Sounds, Sight Words, and Add Within 10 Part 2| 1st Grade Reading and Math | Teaching In Room 9

(soft music) – Hi, welcome to Room 9, our region’s largest classroom I’m Mrs. Williams I teach first grade in the Windsor C-1 school district That’s in Imperial, Missouri This is – Mrs. Forth Hi everybody, I’m from the Rockwood school district I’m excited to be here with you today, as we learn a little bit about reading and – Math – So before we start, we really want to know – Where are you? Are you near the airport? Top golf? Are you out at Six Flags? – That’s where I live – Yay Are you near the magic house? Closer to the zoo? Maybe you are close to the St. Louis arch, or the Mississippi River It’s where I’m at I’m a little bit south of St. Louis in Herculaneum near the Mississippi River – It looks like we have friends from all over St. Louis joining us today – Thanks for joining us guys – Very exciting Let’s go ahead and start with our welcome home I’m going to point to the words, feel free to join along with me, as I say them, ready? Welcome, welcome, everyone How are you today? We are so glad to be with you learning math and reading too – And speaking of how are you today, we need to do a zone check Before we get ready to learn each day, we check in on our body and brain Really smart scientists that study brains know that happy calm brains do the best learning If you are in the green zone, that means that you are calm, you are happy, and you’re ready to complete your work, help others, and reach your daily goals And this is the hand signals So if you are in green zone, show me you’re green and good to go If you are in the blue zone, you might be feeling a little slow and low today You might need to draw a picture, get a hug, or think some happy thoughts to be ready to learn Your hand signal will look like this If you are in the yellow zone, maybe a little frustrated, anxious, or maybe just really excited in a good way, but not ready to learn yet So you need to take some deep breaths, get a hug, or talk to an adult that can help you be ready If you were in the red zone, you have flipped your lead Your hand signal looks like this, and you’re probably not learning with this right now You’re very angry or upset about something, you need to stop, get help from an adult, take some deep breaths, and check the size of your problem So show me your hand signal Are you green zone and good to go? I hope you are If you are blue, yellow, or red, choose one of our strategies to help you get ready to learn – You guys ready to get started today? All right, before we start, let’s do our Room 9 chant Can you read this along with us? Okay – [Both] I am smart I am kind I am brave I am – Me – Hey readers Welcome back I can’t wait to get started with you today Let’s start with a game where we use our ears to think about the sounds that we hear in a word We’ve done this one before So if you’ve been with me, you might recognize this game If you’re new this week, I know you’re going to love it It’s rollercoaster We’re gonna pretend like our hands are a rollercoaster and we’re going to go up and down, but we’re going to pay close attention to what sounds we’re hearing when our roller coaster is at the very top of the coaster, okay? So we’re going to go up, think about the sound we’re hearing, and then come back down Are you ready to try it? The first word that we’re going to say on our roller coaster ride is cat, ready? Say cat, and let’s say it on a rollercoaster, ready? Cat What did you hear up here? The ah sound Good job Next word, bed Bed What’d you hear up here? Eh, good job Do you know what letter makes the eh sound? The letter E, good job Okay, get on your coaster Next word, kid Kid Ih Good job Next word Shrug You shrug your shoulders? All right, get on your coaster, ready? Shrug Do that one again, that’s a longer one, isn’t it? Shrug What do we say up here?

Uh Good job Next word, wig Say wig Up on your coaster, ready? Wig What’d we say at the top of the coaster? Ih Next word, jam Hop on Jam J, ah, m Good, alright One more word How about top? Say top Up on that coaster, ready? Top What did we say right here? Ah, great job Did you notice that every time our coaster was at the top, the sound that we heard was a vowel sound? Remember vowels are those special letters that belong in every single word A, E, I, O, and U A, E, I, O, U Those are your vowels Good work Okay You know I love practicing sight words, because sight words are those words that we see over and over and over again in our books And it helps if our brain can just remember them and say them in a snap, that’s right We want to make sure that we know these words in a snap, so we don’t have to sound them out and say all the sounds and try to figure it out They’re words that we’re going to see a lot so we just want our brain to remember them quickly Okay so we have a lot of words we’ve been learning and I want to go over them with you again today, okay? So I’m going to say the word, you are going to echo Remember to echo is to say it right after me Okay, are you ready? Here we go Look Can See I A Me At The You My Is Here Great Those last four words were the four words that we are learning about this week Those are our new words You, my, is, here I want to practice those words a little bit more since they were newer to us yesterday, okay? So in this activity, I want you to pretend like you’re writing in the air We’re going to write these words in the air Yeah, super fun We’re going to say the word, then we’re going to spell the word, then we’re going to write the word, and then we’re going to say the word one more time That’s a lot of directions, isn’t it? I think we should start with a word that only has two letters, okay The word is, is, say is Now let’s spell the word I-S, now we’re gonna write it in the air, ready? I-S You do that I-S And the word is, is How about this one? My, what’s the word? Let’s spell, M-Y Let’s write it in the air M-Y What’s the word? My The word is you, say the word Now let’s spell the word Y-O-U Let’s write it in the air Y-O-U The word is, you Here, this word is here Say the word Let’s spell the word H-E-R-E Let’s write it in the air H-E-R-E The word is, here Remember, when you see any of these words in a book, remember they’re your snap words And you want to say them in a snap Good work today on your sight words guys Okay, so the last word that we did on our roller coaster was top Will you try it again? Top What was that sound? Ah, yeah

And that reminds me of what the feed me monster wanted to eat this week Remember the feed me monster wanted words that had the ah sound in it Do you know what letter makes that ah sound? Yeah, the letter O So I thought maybe we could practice making some words that also have that sound in it Do you want to try it with me? I have some letter cards We’re going to use these letter cards to build some words If you have letter cards at home, this is something that you can do too, okay So we have the letter E, we have the letter O, the letter D, we have two P’s, an S, and a T E, O, D, two P’s, an S, and a T Really quickly to get our brains ready to make some words, I think we need to say the sounds that each of these words make, okay? E, eh O, ah D, d P, p S, s T, t Good job Okay, the first word that I want to build is dot, say dot Okay, let’s stretch it out and see if we can use these letters to build the word dot Dot Now it’s like a robot Dot What are you hearing first? Now what do you hear? Dot Great job readers What do we hear at the end? Dot T T, that’s right Let’s check our work, ready? Dot Dot Good job, all right I want you to change something in dot to make it say, pot Right now it says dot, but I want it to say pot Hm? What should I do readers? Definitely doesn’t have the d sound anymore, you’re right Change the d to p, to make pot okay Let’s see Pot Pot You’re right Okay, ready for another one? Looking at the word pot, I want you to change it to top How can I change pot to top? And I’ll give you a hint You don’t need any different letters All the letters we need are right here How can I change pot to top? Help me, tell me It’s like a little switcheroo You’re right Change the beginning and the ending sounds Let’s check, top Top Good job Okay, I want top to now say pop Pop Pop That’s not right Get rid of the beginning sound, and change it to a p Pop Pop Great job Okay now I want pop to sound like this, ready? Sop Can we change pop to sop? Okay S, that’s right S, sop Hey, ready for a challenge? Stop Stop You say stop How can I get this to say stop? Stop Hmm What’s missing in there? Stop Say it like a robot Stop Stop The T Stop Stop Stop Stop Great job One more, okay Ready? Pots Hmm Earlier, you built the word pot But what if I want to write a story that says I had two pots of beans on the stove? Pots How can I change pot to pots? What do I need at the end? That’s right, an S Pots Pots Great job readers

You did so good at thinking about all the sounds that you hear, and helped me build a lot of words with that ah sound All right, I want you to take those smart brains and go use them for math I’ll see you next time – Thanks Mrs. Forth All right, guys It’s time to get our math brains moving today And we know that before we get growing our math brains, we like to do a little mental math, a little bit of a warming up So we’re going to be counting to 20, and let’s see how we’ll count today Oh my goodness Get your eyeballs ready We are doing the blink all the way to 20, ready? Here we go One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20 Blinking while counting is kind of silly Let’s go ahead and count back Here we go 20, 19, 18, 17, 16, 15, 14, 13, 12, 11, 10, nine, eight, seven six five four three two one Wow I wonder if I felt, it looked as silly as I felt All right Well, today by the time we’re done learning together, you’ll be able to say I can, you say it Add numbers to 10 You say it Using tens and ones Yeah, so we’re going to be making groups of 10 And let me show you why grouping by 10 is so important We’re going to count by tens and we’re going to go to 50 Ready? This is how it’ll work 10, 20, 30, 40 50 Did you notice how fast that was? It took us less time to count to 50 by tens than it did to count to 20 by ones So making groups of 10 is a super cool strategy to add numbers together It’s speedy It’s a faster way than counting by ones So let’s go ahead and talk a little bit about that Last time we worked together, we were using 10 frames to add, but today we’re going to be combining numbers using tens and ones And right now, may be scratching your head a little bit and saying, well Mrs Williams combine, what’s that? We haven’t talked about that before Ah, but we have If you hear me use the word combine, it means the same thing as add So you remember how we use our pretty plus to add, combining numbers or combining ones and tens to make numbers is just another way of adding So right now, you know how to make a number bond, use 10 frames, and counters And now you’re going to know how to use tens and ones to add Oh my goodness, guys, we have so many different ways that we can combine or add numbers together to get our sum Right now you’re saying sum, Mrs. Williams, what is that? Sum is just a word that means the answer, or the whole of the number Let’s get started So let’s say we wanted to add three, and one more Do we have enough to make a group of 10? Nope, not yet We have one, two, three, four So three plus one made four That was pretty quick, wasn’t it? I thought so too So let’s make sure that you have your paper and pencil or your whiteboard and marker ready And I want you to draw a great big plus sign on your paper Label this side tens, and this side ones Now you can just make dots or circles for your tens and ones and I’ll move the disks for us So let’s just say we were going to add four plus three So four ones plus three ones Show four

Two, three, four Plus three more One, two, three, four Whoops, I was only adding on three I tried to make that number bigger on you, didn’t I? All right, so let’s check and see what we have now One, two, three, four, five, six, seven Did you see that four ones plus three ones made seven ones? Do we have enough for a group of 10? Nope, we don’t yet So we’ll leave our tens disks where they’re at, and we’ll put our seven in the one spot So four plus three gave us seven Get it got it good? All right Let’s try another Let’s try this time, five plus two So five ones plus two more ones Do it right now, I’ll give you a second Do you have your five and your two? Let’s check and make sure, one, two, three, four, five, plus one, two So five ones plus two ones How many is that? Did you say seven? Yes Five ones plus two ones make seven We don’t have enough yet to make a group of 10, but that’s okay We’ll get there Let’s try eight plus two Do it right now while I get our board set up Remember it’s eight ones plus two more ones Did you notice something special about this one? One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, plus two more One, two Hmm Do we have enough to make a group of 10? Yes Hey guys, one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, 10 We have enough this time to make a group of 10 So I get to trade my 10 ones for one tens disk But right now you’re probably thinking, well, that’s pretty cool Mrs. Williams, but how do I show that? So our eight ones plus our two ones gave us 10, and we got to trade for a tens disk So now, how many groups of 10 do we have? We have just one 10 disk, one group of 10 How many do we have on our one side now? None There’s zero Do you see what number that made? So eight plus two gives us 10 Whoa, that’s so tricky And let me tell you why this is really cool because next week we’re going to be working on numbers up to 20 So we’re going to be trading for some tens disks Let’s see what that would look like This is kind of a little bonus, it’s a sneak peek of what’s going on next week All right So, let’s just say we wanted to add nine plus four Go ahead and set it up

One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine Plus, how many more? We said four more, right? One, two, three, four Do we have enough to make a group of 10? Two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, 10 So we can trade those guys out for a tens disk, and check our big number So now, how many groups of 10 do we have? We have one in the 10 spot and one, two, three in the one spot So nine plus four, or nine ones plus four ones gave us one 10 and three ones What’s that number? 13 Great job guys Wow, that was some seriously big math You guys have been working hard to grow your brains I’m so proud of all the learning you’ve done today, that I want you to make sure that throughout your day, you use your channel, your Room 9 rules Make sure that you’re being safe by keeping your hands, feet, and objects to yourself and washing those hands You’re being responsible by taking care of yourself and your things, helping out around your house and doing your schoolwork, that you are being respectful by using nice words and a nice voice no matter who you’re talking to, and do what your teacher and your adults ask right away Also make yourself proud, do your best to follow our Room 9 rules, and that will make you feel warm and happy inside I hope that you have a fantastic day, and that you keep on growing your brain See you soon (soft music) – [Announcer] Teaching in Room 9 is made possible with support of Bank of America, Dana Brown Charitable Trust, Emerson, and viewers like you