Save the Trees | Journey to the Savage Planet | Ep 13

Welcome to another episode of the Journey to the Savage Planet series And I was *Long Pause then Confused Sounds* Oh okay I realized I hadn’t scanned this when I was editing so lets get that done There we go Dunno why it didn’t occur to me to scan that Gonna go back and check that there’s nothing else that I needed to scan in this area k, Don’t see anything Alright, and theeen, I wonder if I can use this teleporter like a normal one now or if it’ll take me up to that other area ‘Cause now we want to go check out the Can I harvest this? Was hoping I refill my OH It automatically gives you some I think Yeah So, I’m gonna go back to that Tree I think here Hmm Not quite but I can get there Oh, I wonder if I’m supposed to use acid….Hello?? But I do wonder if I’m supposed to use the acid on the beehives OMG almost killed myself Oh boy Okay so I think that’s where we wanted to go but I did notice something interesting One of those tomato things is over there which leads me to think we can get there Freakin bird So lets see if we can get over there Oh and there is stuff over there Hmm oh g- No! Get on Apparent the Mushroom is a little slippery Yeeeah Supplies! Seeing if there is anywhere else we need to go from here I haven’t ever gone back and tried to get that one Yes! That! That thing yet ‘Cause I don’t know how to get there Alright, need to do a big jump GRAB ON! Oh boy… we did it! Think I’m being spit at Oh, that was a juicy one! k Is there anything on the opposite side? Grab on! *pleased hehehe* There is a lot of weird sounds, very kinda juicy almost sounds? And I don’t know that I appreciate it K, there is one I think maybe we go up this? Heh, Heh! k! I think we are getting somewhere Oh no Do I have to check the tops of all this stuff or just this one? Th-that’s a lot of checking Have we been there? Don’t know that we have How do we get up one more tier though? Oop, maybe this? Okay Now what? Think that mushroom? Think that’s what we need to do ’cause I don’t like that NOPE That wasn’t it! Ooh boy *Sad sound* I Don’t want to go through that again… alright Let’s see if we can hurt this Can I scan it first? No Oh I just shoot it! Really that is all I needed to do? But they made it sound like it was super hard! Alright, just shoot it then Ookay let’s try this again Maybe I’ll do the little area first, the one that the tomato is dropping into

Alright, we’re up here Tomato has dropped… no please fall Haha! K, I think this is one of those video things “I detect an encrypted video signal” Yes Alright, we’ll have to go back to the javelin to see what it says oh, a little scary getting past that before the berry drops again Suddenly having a lot of trouble with it jumping when I’m trying to do the power jump Okay so, lets look at this I’ve gotten two of them Also, it’s noted that they do grow back So we can’t use that Think we could use that? When it gets to these kinds of things it’s hard to tell what you’re allowed on and which is just decorative K, So I don’t think I’m allowed up onto this platform but it doesn’t look any different from any of the other ones So it’s hard to know what I’m allowed to do k, We’ll just try to keep going up then, See where we’re allowed k… which we know cause we tried to go through that So I’ll try up there? okay, we’re allowed up here But not up there I don’t think Yeah, there is just a wall there Do you think we can get up that? Oh! Okay That worked We’re up here now I’d like more into the middle please There’s a lot of buzzing up here it would seem Have we done that?! It doesn’t seem like it No! okay Oh! Water! Lovely Is this a grapple point? Oh yeah! We did try to use the grapple but I couldn’t get onto it Alright, can – Can I?? Thank you Yeah, we did try! We tried jumping several times to get to that but it just wasn’t acting like it was gonna work Right, okay The more I’m up here the more I’m like “Oh man, there’s so much I still haven’t done” Like I don’t think I’ve been over there Clearly we haven’t gotten that guy Don’t know if I’ve been there Yeeah I hear ya Sorry bout killing your entire species I hope you have another mother in the works Hello there! k… been there but it doesn’t look like we were over there Which is annoying because that means I have to fight those again Which I’d really rather not have to do How many seeds we got? K One step Ugh I keep hitting the wrong button! Don’t know why I want the up button all of a sudden Guess we just jump from here? Oh no! Actually, we’ve done this once before Uh, yeah There we go

NOW we go over ‘Cause as you see, my health is still not great Should probably find a health plant for that Haven’t seen one as of late though I mean I know there is a bunch down there but there is also enemies there Someday we’ll have to go back over there, maybe once we investigate that big tree But I am determined to help the other tree today If I can just remember to get there Uuuh OH! What? Every once in a while when I zoom in it turns me around and it’s not great Okay Don’t know where that acid in the end came from Must have stepped in some maybe? Uh, I was trying to get where… to that tree I came around a corner and was like “It looks like I haven’t collected something from here.” and uh, you saw what happened I was attacked Alright cool Getting all the alloys Wasn’t intended at all Alright let’s just jump down… glad I found that though aaaaah *panic breathing* Okay! Scary every time Every Time I haven’t found any more acid So hopefully there’s some near by-ish Alright, let’s go in under here and see what we can find k… so they’re like vents And another seed Trying to decide what to do What I’m supposed to do with the seeds I feel like I need to move them to the spots where the sun is But we’ll have to see Ugh, I need to go get more of the freakin- Oh! That one worked! Yeah! I need one more And then we’ll- Ugh I didn’t want that Let’s go see if we can find acid That gas doesn’t seem to do anything Let’s see OOH I forgot that was a thing! oh Oh man that’s useful! So we can see there is an alloy over there there are all of those red things to eat Wow, can’t believe I forgot about that button Well that’s exciting But yeah, I just ran up to this guy to get those and it didn’t seem to do anything Here, step in the gas Yeah, it doesn’t do anything to me Alright then Now that we have more of the little acids, lets go ahead and There is one, two, three… really sunny spots But there are way more seeds than that I imagine I’m not supposed to put them in the spots where the gas is coming out Really seems like Just this is one of those where I don’t want to mess it up cause it’s going to be a pain in the butt to get back to how it’s supposed to be, potentially Can I push you? Get into the sunny spot Okay, do I need to pull you up and out or do I just let the sun do its job here Cause I could do this and try to get it through or we just assume that it needs to sit in that spot Not sure

Get… in… here There! K so it is interesting because this one is glowy but if I put this guy there The sun goes away?? Don’t know what that’s about So I’ve got – I’ve moved one over there Try getting that guy out Oop, nope that one is sunny Hmmmmm It is hard to tell if I’m supposed to be opening these up to vent out or if I’m supposed to be stopping it with the seed I’m trying the plug up the gas holes with seed to see what happens Okay! It was block the gas holes with the seeds I assume to then let the sun in on the nice spots? I’m not sure But, stopping the gas seems to have helped Okay! We did the thing! Would be cool if the next time we came over here there would be like sprouts of the healthy tree growing But yeah, we’ve got quite the sunlight going out like this whaaaaa There’s a secret near by? Is it in here? Oh! Do we have much in the way of grapples? AAH! Haha Ya sneaky little Sheet Alright Oh! Right You take damage from just being near it Uh alright, i’mma toss one over There? And we need one over there And… okay good Over there seems like it is pushing my luck am I missing something? k Grapple!! Alright don’t Yeeeah! Ah and another one of these Uhh No Pick up your seed Let’s scan this Another video K Apparently it didn’t attach Wait for the tomato juice to go away Try a better grapple This way is working much better Made something angry though Probably above And we made it out! aaaah right in time to get hit by a tomato Alright… god this is so cool! Can’t believe I forgot it was a thing Oh! I forgot about the one on top of the tree Uuh ok Lets see if we can get that real quick Grapple K So we get up on there now? try again I guess we’ll jump here instead

That seems more… the right choice k Uuh, there I guess? Grab on!! Ooh, I’m surprised she was able to grab onto that No Oop we did it!! oh That ones That ones got wiggles I don’t – *fake gag sound* hehe Worms are uum Not my most favorite thing in the world? *shudders* Alright… cool So we’ve saved the tree, gotten on top of the tree, next time… we want to try a to figure out that thing over there Oh wait! excuse you geronimoooo *panic breathing* Scares me every time hahaha but uh, lets run back real quick omg I’ve been playing too much Apex Wanted to slide everywhere Let’s go ahead and head back to the javelin and see what those videos were I hope you all appreciate that I cut out the loading time on that screen because they make it artificially long As a statement and joke about old computers and then I hit the wrong button Oh you only have to do it once Good! Uh Oh here! Number 4 What was number 1? Hm k, a teleporter and then it looked like they put their DNA in something and then shot it into space? So like a capsule and then sent off okay So the building made the planet? Ooh So maybe something was going on at their home planet and then they had to leave that planet by sending forth some of their DNA and all that made a building that now created a planet for them?? Wonder if that means we can then make the planet again if we activate stuff in the tower Anyway!! I guess we’ll find out Hope you guys have enjoyed this episode and until next time I hope you have a wonderful day