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(upbeat music) – Hi guys welcome back to – (All) That Youtub3 family! – And today we’re going to try some candy from – (All) Germany! – Deutschland! – (Mom) That’s right so what kind of candies did we get while we were in Germany guys? – Marzipan! – (Mom) Dump out the bag let’s see – We’ve got a lot – Ba ba da da ba baa – Ta daa! – (Mom) Yeah we went a little crazy with candy in Germany – Just a little bit Oh my gosh! – (Mom) We got fortune cookies in German! – So excited! – (Mom) So we’re gonna have to use our translator to translate those fortunes Okay we’ll save that till the end though What candy should we try first guys? – I think we need to hit it off with like a bang and try the sour candy! – This is called the flick and lick – (Mom) Since Ty bought that candy, he’s going to be the one to try the candy cuz he picked that out at the store – The sour lolli – (Mom) Oh, does that got sugar crystals on it – (Jordan) That looks delicious, I think that’s sour crystals – (Mom) Wait let’s see – It’s not that sour – Is it sour crystals or sugar? – Tyler’s just going maihem wait Ty- – It’s kinda like sugar sour – Sugar sour crystals? Yum! – Flick, wait flick, oh I think I, flick and lick – That’s all yours Ty – Okay well let’s move on to the next candy – (Mom) Okay Jake, which one are we trying next? – Yeah! – (Mom) Okay this you guys were dying to try since you guys tried treats on Jordan’s channel and you had tried these before – I want the first one! – (Mom) What are they? – Flake! – Flake! – (Mom) Flake chocolate, now these chocolates- – So good! – (Mom) well they’re flakey little bits of flakes – (Ty) I want one! – (Mom) And they look like lil logs but the chocolate just flakes apart – (Jordan) It’s so good It has like air in it, it’s so good – (Mom) Probably about one of most exciting things that you guys discovered right? – Best candy ever – (Mom) Is it so good? – Mmmm – They served it in ice cream at one of the castles – (Mom) Yes – And at Mcdonalds’s – (Mom) Yeah, McDonald’s had em? – I want a stick of- – (Mom) Oh! – Ty found his candy – We are gonna eat an iPhone That’s right, the new iPhone with a crack in the corner Cuz it broke when we tried coming here Who wants a piece of my smart phone? – I want a piece! – (Ty) I want a piece! – This is called the iPhone 20X Stop move away, move away – (Mom) The 20X is made of pure chocolate? – (Jordan) Yes – (Mom) What do you guys think? – It’s like, it’s just chocolate but it tastes kind of like nutty – Yeah it’s peanuts – (Mom) Is there peanuts in it? I don’t think there’s peanuts – Nein, there’s only hazelnut – Oh dad – So dad’s the one who’s gonna have a problem cuz Dad’s allergic to hazelnuts, oh no! – (Mom) Jake you were okay, you can have a- – You can eat a chocolate, there’s no peanuts, okay in case you guys haven’t, in case you guys don’t know what we’re talking about, Audrey and Jake are both allergic to peanuts and we thought we tasted peanuts that’s why we kind of freaked out, so I checked the ingredients, cuz it’s all in German and I know how to read a little bit of German, and it has no peanuts it has hazelnuts, which Dad is allergic to So, you know, it’s fine – Okay so we went through the chocolate, no more, there’s no peanuts in any of it So we just double checked but there are a couple that have hazelnuts, now David does get a little bit allergic to hazelnuts, it makes his tongue itch, it’s not as serious as Audrey and Jacob’s peanut allergy so I think he’ll be okay I don’t know whether, are you going to try the other hazelnuts? – Probably – (Mom) Okay – Probably – Smarties – (Mom) That’s what I picked out I thought that looked cool, cuz are they smarties like our Smarties? – No they’re like M&M’s, Ty and I had this on- – (Mom) Wait, they’re chocolate? – Yeah – (Mom) What? – (Audrey) You already had some? – You already had some? – (Mom) Smarties in Germany are chocolate? I thought Smarties were powdered? – That’s what I thought too – (Mom) Whoa let’s see, I wanna see what they, what? Smarties are M&M’s mind blown! It’s different tasting M&M’s, it’s not like M&M’s, it’s very different – (David) These are really good on vanilla ice cream – (Mom) And they’re very pastely See look how pastely lookin they are And they’re a little bit bigger than M&M’s but they taste- – You can taste the shell more – I don’t like it – (Mom) I don’t like these compared to our M&M’s nor compared to our Smarties, but these are Smarties! – This one has an assortment of candies,

we went to the candy shop and we just filled it up so Lot’s of candies – (Audrey) Can I try, I wanna try a tennis ball – I wanna try berry – There’s like everything, I say Mom tries these little brown – (Mom) Black things? – Brown squares cuz – (Mom) Black licorice? – Yeah it’s black licorice Imma try a froggie! Cuz they’re so cute! – I wanna try a tennis ball – (Mom) What do you think of the frog? – It’s really hard – (Mom) Is is Haribo? – Wow – (Mom) You got a tennis ball candy which is crazy lookin Tennis ball candy, what do ya think it’s gonna be like? – Oh that smells like licorice! – Oh it does! – The raspberry smells like licorice – I picked the black one! – Wait the, the froggies are really hard to chew But they’re good – This one too – (Ty) The raspberry! – It’s too hard to chew – Gum, it’s gum! Whoa! – (Mom) Is it gum? – It’s good There’s things inside! What? – I’m gonna try a black raspberry, we’re gonna go with some fruit – A regular, a red raspberry, smells like licorice – Good – Next up is cereal! This one’s called, Knusper puffreis mit mais – Yeah! I’m sorry anybody who knows German Don’t let Logan eat these – I want one – I just want one little pebble – You have to get a handful – (Audrey) Whoa! – (Mom) Is it trix candy? – Try it! – Not what I was expecting! – (David) Can I get a handful (screaming) – Mom’s face! – That is shockingly sour – Kay I’m gonna try a couple of em here – It, does not, oh – That would go really good with milk Actually, I think it’s kinda good – (Jordan) That would probably curdle the milk just saying – (Mom) That is so sour – I like it – (Mom) Wow that’s not what I was expecting, that’s not trix candy – I like the sour, I kind of like the sour bit, but the end – It does have some sour kick to it – (Mom) Way sour kick – That was like- – Like bleh – Yeah it’s weird, it would not be good with milk, it’d probably curdle the milk – I’m gonna try it with milk – (Mom) Kay so this far, which do you like better, Germany or England? – England candies are better – English! – (Mom) So far our taste buds are closer to England – England or American Cuz American is our – (Mom) Well true Okay so let’s try our next treat and hope it’s not terrible, bubblegum okay bubblegum that’s gotta be pretty safe right? – Here we go again – This was the one that Ty picked and it’s like oh it’s an American favorite, Hubba Bubba, yeah right! It’s cola flavored – (Mom) And you never know – Never heard of that – (Mom) like what if it’s like sour or weird or, give everybody a little piece – Looks like Play-doh! – Oh it smells good! – I like the smell – (Mom) Is it good? – I can’t tell – Now it tastes like Play-doh – The more I go the more I’m like oh spit it out – Heads up! – I’ll try a tiny piece I don’t really want to do much – (Jordan) It’s a really weird flavor, like I don’t even know – (David) It’s got cola but it’s a sour cola – That is like lemon cola It’s like lemonade with cola – (Ty) Now it tastes like cola – It’s not cola with lemonade – (Audrey) It doesn’t taste like gum It’s like disintegrating in my mouth – (Jordan) Mom does not like sour – I just don’t like sour! – (Jordan) What’d you guys think? – Tastes like candy cola, as advertised – It’s good, it’s better the more you chew – (Jordan) Yeah the more you chew it gets better – I think it would be better in sparkling water – (Jordan) I don’t know about that – (Mom) Better inside sparkling water? – (Jordan) He means like real Pepsi – (Mom) Next treat – Raffaello, Raffaello – Raffaello, this has got coconut on it – (Mom) Okay those, those are the little snowball candies that I picked out – Oh that means it has coconut cuz Mom likes coconut – (Mom) Yep – Odds are in your favor of coconut – I will skip – (Audrey) No one even likes coconut – (Ty and Mom) I like coconut! – (Mom) I love it! – I like coconut but I skip – (Mom) I don’t know if that’s what it is, I just went off of the picture on the box I gotta show the picture – It looks like coconut balls – (Jake) It looks like coconut! – (Mom) So it looks like coconut, I’m hoping it’s coconut – (David) I don’t think it is – Here Mom you can have mine – (Mom) Try it, let’s try it

Oh it’s Ferraro, so they’re the ones that makes the other chocolates, too – Aren’t those the ones that put nuts in there’s? – (Mom) Yeah, normally – Ferraro, oh – (Mom) But I’ve never seen these here, in America – It’s coconut! – (Mom) Is it coconut? – Ew! – It’s coconut – (Mom) Oh yes! – If you like coconut, you’ll like these, – Gotta try it – Cuz that’s all I taste – That means I’m not gonna try it – I taste nothing but coconut – (Mom) Okay so it’s crunchy with a wafer, it’s got coconut then wafer – Look at this – (Mom) Yeah so it’s coconut – Coconut shell – (Mom) wafer, and then creamy – Put it all in my mouth then ate it – It’d be good if it wasn’t coconut – (Mom) Actually, I like it – It would be good if it didn’t have coconut – And moving on! – (Mom) I love those! – This also is our favorite – (Audrey) Kinder surprise! – (Mom) Okay Jordan is so excited about these, she said that when we go to Germany, we have to get Kinder- – Kinder surprise eggs! And we couldn’t find any surprise eggs, we just found like the new Kinder thing that they even sell in America that’s like half chocolate half toy, but I wanted like the full on egg with the toy inside and it took me forever to find it and I found it at the airport and I got it Snatched it so fast – (Mom) We’ll see if that’s what you were thinking – It is Wait we only have a few, we only have- – (Mom) You kids each take one – Look at this Ready? – (Jordan) What’s the surprise gonna be? – (Mom) Don’t bite the toy! – (Jordan) Oh no Audrey – (Mom) These are not allowed in America anymore because our stringent safety – See look – (Mom) for children, they don’t want you biting and choking on the toy – But all you could do is you could just pop it open then eat it like this – (Mom) Yes that’s a good idea – I remember I had one – Well you could- – The yellow is different though, I thought it would be like I don’t know, brighter? – (Mom) What do you think, is the chocolate good? Chocolate part’s good? – I thought it was gonna taste different This is like a different Kinder egg, I don’t know – It tastes just like the Kinder egg I’ve always eaten – Really? It’s different – (Mom) Okay so – Mine tastes different too Jordan – (Mom) Okay open up your treat let’s see what you guys got – Ty got, a little koala bear – (Mom) Okay that’s cute – (David) And a big, I don’t know what these are called – (Mom) Oh my goodness, is that a koala bear or is that like the little lemur guys? – (Jordan) That’s a lemur! – (Mom) Those are lemurs, like on, what’s that show? – (Jake) Madagascar – (Mom) Madagascar – (David) Yeah lemurs – (Mom) How cute, I love them! – (Audrey) Dad, it’s a koala bear? – Jake got, a little lemur – (Mom) Aw, did you guys all get lemurs? – (David) And a big koala – (Mom) And a big lemur – (Jordan) You guys got the exact same? – (Mom) You guys each got lemurs? – (Jordan) No I got something different – (David) They’re different poses – (Jordan) I got something different – (Mom) What’d you get Jordan? – (David) Let me guess Jordan – (Jordan) I got- – (Mom) You got three toys? Oh wait, you got a toy broken in half – (Jordan) Oh I got a mini moose, then you put together with the big moose, like a little like puzzle, you put it all together – (Mom) Oh you got moose! – (Jordan) So then I’ve got a big moose and a mini baby moose – (Mom) How cute – (Jordan) So cute – (Audrey) I got my favorite animal! – (David) A lemur? – (Mom) Which is? – (Audrey) A lion – (Mom) No way! How did that happen? – (Audrey) There’s like little grass that goes with them – (Mom) You even got props! – (Audrey) Yeah I got props! – (Jordan) What? – In the jungle, the mighty jungle – (Mom) How did you seriously get the lion – It was meant to be – (Mom) How about we try Dad’s treat? – My treat? – (Mom) This one, that we had to go to Salzburg, Austria – Took us four hours! Four hours! – (Mom) Four hours on a bus to get those treats – And you can’t get the kind that have red wrappers because if you get the red wrappers they’re not the official Mozart candies – (Mom) And they’re everywhere, you can find those at the airport, everywhere These you cannot – You can only buy the Mozart candies at Salzburg – (Audrey) Salzburg! – (Mom) So we went and saw Mozart’s home and this is where we got those candies, not at the home but in the town – We got it in his home – (Mom) Not in his home – So really this is not even a German treat, this is an Austrian treat so – (Mom) These are Mozart chocolates – These are Mozart approved – (Mom) Yes – He came back from the grave and was like I approve – (Mom) Start his own store – He wrote a symphony and he said I think I’ll make some chocolate – This has hazelnuts in it – (Mom) Hazelnuts – It smells like peanuts galore – (Mom) If you’re unsure don’t do it – Dad, hazelnut! – (Audrey) Did you try it Jake? – It doesn’t have peanuts – (Mom) Good? – Dad it has hazelnuts – Has hazelnut? Hazelnut! – (Mom) Do we like these? – I don’t know if they’re worth a four hour bus ride – I tried a tiny bit and I didn’t like it too – (Mom) Each way! – Yeah each way so we spent a whole day in a bus to get Mozart’s candy – I scraped a tiny bit off of my teeth- – It’s very peanuty, but it’s hazelnuts, not peanuts – It’s very very rich It is good – (Mom) These were the candies that our tour guide said

we must pick up and try – She said if you’re gonna go to Austria, and you don’t get these, then you really didn’t- – The middle is marzipan – (Mom) Oh my goodness – But it’s better marzipan than that other one that we tried – (Mom) That totally tasted exactly like peanut butter – Yeah! – (Audrey) That’s why I’m not eating it – I tried- – (Mom) It’s like a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup gone wrong – Yes! – I smelled it and I was like, no – Marzipan! – (Mom) No, I am not excited about this marzipan – I’m so so excited, I think this is the lime version – (Mom) Because Jordan has tried marzipan in her German class and liked it but we tried marzipan and it was gross – I actually didn’t try it in my German class, everybody else in the class tried it but I didn’t because everyone was touching em with their hands and- – (Mom) Oh yeah germaphobe duh! – And it was covered in chocolate just like this and everybody loved it Except it came in little bars not like a full on circle like this – (Mom) I think they’re fooling you because they were just starving and hungry for lunch – Probably, everyone loved it, so I don’t know what’s going on – (Mom) Everything’s good when you’re hungry Okay you got it sliced? – Yep we’re gonna try it now And I don’t know if this is the actually the like original marzipan or if this is like lemon marzipan – We’re gonna see what your reaction is – (Audrey) Yeah let’s just see Jordan’s reaction – (Mom) Let’s watch Jordan and then we’ll decide whether we want, except she’ll go, oh this is so yummy! Only if you eat it all! – Yeah right! Wait til she swallows it No you pass it to them first – You haven’t said one word – It’s so good – It’s so good? – Oh I smell coconut! There’s coconut! – (Mom) Oh I like coconut – Mom, yeah it’s coconuty Try it – (Mom) The green makes me think key lime pie but I don’t think it’s key lime – I want everybody else to try it then I will And eat it and swallow it – I don’t like it – (Ty) I’m not trying it! – (Mom) Wait I got paused (beep) Oh my goodness that was worse than the marzipan that I’ve tried before Okay imagine wrapping Play-doh, that’s gone a little bad, in chocolate It is terrible Jordan – It has coconut in there too – It doesn’t have coconut – The texture was nasty, it tasted like baby food with chunks – Except it, it was like, not even Play-doh, Play-doh would taste better than that! – Ew! – (Mom) I don’t even know what that was, that was horrid! – Mom’s homemade- – (Mom) That was gross! Okay, not good, boys you were right, you should’ve not tried that – I know – We should’ve just let Jor just keep going, okay! – No I was trying to chew slowly but – The marzipan’s good it’s the bittersweet chocolate that sucked – (Mom) No – That’s what it is, oh it’s the bittersweet chocolate – (Mom) Okay guess what time it is, it’s time to try fortune cookies and just, it’s in German I wanna see what your fortunes are and somebody needs their phone so we can translate – I got it! I got this! – This is my fortune you ready? (speaking German) – (Mom) Okay German fortune – (Jordan) Okay let me translate – It seems like it’s a quote – Audrey’s fortune is is John Gidman in plastor? No, he’s a marbella That’s what her fortune is! – Do mine! Do mine! – (Mom) Well through Google translate that’s what it is What does that even mean? I don’t get it And what’s marbella? Does it taste good or gross? – The fortune cookies are kinda like stale So I translated mine and it says in a football match, everything is complicated by the presence of the opposing team – (Audrey) Wow really – Yeah that’s what mine says Let’s translate Jake’s now And all I have to do is just take a picture and it should work Okay Jake’s says, here he plays his strength, and that’s exactly his strength His strength Kevin What? – That is Kevin strength – His strength Kevin Keegan, that’s what it says – What does mine say? – Dad’s says when I walk over the water, critic Not even swimming he can This is, this is according to Google translate so it’s probably wrong, but that’s what it says so – Google’s never wrong – Here’s Ty’s fortune If he had hit the goal, the ball would have been gone but he shot past – (Audrey) You failed Ty – I don’t understand German fortune cookies so if you guys are from Germany, please explain this, I don’t get it – I think these are themed around soccer – Yeah they are – Or football, that’s what it’s all about – It’s football in Europe – Yup – Soccer – Which was cool cuz we saw people watching the cup game – (Jordan) World cup – The world cup game while we were there But I don’t get this still, fortune cookies should have fortunes And this isn’t even a fortune based around the sport it’s just, what is it? I don’t even know, I don’t even understand the sense,

a statement – The cookie tastes good, that’s al I care about – (Mom) They said it’s stale – Yeah not to me – I think the cookie’s fine, it’s very bland – (David) Tastes like a fortune cookie – Alrighty you guys, thank you so much for watching, make sure to like, subscribe and share, and- – Hit the bell! – And make today an adventure, we’ll see y’all next time – Bye! (upbeat music)