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I’m glad we’re having this important discussion and want to welcome all of you to a family town-hall on COVID-19 with Vice President Biden, Dr. Jill Biden and former Surgeon General Dr. Murthy. We’re also joined by three families who documented their lives here on YouTube Curtis and Duana are parents to three, a family of five from Georgia whose YouTube channel the Curly Cooper’s is centered around their family and faith. Next we have Jeremy and Isaac they are a father and son whose family currently resides in Puerto Rico, they document their family life on their YouTube channel J House Vlogs. Finally we are joined by Benji and Judy T ravis who upload daily videos of their life with their daughters in Seattle on their YouTube channel It’s Judy Life. We’re going to be taking this time to answer your questions regarding the current COVID-19 outbreak. Now it is my honor to turn it over to Dr. Jill Biden and Vice President Biden who will get us started. Thanks Michelle and I love your sweater with the flag on it that looks great and I love that you’re on Team Biden as well. So my name is Jill and this is my husband Joe and your children may not know but we have three children and we have six grandchildren and so we’ve watched several episodes of you know your shows and I love the way your kids interact with each other with one another and the way they interact with you. I think this is you know such a tough time for families to be going through but I can see that really the children bring so much joy into your lives and I think that’s really what we need to get through these trying times is joy and and kindness and I can see that your children are very kind to one another I think that’s one of the things Joe and I try to instill in our own children and so anyway I really compliment you as parents because I know how tough it is and so I just wanted to and and if the kids have questions they can call us Nana and Pop so it doesn’t feel so horrible because that’s what we’re used to so anyway thanks for joining us and you know we’re happy to see all of you. Am I supposed to say something now yeah Oh hi everybody it’s great to see you all you have really great podcasts, all all the families here, makes so many people happy – you give a lot of people confidence. Look this is a tough time and it’s a really tough time around the world not just in the United States. That’s particularly confusing I think for kids – at least we have grandchildren the range in age from seniors in law school to little infants and and the fact is that it’s even confusing for some of them. But the thing I want to say to everybody is you know we my dad used to say that you know out of everything bad something good will come if you look hard enough for it and this is not – there’s nothing happy about this virus – there’s nothing happy happy about what’s happening to some people but you know as long as you keep listening to the docs. Listen to the scientists. The parents are doing it. Keeping social distance outside your home and inside your home with other people that if they come in the house For example, kids, we have because I’m running for president we have Secret Service all around the house and anybody comes in the house they put on a mask and they put on gloves and they come in and they want to make sure that we’re not communicating any any possibility of the disease. But look here’s the deal you have a lot of friends out there who are also confused and a lot of them don’t have the mommies and daddies you have. A lot don’t have the kind of tight families you have, a lot of them are in more difficult situations so I want you to think about them. Think about your friends who are in school still – not in school – but you go to school with and kids you know that don’t have as much They’re – some of them are really scared some of them are really worried and they’re not sure where this is all gonna go But you know it’s amazing that you know what moms and dads are always able to do especially in your families is give people hope give not just you guys the hope and let you guys know things are gonna get better and by the way I’m learning a lot like you all. Here I am I’m used to being in a television studio or out standing before a couple thousand people talking and here I am in my basement in the television studio We’ve not done that before so I’m trying to learn too and an awful lot of stuff you’re doing online but you’re kind of

more used to it than I am. Whenever I had a problem anything I have to do with my computer or going online, I call one of my granddaughter’s they’re they’re the ones a settle it for me. But all kidding aside, there’s a really – we got to take advantage and try to look at the things that this is exposing us to that are good. We’re getting to see how good people can be to one another We’re getting to see how people reach out not just not physically reach out and grab people but how they reach out and call their friends. For example one of the things that that we do and and Nana does – is we set up a Cancer Institute for people who are dealing with fighting cancer and we set up an initiative that had a lot of important Nobel Laureates and people on it. But we also have a piece of that committee that deals with trying to make sure that people are able to to navigate when they’re sick – they know who to call, where to go, how to get things done, get help. And so Jill is working on a project with one of the women who organizes that force and in our – in this foundation that we’re picking up the phone and calling people and saying you’re okay, you’re not alone, we’re sending emails to them Letting people know that we’re out there because this this will – this will get over. We have an awful lot of incredible scientists. You’re going to hear from Dr Murthy in a minute – whose a good friend of mine, calls me every morning with some other doctors and give me an hour – anywhere from a half an hour to an hour brief on all that is going on around the world. But the point I want to make to you is that we have to look at what can the good to come out of this. This is an opportunity to deal with making sure that we as a – all Americans that we’re nicer to one another, that we pay more attention to people’s problems, that we, in fact there’s a lot of kids as I said and parents that have been through a lot and to say to the parents – you and I know we’re a little better off than most, but how about all those people who are you know, the single moms who are you know – they’re out of their job now they’re wondering how in God’s name can they pay the rent payment. How are they gonna make sure that or if – it’s a couple or not a couple single-parent – how they gonna pay the mortgage payment. What’s gonna happen. How do we take care of like for example, I’m dealing with kids doing home schooling, a lot of you are very very good at it but a lot of people don’t even have the broadband connections to get the high-speed Internet to their homes. They don’t have computers, so there’s some kids that are – and families that are more disadvantaged than others, so all I think I want to say is we’re anxious to try to answer your questions, but I’m confident – I’m confident we’re all gonna get through this. Some people are going to get hurt, we got to make sure that we take care of the people who are in trouble not just now but after this is all over. There’s a lot we have to do, we can do much better than we’ve done so far in dealing with this problem and I believe we’re gonna be able to do that So why don’t I as my mommy would just say hush up and and take some of your questions Actually both of us take your questions Michelle by the way you are incredible – you are incredible No I really mean it, this is one of the most most talented skaters in the history of the sport you’re looking at right now But she has a heart as big as her talent, she is all over the country, going all over the country, giving people confidence and giving people hope Letting people know what we can do as a country and this is an incredible country we’re of all different backgrounds all of us but we’re all one And Michelle you are absolutely magnificent, all you do really. And truly I know that the families have a ton of questions okay I would like to kick it off to the Curly Coopers Curtis and Duana – I know you have a couple of questions for the VP and Dr Biden. Yes so we’re going ask the first question. Will will be able to go on our trip in Europe in June? Well I don’t know you’d be able to do it in June honey but I tell you what your daddy mommy I promise you’re gonna be able to take you to Europe whether you’re able to do it in June remains to be seen now I’m putting you on the spot mom and dad but I but I’m not sure that maybe a little early it may not cure occur until the end of the summer or maybe even later and but I promise you’re gonna get there we’re in Europe where you gonna go we’re we’re in Germany where you’re born Stanford yeah yeah been there journal is a beautiful country but I think I don’t think you’re gonna want to leave Paris

that’s the bad part of going to Paris first but try to find Germany is a magnificently beautiful country as well so you guys will get to go well that’s a that’s a really good question look one of the things that we’re learning and your generation is going to be the best educated generation in the history of the world just like the young Millennials are now you’re gonna be so much more advanced than accident access to science and technology and all the things that have to be done to deal with this in the future but there’s these things are called there’s a virus and the virus is what we’re dealing with now is a particularly lousing kind of virus it’s like flu on steroids it’s a really bad bad kind of flu and that’s not a technical term but that’s kind of how you think about it and one of the things we learned is that these the these kind of diseases they don’t you can’t build a wall you can’t say it can’t come into the United States you can only be in this country or that country it crosses borders and from one country another and there’s no way to stop it except to know it’s coming and so one of the things that we did the President Obama and I did we set up a system after we dealt with something similar to this in Africa it was called a bolo as I don’t want to confuse you but what we did was we set up there’s a thing called the Center for Disease Control your parents can explain to you later and we put Americans in other countries from this organization to detect when things were happening in other countries so we get and we’d hear in advance what was happening that’s number one numbered so we could be prepared number two is we should be spending a lot more money on research research by our scientists to deal with like vaccinations for this there ought to be ways that which to prevent many of these diseases from being able to affect you like like occurred in a lot of other diseases not the same thing but like polio you end up having polio shots and people aren’t dying at polio as much so there’s ways in which we have such incredible capacity now and and I don’t want to get into all the detail but the point is that we have we have the technology to be able to look down the road and see the kinds of things we should be preparing to stop to be able to keep from getting out of the blocks out of affecting so many people and lastly we have to develop these vaccines and ability to quickly test people if there’s another virus like this gets developed because the quicker we can test people we can keep them out of the way of a lot of other people enough to lock them up but they can not be interfacing with a whole lot of people and big you know city swimming pools are hanging out in concerts or movie theaters and we can prevent things from happening by identifying quickly whether or not someone has the problem has the disease and maybe dr. Murphy has something he wants to add to that well sure sure so thank you for that question I think the Vice President said it well the bottom line is we can’t always control where diseases come up in the world but we can control how we prepare for them and how we react to them and if we have stronger healthcare systems if we have better science so that we can have medicines from vaccines then we can be better prepared the next time this comes around the truth is it will come around again something like this because we know and the vice president and dr. Biden know that every few years we have a virus like this not as bad as it as this one but every few years a virus like this comes around and so we’ve got to be prepared the next time thank you dr Murphy and thank you Curley Cooper’s next I’d like to turn it over to Jeremy and Isaac Oh J house vlogs you also have a couple of questions yeah all of this really started hitting home for us we got a call from my mom and my stepdad who are in their 60s and 70s and they told us that they were diagnosed with Kovan 19 and that it started really getting me looking closer at the mortality rate which seems there’s a lot of conflicting information on that and so I was wondering what your take is on what is the mortality rate and what medications or treatments would you recommend to help as people are getting this disease to give them the best chance I get that brief every morning from dr. Murphy but doctor why don’t you

begin that answer sure well first of all Jeremy I’m so sorry to hear about your mom and dad how are they feeling right now they seem to be doing better their doctor did have them prescribed on hydroxychloroquine I if I said that right but you know we’ve been able to see them moving around and they seem to be doing well we just have heard reports on how quickly it can turn bad and so we keep calling and checking in and making sure that they’re doing their daily calls to the doctor and really watching it closely but right now from everything we can tell it looks like things are improving instead of deteriorating well that’s really reassuring to hear Jeremy I know you’ve probably been listening to the news and hearing the people who are older or more at risk and that’s true they’ve probably also been hearing that this is a much more severe illness than the flu which is also true but but there is some good news the first is that the vast majority of people who get clothing 19 get better and that includes the majority of people who end up having to be hospitalized I’m grateful that your parents are not in that category and it’s a really positive sign that they’re continuing to get better but the second bit of good news here is it because this is such a crisis for the world we have scientists all over the world who have come together to work as hard as they can to find a medication that could treat this virus and to ultimately develop a vaccine now we don’t have a medicine yet there are medicines like hydroxychloroquine which are being experimented with to see if they might help it might be may not we don’t know yet and we’ll hopefully we’ll find out soon but in this time like when we don’t yet have a medicine the most important thing we can do is to make sure the number one they’re getting plenty of rest number two that they’re staying hydrated and well nourished in terms of their food intake number three I would all wait how important it is for them to have emotional support and that’s why I’m so glad that they have you and today we’ve got your family to support them to be there for them we know now that our mental health is deeply connected to our physical health and if they’ve got what they need for their bodies if they’ve got the support from you and I think that they’re going to be well on their way to recovery I think that last week’s important have you yeah it’s really important to reach out yeah we we live far away we’re here in Puerto Rico and my mom’s in Arizona but I do have a sister who’s there and they’ve been dropping off groceries and doing what they can to help them in any way so really happy that they’re right by family yeah so you got family sitting right next to you you gotta be patient we dads are hard to raise so be patient okay yeah Isaac had a question he wanted to ask we know we should wash our hands and stay home but what other advice would you give to people going through this right now well first of all make sure when you’re outside even in the yard with if any of the kids come up or around just don’t get too close just we got to stay away from one another for a while and that’s number one number two make sure that you in fact if you’re going to sneeze you don’t just sneeze you sneeze into your arm like I put my hand up now you got to make sure that you in fact make sure you you’re you’re eating a good diet I’m sure your mom and dad are taking care of that for you but you’re gonna eat as old joke goes you got eat your vegetables and and number three you know make sure you get rest don’t get overtired don’t get overtired and one of the ways to do that is to vary your day a little bit too because you’re probably doing some online stuff if you’re doing anything for school right now yeah oh my like Spanish and math as well as like a lot of readings no good for you man mrs Biden’s a schoolteacher an educator and you just made her smile are you getting exercise as well what do you do for exercise sometimes we like bike a little bit or like we have a trampoline so that’s helped oh good good yeah that’s what we we both have bikes and we’ve been going out on our bikes or taking walks and just to get outside and get some fresh air you know we just lifts your spirits I think once you’re in the house all day if you’re hearing the news so much it’s just you know nice to take a break from it once in a while I think well thank you Jeremy and Isaac our thoughts are with you covers finally we have a couple of questions from benji and judy Travis it’s Judy hello mr. vice president and dr. Biden thank you so

much for taking time hi okay so I’m a mommy blogger on YouTube and I have a lot of people that watch us that are expectant moms or they have toddlers at home and I just wanted no wack short precaution should you be taking as expectant mothers I’m also expecting my fourth daughter oh my girls in my family but oh not only for expectant mothers but mothers with infants and newborns what kind of tips can you give us and extra precaution tips well I’m gonna ask dr. Mercer mucus he and I have talked about that on the phone before and there’s some evidence that as I understand it doctor that that expectant mothers their children or their babies are no more at risk of their but while I not let the doctor speak to that well thank you sir and first of all congratulations Judy’s so excited for you about the wonderful addition to your new family that’s coming and I’m so glad that moms out there who are expecting have you as a source of information I knew this is a really scary time for new moms and for new dads who are worried about the health of their child and the good news is that so far there is an evidence of bad outcomes for newborns whose mothers have koban 19 but we’ve got to be really careful with pregnancy we know that pregnant moms that their immune system tends not to be as good as fighting off infection as a mother who’s not pregnant and we also know that we’re learning everyday about this virus and what it does so we’ve got to I think approach pregnancy with an abundance of caution and that means that the things were asking people to do in terms of washing their hands regularly not touching their face when they go outside making sure you’re at least six feet away from people or outside of your immediate family at home and also making sure that you’re just not going out as much as possible that certainly you’re not going to crowds but you’re avoiding interactions with people who you may not know know where they’ve been from these are all the more important when you’re pregnant one other thing I want to mention here is that I know that for many pregnant women going to the doctor for your prenatal visits might be more scary at a time like this when you’re hearing about Kobe 19 everywhere and you don’t want to interact with other patients who may be sick but what I would encourage you to do is to call your doctor and to tell them number one that you want to know what sort of measures are being taken around the office to keep you safe and to make sure they you won’t be in a crowd of patients in the living room or rather in the waiting room and I would also ask them what resources are available to do visits by phones or a baby a telemedicine and we can’t always do visits you know from remote but sometimes there are some issues or concerns that we can take care of from afar so all this to say that you know we we have good reason right now at least to believe that pregnant moms should be okay but we’ve got to be cautious extra cautious with them we want you to be okay we want your child to be okay and hopefully we take these precautions if you stay in touch with your doctor ask the questions that you’ve got the right to ask hopefully everyone will come through this and do okay mothers have infants and maybe they have flu-like symptoms but don’t have aren’t possibly tested with copa90 what kind of precaution should they do with their baby and in terms of breastfeeding for example that’s a great question Judy I’m glad you asked so right now there is no restriction that public health authorities have issued about not breastfeeding your child if you’re concerned that you may have Kobe 19 or even if you have it what we are recommending is it before you breastfeed your child that you actually wear a mask since you’ll be in close proximity to the baby and we’re also recommending that you make sure you’re washing your hands on a regular basis especially before you hold your baby to breastfeed no I I have two small kids I at home myself I’ve got a three-year-old and a two-year-old at home and our two-year-old is is still nursing and so we are thinking about a lot of these concerns as well I think for moms as well who want to protect their kids for dads as well it’s really important that as parents that we observe a lot of these restrictions and about staying at home and about limiting our contact with other people because you know we don’t know where other people have been and who they’ve been in contact with so we’ve got to be cautious but again wash your hands wear a mask when you’re breastfeeding your child and but as far as we know right now children actually seem to do quite well when it comes to the virus they seem to be a much lower risk of bad outcomes compared to adults and people who are I have

other illnesses like diabetes or high blood pressure thank you all right I got a question hello my name is Benji Travis mr. vice president it’s an honor to be speaking with you dr. Biden as well thank you we really appreciate what you guys are already doing for this country and my both of my wife and I we are military brats so both of our fathers served in the Navy 20 years of Chiefs and it’s really important to serve the government and this country and the chief commander in chief however to be honest what they’re really protecting is their families right their communities and so with the government supporting you know with the stimulus how are they gonna make sure how are you gonna make sure that that money that financial support is going to get to the working families of this country and not just fill the pocketbooks of CEOs and corporations and make sure to get this country going in the right direction well before Joe starts I just want to say Benji thank you for your service we too are a military family my father served at Navy in World War two and our son Beau was Army National Guard so I just wanted to say thank you for your service and for yours too because what you know if you have a family member who serves the whole family sir so thank you again thank you for your service the proudest thing our son who was the Attorney General of the state of Delaware did was put that uniform on and a year in Iraq before that he spent almost seven months in in in Kosovo and left as a major highly decorated and he’s really proud of it I’m sorry I dragged about my son our son but we’re currently proud of them both of them and look the most important thing to think about is as the commander-in-chief and that’s what the president on States is the commander-in-chief has in this case dealing with this kovin 19 he has he has an army and his army are his generals are the doctors and the nurses and everyone else who is taking care of making sure people are together whether the military or not and one of the things that he has he has a great opportunity to be able to use a power called a defense production act and under that act it is was you can be used in wartime he can implement at any time when there’s a crisis and he is able to go to existing corporations or centers businesses say look we want you to stop making automobiles we want you to make as he did with General Motors finally we want you to start making respirators because we don’t have enough in the United States of America or around the world to keep people alive when they’re in the hospital he can use that same power now to make sure that the first responders have the gloves have the masks have the gowns have the have the shields on their faces and quite frankly he’s been awful slow and getting that going and we should be much more aggressive in being able to do that thirdly when you talk about what the money that was passed to help people who are in economic distress and in economic distress one of the things that when I put together this 19 point plan is suggesting what should be done because I’m no longer in the United States Congress is that the money for corporate America is only for one reason this of the two trillion dollars 500 billion of that is for corporate America but it’s for one express purpose the employees not the CEOs not the stockholders not being able to buy back your stock it’s for the employees and as a matter of fact they set up on that system or have a little bit of a tussle with the White House now what they call an Inspector General and that is an outside expert who comes in and watches over exactly how the money is spent and reports on how it was spent – um ‘then about this when we were going through the economic crisis when the market crashed financial crash I got put him charge of the nine hundred billion dollar Recovery Act which was one that kept us from going into depression and every single solitary day I was on the telephone five six seven times a day with governors and Senators in Congress first tell him how they could spend it what they could use it for and putting together an Inspector General as well as an entire organization within the White House so everybody knew where to go to get an answer immediately when they figured well how am I going to get what I’ve been promised so the whole idea the corporate side is to keep people employed to keep them employed now

there’s a second piece and I know it’s not what you asked but it relates the second piece is that an awful lot of people who the vast majority of the employers in America are small businesses and a lot of small businesses are getting hurt very badly they have to shut down a whole range of things and so they set up the Congress set up a proposal where you the small businesses go out and borrow money to stay afloat to keep their businesses going and if they keep their employees on the payroll let’s say I’m gonna make it easy for me if they borrowed ten dollars and that’s to pay their rent and to keep their supplies etc and in addition to that they’re going to keep four dollars for that to keep employees on on payroll guess what when they pay it back they only have to pay back six dollars I don’t to pay back anything that but here’s the problem a lot of banks are not used to get their good folks but they’re not used to getting money out the door quickly for small businesses and so there has to be a sense of urgency of getting the money out the door so people are okay the last piece is this the this unemployment insurance we have the the Congress at the suggestion of well many people myself included has made you can be hole made hole in your state if in fact you are making up to seventy five thousand dollars a year what will happen is unemployment rate that you’re that you’d get in your state for having been employed would be added to the on top of that another six hundred dollars so that you would be made whole up to a salary of seventy five thousand dollars if in fact but the hard part is because of the gigantic increase in unemployment claims over three million recently the the the unemployment agencies in each of the states aren’t ready to be able to get it out the door quick enough so that’s why they put money in for a half a billion dollars to help train people to go immediately in to add people to the unemployment office so people get their check get their check because it’s life and death for many people particularly people or hourly wage people who in fact are trying to figure out how they can pay their mortgage how they can keep the rent if they don’t have a home how they pay their rent and so that’s really important we focus on that and I’m we’re all putting a lot of pressure on the administration to figure out how to mechanically implement what’s going on here and there’s a last piece if in fact you are if you’re in a situation where you are making a family of four making less than basically one hundred and twenty five thousand dollars a year everyone and that family would get the husband and wife would each get a twelve hundred dollar direct cash payment from the IRS and for each child you get five hundred dollars so if you’re making a say one hundred and twenty five thousand dollars and you’re a family of four the children each get five hundred dollars that’s a thousand and you each get twelve hundred so that’s thirty four hundred dollars would come into the family but the problem is they haven’t set the mechanisms up and so it’s all about implementation and so a lot of us are putting as much emphasis and pressure on making sure this money gets out there’s an urgency to and I’m sorry to go on so long but a lot of people don’t know that what they have to do to qualify to get this done I appreciate one more thing I want to add thank you so much for honoring our fathers they’re the ones I served in the military we were just military brats credit for their service to this country famous expression from the poet Keats he said they also serve who only stand and wait when beau is in Iraq in the middle of a war every morning I’d go in before she’d go to school she’d be standing over the sink drinking her coffee and saying a prayer so every single person so that goes for the kids too but thank you having the opportunity to be part of this conversation with all of you and I’m gonna turn it over to Vice President Biden has a few words well look the American people are absolutely every really and truly incredible you know I I started off when I decided to run I said I was we had to restore the soul of America we’re seeing the soul of America come out now we’re seeing people reach deep down in helping other people we’re seeing the idea that

it’s not just me it’s something bigger than me it’s bigger than us it’s about all of us and we’re going to get through this we really are and we’re going to come out better for it we can’t forget the people we can’t forget the people who get hurt people will get hurt in this process families will get hurt and any of you have lost a son a daughter husband wife you know what it’s like as of this this giant void and we have to be sensitive to the people who had losses but embrace them and but they’re gonna be okay too because whoever they lost is still inside them still part of them but we’ve got to remember a lot of people are hurting a lot of people are going to be hurt when this is over and we’ve got to make them whole and we can we can that’s what we do in the United States that’s what the United States does that’s what makes me so darn proud to be an American and look at that flag on your chest really thank you all thank you stay safe stay healthy thank you so much thank you really appreciate it bye-bye you guys are great thank you you