54 Hours in Rajdhani Express !! Trivandrum To Nizamuddin Full Journey Coverage

Welcome to the second video of Rajadhani Express. We are on the way to Delhi If you havent seen the previous one, you should see it. This is the continuation of the 1st video Now we are at Uduppi railway station. We had showed you the views till Manglore in the 1st video We left from Manglore and now reached Uduppi railway station. Now the train is running 9-10hrs late We are travelling the 1st AC coach of this train. Its going to be beatutiful views in our further journey Our train is running on full speed through the Konkan railway On the left side we have Manglore Central- Lokmanya tilak. We are overtaking it and going first That train had reached here before us. That is caught there and ours is going first Our train had started 8 hours late from Trivandrum. Now its still running 10hours late Our coupe is G. Coupe is for 2 persons. I had shown all this in the 1st video Many had doubts how did you get a coupe. They tried many times and didnt get it When booking tickets there are certain priorities. There is only 1 1st AC coach in this train In that there are only 4 coupes and the rest are cabins. Only 24 people can be accomodated in the 1st AC coach Coupe are there only in 3-4. Where only 6-8 can be accomodated. Train is going in full speed now Priorities for coupe is first for VVIP’s like MP’s, celebrities etc Next comes for couples. I think we got this because I booked for Shwetha and myself from Trivandrum-Delhi Moreover its the full journey from Trivandrum-Delhi. If you have booked in the name of two men, you would get the cabin probably If you are a family of 4 people, you will get a cabin. You wont get a coupe. This is an intelligent thing I guess Everybody prefers coupe more because you can travel with complete privacy in a coupe The specialty of Rajdhani express and Dhurondho express is that food is included in the ticket charges You can select when booking food whether you want veg or non veg. You can even change it once you are in the train In 1st AC another specialty is that they will bring you more food if you want. I think it would be the same in 2nd AC and 3rd AC, I am not sure about that. Anyways these are the basic things. Now our train has begun to move We actually have lots to see from Manglore-Ratnagiri. But the train is running late and we will reach Madgao only by 7-8pm So we wont be able to see much of Konkan route beauties. That became an issue here or else we would have got to see lots of scenic views But I shall do my best to get what ever I can Our evening tea snacks have reached. Lets see what all are there

Two mugs Here they keep giving you food. The only thing happening in this train is eating and sitting. Thats why I go for a walk often Almonds Salted almonds. Might have 5-6 in it A sandwich. Kochori with sauce Tea kit and hot water. We make the tea ourselves and drink Anyway the menu is good. In the last video you had seen breakfast and lunch. Shall see the rest in this video Hisar-Coimbatore AC express is what you see. Our train is also somewhat like that That AC express also has food included in it like our Rajadhani express. Those coaches look so pretty The Konkan route is a single line traffic. So trains will be caught at some stations to let another train pass by The train stopped on the other side is Manglore central Madgaon passenger train. Rajadhani is caught less But it was stopped to cross a goods train before When you enter the tunnel, your ears get blocked. The train moves in full speed inside the tunnel The train is running in 100. There is a river here. Its so beautiful Karnataka and especially coastal Karnataka is a beautiful place. They came and asked us what we want for dinner They said continental food is available. So we have opted for that. A veg and a non veg We are running on 100 now and its so beautiful outside The tunnels here are nearly 1-2kms long. We are editting videos here. Taking the IRCTC site and checking the status of the train Most of the trains have food now. The fare would be included in the ticket fare itself Menurates.irctc.co.in website shows us which all trains serves what all food This is the normal trains food list. The menu for Rajadhani, Shatabdhi, Dhurandho express is given here In that 1st AC menu is shown here. As I had mentioned in the last video, 1st AC has a different menu from the others If the trains are running late what menu is to be served is also given here. They have mentioned all that here Menurates.irctc.co.in shows it all We are not at Sonavar railway station which is close to Murudeshwar. We have stopped here to let go another train That was the views of the station we stopped at. I saw the loco pilot buying tea and snacks and entering the engine Imagine their situation. These fast trains have continuous 6-7 hours of running without stopping anywhere

Like Kotta – Nizamudin there are many places like this of non stop running I keep thinking what will they do if they want to urinate or take a break for tea or coffee? They dont have anything in the engine. Not even a toilet. They dont even have an AC. Its so hot in there We are now standing out of our coupe. They are cleaning our coupe.Let them do their work well We have reached Karwar. Its the last station in Karnataka. Now we will be entering Goa In 1 hour we will reach Madgaon, Goa. The train is still running 9-10 hours late Shwetha is talking on her phone. We can speak properly only when we have stopped at stations So we have now finally reached Madgaon. People getting down here are saying they lost one day for their Goa leisure By the time I got down at Madgaon and came back, soup has come. They were filling diesel from here into both the engines and the generator too Now lets have soup Now the train has been caught at Karmali railway station.The reason is that someone is misisng from the next coach There were announcements inside the train asking him to reach his coach Nobody knows if he got down at Madgaon station or is missing! We are here for a while now Our dinner has come. Can I have a bottle of water too Lets see what the dinner is. We had ordered continental Wow! Noodles, pasta, cutlet. Great! I just hope it tastes good I too hav the same things but chicken with it. This chicken doesnt match with it They have served Bread, jam and curd too Thats good. I am first time eating this type of a variety food from a train We may have to have dinner from the train tomorrow also I think. The train is running that late If the train runs late, its the responsibility of IRCTC to provide food. So we will get food It might not be such a wide spread but we will get food. The noodles is good Our first day in the train is ending here with a tasty dinner. Their food is very good. They will make us in a way giving us good food First of all we are simply sitting in the train so you feel hungry too. But the food is very good. Todays lunch was a bit bad Dinner was good. Shall see the rest of the views tomorrow morning. We are going to sleep Expecting to reach Panvel by 4-5am. The train is running very late. We are anyways enjoying We dont have any other plans. The more it gets late, the more we are spending time in the train. So rest in the morning

Good morning. Woke up only at 9am. We reached some place called Ijadpur or so The train was diverted from Panvel to Delhi. We had reached Panvel at 5am I think We will take 24hours from Panvel. So the next 24hours is totally diverted. We are going Bhopal way I think Our Rajdhani is running on our Mangala route. We had a bath and became fresh in the morning The breakfast is ready here. Its bread, omlette, boiled vegetables, cutlet Shwetha is just going to have her bath. She said she will have her bath after having breakfast. Feeling hungry After breakfast I shall show you the views at this side. Its beautiful and the train is running on high speed Its running on 100+. I took a bath shaking in the bathroom. Rest after having breakfast If you want to see the speed of each train you have to come to this side. They are running n full speed A station named Manmad passed by in full speed. The people standing there would have got scared The trains in our place are an insult. Regarding trains, speed, apt and everything. You should see here and all Its in full set up. A train overtakes another train when its running. Thats great I got scared seeing the train coming. It slowed down to get a signal and then it took in full speed Its fun to travel in late running trains. Its stopped here and there. No priorities for Rajadhani and all No priorities by railway for late trains. The priorities are given more for other side trains. Look at this coming Look at the way it went. This was stopped for that to go. Full set up. Do you know how many hours late we are running? The gujjar agitation is the reason behind all this. They are protesting sitting on railway tracks. Some tracks are removed Lots of trains are being diverted, cancelled. Lots of loss for the railways We are now at Bhusaval railway station. This is not the route Rajadhani usually runs. Its the Mangla-Lashwadeep route

Seeing Rajadhani people are surprised. Lots of street food sold here. He is selling bonda and cutlets here Bought some bonda. We have been eating train food from yesterday. So thought of having a change Shall give it to Shwetha. She likes it a lot. Bonda for you You have more of bananas being sold here, buttermilk and some different items You get to see many different things in the Northern railway station platforms. Here they are filling water and diesel The second lunch from te train. Tomato soup is here. Its awesome! How is it? Its nice. I like it Railway tomato soup is awesome. I have heard a lot about it but didnt know it would be so good Now our lunch has arrived. It smells good. Our yesterdays lunch wasnt so good In non veg you have chicken curry. In veg paneer and some vegetables together. Dal and phulka Thats are lunch for today. I am uploading video in our train journey. If we dont upload then work wont move Even in the middle of our journey we have like editing and live uploading. These two, curd and soan cake are there with all the food they serve We are behind an express train now. No priorities for late running trains The train Lokmanya tilak- Alahabad- Faridabad is the one thats in front of us from long journey So what I understood is that whats running late goes late only. Brother is going calling to know about our journey We have another 12 hours to Delhi now. I think we will reach only by 5am. This station is so dirty People say the staions in the North are awesome. None of them are neat that I have seen Only thing they have some Premium trains. Rails are not neat. Its busy everywhere. Kerala is better in this case The train and railway station! We have left from Itarsi, Madhya Pradhesh railway station. I think we will be going to Bhopal now They are not showing the status online so no idea where to next. Anyways 12 hours from here to Delhi Our train was caught at Itarsi and 2 trains running to Delhi was left to leave. A Chennai-Delhi and another one Those trains run through this route. They have to cross at their time itself. So we were stopped and they were left

So we have reached Bhopal Habibganj railway station. I am seeing all these places for the 1st time. Its all because this is running late So we are able to see such places too Our last dinner today in this train. Its our second dinner Vegetable biriyani for Shwetha and Egg biriyani for me. I think their chicken would have got over Very nice biriyani Shwetha. right? Having very good biriyani from a train after a very long time. Its very tasty. The food is awesome Its not like the normal biriyani. Its very tasty. The menu is like this today because its under the late running menu We will reach Delhi tomorrow morning. They came and collected their tip and went. Its written you shouldnt give tips but to make them happy everybody gives them There are very little people who havent given them. We gave them 200/- but they took 100/- more Its ok. They have made us happy. There are people giving 50/- or 100/-. There would be people who dont give too. Thats upto them If you want you may give. Its upto you. So we shall sleep now and see you at Delhi tomorrow morning Rest from Delhi Our Ernakulam Nizamudin train is standing on the other side. Look at the people getting into the general compartment Like that we have reached Delhi after a long trip. We took 52 hours to reach here at Delhi Nizamudin Railway station We were supposed to reach in 42 hours and it took 52 hours. We started 8 hours late but reached 21 hours late No point saying anything. Its all because of the Gujjar agitation problems. I would rate Rajadhani journey as 7/10 It can be more clean especially the bathrooms. I am ending the ratings with the bathrooms Shall see you all in the next video with some Delhi attracitons. We wont be exploring much of Delhi But shall see you with a small one Rajadhani video was one of my dreams. I have been wanting to do that since long. That has worked now Thats why we spent so much money and came here. So see you with another video next time. Till then bye Its very cold here