HUGE Vietnamese Street Food Journey North to South – HANOI, CHEAPEST Street Food Around the World

– Coming up for all you food rangers out there, we’re going deep for street food in Hanoi, finding snails, street stools and spring rolls, fried shrimp cakes, street food bar-style rolled rice noodles and more Here we go Check it out, it’s Trevor James We’re in Hanoi, Vietnam Today we’re going for a big day of eating street food Let’s check it out (upbeat instrumental music) Hanoi’s street food scene will blow you away As soon as you walk out on the street in the morning, you’ll find street food everywhere And with so many different street foods to try, you’ll never run out of things to eat Since we flew to Vietnam just to eat, you can discover along with us just how diverse and amazingly delicious the street food in Vietnam is, so make sure to watch all the way until the end because you won’t believe just how much many different types of street food there are that you’re gonna surely want to fly here for it Let’s eat It’s almost like every few meters there’s new street food to try So that’s what we’re gonna do today is just go around and try a bunch of different stuff on the street First up, we found a lady selling bun oc, a famous light and fragrant escargot rice noodle soup infused with the most elegant tomato flavor You can see this dish all over the streets of Hanoi When you try it the first time, you’ll definitely fall in love with the elegant freshness (speaking in foreign language) – Bun oc – Bun oc (speaking in foreign language) Bun oc Bun oc Oh, there’s the rice noodles Oh, look at that Bun Bun, bun Bun – Bun – Bun – Oc – Oc – Oc – Oc Bun oc – Oc, oc, oc, oc – Oc, oc, oc Okay, getting a language lesson here on the street That’s perfect Oh, and she’s putting some MSG, a little salt Those must be the snails Oh yeah Oh, that smells awesome Nice (speaking in foreign language) Look at this Bright and early Wow, look at this, guys Look at all those huge, plump snails Tomato, cilantro, green onions, and the tomato aroma just is very, very strong I’m just gonna put some Vietnamese herbs on there There’s mint Oh, there’s basil Lots of herbs Lots of herbs Oh yeah And then that smell is It smells so fresh Mm Wow It tastes like pasta almost with the aroma of the snails in there Whoa And the herbs And it’s so fresh with that beautiful mint and cilantro Oh, and basil flavor all throughout Next up, just a couple of steps down the road, we found another famous Vietnamese street food on offer Bun dao, a plate of delicious fried spring rolls, tofu, and fish cakes with rice noodles and herbs that you can all dip into a fish sauce or a fermented shrimp paste Another amazing street food So today we are gonna try a ton of different street food So we had this the other day Oh, look how little this stool is here Oh yeah And you can see she’s frying up some spring rolls and tofu They give you a strong fish paste Fish sauce (upbeat music) Oh yeah Some pepper Okay, chili So we were just walking and we found this bun dao on the street You can see she’s pulling out the vermicelli there, and you dip it in You dip it into a fish sauce or a fermented shrimp paste sauce

Ah (speaking in foreign language) You see, she gives a fish sauce and some herbs (speaking in foreign language) Let’s try it out Oh yeah, look at that spring roll Awesome, you can see it’s full of rice noodles Looks like there’s some pork and mushroom or maybe some onion in there Oh yeah And we’re just gonna dip it right in Let’s try it out Mm Oh, the mushroom flavor is very strong I think this is more of a garlic, a spicy, sweet garlic sauce What I love so much is all of the herbs that they give you You can just dip them in to this sauce, this sweet, spicy garlic sauce, and that just completely balances the slightly oily spring rolls and tofu Next up, just another couple steps down the road, we went to try a dish that’s famous in Hanoi and something definitely worth flying here for Banh cuon noodle rolls served to you on the street bar style I think this is banh cuon rice noodle rolls – Hello – Banh cuon – Banh cuon – Banh cuon Banh cuon – Banh cuon (speaking in foreign language) – Okay, so we’re gonna get the banh cuon (speaking in foreign language) So that’s the dip Oh, it has garlic water Oh, fried caramelized scallions, pepper Oh, and chili (speaking in foreign language) You see, she’s putting that rice flour (speaking in foreign language) Yeah, she’s putting the rice flour, spreading it out, and then she’s gonna put this pork mushroom mix on top Oh yeah, here it is Oh, there it is – Banh cuon – Banh cuon Nice So it’s just like a street food rice noodle roll bar Mm, fresh cilantro Awesome Oh, the fried scallions That is bringing in flavor, you can tell Mm Okay I want to get a nice big bite with lots of cilantro Oh, lots of that fried scallion mix And she just stuffed it with a pork mushroom mix (speaking in foreign language) And this is fish sauce Sweet garlic Let’s try it out Mm Number one. (laughs) Number one Oh, and she’s just putting more and more on here Awesome Oh yeah, just stacking it up There is a lot of flavor in that filling, especially when it’s covered in the scallions When you dip it in this slightly spicy, slightly sweet garlicky sauce with all those fried scallions and chilis inside That’s awesome It’s a true street food mecca here in Hanoi Food everywhere Look at this little alley here We’re gonna see what we can Oh, what’s this? Look at this, this looks like a shrimp cake (speaking in foreign language) Awesome (light upbeat music) (speaking in foreign language)

Awesome, look at this I think that that is tapioca starch that she’s making it That she’s making it with And then they just get fried over here Nice (speaking in foreign language) So I think what it is is a tapioca starch with slices of sweet potato and shrimp deep fried Oh, it looks great (speaking in foreign language) (laughs) Okay, so we’ve got this tapioca starch I think I said something funny Oh, with this Oh, with these fresh herbs Oh yeah, yeah, look at that The chili Oh (speaking in foreign language) Nice Let’s try it out Mm Mm It just tastes like a fried batter in a sweet, spicy sauce We got a couple more big meals coming up Hanoi has been so amazing The food is incredible Way better than I expected So fresh, so complex, yet so simple at the same time It’s mind blowing Right up here I think there’s a famous escargot place cooked in lemongrass We’re sitting on the street It’s gonna be good What we stumbled into was a true delicacy Locals love these snails cooked in lemongrass, and watching them being made on the street is half the delight The snails are cooked in ginger, lemongrass, and kaffir lime leaves and served with a heavenly dip made of fish sauce, chili, lime leaves, garlic and lemongrass It’s completely amazing Look at those big juicy escargot And you can really smell the lemongrass It’s potent Wow Okay Beautiful (speaking in foreign language) Wow The lime and the dip Wow So the escargot, he just helped me pull it out The aroma coming from this is insane Oh! Wow That is incredibly delicious The aroma of the lemongrass is infused into these steaming, painfully hot escargot Oh yeah Look at that There it is Escargot cooked in lemongrass with all of these accompaniments I think this is kaffir lime leaves and shallot, ginger and chili, and the nuoc cham Vietnamese dipping sauce, which is fish, sauce, garlic, ginger, a little sugar, I believe, chili, and lemongrass, which is just, the flavor is steaming off of these escargot Mm Wow That is the most aromatic and flavorful sauce You could actually just drink that sauce It is so enjoyable The lemongrass, the kaffir lime, the ginger, the chili, the fish sauce A little bit of sweetness in there all in this amazing, amazing escargot That flavor will blow your mind Yes It is really delicious Okay, let’s see – It’s really good – It’s really good, right?

– It’s because the sauce It have a ginger – It’s good, right? – Yeah – You having a good day, Ting? – Yep – That’s the most important thing Good food in Hanoi, right? – Yeah – Awesome food After finishing up those delicious escargot, we made our way for our pre-dinner snack of pho cuon, classic Vietnamese spring rolls on the streetside all made by hand, one by one with beef, mint, cilantro, and basil To die for I really want to have some authentic pho cuon, Vietnamese beef spring rolls I think there’s a place right up here Oh yeah, here we go Awesome (speaking in foreign language) They’re making the spring rolls one by one Wow Pho cuon – Pho cuon – Pho cuon Look at those Nice I think the beef is marinated in lemongrass I think I can smell that a little bit And then they’re stuffing it with herbs, cilantro, basil It looks like Vietnamese mint in there as well Common herbs that we’re seeing everywhere in almost all the dishes we’re having Wow (light funky music) This looks so good It’s like the spring roll hotspot here That huge bowl of beef, all those herbs, one by one with those rice paper rolls Oh, they look soft and tender Pho cuon just came Look at this big mound of Vietnamese spring rolls Oh yeah, look at that And it comes with that dipping sauce that we’re having all over the place here It’s a sweet fish sauce with, I think that is green papaya as usual Oh yeah, look at this And these nicely wrapped pho cuon I have never had this before, so this is gonna be my first experience I can’t wait to try it out Oh, look at that Dip it in Let’s try it out Mm Oh Wow Oh, the beef is, mm Oh yeah, the beef has a lot of flavor It is really simple with those herbs Oh yeah Dipping it in the sauce there Mm Wow For our final meal of the night and something you must experience, we visited one of the thousands of family-run street stalls in Hanoi To me, the best part about eating in new places is without a doubt chatting with the local people And even with a language barrier, smiling is the best way You’ll discover that most people are just like you and me Friendly You gotta be careful crossing the street But the secret is to just keep at the same pace You don’t want to stop or change your speed because that’s how you get hit Oh yeah, right here (light upbeat music) (speaking in foreign language) – Okay – Okay This is like the street food bar Look at this Oh yeah. (speaking in foreign language) Oh, you can get a ton of different dishes here (speaking in foreign language) Different noodles, different rice noodle dishes But I’ve ordered the dry version because I am a fiend for dry style noodles Oh yeah, herbs Always herbs

Oh yeah, that is fresh Chicken, bean sprouts, cilantro, herbs, mint, fish sauce Just a little soy There might be some garlic water Oh, and the scallions The fried scallions And then a little broth Oh yeah This is gonna be delightful Ton of herbs, cilantro and mint (light upbeat music) (speaking in foreign language) Oh yeah, look at this This is gonna be superb Lots of fresh chicken Rice noodles, bean sprouts, mint, cilantro Mm Oh yeah And it’s in a light seasoning of soy sauce, broth Mm, and the flavor is gonna be enhanced from all of those scallions Let’s try that out Mm Oh Wow Very good – Very good – Very delicious That is really good Wow The flavor from the fried scallions really brings it up a notch All those herbs seasoned with light soy sauce and broth, a little bit of pepper You can also add chili and lime Mm Wow To me, gan ban, as they say in China, or dry style noodles like this pack the most flavor because instead of it being diluted in a soup, it’s all there in the bite All those herbs lightly seasoned Mm, you cannot get this is Canada Not this good It’s so good here Wow Mind blown You have a good day, Ting? – Yes, really good day – It’s been an awesome time in Hanoi We barely scratched the surface, but the food has been mind blowing and my expectations were surpassed It has been so good – Yeah, we tried lots of food though – Lots of good food So please let us know what you thought in the comments below Click that thumbs up button and subscribe to this channel if you haven’t already Thank you so much for watching – Thank you