do with it take the book to Amanda hey we’re all on your site his players bring the logbooks of amenda give them 40 karma give 40 karma she goes in peace knowing he loved her so hey the house is now on really cheap government knows that actually they might do it you just to know where you are and it’s free of ghosts and a furnace but we could get it it’s in the kitchen it’s there it’s not working they wanted room for the computers okay great time we’re gonna come back after that fuzz no order for your phone who’s got no idea well can you do some rejoined or what you know oh yeah mm yo we got one out come on this the way it works how about Anna Hans Memling this dude great doc hurt right there I couldn’t do it I was like remember no yeah we restart do we do it I got four I need to have a fish when I was younger I need her doggy we didn’t know who’s a female without a little male we’ll all of a sudden we should be little tiny fish swimming around and then I think career we’ve realized well the dog is babies we didn’t know

you never know so what we did was we separate the babies so the mom would eat it and we would count how mean the work three died so you die it happens and then the mom died but this guy had when I was a child too the person saved was a second one and then the second one said they might the main okay I had recent days No we’re done Oh me he was too cool I liked him better than all the others I always look for sweet chili we yeah we’ll give me some coffee to down my kitchen okay thank you cook my coffee and second time ravier okay okay okay oh hey Pete Dolan made their job I didn’t mean to what is she not me tell with attitude I’ll put beating yourself up man by every time I turn my joints

lilius Thank You dick you know a robot I wish it wouldn’t hurt where we are um you’re back the mansion right now dealing with the book I guess um any questions you guys want to talk about you think at this point okay well good point you mean the leader yeah well apparently he’s been seeing that a lot and it’s holding so until they got things properly set up at the vault we’re keeping an eye on him on site they’ve brought a temporary gage by shield watch it those widows on the RAM big J how about the rest is he in – mom no Mike what’s going on I don’t know one thing I do with the game hey she can be mad she’s banded everyone right now because she had to come in and she did not want to come in she hissed at me on the way get your butt No we are in one of you many histamine piss Tedder here’s a mansion yes you want your treats not going outside they’re a bitch there you go that’s all you go and get hey Kevin there’s no players I I cut you guys off Northstars busy with Kyle you guys just hanging around the mansion yeah okay give yourself – so what’s your goods yep blend amazing so it’s 50 points give me some hundred points health what’s your Gertz excellent so that’s 20 so that’s 40 points do you feel I have incredible so that’s 80 points of you exam days were there to endurance periods were that says all right now I’m the doctor now yeah yield after cause there’s no points which you solution way to yield up an Avenger fine to control the to control here change back that’s the other characters are Catherine’s our own and that’s for readyto don’t cares about us like what’s cat doing hey that’s my coffee very poisonous it doesn’t happen the sliding of the plastic in the paper they don’t know that will like we’re we watching these

people do should make coffee and everything on this TV show this time a real TV shit what the fuck is this crap are there no rating system no there is it okay MCS to public access well everyone make an intuition roll will slap that on you see how that works I’m not just standing here traumatically ignore you I just really made a green check is oh no what a number that witchers intuition yep good there you go you made it good sassy you made it you all made it okay you’re all contacted your cell phones ring the Alpha things he turned off they ring so the team used to have a few vendors alert dr. Stu your government’s leave um where’s your location but there’s something more interesting in your decision to deal with so we’re seeing helicopter pick you guys up so you’re all picked up on their little like Quinn jet thing you could basically follow them you want to get the plane or you can follow she’s got the whoa follow okay let me get a flag role in the monsters should never fight you guys again it’s Alaska the change in the triangle let’s get 2:29 the red one first 92 the red ones first 192 Gary that’s a red okay I temporarily lost it between all the other stuff as interest world for everyone or was it you she’s falling in meantime I was all the following to the piloting basically okay gotta forget I’m looking at how to work at him with what’s here they’ve got a situation where there’s this thing we believe it’s one of the beings kind of like Snowbird I’m walking around out there in the Souris it through well following the airplane route newly freed from the ice near where you were from the crack glacier a great smoke black creature towers above field of ice it resembles a mountain lion 20 feet high at the shoulders its claws shine like polished ebony its eyes and MA shiner a hellish electric yellow glow it is chimera the club starter a half beast of old and it’s free once more cool relief too you gotta go try to talk to it yeah well be ready there’s no water you’re walking on the land it’s heading towards the ocean hooroo leads to it what are you want with us fool

no one controls tomorrow i I wasn’t the little man freed me as the ritual I wasn’t right well you all our was outcome is freed you and who is below man don’t read you the one with the big the master and what was his real thing behind reimu wrong well what I mean wrong wrong these beliefs were wrong what beliefs what we have a while till I reach the ocean along the way yes he probably thought he can control most humans do doesn’t really we are older we can we’ve been warned and work with us but I were willing to let you work and what we have to work for you do you want us to be your slave well as you’re having a discussion in the air with this thing what are you two doing I’m just in a helicopter waiting see I mean they’ll ask when they want you need to be put down but they’re not gonna get very close you know to try a closer so I can talk to him – don’t I’m going to die so I’m really there that problem I sure none stop me from reaching the salt water Jenny continues to walk it’s done this whole time it’s not stopped you had a genius like the evident just making a big line in that direction okay why do you wanna race with no water it’s where I belong that I will be poor what you want when the saltwater other than your energy what do you want with it just by its existing I will meet you okay so you would be a god oh hey so over the although than any human yes back with volcanoes Rico why are you no literature was done

or undone what was done by one was undone by another and now things are as this should be and I will rule as I should all the time continues to walk almost running to where it’s trying to get rest so you’re going to keep moving to here and try to jump on it or not you’re having to keep flying because it won’t stay still long enough now those either on the helicopter um they’re like excuse me truly a DVD player in front of you we have footage from the location where he was so what you’re looking at is a TV screen basically what you have is image of uh what’s a leader in itself laughing about all this in stating that once it reaches salt water its power will become limitless and then it will demand subjugation of mankind but until then he’s still even more powerful in the Hulk so he laughs I know about stopping you need you and we need you we need you no wait all of us and we need you yeah but once you reach up the water is too late well I’m not really much we use well she still has a regular ability yeah well no we didn’t say that but it’s a good guess make a reason check we’re gonna put murrini over there as well the thing is ought to turn around and drop her off actually if they dropped you off in the water you swim back hey don’t yell oh okay that’s what they do they drop you off in the water throw a grenade break the ice and let you to dive in underneath and come up to the same spot you did before or near by or just break through the ice okay um well according to we’ll make a voyage or a reason check it boy what is that yellow yellow okay before it seemed that it was trapped in an avalanche in the old stories the old book before its pages became blinked once Amanda gonna hold on she touched it in the pages he just disappeared but he read her previously and they said the original way they were destroyed and another reason they’re discussing this the military says as usual with him he’ll turn over the information and a lot let be more lenient on his experimentations did you see out without hurting individuals so they’re kind of levitating what they can do to him but he’s on the government base but Canada will deal with him if he will hand over the information he gained but he also must need chandus over and in the process tells you that that’s the way the old spook snip he was frozen in an avalanche if in an avalanche is created before the beast reaches the sea it will

be buried again yes I don’t know I’m gonna go back to tell these guys what I got so your options are basically freeze in place or destroyed his material body before he reaches wears immortality so we’ve got to destroy the body where we’re at we’re saying flat actually oddly enough if you’re approaching there’s a drift like looking chunk that can be used for an avalanche explosives to do that some suburbs numbers will tell you that uh you know the nature provides that’s probably why the snows dumped here um they also show that they have some film of this thing being shot when I first came out of the ice by military forces and it did nothing it seemed just absorbed a shot no it’s too big and it’s got big old metal claws they’re tearing up the ice as it runs towards the ocean it will take a couple days though so what are we doing that really error to figure out a way to stop it you know I’ve actually the Avalanche is a possibility there’s an avalanche a glacier that it runs between and you can drop it on it so who wants to try and help explosives are one way but you know I will you got strength well is he walking through it now or yeah it basically takes and um you to attack the so low and it will old class alright I’ll try and break strength role of yellow and make sure the motors bone but just drink monstrous Club yellow little you need role 51 don’t forget karma I think put how much what’s the step we trying to we’re gonna see if I can break down the strength so your straights monstrous of 75 points spend how much since I’ve Cairo says whatever you’re all plus 75 eighty any cake and monstrous that’s a yellow so 80 plus 275 yep okay so it’s over two unearthly rolled out 20 13 you do enough to have each I’m gonna do amazing okay there’s a rush of ice and snow and what you role in 2014 13 13 okay well it comes down towards them pretty good but he’s not fully covered and what else good ideas I by open Bangla milord Lee you fetch the snow I know they toured the Avalanche already Kurt yeah you gotta find another way they didn’t fully cover it although he’s kind of held by the ice and snow and he’s trying to work laws way out freeze it I can control it but I can’t breathe no but um the guy the general on

the helicopter states so you need someone to generate water yes would cascade work yeah we have him in prison I mean he’s probably innocent he’s been altered by this freak that we have in the cell that’s laughing about the thing that’s destroying our country right now okay um they control monsters for you at Northstar preneur so we’re gonna say that you could have already been getting in before overall Norstar a little bit mostly actually is more talented hunter okay harder see you have cascade with you you come flying in with you you had it okay huh see you get a color coat is toy he’s collecting a model now strip naked I still have one and I really appreciate it hey roll up say nice for me me yeah cascades gonna jump on ice that you guys didn’t beat him up okay Oh God oh by the way we have two different severe thunderstorms back-to-back coming in kills just hey yes um what they have okay he’s in the snow and frozen area and he’s like it slowed him down but he’s still that crack in the snow in the ice but you’re noticing as you start freezing him he starts going from as solid as he looked to more gaseous tomorrow this cloud stalker he’s a 20-foot Panther we’ll call him but he’s parently made of smoke that I did you put me up against this guy before probably yeah Rogan Wolverine oddly enough what do you do this time you have all the tools of the module does everyone I’m gonna make a reason check he’s turning into gas right yeah slowly yeah and more more and more of him freezes he starts turned back into a gas but as he gets more and more water in him he starts to get more and more solid like a cloud wall cascade is dumping water freezing it well it’s freezing cuz it’s cold he doesn’t create cold water well while he’s freezing the water I’m gonna do the spin around I’m gonna run as fast as I can around here to play or run check can see but they don’t have anyone with ice powers someone destroyed his armor loser he ripped his armor in half we didn’t know why then no you didn’t know it’s must be well the tools hmm with ice flowers

I guess they release box so Sasquatch role change nice he’s the big robot at the beginning nobody gets dumped more snow and ice on it and add more to the avalanche which were obscene size Tway nine done amazing anyone got paper pencils grain green makes it nuts okay make it that 20 roll Jen that’s 60 where are you at ok-hee that have ice around him and snow and he looks more like a squiggly smoke pattern middle but he’s still moving around know what trying to breathe that’s goes to this burning gas burns we went out who took the book to her I didn’t make a roll 87 okay and a new mega roll okay you here singing on the ground looks like a guy is down there singing okay make an intuition check guys 93 yeah it’s Nathan you see through he’s singing the song and it’s freezing the ice more I’m gonna start singing along we’ll make a cycle dessert dancing with him – I dig her words I go right ahead this hunter it in – okay she’s throw that into it yes okay and it freezes solid you hear that cracking like you watch the cracks like sync disappear freezes over even gets hard to see it from the snow of the everything forming on it and feature this is thank you for telling about that but he disappears for the wisp in the snow he almost think he made it but you underwear you got the words cuz you only see your footprints on the ground I would wear this Maryna won made a roll you saw something like at the edge of the ice near the hole of your mirror it was watching you it looked make an intuition check what’s your intuition okay so yeah we’ll say throw your seal friends Hey she says my seal friend came back anyone else rolled an intuition rolled a look that’s in the area I don’t

see what she was talking about roll okay you saw something diving into the water of the pit the hole the seal qahal and or near by you guys and just dives doing.i solarz icy area but it did not look like a seal it looked like a naked 9 year old child and there were then yells up you sick bitch no no she owes up goes look my seal friend and then you watch that thing disappear so what’d you guys do I’ll give you points how’s that sound okay um last part for this was defeating chimera 100 points for everyone it did not enter there the water and it did that beat you guys up so by removing what thankfully you slowly well they kept walking it was it basically thought it was keeping you busy so you didn’t attack it while I was walking it just had to get to where it was going and then it would be immortal there would be an immortal God a minute um Oh clouds sacado clouds twelve first ones that’s how old it was I appeared on the news no just kidding okay so you guys go back to your little place okay enjoy yourselves begin of your points and there’s 500 points though for saving the world from tomorrow go to give yourself 500 karma for everyone I want to be training okay they could probably put you in touch with someone who’s firm and they can teach you something I mean they’ve got trainers there we don’t know if it would be your paint the bills or us but we’ll find out would you appreciate your help on this situation and we do we appreciate the danger we were in I mean first of all creatures like examples to exist Godzilla just shows up on your shore one day so everyone make and intuitions you don’t know a recent check reason 93 or 50 I mean it with them I’m gonna for what what would they use ons del met ones right over okay forty um what’s your tuition so this is your on boat floating around the river or I should say Hudson Bay yeah just look around do you feel like – yes you’re sitting on both tanning probably in your bikini if that if we’re lucky I think you should slide you are well you were need to be on shore or out there okay you’re on the shore you’re taking martial arts classes okay what are you doing I was doing some research on just stuff yeah okay we’re making a reason check remarkable okay well

you’re just working on general like your own stuff you’ve been working on before yeah they’re just like cleaning up your own paperwork and seeing yo what can you like you do think it’s kind of odd that your powers don’t quite fit your description you know you didn’t know there were lots of possible like outcomes of this experiment this wasn’t one listed you’re being exchanged to do Bigfoot yeah Jane you’re not green so you okay make an intuition check I made it barely okay um you’re sitting there at the beach with your family at a barbecue nearby the fishing great guys my room by the poem on the dogs you throw about five and you see a child out there swimming in the water looks like she’s having problems like she’s suppose you’re like she’s felt and let go help okay make a rule in your swimming to find her all right well actually you’re right what’s your intuition when she hit the water I think it’s amazing what you’re in water intercepted amazing breathe okay so he go find the new child okay you grab her and you roll over take back this short Kate um she screams sue she’s unsure and almost like hisses at you okay I she hits you for 15 points damages she’s like what you scratch your face so you take five points damage begin intuition roll Green okay you look at the child for the first time really since she was like brought her to shore yeah okay her skins the same color as yours she’s now bearing large claws in her hands she looks about you like you at nine years old she seems quick and she’s attacking you like it’s okay I didn’t know your mom screams she’s out of the room she’s another part of the house she’s inside the house I should say you’re outside with the kid with the kid what are you doing but stay here and go in my mom spinning about okay you go running in there yeah make a Jilly chick at 7:00 something describes your feet as I lifted you up in the air above the water is taking you to the water it looks like a tentacle of like a jellyfish or something it’s dragging you into the ocean I’ll take it loose main strings rolled excellent hey you I’ll let you loose you you let go they had like um it’s like jellyfish it’s got some kind of like releasing some kind of like poison the

kid has to be one of my time at that point you were you see as you’re being taken back underwater your mom was running one from one there’s two of them on this short-acting and something just dragged you into the water what do you do make a recent check under under here okay you just remember her fully case you forgot that you do carry alpha flight communicators if you hit them you just do a general help that’s about all you can give right now at this point you’re underwater they can’t hear you you can talk out of water and they can’t hear you you hit it for peg that you’re like being attached and you tell me being at acting you disappeared okay you three the Apple flight signal things on you go off you know the form you Marie nough is in peril she shows like signals showing pure attack adrenalin she’s freaking out doesn’t so where yes it gives the exact location where she lives her parents place okay make a roll in your monstrous speed 88 88 second hour for you well love jumping yo take less futures be out there to be he’ll get off the boat they quit Sun Tanning don’t you get dressed – okay you guys get there you’re the first you’re the second give me the last you’re the first you show up there’s a little nine-year-old version that looks like marina on the steps naked make it a little female child green skin big claws dripping some kind of poison and teeth like a piranha mom’s hid locked up in the car right now oh the cars got some dents like it’s been hit in the car for a while and then you hear a rumble inside the house like there’s something upstairs too oh my head up for goo oh she’s like standing next to him again hi your shadow that was my butt you just touch no I’ll get her go whoa whoa country’s get out of Idaho no I know her Canadian but get out of my bubble I know we’re twins I know we shared a little but whoa that was close stop playing dude I don’t like women that folks that so close okay I guess I’m what do you do you’re also hearing noise down by the beach I’m going to the beach fly out to the beach yeah okay Lauren Sasquatch take care of the little marinas up at the house okay yes they’re called marina okay there’s to ensure now you’re watching six more canal water all looking the same is marina bigger yes and older these are only about this tone nine-year-olds I’m gonna find out what they didn’t put the big one for you yes yes where’s the big one at that point a jellyfish tentacle comes flying out of the water straight at you

what do you do okay although I can’t really fuck so it can go for a while hold your breath for a few minutes shoot yourself as far as you get chalo fight are you okay let me at the water make it a dirt roll 96 okay keep your breathing alright go down into the water kind of even out to the point thing you’re gonna have to start either flying up or down okay right now you’re completely safe on air and what you see make it intuition check and you’ll need a yellow because you’re kind of in the dark too but it’s giving off light that’s true right okay no problem now I’m ready you see the tentacle is attached to some kind of jellyfish looking thing about the same color as those things that were attacked or strike two and a gigantic metal if he’s made red roll goldfish by submarine under the water and it’s taking verinha to the goldfish tanning or over she’s like looks like mommy and daddy you want the chicken home and you go back to the surface to see what it’s doing on with everyone else yep okay well I’ll yell hot the marina’s getting kidnapped there are eight little marinas kicking around to kill people and if you don’t do it you gonna start running towards town no I’m SR hit them up there okay do it I can’t breathe under water like fish girl can but they’re going to find there on the shore they breed just as well under waters on top of it you can hit up to three I can’t with what’s your strength so I can’t go after you I’m just say the kids up there we need to make a role on monsters first day night yeah yeah okay so you get three tags but what are you gonna do it based on just a radial strength or fighting and strength whichever is your fighting excellent watch straight good okay roll three times you’ll need a forty one hit seven okay dude again yep and one more time 8191 okay and then roll the die can on all three ten nine okay okay you hit them all but they seem to be doing alright it’s a pretty tough so next is Aurora what are you doing I use the term contingent well again see him wonder tick one all of them um you can’t hit all just too many hits three of them okay fifty-five Canyon Road that 20 well

okay she wouldn’t hit one of the ones that you were being honored not all just welcome beat the fuck hit it a few more times okay making the dirt roll for marina okay the master has you go see your family where they’ve learned from you they’ve been watching you they appreciate the lessons you’ve taught them since you’re all one they’ve all learned from you that’s why actually if you look at your costume with the with the things on it they’re having a jellyfish look to it I know this died yeah and that’s how that’s cuz that’s ridiculous you’re actually a jellyfish that’s how I connected so you’re conscious and he’s there and he commences to tell you why he’s there and you’re stuck in a tube he’s angry saying the leader promised to bring you the human supplied the tubes but he failed through me flare to me why because you need to serve your family my family is here on earth know your genetic family even I’m not happy enough to join the family I’m more human than you are raised by humans I know their behaviors so was i I was raised from a cavemen in the endosome action and have lived here since then it goes through a whole fun story what are you guys doing back on short you guys wish to go after I’m arguing with my leader well considering I can’t go that for yes you can we said we do have suits for that and we wouldn’t mind you’re going to see cute contestants I could eat those back what I have a lot of tongue piercing I just never got into the taste of them again well we’re kind of running out of time yeah um I’ll make a deal with them I’ll say if you leave my friends on earth alone I will go with you hey the the things go jumping into the water and and to governmental inform you that they picked up the objects leaving the area was like no once it grabbed her so you gain 50 karma everyone else messes well I hadn’t even gotten there yet no but you’ll find out that she sacrificed herself for your guys’s safety and now looks like record your lossing gains on karma and next time we’ll be picking up with mutants of Future Passed to your new character blonde fans oh are you gonna be rampage skinwalker and Luna and mystic wolf she shows up but not which we don’t plan on to think about your character phantom long phantom if they want to know information you’re the only one from this time that they’re talking about so they wanna know something to locally about history and information you know it and your character is best explained described is you were a you know like Marlowe the detective was like

the black the Falcon Maltese Falcon yeah yeah there’s a detective and then there’s the lady who’s at the front counter that takes a phone calls that seems to do everything he asks and he’s like get a hold of this place she does it if he’s like go talk to the mafia boss somehow she does it she it’s information right but he’s the guy in charge well that’s her or that was her character sorry it’s her character but blonde phantom you are that person that knows everything going on your detective but you put on a mask to hide your identity and you say you helped us detective when he got kidnapped one time so but he’s in love with the detective you but doesn’t know it’s the same you that’s so a world war two you joined the war effort we’re gonna pick up and maybe so okay rundown fun say hi everyone we’ll see you next week back to the oldest game the ones that went to the mutant war and earn their spots weekend on team called cell 13 thank you and subscribe if you enjoy like watching us Sunday we have a fantasy game and