Dynasty Heroes – Legend of Samkok – Tips & Guides for Beginners – MUST WATCH

Hello Guys, today I am going to talk about this game – “Dynasty Heroes” This game was released in English/Thailand Version a few days ago There is a Chinese Version and a lot of people have been playing I am playing Chinese Version for two months now.. I am not a good player… I am poor I am not rich and i don’t spend a lot of money in the game No matter you are spending money or not.. there are a few things You need to know and it will help you a lot in early game No.1 – Choose your Nation…As you know, there are four nations in this game Each Nation will have their own heroes So you need to choose a nation that you want to play Because each nation is having their own strategy They are having their own skills/combo So i will suggest you to read through the details for each nation Forget about all these things Just read the first three okay And i don’t recommend the lineup shown in the system I will show you a photo of Lineup for each nation Here… you can go buy these Lineup for each nation They are being used by a lot of people I just made this table yesterday and i know it is a bit messy and some heroes are Dark because i don’t have them yet So these Lineup are popular Lineup…. And one more thing is Forget about the Red Heroes Some people think that they are Red So they are the Best.. I will just use all red in my team Then i will be the best team Well, they are very good and at the same time, they are very expensive In Chinese Version, Even people who are VIP 11, they only use one red hero So i will suggest you to use only one Red Hero And you have to use one Red Hero in your team So No.1 – Choose your Nation And focus on only one Red Hero alright And i will show you a table here If you want to breakthrough your heroes from +5 and above You need the same heroes in order to do that. So If you are using many red heroes… Good Luck If you want to breakthrough to +10.. you will need a total of 17 Heroes Well i don’t know… you can do some calculation here One Red Hero = 9600 Just calculate and you will know how much you need So my suggestion is to focus on only 1 Red Hero And as you can see in the photo All your heroes don’t need to be the same nation Some heroes are being used by different nations because they are support heroes They are very good. So that’s why you will see them in different nations Alright…. so choose your nation No.2 – Two best support heroes in early game They will make your early game easier You can use them in the late game also First is this girl “Xiao Qiao” A lot of people will use her in the late game also Because she is just a really good and cute support…. If you click on her I suggest you to read through her particulars.. She has a lot of support skills

Okay the main thing that will help you in the early game is the Artifact – her weapon After using the skill, she will provide invincible shields for two allies So it is invincible shield + Lifesteal Well you may think that it lasts only one round Trust me.. you don’t need too many round to win a battle Okay normally after two or three rounds, You will know who is the winner already…..Okay the weapon will be unlocked at Level 46 And you can start to collect and upgrade it to +25 To have the skill…. It will take some time and it is a very good skill to have I will help you throughout the game… so try to get this girl first And the second support is this boy… Yes he is a man Same thing here.. if you go to his details – Talent +5 After using skill, provide invincible shield to one ally lasting two rounds Well same thing but he doesn’t give you lifesteal and can last for 2 rounds Alright so let me show you some Gameplay So you will have the basic idea what is the invincible shield Here Erh now you can see the shield already The shield will make your front line hero to be more Tanky and not easy to be killed And it will make you easier to get three or two stars Alright… so let me just change to another hero to see the difference Okay so now i don’t have the shield already let’s see Well, as you can see. That is what i am talking about okay So get these two supports and it will help you a lot Imagine if i don’t have him, i can’t even pass this stage… but now i am already at stage 30 So…. get these two… For “Xiao Qiao”, you can use her in the late game also But for this guy, unless you are play Nation “Wei” In mid game or late game, you can change to other hero No.3 – Try out the four men team – Fantastic 4 As you can see, i am only using 4 heroes I am not using all the six heroes The main reason is because of the resources… trust me… in this game, You will never have enough resources… So instead of using all on six different heroes I will just use it on only four…. and it will make my individual hero more stronger So that’s why i am using four heroes A lot of people are using four heroes… but if you are already using six heroes Then you have no choice because you cannot remove hero after you deployed them Okay if you are just thinking to play this game or If you are planning to play in new server I will suggest you to try out four men team and you will see the benefits For me, i am using four men team… i have two supports and one DPS Same to you, i will suggest you to use two supports and one DPS

In this account, i am playing Nation “SHU”. So that is why i am using “Zhang Fei” Let’s say, if you play Nation “WEI” Then you can use “Zhang Liao” as your main DPS and he is a combo skill with “Zhang He” If you are playing Nation “WU”, you can use “Gan Ning” He is a really good DPS. He can do a lot of damage Okay so, you can use “Xiao Qiao”, “Zhou Yu” and “Gan Ning” for Nation “WU” “Xiao Qiao” and “Zhou Yu” are combo If you are using “Han”, i will suggest you to use “Jia Xu”. He is a very good DPS and people are using him throughout the game okay.. so try out the 4 men heam Number 4 – Collect all free resources Just now i already said, you will never have enough resources So it is very important that you buy all the free resources Let’s go to shop and go to Gear shop I will suggest you to buy all the Refined stone okay…. you will never have enough unless you buy with your money I will suggest you to buy all the stones because there is a limit you can buy daily So just buy all and buy the Gear Essence, orange stone also One day, you can only buy 10 pieces.. and one important thing is Don’t use your orange stone to buy purple gear or legendary gear Well you need to buy legendary gear but not these Purple gear… you can get it from the story Just save the stones.. because one day you can only buy 10 pieces I will suggest you to buy these Nova legendary set As you see, they are having the extra buffs And you can upgrade them to Red gears When you reach around level 90 or 95… i am not sure So these red gears. the other two orange gear set You cannot upgrade them… so just buy these nova set and buy all the free stones For the treasures also Just save your points and buy the orange colour only… don’t waste it on Purple Well for treasure, you don’t need to buy the stones In late game, you will have a lot of the treasure stones…. so only buy when you need And buy the orange treasure first And then go to the legion shop… as you see, i bought all the stones This breakthrough pill also…. as you saw in the table i just showed you will need a lot more breakthrough pills in higher stage So if you have extra resources, you can also buy these pills Ok so buy this one also…. buy this also… and this… so if you have decided Which nation you want to play… just buy the hero shards that you need And as i said, you should only focus on one red hero Let’s say you are playing Nation “Wu”, and You are focusing on “Zhou Yu” and it doesn’t mean that you don’t need to buy “Sun Ce” You still need to collect him…. because in future It is Level 75 if i am not wrong….. if you have extra “Sun Ce”, you can convert him to “Zhou Yu”

Okay so you need to collect both even you are only using one alright so… No.4 – To Collect all free resources everyday And don’t anyhow spend your resources No.5 – Use your main resources on only 1 DPS For me, i am using “Zhang Fei”. he is my main damage hero… And i am using the best things on him so that he can do more damage… and next one is “Xiao Qiao” Okay it is very important. Just use your main resources on your main damage hero…. okay i will show you a short video later You will see a lot of old players. they are focusing on main damage hero They use everything on him and their DPS can deal a lot of damage Okay let’s go…. as you can see, on the right side, his power is 197Millions okay so the right side is having higher power than the left guy The only difference is four men team and full team And you may want to ask why “Xiao Qiao” is having different look The appearance is different… Well when you reach level 95 You can actually upgrade your orange hero to red hero That is also why you don’t need to have all red heroes in your team At the end of the day, you can upgrade your orange And they will change the appearances Alright…. and there is another video that i want to show Ok so somebody has shared this on facebook I think it is a very goood video…. so just want to share it It is the same thing. you can see how much damage their DPS can do Alright same here… The right side is having higher power So that’s what i want to show you Focus your main resources on your main DPS Hero And then you may want to ask why they can attack so many times And they can kill all enemies… well some heroes They have their own talent that they can attack continuously But for most the heroes, they are using the insignia It will be unlocked at Level 58… There is on insignia, It allows your hero to attack one more time if he kills the enemy May be i will make a video about this also…. Okay so this is Point No.5 Focus on Main Damage hero No.6 is very important for the beginning of the game No.6 – Redeem all gift codes

In Chinese version, i think we have around 30 – 40 gift codes.. some people are sharing in the game In whatsapp… and some people will collect all And share it online… so we have a lot of gift codes In English version, i think we are only having a few i will put it in the description Well if you are already playing the game, you may already use the gift codes But i will just put it there. it is around 9-10 So go collect it.. especially If you are thinking to play in a new server, then the first thing you want to do is To redeem all the gift codes… and come on… they are free Okay so that’s all i want to share in this videos In summary, this game is really nice to play They are having new features from time to time Not like the other games which you will feel boring because they don’t upgrade their game But for this game, they are having new features So it is a very good game… And one more thing… If you are not super rich people, Don’t don’t don’t spend too much in the game Okay guys thank you for watching my videos… I will be doing more videos Don’t forget to subscribe and click the “Like ” Button I will see you in next video! Bye Bye