Talkin Really: Part 3 Thai Relationship, visitor visa, refusal, solicitors, plus other stuff

you why is that I wonder one two one two Danielle with it come on you haven’t done anything yet 500 speak and easily continue croppings done no you can’t we know you’re hiding

yeah well a laugh now I haven’t no helps out it’s not working properly livestream helps green so maybe it’s not six o’clock it is now eight o’clock yet is that right you could hear me I don’t know just turn your volume up you shouldn’t be able to hear me go away it’s not six o’clock yet one two one two

stand by to receive our transmission big welcome please or auntie right it’s time to kick ass and chew bubblegum and I am all out of gum hello I don’t know if we’re working or not just this whole thing was working earlier and now it’s not between that time and now we are not so welcome the webcam is the one with the audio because that microphones not working and haven’t been able to get that working now I can’t turn the volume up on it anymore unfortunately it’s some annoying too but have to do it for now and I’ll just have to shout so that I look at the chat shall we see what we’ve got chat window huh okay so welcome everybody and so welcome welcome welcome welcome you got my intro oh thank you so we’ve got smart hope – I typed Marc – in you can have to change your name mate because it’s really confusing Jamie it’s not my bedroom ceiling now sorry and Simon hello Thank You Russell you obviously found the mute buttons I did find it Thanks yeah I didn’t realize that done that you could still hear the sound so that’s a learning experience I think it’s healthy you have to look at why I can’t get my volume from my microphone and it doesn’t even appear in the list and volume for OBS I’m using OBS tonight if you won’t Bri where are we all at the comments we’ve got you love that intro that was a cool intro yes it was I spent hours on it well 10 minutes anyway your name is easy it’s easier that’s red might be easy for you to say five marks went anyway very good I hope that’s all right for you I really like the idea of having to chat up on the screen there because some it just saved me having to sort of read you out a little bit and of course then people know what we’re talking about it was an idea that I saw one only help videos to tell you how can you how to do OBS and he was doing using that with the chat window on it it’s not OB in OBS I’ve known no idea of what it stands for but it’s a software for broadcast so you can do cool things you know and you can

have things like this freeing that we’ve got now we can sort of change it we can go to any the previous screen between my lovely seaside haunt there you can sleep and it’s so simple to change between between them so you can do various things with it did I do now I really have to put a topless picture you and your top this thing I don’t know you’ve got Peter up B people being bare bare chested good-looking men so yeah irelia open broadcast software so it’s a open source software as well so it’s free 3 2 3 2 2 3 t news breathe use yes and pretty good I’ve got a little thing set up for later on we’re not to go to the toilet which I should probably need to go to the toilet because I’ve got a little drink this time some of some of the green stream effect isn’t 100% because I cannot really what I want is some lights and what have lights in here and I’m back in my office so all of the kit is in my lounge sorry in my studio so no Simon I’m I’m better than some pastry on the Sun so and then where I’m worth more than that as well maybe I should do it for a living get me old dumb man boob flap already run you own that then public I kept me man boobs that do you both give me wind down so I’ve been off I’ve been off to well was today well was in Somerset where I had Thai food a very nice little restaurant there and I said to him when I waiting I said to him you busy yeah and he said oh yeah yeah we’re really busy and I was the only customer by big box lights oh Shannon you mean you could become a bit of professional now on this YouTube bug but I may encourage you to go out and get a camera as well and start to blog so I don’t I’ve got no idea cuz I don’t know I’m got the window open for the YouTube so I’m on OBS so I don’t know how many people we’ve got looking probably better I don’t know so if there was anybody else here is there anybody here is there any party here does not made themselves known then hello how are you welcome this experiment hopefully we’ll get a good outcome I’ve got me little y on me I mean the little green thing down the bottom there that tells me whether we’re whether we are okay or not and it’s been green for wild cousins ready every now and again I think that’s the Internet Virgin Media okay so we’ve got nine which is pretty good pretty good I’ve got have got to admit pretty good especially for when I start journaling not dribbling dribbling and talking about complete dribble in actual fact that was in the restaurant I’ll have a firm B I call you pump e because I can’t say pump oi yes you’re a ninja practising your stealth yes cheers to you mate having a little drinky-poo

stand right and I thought it’d be quite good it’s been a really hot day today in werewolves and drawing around all around town and into the cathedral and then into the tourist Newseum the world’s museum and I went in there I said how accessible was it and they said it’s not so I turned round came out again they they were quite good actually they point me in the direction of other places that I could go and I had a quick zoom around the cathedral and Wells is actually the smallest city in the UK so it’s well worth a visit especially a tourist because they were really hear me off today they were all within a way wherever I went there they were and as a whole crowd of these foreigners are spending their money which is what we want but yeah I don’t even see YouTube but you should you know you should do I think and what did you do if I could do it in every camp so we run – scream – this entire restaurant snake and I was talking to chappy and I said oh where are you from he said I’m from near the border I thought that really helpful nice but which one now no not Lau Cambodia or whatever it’s called mouth no no meat down down south what Vietnam No so what we’re we’re Pattaya oh yeah I know where that is is it near attend everybody chance he said yeah well why don’t you bloody said it in the first place idiot so as he I shouldn’t say that because he’s probably watching this now he come I was making the YouTube just really good gaff which will probably be out in September sometime it’s really good fear tooth really yummy Ifugao Tom Ian and I Tom Yum Goong and I had Coppa which was a count pat we have some chicken and some prawns and I think they were something else in there but it was really good reasonably priced bit on the high side for for a lunchtime meal considering that I was the only one in and they are really really busy and as I was coming out with restaurant after there was a whole load of Thai women they obviously were living here because they spoke really good English so see when they telling me to get out with anyway oh speaking of September hope a video yours come that on the 17th or written before why is that then tell me more tell me more I want to know what video well there is Annie wait I don’t even know what day that is let me tell you what Sam what’s coming out I’ll tell you what’s on the 17th of September 17th of September cause it’s Sunday that’s a Sunday that’s no good for me kappa yea i am kappa it’s PAP PAP is pronounced a count but it’s hay h8m kao that’s cow Pat and Patty’s PA D usually can be spelt however you like but it’s basically fried rice so your boot day on the 17th oh happy birthday to you oh no not I want to ask how old you are you’ve probably only about 21 so so you enjoy watching videos from new tubers you find entertaining well that’s gratifying I so you obviously find me entertaining oh

well never mind I’m trying to entertain you tonight yeah that’s good well you know I got where we’re going to put in the dairy and we so it is just two months away you know we have to put in a diary and plan ahead and hopefully Hey oh it’s Go Go humming calm I was like ooh damn Brooks come on would you look at his website I’m on that and I’m with a load of other people of course hey Andy yes hello that’s me by the way my name’s Andy as you probably tell it says that one was on my screen in this graphical environment it’s free get pretty clever though pretty clever yeah we’ve got to we’re gonna carry on with the if you’re not too bored already we’re going to have talked about part three of my tie relationship with my wife on how things went along how we all go on and the everything really yep everything time for a drink though you have a trip but then I might need to go to the toilet that’s hearing from them I caught sight man you can just pop upstairs and just leave you hanging whereas I’ve got to go out there it’s quite a difficult journey it’s all a five-foot oh but maybe seven foot but you know I took the air hose now I’ve gotta turn the chair around I gotta get up I gotta walk over there to me business I got to come back and I can’t really do it that quickly so I thought they’d have an advert for it so little filler a little filler which I thought I’d put together we go I thought you might enjoy it later maybe so oh gosh really cold as well yeah I’ve also got water just in case ready get me Cooper ready yeah right a little fill her yes right okay well you can’t read that so I don’t need to I don’t need to read these anymore it’s really good clever I’m glad P but that’s pretty good so you can all win so together you can talk to each other and I’m going to look at it I tell you what you can do then if you’re going to do that then put when you want to put a message for me then put the @ sign and E and then put the message because they know I will see it and now I realize that I gotta read it so you can chat away Simon’s moderator so he’ll sought you out if you’re naughty when you say naughty things so where were we we were actually in the situation of her my wife my lovely wife got going back to live in Thailand whilst I was here and this was a period from October until the following April 2 factor following April was feed I believe that was the first of my series of Thailand blogs idea so Sarah’s warm and I was using the Canon yes for videoing and had they tried a very awkward tripod and other things that really didn’t it didn’t really help very much it was very cumbersome however yeah we got a good a good series out of it now hoping that the I’m trying to speak loudly because the microphone is on the camera unfortunately so my plan to have this fluffy mic didn’t quite come off because the obvious isn’t seeing it and I got to

find out why so we applied for a new visa we decided to apply for a new visa and of course I mistakenly went with the agent because because I’m an idiot and I didn’t know any different and and it wasn’t until we got there and found out that the visa got refused Becky now May and 2016 and we had this message saying sorry it’s been refused and they will some three I was going to put am a picture up on there but I’ve forgotten to do it so but maybe I was a fun you can see the actual work refusal letter because it’s quite makes interesting reading actually if you’re going through the visa process then you need to know these things because it’s going to be a problem for some of you not all of you because the ones with money will have no problem whatsoever like our doctor friend dating my wife sister what the right note from yet and I am hoping from my well sister either so they’re also still in somewhere anybody you’ll get any brilliant Phuket could you go have a look on the beach and find out where they are so what do we do over the summer well I wrote to various people the I wrote to the immigration the Minister for immigration I wrote to my NP it was a complete waste of time I said that because he’s a Tory and the Tories want immigration to go down and the figure that they quoted was 10,000 per year which is unrealistic I’m not even going to go down that discussion root the whole thing is completely ludicrous so there was nothing I could do as far as that was concerned nobody bothered to reply he took when they did reply it took them three months and they came back saying the Minister for immigration I’m totally sorry but the minister is not get involved in individual cases okay you Andy why anyway you you didn’t Jamie you’re not he didn’t put the outside you’re going to put the outside so I know it’s me I’m not going to read these it’s just so you saw at the corner of my eye that’s worse that’s why I’m ready people I saw it like the corner of my arm so the only option was to do it this eight page where everyone’s 20 page form and send it off to the tribunal first tier first tier tribunal now I know I realize that I’ve telling you some of this that I told you last time because happy birthday happy Buddha Dame that yeah you can’t drink over there can you in Thailand if you’re there I never see you you’re not there then you can’t drink here alright you can always go into 7-eleven and buy anyway so it’s not as if you can’t drink in Thailand it’s just you can’t drink in bars in Thailand um yeah happy birthday thank you that’s very kind of me and I realize that I’m telling you some of this I told you last night so if you don’t want to hear it then you thinking you’re a second this is especially full of people who didn’t hear it and there’s probably nobody cuz nobody watching me Oh Steve Angus I know all right mate so yeah lovely chat with you today I didn’t read out here I shouldn’t really I should really read your message because you’re doing something aren’t you you’re doing you’re doing company what you say because I think really all

right who is it you do some fundraising Mac you click here for support Steve Angus Oh bowls season oh you a bowler okay well I think what you can if you would if you want to type a little message down on the chat window I’ll let you do that alright so put a little message and a link to you to your for fundraising thing alright I Stewart I’m sure any man who needs no husband quite right – yeah yeah I’m going to surprise somebody with a camera in their house I wonder who that might be Simon’s has some elitists day hasn’t he I wonder if they left a little secret camera in your hand Simon you better go run and check just in case you come you have missed it a little secret camera because you might be going live on on YouTube Itay what miss this nice dream Jewish gets worse every second I really don’t know why people are watching there when we had such wonderful things on telly like the lottery program and cold dark oh yeah sorry the media no worry because I’ve got no sound there’s no sound on OBS so you can’t actually hear anything at all from probably the output of OBS so I don’t really eight earplugs so no one knew now I don’t leave the mic cliping just in case eat that but I’m pretty certain ease the microphone on the on the camera on the webcam that’s why I’m about three or four foot away from the microphone which is why the microphone is sort of going up to about 50% and I can’t I can’t turn it up any more than that so unfortunately this is this is the volume that we’ve got so where are we um we are at the point of no return I wasted a whole summer and the annoying thing is everybody I talked to that summer I told them about my dilemma and how they all said to me oh that’s really sad why don’t you do this or why don’t you do that or you know I have not always watching always enjoyed watching your channel may not comment much but I leave you likes Oh cheers man ah thumbs up actually talking about I had a thumbs down and I hadn’t even started the livestream what’s up our there’s a weirdos about that rich white why’d you give a loan thumbs down way anyway move on move on move on yeah so the only option after being refused by the court by the first-tier well they wouldn’t even put it in front of a judge so I decided that I would go and find a solution I’m gonna find a solicitor and I’m gonna take these people to court myself well it doesn’t matter I mean confessed every point where all three of them and we’re contest is these points food a court because that’s the

only way I’m gonna be able to do it so I went on down online I look for some but for people that keep immigration I thought if I’ve got a few that would be deep immigration and I emailed them you know email and it was like three pages long with loads of evidence and half the time they turn round say yeah we we can’t do it but maybe read blogs could do it I know wherever every so moving on know the Remo – Fred Blanc’s Fred Bloggs shown and said now we can’t do it why don’t you try so-and-so Yeah right we’ll try them so this went on for ages you know this was like ridiculous go from place to place and then I found a couple which they said yes yeah we’ll we’ll have a look at it for you Oh one of them I still can’t believe that they had they had the cheek to tell me how much they charge and it was 1,200 pounds per hour yes I’ve said I came for you just in case you missed it 1,200 pounds per hour I mean that’s gonna be I know I can’t work out how much I in a minute but that is true that is just too big so even though I found one that would do it their charges would ridiculous I think then your seat now you’re thinking back three three videos you told us you’ve got no money left yeah you’re quite right because what I’ve done I’d actually had a bit the shifty from your papers and when I was doing my renewal for my house insurance he April from Aviva 1204 a solicitor to do my case for immigration to contest immigration BA from that so just going through my paperwork I found this thing Authority don’t worry well if you sent me the link I’ll put it in the video description if you want to you can do that and I’ll put it link there later so a beaver has insurance which I which I had a few years now and I think look at it I have the paperwork I need look at what what it covers and I should come as legal expenses I thought what legal expenses just brilliant I don’t know much about that so I have no one beer how county judge it was just saying that what if if somebody facility dope was charging and 120-pound in our that would be quite expensive average between 80 and 200 so 1200 is taking the Mickey slightly alright just let’s see him I mean it could be that they decided they wouldn’t they didn’t want to they don’t want the case and they didn’t want me to they won’t be won’t just help me know and why cuz everybody else did or they just wanted to rip me off cuz I had said I had in the email about the insurance so maybe they thought well he’s equally sure and such point will claim alfie insurance company yeah that’s a run 1200 yeah that’s brilliant idiot sale anyway so this insurance was some legal expenses I thought brilliant

I could go to court it won’t cost be anything except my no claims bonus which it was great I think so going to court rounded quit I yeah I’m gonna chicken dinner chicky dinner with her unfortunately but as you say to me um well I did bring up I didn’t bring them up and I said look please tell me is this true can I use it for going to court for my yeah to contest my wife’s visa and they went yeah breathe come along with it yeah we do bring us up when you’re ready to click oh wow this is brutal fantastic so I carried on looki okay no looking and obviously I found loads of nose and but I did find a couple of yeses and and when he got down to the nitty-gritty of it in the end I came to the conclusion that I couldn’t get some free advice nobody would offer me a half an hour or an hour free say so they all wanted money they wanted 200 quid or whether it would be for them for them to tell me they can’t do it so even the people that said that they would take it on they wouldn’t take it on for free to start with so I’m thinking do I really want to spend 200 quid for them to tell me no and I thought well I can’t really just 200 quid for nothing so in the end I thought this is banging my head against the wall how else clan how else can I do this the only other way was to change Chuck actually go down a different route a different route that wouldn’t involve it would not involve immigration directly and the way that I went was for me not for my wife dude to contest the visa to bizu we have to accept that the visa was refused okay and they’re not going to change their mind on it because they were already already guarantees that they will not change that took their mind unless unless I’m dead and my wife is coming to my funeral if that happens then she can come here no problem but until then up yours they don’t change that mind they don’t care so having talked to somebody about this idea I thought it was a very good way to go and the way that I went in the end was to go down the article 8 human rights act of the European Convention which obviously the UK subscribed to at the moment I mean they may well trunk it remit because they’re tourists and they’re idiots and but later on obviously we’ll see what happens cuz that was where as he’s telling me EU at the moment so it’s fine oh how we doing how we been going for nearly 40 minutes actually I’m going to go for a toilet break so I’m gonna play you a tent my my toilet break thing so I’ll be back in a minute okay you white right there I gotta take a leak oh that was so rude what up take all right that was quick wasn’t it I I managed to get there and

back in time it was really quick coming evade I think that’s it go anywhere ha I would never have made it Bucky’s a blank screen forever no I mean it was just fun really I just saw it playing around with it I’m glad you liked it yeah it was it was just my sense of humor is I used to do a community radio show obviously yeah for many years I did this show every though I like comedy but excuse me better out than in as this one I had obviously that was that was audio only that was no video is really good cuz I can do I can I can do little videos on that I should have loaded that as a video yeah perhaps I might yeah yeah I just yeah it’s quite good and I’ve got other ideas I mean like I say I will do two more by really at that time yeah the last livestream was Thursday so I’ve only had one one and a half days ready to play around with OBS and get things up glad you enjoyed that um so where are we doing again you missed it who wants it again but yes if you want it again if you want to gain I’ll play again but I need to see loads of lessons alright so you want to see it again thing I might do it in a minute alright so but yeses and we’ll do it again in a minute and you know I’ll actually go for a good good with it for real so solicitor and go down the route of article wait now article a is there about my feelings and how I yes I can make a pile of file up those and I think that will you’re probably right it probably will go ballistic we might be running my my get thumbs down you never know there’s only there’s only one yes so far so we bought yeses we need more yeses if you won’t see that little clip again then you need to give me a guess thank you very much so I think wait I haven’t got the info because I was going to put it on there on a slide that was one of the girls I was gonna do but never got round to it’s all about me and how I might my feelings of it works you know I had the right to have a wife in the country I have the right to have a decent life you know a human right right Zack you know what about your human rights and it should be so really really the way to go is not trying to context– the the refusal but to accuse her of doing away with my human rights because that will be if they easy to

prove because because they’ve refused my wife to come here we haven’t got to prove that the refusal was wrong we’ve only got proved that my human rights are violated and hopefully what we would get out of that will be the compensation package which will be nice because then I can afford to well either I can even afford to go for another visa or I can afford for me to go there and leave either way it would help me out so that’s what I decided to do there’s still only one yes Shannon we need more than one yes not from you oh no there’s two yeses San Diego and Shannon can we get more yeses you know anybody else watching is pumping still here do you want to laugh again pumpy who else Steve Angus do you want to see again oh yeah look do I need to see yes on the on the chat window not just two now so having found a couple of solicitors that were willing I decided to choose one so I choose chose one from London and she appeared to be Barry Barry oh sorry sorry five not doing that’s three that’s probably our entire audience has she to be fair and cuz there’s probably only about five watching anyway that’s fine don’t worry about it right okay so we’ll have a little drink you can watch again so if we’re all ready are you ready little countdown all right countdown okay that’s four people that’s my entire audience so four three two well you wait right there org or take a leak oh that was so rude water state even though I can’t hear it he’s still funny so he was away and plate that wood plate back to what you said and yes okay always preferred Luigi yes okay so well done I hope you enjoyed that oh my god meet me at Facebook just got was a baby right so I decided that I would engage this lady and then we get engaged I mean engaged as in guests do it um a lady up in London and she was very very enthusiastic about it she was like whoa you know very drawback that I could see what no it wasn’t really draw back because it would it would actually mean that she would be cheaper um she was a trainee solicitor alright so trainee solicitor and obviously done then it has a word for cheap so I’m lucky with that I mean she was very keen to she was all about human rights act no she was all about my

rights and and it it would give me a really good case and everything so I was very happy with it so I said awesome I’ll get hold of my insurance company and I’ll tell them that you are engaged in this in this batter and that they could deal with me directly so I I was like jumping up and down for joy I was thinking whoa you know we’re gonna do is over here we’re gonna get some money we’re gonna get loads of money I know buddy all right Harry Enfield will be cutting it in his grave we know he’s not dead yet but yeah whatever those are money see down I must stop doing that because every time I do that I lose my train of thought that’s the one all that all that now not sure not sure what you’re referring to I’m sure you tell me oh yeah duplicate cookbook the app sign for me that sign if you don’t talking to me then don’t put the outside it is for me that’s something cuz I’m lookin but I’m not lookin um yeah so I must stop going off with her on the tangent because I keep on forgetting where I am so I ring up the Aviva and I say wow I want to make it clean oh yes what’s it all about then I said what I bring up your office a few weeks ago and I ask them can I can I use the insurance for my wife’s immigration issues and Rios and I’ve actually changed tack I’m going to go for my human rights they’ve been Bruce and I’m not a happy chappie because there are a bunch of clusters in the Immigration Department I’ll retract not know what they are a complete bunch of bosses and I’m allowed to say that it’s freedom of speech in the UK and I can say whatever I like and I don’t need to worry about it so YouTube police will come and get me and are you sitting down because this is what they said we’re really sorry but you cannot use your insurance for that matter oh I’m never making that thank you now I don’t know how I kept my cool but I did mention to them that I’d had phoned them before to check oh no they were wrong to show you that if you told them exactly what you wanted it for they would say go you could well I said why is a point of having legal expenses insurance if you can’t use it for legal expenses and then they went on earth about something or other like yeah irrelevant waste of time things you do helps conveyancing or you know things like that but nothing really useful so big devastate really to be nice very bit bit really really upset because they’ve just taken away my glimmer of hope and I was really really annoyed about it now what happened in the next few weeks my solicitor did not come did not give back to me they disappeared off the face of the earth and I had no idea why anyway I sent an email saying where are you I’ve got some bad news for you and I

never heard and you’ve never heard living back at all never heard anything left in a while two or three late terrific weeks later I eat no word again I said look I need to tell you what percentage chance is that of winning how much is likely to cost how much money would I win and all of those questions so basically I was trying to figure out if the whole thing was a complete waste of time and if I win I’ll get ten quid or if I learn if I win I’ll get half a million I don’t know so because what um what I was after was if I’ve got an idea say it was gonna cost me five thousand pounds or maybe ten thousand pounds to go to court and I would have won maybe half a million then I would have gone to my mother or my father or my on my bank and I would have burrowed five thousand or ten thousand pounds and I would have burned it and I would have paid for it myself because the outcome of it would have made it worthwhile in my opinion and I would have had a whole load of money to pay back the bank for my mom or my dad or whoever and I would have obviously been able to then afford to group Stan and to live or ha will have a visa by by a problem but by a residency visa which he’s done around about a thousand pounds to buy you don’t take well the the visa applications about a thousand anyway so I need to hear back I didn’t hear back and I was thinking well this is a bit weird cuz she was really really keen I thought what do I send another another email or do I leave it and that’s it and I had a call phone call yesterday and a phone call yesterday and it was hello I’m your to the heater but I’ve got some news for you I’m not being very well I’ve been off work I thought okay well fair enough um she said as a result of that I can’t I can’t do your case anymore because I thought what what are you getting rid of me she said yeah basically I’ve got a backlog of work to do I can’t do any more oh good bye okay so as of today I am back to square one I would note solicitor no prospect of of court no prospect of beginning income a new a pay up no prospect of a visa no prospect for young to Thailand in any shape or form and in the near future so that is it basically we are up part three with no outcome no no no good outcome I mean I did I didn’t warn you that’s why there wasn’t a very very good outcome and I really don’t know don’t know which way to go now because I’m doing do I go back to looking for a solicitor again and then have the problem of being told that they’re charged 300 panel an hour wearing really I’m looking at trying to fund this mites bundle bit myself but I have a problem of no money and I would have to actually borrow the money this we’re sort of effect on here or is it there there this weird effect is because

my week though if I put my hand there you can see the windows the Sun is coming in the window and it’s making my green screen go all weird so so you know that not only give me a shout I know a guy who could help me with their issue okay Jamie I will thank you late now Jamie bit late now wait a bit loud bit late so I think we’re back at square one where no no further forward the Immigration Department are a complete bunch of tosses they really don’t care about anything a pop from money and yeah I mean I’ve said last night that I could sorry about last night I said last livestream that I could if I wanted to continue to pay a hundred pounds of time for a visa at migration that would get refused and I could keep on doing that for years and years and years I’d never get anywhere and I keep I gave the example of this later I know of with a farang husband and she’s been trying to come to the UK for five years and basically they refused every single time so now the husband has bought her a house in Thailand and he just goes back was appalled was to Thailand basically because they never they never going to come here they’re never gonna be able to come here ever and it’s only gonna get worse with with the Immigration Department making cuts on numbers as I said to you last time the the high the high failure rate is deliberate and they have to find the reason somehow to be able to refuse you and they will follow anything had talked and I gave several examples of the types of questions they asked the ladies so they were asked you know which side of the bed you sleep on you know why do they need to know that I hate sleep on the left side of the bed because I like your left side anything else what’s the name of my parents how would she know that she has met them yet and maybe I’ve told her but to her their mum and dad the same as when I’m there I call her mum mum and I can work that dad well she’s obvious really cuz I don’t know who they’re their proper names I know I cuz they got two names on me they’ve got the nickname and the full name and to be fair I don’t know either of them and these speculating meant to say quote immigrations apparently are a bunch of toasters well actually I could say allegedly allegedly the Immigration Department are a bunch of toasters but it would be a bit late because I always said it it says any questions anybody wants to ask me about a VAT they said quite happy to answer those to give yourself a little bit of the rest because my my throat is rolling again I’m gonna get a day’s rest with my throat – it’s um it’s not been very long and because with this on microphone being up there and loving to speak louder but I would do you know the v-j a bear were to hear me cuz normally I wouldn’t wouldn’t have to do that but if you ask him ask you a question no nobody wants to ask me any questions oh good I’ve got YouTube mad cuz I am a YouTube

creator and I just thought it’d be quite nice it’s my wife younger than me yes yes she is 43 I am 56 I think as we have the opportunity to date a 35 year old I’m sorry for you get short weed out yes I won’t yes I mean I don’t know by that which side of the bed do you sleep I told you earlier if yeah you have to rewind be yeah a livestream hey this is pretty good Nick what is it I’m on a clock I get my hand to go over there subscribe but I know that Thai shirt yes sorry just people are saying the chat think we’ve gone it’s back now and yes is another tight shirt I bought this Songkran I bought this that’s pretty good actually if you wanna buy a t-shirt I still have the Thai shirts not this one is it this is mine but I have the other ones that you can purchase there is a there is a video and Simon can you go and have a look at see if you can find the product review video for the time shirts for me and drop the link down obviously I came prepared for this today so yeah highly professional livestream as normal any more questions there okay I was good I’d say Jamie if you want to rewind it I’ll give you a clue we drive on the left so I sleep on the left don’t song tonight basically because of my throat I can’t well I mean I can’t sing anyway but it’s really so remember and um I’m sort of struggling so you know we’ll have a short life screech are they from not doctor hours by the way how is that how is the love street going is it going alright because I keep on seeing the red light come up I don’t know if it’s like choppy we’ve got 10% dropped frames if I look a bit women live live for 1 hour and 18 minutes and it’s using 3.6 percent of my CPU Oh any more questions guys no girls I do enjoy this so it’s pretty good and this oh yes it’s quite good too and when you get your head round it and later on what we do I’ll cheer suddenly yeah that’s good and there’s a link for the video for lee tae seop’s product review oh by the way it was done a long time ago using my canon in my lounge so it might not be very professional I like to think I’m improved since then I went back I looked at some of my old videos as well from from a year half ago they’re rubbish they aren’t rubbish they really are no wonder I’ve only got 466 subscribers and people come and have a look at the

video and then they unsubscribe oh it’s a thing for a poor channel is that where I get some money you like my my t-shirts yet I I’ve got those of these and they look quite cool where C and B where people wear these when you’re in tainment they wear them and for some gram which is clean water festival every year April it’s busy Thai New Year it’s like our new year but in April and they have a water I believe it’s to celebrate me harvest and the rain that the race coming down because it’s the start of the races many season I believe so we round that but everybody gets their water pistols out and they were around shooting and complete strangers chucking button bucket full of water over them it’s really good fun I our family home we had a pole outside in in the road and basically just kept on jumping it and checking water over people as they vary by on that bike yeah yeah tell me buy one get pretty free unfortunately not the case but Simon you have some free competition shirts ticking away don’t you you’re glad to hear you’re going to a nice Bremen and give away some shirts any problem is that people will gonna pay for postage on me because there’s a lot of them it reminds you a Hawaiian shirt yeah yeah they are very similar you can find them on the market I think it was like 100 bar or some really really cheap really good I think we had the but maybe maybe turned it but nothing you like for quit oh four or five quid for a shit Robinson I think I’m used to much I’m a woman bye dick what men shit they they do they do do ladies stop but I am Danny here do you barter for lowest price oh I didn’t always you mean when when you’re when you’re out shopping yeah I I can repay where there’s the price because they’re not making much money anyway yeah so it’s always so yeah we briefed or rang we are there ones with money but they all know that we all know who you are if you’re poor if you have money and it’s okay and is that some people say you should really go down the market you should hybl but to be fair is really cheap anyways so what a point yeah you can buy a kilo of prawns for three or four hundred baht you couldn’t do that in the UK ah you know crap I think was three or four hundred bar Aikido when when my wife was here we went she won’t eat crab and we went we met – we hit the only place that we can get it around here was Waitrose and

they had a little tiny tiny trap and it was like 12 quid for one crab I thought not buying that again that’s expensive and then one of the trips we were down in Weimar for somewhere and and they had a market and they’re like a market stall with with crap on it a shop or something like that down on the key we bought keno there but it was still really a lot of money you know seafood in Thailand is cheap for a fellow quid maybe around that for a kilo it’s pretty good even in conking we were paid that price so it’s not as it continues anywhere near the sea but yeah it was still through three or four hundred bar yeah Shannon I wish I had money too shall they get mobile I get mobile a now surely there’s a question for you Shannon Shannon Shannon some up in Scotland so it would probably kill her the heat because they’re not used to it did Scotland it’s really really hot at the moment it’s about 33 and my do today we had about twenty six in the UK well it wasn’t really really really hot it was reasonably hot um so you know going to turn that is a bit of culture shock as far as heat but as they say it’s a different heat you went six months ago for once until like ten trip and now I’m saying from second trip how good for you mate yeah once in a lifetime to it I the idea that two years ago and I married a time luckily I’d only eat it up so every way you can afford to go for a second trip see save might be money I presume that you will go somewhere in the region of pathya or Phuket or somewhere like that by then again you might sobriety you might tell me that you’re going to go somewhere not touristy Steve two heat kills him yes but I think once you get used to it then it’s okay and if you if you if you do what the Thais do you thank you have a flippin umbrella I think I need different glasses I can only read that one it’s quite hard to read I can’t make it any bigger either yeah but autumn and winter is not much different to do summer is it you’re still talking about thirty plus and twenty or night so it’s still I mean when I was there every day every time I was there we’re we’re we’re sat around the table nine ten o’clock at night and still twin to your degrees I mean my my t-shirt and they’re all putting their billy coats on because they’re too cold and they what they want me to turn the finals and I’m saying no I’m sure up and they’re going to cut with you cold ah good old Phuket yes they love um a doctor down there and moment and my work sister so if any

wreath down that way maybe they can give them a shout all you got to do is look for the woman that looked like my sit my wife because they are the same they look the same my sister’s obviously oh yeah I don’t think Scott them we’d ever had the 80-degree who would it I’m not sure but I don’t think he’s ever gonna with over 20 odd maybe I’m wrong maybe you can tell me yeah 20 or degrees at night it’s reasonable it’s quite nice yes a bit chilly if you’re in the wind I always see where where where that happens then they obviously just put a little jacket on begin to get me to go as bad as the tie family do they put coats on they walk around with coats on it’s crazy crazy yeah I’m allowed to say that because they are my family and I can call my family crazy because they are completely barking where is part four well that’s an interesting question I have to decide how much Oh part four I want to I want to talk about since summer which isn’t isn’t really stuff that I want to talk about on there for personal reasons so twenties maximum in in in Scotland yeah bit cold San Diego I would never guess that you live in San Diego from your name sand sandy egg of I never with a guess at and you had twenty one last night as pretty more I can’t when the wait was last night yeah but it was important for quite warm and yeah we’ve been lucky little star two weeks because probably nation we can see the rate every day I think the rain is coming and when he say or Tuesday or Wednesday next week so when we back down to 12 or 14 or so around cold you have to wear a coat again dear me yeah well I’m 18 degrees at 20 in in Scotland I’ve never been I’ve never been in fact that I was saying this the other day I have never been above Manchester or Liverpool and what’s above that Blackpool I’ve never been blackballed what’s above that um come Priya no I’m not been there what some over on the right other on the right side but the country then so leaves I’m not being other up in the leaves I went on a train well see that Wales he’s over that side anybody tell me on the right side of the UK so I’m level with Manchester and Liverpool yeah I should go but it’s a long way to go I’d have to go four to two or three days otherwise it’s a long way to go and I’m having trouble with my scooter today I Newcastle is Sunderland’s way a matter why I don’t you castle yeah that’s my

impression it’s pretty good yeah you’re right no way though innit so no Blackburn oh my god hello Barry welcome good to see you here Blackburn have I been to Blackburn no I don’t think I have just something a bit to tottenham a big Nottingham leaves I went to these for one day I I went there for a job interview I’m gonna say WTF all that way and then they carry on said we fuck did we pretty last night to tell them it wasn’t all I said you bloody well better be or I’ll come all that way thank you very much away – that’s a white yep Newcastle let’s go there actually they’ve got a very nice pretty something we don’t do some cat so why would you come you don’t have any Thai restaurants your way you got a Thai restaurant surely get a Thai restaurant there’s a Thai restaurant up in Scotland only one I know I looked it up so what else have I been oh where else Norfolk where I’m meant to Norfolk I’ve been to what’s that meat placing in Norfolk Peter Berg now the San Diego I wouldn’t bother coming to the UK mate only why is your money and your when you go out to the tourist places you’ll be paid 25 quid ticket to get in to a Stonehenge for example and I know some people are like you would be about that but I know he didn’t pay that that much there’s a biggest Thai supermarket in the UK on the world oh really alright I kid all right that’s what a good impression that was why would why would they have a big Thai supermarket on the widdle are there a lot of ties up there cuz that’s Liverpool yeah there’s a bit of a weird place to go to sell not Liverpool is not weird little boy whereas it quite nice that they’ve done it up nice and I took my wife up there to have a look and I was quite impressed because I many years ago I had family I hope to live there so we used to go to do we go to the we’re all quite a lot well once every three years I remember as a kid going up there my my cousins and pushing me around with my wheelchair and they we came to a hill and they let me go luckily luckily I had brakes cuz they just let me go lots of time home

live aboard Chester all right at the end of the we’re all there’s a big sea oh I wish I had a little video for that because oh my goodness I need to go good well very good was that’s interesting though maybe I need to move up move up and do some more because they bounce you have Thai restaurant font way Chester see Chester yeah I don’t think I’ve tried I am brew that’s bad for you that is my goodness me that sugar no I I don’t I don’t I don’t um I don’t drink Coke anymore only only in Thailand with me whiskey I don’t really I mean I’m not gonna be able to drink this so orange um I think I put too much like burn Blackburn right okay well that some yes i ID done I need you gather it would be people not restaurants oh wait yes you got a temple yes yes because ah yes a lot of guys go up that way yes because my friends who live here are not far from me that their two couples their wives they they obviously take their loads up there to the temple and I think the monks come down whenever we honor like a Thai festival down here there was one in back I did do a blog for it but the video had no video it had audio so the annoying thing was i dead easy dial video and he it played lovely and I could see the video it was really really good and when I rendered it no video just audio so I did it again thinking I’ve made a cock up and it did it again so I thought and I tried to play that the video the actual raw video I think okay it just don’t I don’t you so I had to scrap it it’s really annoying have you been to the date district no I haven’t I haven’t been off a little black black Oh Blackpool you told Simon before the temple is the pub that’s almost a meet you two putts of like and if I get crisps I remember that TV show a few years ago hmm yes I’m a dumb obviously I did this video I mean it was bad luck all day because he was in bath in the central part they’re in Queens Park and I took my scooter and I drove around the field with what one time and then I found out

that the battery was drained so there’s no way I could have stayed any longer anyway so I missed a lot of it I have been having trouble with it with the battery today I mean I did I think around the hole of wells and all around the cathedral and into the Thai restaurant there so I did quite a lot but it shouldn’t really run out like that and I barely got back the car is a slight pink pink line and I just stopped so that was a really good coach just one that me scooter I’m worried and happy about it because the people raised money for that I keep a crap and they weren’t happy about repairing it when the motors dropped out they said oh we’re doing that you’re okay anyway and training standards said that I don’t have to pay and they weren’t very happy about it so they put a new motor in but I I had a problem with the battery I told them about anyway and they said was tough you know come back it was like okay so if I go back it will be hope but you said but I see one I’m going to pick we can now go to the Motability Rochelle in Exeter so hover I have a video about that and I’m going to go and have a look at the the chairs the wheelchairs okay and see if I can call these on the wall the clip the I’ll flip a neck I think they call those fingers off top my head help me out somebody it’s gone anyway the thing we don’t know if you forward and back Oh sick way that’s it there segue so I hope they’ve got one of those there I can try again because I’ve really enjoyed that a really really good fun I for seven thousand pounds I thought I think it should be good fun but even so yeah a normal chair is only three thousand so and it’s not too bad as far as money’s concerned you know there are chairs that you could buy a ten thousand is the CBD and then any effect I run out I’ve ordered some more it was good to watch but too short you can’t wink anybody can’t win I tried I told you do you short videos because P was eight I was too young you can’t wash out now it’s like well I’ll do a short one this time no it’s too short but ya know that was a lot footage I had very it wasn’t much more footage I took because I actually turned the camera oh yes – yeah but that was that was there was a guy as he went going to cut that because I was filming blank space because I actually drove it round the back and he was it wary around the background I was driving it so you didn’t see so the actual segment I did was a lot longer I’ve done it for a good five minutes or so at least what I all did I do I own it from Steve Angus can you can you put a link in there or to help remind me who that was you you told me to order I ordered a spray I just say do some videos and if a person really want to watch it they can watch it yeah yeah that’s right well I normally I don’t I don’t I’m joking then anyway but the point is that I normally do I don’t listen to people

because um if a video is 20 minutes and I’ve done my best to chop it then it is 20 minutes there’s nothing I can do however when I’m editing a video I will go two or three times through I chop an idiot and this is why it takes three hours to edit a video because I’m trying to make it as short as I can but I don’t cut it out and no you don’t seen the other one not that one Shannon like someone’s each their own each their own so this oil is one milligram I’ve ordered one milligram spray it’s a liquid spray water water based spray so you put new math so I get older I was gonna wonder from the CBD brothers right which Steve has mentioned there but he also sent me another links to the other we have a lot I’ll do it from them because by the time the CBD bro us and nothing in stock when I looked and I know them I said look what what says any website with nothing in stock can you okay when you good you stop can you tell me what is the difference between a and B because I am no I’ve no idea they state they said oh we’ve got stock coming in and I can’t tell you about a beat because we’re not allowed to illegally we can’t so you can’t ask questions about how how it works or or which is best good you can’t ask for anything about it so I would live from the other place because the the the guy was some offering it slowly yet that’s the one yeah he was offering it slowly cheaper and I got more for my money really and I believe I got postage was only to quit he’s he on Facebook I don’t know they got website coming that’s called UK CBD I think something like that but so I haven’t had it for about a week now the oil um so it’s a one-off but I think it did last another week so I had it for four days and then the rest of that week so really good really got the benefit from it but to be fair you need to keep taking it and he does work well Steve Steve Zahn here he continued Steve Steve bought some and he told me that it works so it’s going to be good so he won’t buy something buy some I don’t think we do I don’t think we do no cost many of the US states have legalized medical marijuana we are in the dark ages as far as that’s concerned because of the because of it they they they can’t make any money out of it so they won’t they won’t legalize it cool so even when they do the guys like the superhero they can’t advertise it as a thinker as they’re not doctors got your stood a hundred mill Bob oh

that’s why you would that’s why you would lose one one one gram yeah tastes like coconut yeah it would do it got coming up Oh with it that’s what I was it was I think I paid sixty pounds including postage you’re going to tell me now that you paid less than that on you I can tell you yes I think I paid 28 pounds all right I didn’t know that Jamie that’s very interesting well so great minds think alike then state because that was after all of looking from the whole website up thinking what what do I need to buy I am in you’re a local pub yeah I suppose so I said you get an appointment with the doctor I dunno I mean I I was a seen looking at Alton I think was on Facebook it was an article in there about about CBD oil and they were saying that you really you don’t need anything above 200 milligrams don’t – you die see normal dose apparently I don’t have never had true days they sure they said only on the post so obscene you and me both ordered the 1000 milligram stop resume that’s a bit of overkill really but the good thing is you can’t get high so it’s not a problem he’s kind of get away and it’s not addictive but it does work apparently so we just have a quick we just have a quick blast so if you want to subscribe there is a button down there somewhere if you’re not already subscribed oh please do and also like and share just just try and get to 500 subs at least before I die because I’m getting old and decrepit no rude comments Simon thank you I think he’s gone to sleep Simon wake up he’s probably frantically typing down oh yes I’ve seen that show it’s well you know I’ve seen that I saw that on YouTube yes yes that’s really one of the other things that got me interested in it because I OH I mean I’ve had outlets appear on my Facebook page for a long time or because I talk about health why not so that video is quite interesting and I can say I don’t really know what I was doing I bought this stuff I but this from love him and I I just don’t drop her that would drop her I just thought yeah he said um six to 12 drops so I did I did let’s see six blocks and that turned out to be one one complete drop him where we call it flask

blast of oil in the dropper would you call those think it’s a dropper aren’t ly a drop that but obviously doing that three times a day and yes it soon run out after four days it was all gone yeah so well we are where are we we are we are two hours earlier because I had 10 MIT’s life oh that’s annoying that I like them might know what I’m half of me I’m disappeared a headless no because you can’t see me so I reckon my fruit is about finished do we have any other questions or chat that we can talk about because I think I’d probably call it a night we worked nearly nearly at 8 o’clock and about us about two hours it’s not too bad and we’ve talked about quite a lot oshi eirick Simon’s gone the sun-god oh yes Jamie I’ll give you quick yeah how do i how do I do that I’m thinking I’m thick piranha creature I see the blue it’s a blue a blue screen today give me a shot oh you’re still there Simon and I’m going to sleep how’s it gone then what do you think has it been okay definitely silencer go to hangouts oh okay yeah I’ll do that after I’d have you sent me a link then cuz otherwise holders will get in it I’ve shown you mad alright Cheers that’s quick so so I’m gonna sit right has it been okay hold to me oh yes I bought from the Thomas fishing well I think well go into that transition there and we’ll say thank you everybody for coming tonight onto the channel hope you’ve enjoyed the episode part three of my time relationship I’m not sure if this could be a pop for one because it’s still under development so we’ll have to wait and see so thank you everybody I hope you enjoyed it and come back again for my next one hopefully if we do these ones will do them probably when estate and Saturday is a good day for me so thank you very much everybody really appreciate your support don’t forget the older four are we cool please like it share and also this one a bit yeah subscribe if you’re not already I know you know I know you’re you’re all subscribe so that’s not a problem

thank you and good night from me and good night room from him