Deadliest Journeys – Philippines

Every day somewhere in the world, normal people risk their lives just getting from A to B In far off countries and isolated forgotten villages, our camera crews follow the journeys of those brave enough to travel in the world’s toughest, most dangerous and deadly roads Buckle up for a hell ride This is Deadliest Journeys The Head Hunters Road, or Kalinga is aptly named, considering all the lives this road has claimed. It said the spirits of the mountain still have a taste for human heads Christopher and his gang face the same struggle against the mountain every day Their job is to remove the thousands of cubic meters of rocks blocking the road in record time. So every night we move Further down the valley lies the town of Bontoc It has no airport or railway station The road is vital for its inhabitants If the Kalinga is blocked, the entire region is paralyzed And even this lady ‘s Snake Bone Charms are powerless The only means of transport in town are these peculiar, customized tricycles For longer distances, a four wheel drive or a bus is needed For passengers, it’s a challenging journey, to say the least Bus 532 with 20 years of service is about to leave one of the most dangerous roads in the Philippines on the island of Luzon It relays Bontoc to the regional capital of Tabuk, to the north through the Cordillera mountains. A tough road It’s been under construction for nearly a century But it still looks like a dirt track It takes almost a day if all goes well to travel, it’s 55 miles The buses are usually owned by the drivers themselves to maximize their return They have no qualms about putting passengers on the roof The roof passengers get half price deal since they’ll be risking their lives on the journey These guys must remain alert and hold on tight to avoid being thrown off or electrocuted Every time he takes on the mountain Ed the driver prays for a safe drive on this deadly road Terrible accidents have made this road infamous Mudslides have swept buses into ravines, killing dozens The rain season has just begun too, which hardly reassures the passengers But the travelers have a guardian angel to watch over them

Fernando, the assistant driver, scrutinizes the mountain and at the first sign of movement, he stops the bus To save some time, passenger lends him a hand On this arduous road, Fernando always has his work cut out The roads, other dangers of a deep ruts that caused the bus to jolt and shake nonstop, that could flip the bus at any time Being the guardian angel of the Kalinga route means working like a slave and being paid a pittance A battle between machines and the mountain thathas gone on for almost a century Despite their best efforts, Christopher and his team failed to clear the road in time The bus will remain stopped for hours At the moment, it rains almost six hours a day Water weakens the mountain and slows down the workers The slightest mistake can lead to another tragic accident Here man tries to live in

harmony with the mountain with mutual respect Even in death. Some tribes will not even dig into his bowels to bury their dead, so they attach the corpses to the side of the mountain As high as possible and as close to paradise as they can reach And before the eternal rest, the tired soul can take a break on these chairs Of the 45 miles and five hours, the bus finally arrives at Tting Land Some of the passengers are preparing for new ordeal The village is another seven miles away up in the mountains to get there The only choice is to take a wild ride home when a motorcycle taxi And the old bikes are usually totally overloaded Rode bikes with slick tires on dirt tracks equals forty five minutes of anxiety for the passengers Stones, cracks, rocks at any moment These guys could stack Tognetti. Yet without the motorbikes, it would be a four hour state climb to that village Uh, but by no means yes I mean, you’re not gonna make it Oh, we’re gonna make, uh, record But that’s a familiar recipe specifically for the program And I let tell why she made you Yeah. Yeah. Uh, yeah Mr.. They sued the bikers and around eight thousand pesos per month But not everyone is cut out to be the daredevil Boyka Here, the only flat area is the village square, and it serves as a training ground for the new motorcycle taxi recruits Jeffrey? He used to be a farmer, has been trying to master this motorcycle and a pair of flip flops and without a helmet Watari, the trainer, does not seem worried No drawn Marcus mcavan second, Ibar can make a move on mortara to do the naming and Mr Newman Pitroda Sorry, the instructor life balance can be learned Only one wife on the mountain roads, LaFell. Yeah Um, I like that too And then made that for you Uh, no, I’m not. I’m not that much You didn’t come in time Okay. Let’s go straight then Sheila, my Gresham from the Oh, yeah. You have a month week Okay. I just had to show you something Jeffrey Small is a little premature He knows that the dissent will be much riskier

Fine. I did You can do that in that kind of detail in grabbing me out of the car. Supine Uh, Jiffy Lube Lube. He had a room Mirotic and I knew Perino’s that he got it all So I have to go home So much of it Backing up on what I say have fallen Superorganism I heard that she wanted to get her ticket cut Back in the valley, the bus continues its route They’ve been on the road for more than six hours and are still a long way from to book their final destination After the 10 instead of six hours, the bus is finally back on a concrete road It’s the end of a long, eventful journey At the driver, Fernando, it’s now the moment of truth At the drive is very disappointed The bus is now half empty They won’t be making much money this on The book is crowded today at the Driver suggests we check out a strange character that’s in town for the weekend You know, you might need a hobby By Under a makeshift tent, hundreds of people listen religiously to this man He’s revered as a saint His name is Santino In this deeply Catholic country, people come far and wide for his powers to heal It’s always the same ritual before receiving the miraculous treatment Men and women are separated The men must take off their shirts assistance, then hand out free cups filled with water from a magical spring This is the first step. The purification of the inner body Something of a deep And then the second step is the mystical shower Santino sprinkles generous amounts of his holy water on each of the faithful to alleviate their pains He says he’s had the gift since he was a child, according to my mother Normally five of us have good health But I doubt one nagging apple nagging totally

Dion pretended like that And then after that, you know, I used techno healing I, you know, him knew nothing to give No. I don’t Nothing. I love There are many people in here that do not have permission to yeah, will be in love with the magical springwater, Santino says he can help even the most desperate cases under the Maintain Entire families awaiting the healer is their last hope I don’t get it It’s my day off as proof of his power for our cameras He takes a hopeless case Apparently the woman has been unable to walk without crutches for a long time, virtually confined to a wheelchair If she was a phony or a miracle worker, nothing seems to stop Santino and Jundi people No, not yet The secret of life is just behind him The magical water comes, in fact, straight from the city’s pipes They always like the water from the water You’ll have to give them water Live with the people, misunderstood what you’re seeing that they can be let you all go on their feet to get through it, just as they did for two months I think I get up and walk with this simple phrase and some well-placed miracles, Santino, whose business is making great strides